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A Growing Power by Cheyalla
Chapter 1 : Regrets
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Chapter One




The sound echoed through the ears of the small boy, he flinched at the sound of it. Very carefully he brought his knees to his chin, hugging them. He knew what was coming. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to block out the sound coming from the other rooms, hoping beyond hope he could simply fade away in to the darkness of his cupboard.




The door to his make-shift bedroom slammed open, bouncing off the wall behind it, a small whimper of terror left the young boys lips at the sight of the man in front. His girth blocked the entire doorway, restricting the light from the hallway to enter the confined space of the cupboard. His face was beetroot red and his small, beady eyes glared angrily at the horror-stuck boy in front of him. His fist curled slowly in to a ball as he took one small step in to the cupboard.


“Boy! How dare you--” he growled. The boy noticed the tea-stain on the shirt of the man looming above him, half a mug clenched in his overly large fist. “How dare you use your abnormality in my house!!” He hadn’t meant to break the cup. He was hiding in his room from Dudley, fear surging through his body when he heard the crack of china from the other room. How could it be his fault? His young mind tried to reason. But his Uncles anger was beyond reason anymore, he had learnt this. He knew what happened when odd things happened round the house.


His body tensed, awaiting the blow with duly came. He bit down hard, trying not to call out at the pain; he knew it would anger his Uncle more. All he could do was hope it would end soon. Hope he would black out before his punishment was over. And sure enough, within seconds, the world of Harry Potter turned black.


Remus rolled over in his bed, groaning at the sound of the alarm on the bedside table. He looked at it groggily, groaning even louder as he noticed it only read 6:30. Why so early? What the hell was I thinking?! He sat waiting for the cogs in his brain to start working again and sighed as he remembered the note from Dumbledore last night. He was calling for an order meeting and in true Dumbledore style very early in the morning.


I wonder what the meetings about he thought to himself. After the fall of Voldemort, Dumbledore had kept the Order of the Phoenix intact to deal with the Death Eaters and any threats of the Dark Lords return.  The thought of the Order still bought a lump to Remus’ throat. It had been 4 years since he had lost his best friends, his family to the fight, and although he had had his grieving time the memories still threatened to bring tears to his eyes.  Although Order meetings were rare nowadays, and for Dumbledore to organise one without a few days notice meant it had to be something very urgent and serious.


He got out of bed and rummaged around for some clothes to wear. Tidiness hadn’t been a priority to Remus over the last few years he had lived in this house. He lived alone, and tended to spend most of his days simply floating around the house, trying to find things to entertain him, to take his mind off of his now pitiful existence. Oh how people moaned, telling him it was time to move on. But what would they know? They had their families and friends, he had no one.


He looked up in to the grubby mirror in the hallway; a gaunt, thin man stared back at him. His eyes were dark and lifeless and his once sandy blonde hair turning grey. Was this really all he had become? A shadow of a man wasting away in his own self pity? Angrily he slammed his fist in to the mirror, pain coursing through his hand as he watched the glass fall to the floor. He looked at his hand; blood was dripping on the floor and down his wrist. Mentally berating himself he cleaned up his wound and wrapped a thin bandage around it, regretting his foolishness.


Time to go, he walked over to the fireplace in the corner, grabbed a handful of floo powder from the flower pot on top and threw it in to the fire, watching as the flames turned emerald. “Headmasters Office, Hogwarts” he said and stepped in to the flames.


It took all his might to stop himself from falling over as he was thrust in to the Headmasters Office. A pair of hands steadied him. He looked up at the face of Arthur Weasley. Arthur had joined the Order only a few months before the fall of Voldemort, along with his wife Molly. He admired them for their dedication, knowing that at home they had seven children aged 4 – 13 to worry about.


“Ah, Good Morning Remus, I’m glad you could make it” said the voice of Albus Dumbledore from behind his desk. The man was looking old, the sparkle in his eyes was gone and a grave look took over his features, this unnerved Remus greatly.


Looking around the room he was met with the faces of the rest of the Order member, he must be late he reasoned. Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Dedalus Diggle, Elphias Dodge, Sturgis Pudmore, Kingsley Shacklebolt,  Emmeline Vance,  Molly and Arthur Weasley, Alistair Moody  and much to Remus’ distaste Severus Snape were all seated around the Headmaster’s desk. With the flick of his wand Dumbledore conjured a chair from thin air, gesturing for Remus to take a seat.


“I am terribly sorry for getting you out of your beds at this hour, but I am afraid that I have some very disturbing news concerning the young Harry Potter.” At this Remus’ head shot up, looking intently into the Headmaster’s penetrating blue eyes. Harry? What could possibly be the matter? Thought Remus worriedly, he had been promised that Harry would be safe with his muggle relatives, that he was protected.


The order looked at Dumbledore intently, “I am afraid to say that although the magical protection on his relative’s house is working brilliantly, it can not protect him from dangers within the house. I was shocked as I’m sure you will be to have heard about some… mistreatment within the family. I’m afraid to say Harry has fallen victim to abuse.”


“WHAT!” the stunned crowd turned, Remus was on his feet, appalled by the news. He stood there glaring at Dumbledore, sending Harry there was his idea! “YOU SAID HE WOULD BE SAFE!!”


“Remus please--” The frail Headmaster started. Molly stood up and hurried to Remus’ side, she too was angry. That poor boy, he was the same age as her youngest son. So small and innocent.


“NO! YOU—YOU SENT HIM TO THAT PLACE!” Nobody stood to Dumbledore’s defence. They were too shocked to move, let alone argue. Even Minerva, who rarely lived down any abuse thrown towards Dumbledore or his name, had to admit this definitely was NOT one of his best ideas.


“Remus, I’m sorry. There are no words I can say to show my regrets towards sending that boy there. I believed that his mother’s sister would take care of him. I was wrong”


“YES! BLOODY WRONG!” everyone was startled by Remus’ reaction. He was always the calm and quiet member. They knew that this boy meant a lot to him, he was all he had left and they sympathised. But they would never have believed that anything could make him show such anger in this way.


There were tears rolling down Molly’s cheeks. “When you say mistreatment- how bad are you talking?”


Dumbledore looked at Molly gravely, “very bad.” He knew this was his fault. Harry’s Aunt and Uncle hated magic, he had just hoped they would be willing to accept little Harry in to there care. This was the final straw for Remus. He was angry, very angry.


“We need to get him out of there – now!” He said, strangely quiet and threatening.


“Remus, please calm down, we can not simply walk up to the house and take him, this requires careful planning--”


“While Harry just sits there getting hurt?! I think not!” This time it was Arthur’s time to shout. He was with Remus; they needed to get Harry out of there as quickly as possible. “Where is the house Albus?” Dumbledore just sat, staring at the men with mixed emotions.


“Please!” pleaded Remus, he couldn’t just stand here while he knew Harry was in danger. Dumbledore sighed, resigning to the fact there was no way Remus would listen to any kind of plan of action, let alone carry it through.


“4 Privet Drive.” With that Arthur, Molly and Remus ran towards the fireplace throwing in a small handful of floo powder and within seconds where swept away to the Dursley Residence. To Harry.



A/N and there’s the first chapter! Hope you like so far.  Found this one very hard to write, I guess because it’s the first chapter and all, I’m sure it’ll get easier as the story goes on. Please, please, please, please find the time to write a review! I promise I will reply to all!


Cheyalla Out



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A Growing Power: Regrets


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