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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four Midnight fun
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Chapter Four Midnight fun

As Lily-Anna snuck out through the portal hole, she started to wish she had her dad’s invisible cloak, or at least the map, but she had to pretend she was new to this school, sighing she started to walk down the hallway that would take her back to the entrance hall, from there she could stumble into the kitchen. 

I wonder how dad’s going lily thought 

Well he is the great Harry Potter so his probably going spear worrying about you lily’s inner voice called back. 

“She’s got a nice arse” 

Lily stopped turned around with wand drawn “who’s there” she called out after waiting a few minutes she carried on. 

“No one’s there” lily said aloud to herself aloud walking along until the third corridor where she heard a scuff issued from a shoe, smiling to herself she realised who it would have been. Someone was following her in an invisible cloak. Picking up her night gown. Lily-Anna started running down the corridor, hearing that the person following her was up for the chase, lily dived behind a statue, tripping the person over who was following her. 

Seeing messy black hair Lily-Anna started lecturing the person she thought was her brother “Albus Severus. What the bloody hell were you thinking, you know that I scare easily, and you go ahead and follow me, I should hex you into little bits so that even Dumbledore or the healers have trouble-” 

A hand wrapped around Lily-Anna’s mouth why another wrapped around her waist. Lily-Anna tried screaming but the hand silenced her, squirming only made the person grip tighter, soon she found herself being lead behind the statue, and being pushed into the furthest back corner behind the statue, instantly she bit down on the hand that was holding her mouth, the person gasped in pain, making another hand clamp on top of that one. Lily-Anna tried screaming again, which only lead to another hand wrapping around her mouth, struggling, she heard footsteps heading this way. Lily seemed to hold her breath as a tubby cat walked around the corner, Lily-Anna narrowed her eyes. She really hated Filch’s cat. Wishing she could give it a swift kick, instead she settled for glaring at it. 

“Is someone there my pet?” Filch piped in as Mrs Norris stopped just to the left of the statue. “Me thinks we heard a girl wailing” 

I was not wailing lily-Anna though bitterly 

Filch seemed to sense nothing was wrong for he walked off and down the stairs to the second floor.
Sighing Lily realised the hands were still over her mouth. 

“I’m going to remove my hands from your mouth if you promise not to scream” a deep voice whispered in her left ear. 

Instantly Lily kicked her right foot back hitting something with a crunch making the occupant fall to the ground in pain. Lily felt at least one hand remove it self from her mouth and the hand removed from her waist as well. 

Smiling she turned around to find Sirius on the ground, clutching his crutch with tears in his eyes. 

“Nice shot Lily-Anna but when I let you go, promise you wont do that to me.” 

Lily-Anna muttered a yes, making the hands realise her, once realised Lily-Anna turned around to find James Potter smirking. 

“Little help” Sirius whimpered from the floor. 

James chuckled “she’s a good hit.” Reaching a hand down to help Sirius up 

“I know she was going to do that” Sirius stated brushing off his jacket. 

Lily rolled her eyes “what are you two doing out here?’’ she asked 

“We could ask the same you know” Sirius said while crossing his arms over his chest
“sighing she stated “sure, while your being a jerk, I’m going to find the kitchen” As Lily brushed past Sirius she felt a hand grab the top of her arm. 
“How do you know where the kitchen is?” 

Lily turned around coming face to face to James “every school has a kitchen, being seventh years I thought you would have known that.” Lily stated removing James hand
“I know that but do you know where the kitchen is a Hogwarts.” 

“No” lily lied 

Sirius smiled “then I’ll show” 

Lily smiled “thanks” 

As lily followed Sirius and James she couldn’t help but realise how cute her grandfather and her father’s god father looked. Putting a stop to that thought instantly, she started to hum a tune. 

“You have a nice singing voice” 

Lily looked up and smiled at James “I don’t know the word, but I can still hum it.” 

James laughed shaking his head; Lily followed the two older guys until they reached the picture with the bowl of fruit on it. 

Making it seem like she was new she asked why they had stopped. 

“Padfoot, I dare say it is your turn to show this young maiden the way.” 

“Why thank you kind sir” Sirius replied while bowing. 

Lily rolled her eyes at the childish behaviour. 

Sirius winked at Lily, slowly reaching over to tickle the pear. 

Lily stomach let out another growl, while Sirius was taking his time to tickle the pear. 

“Sirius I’m hungry, do what ever you have to do now, not later” She snapped 

Sirius turned around grinning at her “if you give me a kiss” 

Lily raised her eyebrows at Sirius; he was doing that on purpose, two can play at that game, she thought evilly. 

Lily smiled “sure why not” 

Sirius smiled moving closer to receive the kiss, just as there lips were about to touch Lily pulled James in front of her, making him receive the kiss. 

Lily laughed as James screamed and Sirius paled realising he had kissed James. 

Lily lent against the brick wall laughing as James was mutter cleaning charm after cleaning charm and Sirius was standing there even paler then before. 

“Ah…………ah” James stated still casting charms at his mouth. 

“I…..are……..oh” Sirius stated wiping his mouth on his sleeve 

“Can you open the portal now” Lily asked through laughter 

Sirius glared at her “you are evil.” 

Before Lily could reply James cut in “open the dam door Sirius.” 

Sirius sighed making the picture swing open. Lily smiled following the guys in. 

“What just happened never leaves the kitchen” James stated while sitting up at the bench with Sirius four seats down and Lily across from him. 

With a small pop a house elf appeared beside Lily “What would mistress and masters like?” 

Lily smiled “Hi I’m lily, nice to meet you. Can I please have a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk, please?” Growing up with a house elf could Milly and Kreacher who were both loyal to Harry no matter what, she know how to handle them.
“and what will Masters have?” 

“The same as Lily please Ovin.” James stated 

“I will have bacon an egg sandwich with cookie doh on the side.” Sirius said 

Lily rolled her eyes turning back to James “I think Remus would love to know that you and Sirius kissed.” 

James and Sirius both glared at her. 

“You wouldn’t” James stated 

“Oh yeah, you want me to try.” 

James smiled “sure go ahead” 

“What” Sirius yelled 

Lily laughed, soon James joined her leaving Sirius to stare at them with his mouth open. 

“That was worth seeing your face Pads.” James laughed 

Lily smiled 

Sirius looked between them “so you won’t tell a soul.” 

Lily chuckled “no” 

Sirius wiped his brow “that would have ruined my image.” 

James lend over patting Sirius’ hand “I’m sorry Sirius but the school knows your gay.” 

“I am not gay, there might have been the time I git drunk and hooked up with that Ravenclaw, and just before-” 

“I said never mention that again” James yelled clasping his hands over his ears 

“Your supper miss.” 

Lily smiled down at the house elf as she placed the dishes on the table in front of Lily

Lily picked up her sandwich and nibbled on it listening to James and Sirius bicker about nothing it particular. 

Placing her sandwich down lily asked “So when’s quiddtich” 

James waved Sirius off with his hand “try out are next weekend.” 

Lily smiled “awesome, can’t wait” 

“So Lily, Albus tells us you are doing seventh year classes.’ 

Lily nodded looking down at her plate “yeah I’m smart.” She didn’t even know how she was going to handle seventh year work, when she hadn’t even done fifth or sixth year work yet. 

James seemed to sense something so he changed the subject “what do you think of school so far.” 

Lily smiled “I think it’s cool, not much different from my old one though” 

James nodded “so what’s your family like, Albus didn’t say much.” 

That’s because you all die lily though bitterly how she hated Voldermort. “Well my grand parents died before we were born and dad was am only child, so not much to tell really.” 

James nodded “While both my parents are Aurors and I had an older sister.” Lily looked up as James’ eyes darkened. 

Lily smiled sadly nodding, thinking of all the people she would see now that her father loved dearly, that he could never see again or meet. 

“What about you Sirius” Lily asked 

Sirius shrugged “James is my only family.” 

Lily nodded looking up at the cloak, it was well past two. 

“Better get to bed” Lily said finishing the rest of her sandwich and drinking her milk. 

“night” she called over her shoulder as she left the two boys to themselves. 

Hi………….I’m not sure if James has a sister but I like the fact that he isn’t an only child, and Lily dosen’t know about Sirius past or Remus’ so we’ll see how that plays out.

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