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Unify by RAB
Chapter 5 : A Library Chat, A Run In, and A Tryout
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Hey Guys, here is the next chapter! I hope you enjoy!! And please review if you get the chance.

Chapter Five: A Library Chat, A Run In, and A Tryout   of  Unify (The Untold Story of Isabella Lestrange)

Remus Lupin

The next few days passed as a blur for Isabella. She tried to keep to herself and not pay much attention to a certain group of Gryffindor boys and her own fellow Slytherin housemates. She couldn’t figure out how she was supposed to unite anyone and she was still a little uneasy about being sorted into Slytherin.

While Isabella was never very keen on purebloods being better than half-bloods or muggle-borns, she normally kept her feelings of equality to herself rather than share them with her family. In the eyes of her family she was an obedient girl, yet they knew she was too sweet and fragile to force any views of superiority on. While her brothers were thrilled she was in Slytherin, they knew deep down she really did not belong there.

Friday morning during free period Isabella found herself in the library, pretending to study Defense Against the Dark Arts, while in reality she continued to ponder over Dumbledore’s words. ‘How on earth would I ever be able to unite Gryffindor and Slytherin if everyone in Gryffindor seems to hate me at the present moment…?’

Her thoughts were interrupted by a dropping of someone’s bag on the floor next to the seat across from Isabella, as she heard the chair being pulled out and someone sitting down. Praying it wasn’t her brothers coming to bother her about not eating enough again, Isabella slowly peeked up from behind her Defense Against the Dark Arts book.

“Hey Isabella, do you mind if I sit here,” replied a certain Remus Lupin, as he attempted to give her a small smile.  He brushed his sandy hair out of his face, displying his magnificant grey eyes to her.  She noticed how tired he looked and the little bags that were forming under his eyes.

A very surprised Isabella returned his smile before replying, “No, not at all; hello.” Her voice clearly showed her confusion.  'Is he not mad at me, like the rest of his friends?'  she thought, silently to herself.

“I’m sorry Isabella, really I am,” Remus started as he stared into her sparkling blue eyes, attempting to discover what she was thinking.

Isabella quickly realized that Remus had never voiced any real objections her being placed in Slytherin and despite his friends being absolutely dreadful to her, he never was. “What are you apologizing for Remus?” she started, “you haven’t done anything wrong.”

“For James and Sirius—they have been completely dreadful to you and I know you really don’t deserve it at all,” he responded, a concern apparent in his voice.

“Thank you, but please don’t apologize on their behalf,” Isabella responded in her usual kind voice, with sadness dripping off of each word.

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Remus said hesitantly.  He looked her straight in the eye, hoping that she would agree.

“You already did!"  They shared a brief laugh before she continued, "does it have anything to do with me being sorted into Slytherin?” Isabella asked back, knowing that that was probably what this whole meeting was about.

“Well, yeah, if you don’t mind?” he asked. She shook her head lightly and he continued. “Why where you sorted into Slytherin? You really don’t seem like the Slytherin type.” His voice displayed his uncertainty as it was clear he didn’t know if it was right to ask at all.

“I have been wondering that a lot myself actually. And no, it wasn’t because I’m the ‘Slytherin-type’ nor is it because my family is evil."  She paused slowly for a moment to think, before she continued.  "Can you keep a secret, Remus?” she asked, knowing perfectly well that he could. She really just wanted to hear him confirm it himself.

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head slowly, is curiousity getting the better of him, as he moved his face closer to her's in order to hear better.

“The Sorting Hat told me it wished to put me in Slytherin so that I could unite,” she began in a soft whisper, but before she could continue Remus interrupted her.

“Unite what exactly? The houses?” he seemed unsure and confused, just as she had been when she first heard.

“Well I wasn’t sure at first, but then I talked to Professor Dumbledore and yes, he told me I was suppose to have the power to unite Gryffindor and Slytherin, but I just don’t know how. He told me by simply being myself, but everyone in Gryffindor absolutely hates me right now and even if I did ever befriend people in Gryffindor my own house would hate me.” You could tell the frustration in her voice, but yet it still remained soft and kind, as she shook her light brown hair and allowed her hands to cover her face.

“James and Sirius don’t hate you; they just are having a round time dealing with you being sorted into Slytherin. Sirius has been trying his whole life to get away from his Slytherin family and yet as soon as he gets to Hogwarts he meets a girl he could actually be friends with that is in Slytherin. And James, well James and his family are very strongly against anything that has to do with Slytherin. They believe it to be evil and cold, but you are quite the opposite. Believe me, they will come around eventually, but it will take sometime.

“I don’t know. I just can’t stand the glares they keep giving me and all the nasty things they have to say to me. I just want it to end.” Tears slowly crowded Isabella’s eyes and just as one dropped down her face another visitor arrived. This one wasn't quite wanted at the moment.

“Isabella? What is wrong?” Rabastan looked at his sister with concern. His eyes darted around and he spotted Remus Lupin sitting across from Isabella. “What do you think you are doing to my sister, Lupin? Get away from her!” His voice grew angrier as he drew out his wand.

“Rabastan! No! Remus wasn’t doing anything wrong, honest. He was just helping me.” Isabella looked up at her brother and quickly wiped away her tears.

Rabstan was hesitant. He looked at his sister unsurely, trying to determine what to do.

“I was just leaving anyways,” Remus started. “I’ll see you around Isabella, if you need me. Goodbye Isabella, Lestrange,” he said nodding at both of them as he said their names.

“Bye Remus,” Isabella said, as Remus walked away.

“Ella, please tell me what that was about?” Rabastan pleaded as he sat down in Remus’ old seat.

“I was just frustrated and he was comforting me, Rabastan. He didn’t do anything to hurt me; he was helping me.”

Rabastan decided to let it go. “I was just coming to tell you that Slytherin quidditch tryouts start in about ten minutes. I thought you’d want to go watch Roldophus.”

“Oh yes!” Isabella replied as she hastily started packing up her belongings.

“Good, you really should take a break from studying. It seems like you’ve been in the library all week. At this rate you should have been sorted into Ravenclaw,” her brother said laughing.

Really Isabella had been spending so much time in the library because she knew Sirius and James would stay clear of it. In the library she knew she was safe from their hard glares and horrible comments.

Isabella stood up and followed her twin brother to the quidditch pitch as they started to talk of Roldophus chances of being on the team and the competition the other houses posed for the upcoming games.


Isabella walked with Rabastan to the quidditch field in near silence for several minutes. In her arms she cared two books she was going to use later to study. ‘Perhaps I could manage to study for a few minutes when someone other than Rodolphus is trying out for the team,’ she thought to herself. Her long, brown hair flew behind her as the two hurried to make it to the pitch on time. Her mind was racing with what could possibly be going through Rabastan’s mind at the moment. ‘Is he mad at me for talking to Remus,’ she thought to herself as she briefly looked over at him, before returning to the hallways in front of her. She noticed how much older he was looking, but still he looked young. His own brown hair was much darker than hers and his eyes were a dark shade of brown, which seemed to get even darker as he aged. Her eyes shifted back to him and she realized how much he looked like Rodolphus, yet his face seemed to be slightly softer and kinder than his older brother’s.


Isabella’s books went flying to the ground and a soft “ah!” escaped her lips while she was in mid-air before she landed on her butt. She looked up to see who she had bumped into to, only to be greeted with a glare erupting from the boy’s gray eyes, as he shook his midnight black hair out of his face.

“Watch where you are going Black,” Isabella heard her brother growl at the boy.

Rabastan reached over to his sister, gently grabbed her pale, delicate hand, and pulled her up lightly with little force. He gave her a small, unsure smile. “Are you okay Ella?” he asked, concern dripping from each word.

Isabella gently nodded her head and brushed off the invisible dirt that rested on her uniform.

“Perhaps she should be watching where she is going,” Sirius bravely replied back, as he continued to glare at the brother and sister in front of him. Isabella could recognize the great dislike in his voice and eyes as she tried her hardest to remain from letting tears form in her soft, magnificent, blue eyes. Rabastan moved to stand partly in front of her. ‘Oh great, he’s in the protecting mood again,’ Isabella thought as she refrained from rolling her eyes at him.

“I’m sorry Sirius, I didn’t mean—,”she started, before she was cut off.

“Don’t apologize to him, Ella,” her brother told her with a little more force than he intended. Then more softly he added, “you didn’t do anything wrong. It is all if fault after all.” He brought his hand up to his hair and brushed it out of his face, displaying his glaring eyes once again to Sirius Black.

“How is it my fault, Lestrange? She is just as much to blame as I am!” Sirius said getting angrier with each breath he took. “She’s probably more to blame in fact,” he continued.

Rabastan quickly pulled out his walnut wand, daring Sirius to say something further. Isabella swiftly grabbed her brother’s arm. “Please don’t start something Rab,” she pleaded to him, feeling helpless to do anything else. “Please,” she went on further, “let’s just go watch Rod tryout.” Her face displayed a bit of fear in her face, afraid of what might go on between the two boys that stood in front of her.

He turned to look at his sister, his anger slowly leaving him as he saw her face. “Ella,” he began quietly.

“Oh how sweet. A special brother-sister twin moment,” Sirius said in a mocking voice. “Well if you will just excuse me, I have more pressing things to do; I’ll just let you get back to your own family drama.”

Rabastan turned to glare at him, as Ella gave him a gentle tug, and Sirius did a mocking bow and then walked at a moderate pace past them. Ella watched his retreating back until he disappeared around another corner. She gave a sigh and then glanced towards her brother.

“Well,” she slowly started, “shall we um, head towards the pitch?” Her hand still rested on her brother’s arm as she began to lead him in the direction of the quidditch tryouts.

“Of course, my dear Ella-Bella,” he said laughing, allowing her to think he was completely forgetting the events that unfolded only minutes before. He allowed her to be the leader for once, as he quickened his pace to keep up with her. Her thoughts continued to wonder about what he was thinking, but soon he answered her own thoughts.

“Ella, is everything okay? Rodolphus and I have been a little worried about you and these occurrences with those pathetic Gryffindors. If they keep bothering you like this, we can take care of them. We’ll make sure they never come anywhere close to you again. I don’t understand why they must keep bothering you, you certainly don’t deserve—”

Finally Isabella cut him off. “No, Rab, everything is fine. Let’s just let it all go. They don’t bother me anymore than they bother any other Slytherin. Come on, we better hurry or we might miss the tryout,” Isabella said, breaking out into a run, dragging her brother with her and hoping that the subject had been dropped.

Isabella wasn’t sure. She wasn’t sure why the Gryffindor boys had to continue to be mean to her. She wasn’t sure why she had to be in Slytherin or born to a Slytherin family. She wasn’t sure why she had to be hated by others who weren’t in Slytherin with her. She wasn’t sure why Slytherins and Gryffindors always had to argue and fight. She wasn’t sure why everyone could not just get along. But most of all, she couldn’t understand how she was suppose to unite to groups of people who clearly hated each other.


“That was a pretty awesome tryout!” Rabastan complemented his brother as the three of them headed up to the castle, surrounded by several other Slytherins.

“Thanks! I really hope I get beater, but it will be tough, there was some good competition this year. Hopefully that will mean Slytherin will win the Cup this year!” Isabella could hear the excitement her brother’s voice and she gave him a smile, which he gratefully returned.

“You were wonderful out their Rod,” Isabella exclaimed as they climbed the steps to the castle. “Oh! I just remembered, I need to go return this book to the library and get another really quick,” Isabella told her brothers.

“Do you want someone to go with you?” Rabastan asked, using his hands to point towards himself, his brother, and several other Slytherins.

“No, that’s okay. I’ll be fine,” Isabella said, but noticing the looks on her brothers’ faces she added, “I promise, I’ll be fine,” before waving goodbye and heading down the corridors.

As she left, she heard her brother Rabastan tell Rodolphus, “the Gryffindor boys have been bothering her again. They cannot seem to leave her alone. I think we need to do….” She turned to corner and heard no more of their conversation.

Oh great, now Rod knows all about the Gryffindor boys too, although I’m sure he probably noticed it before,’ thought Isabella as she entered the library. She glanced around to see which tables were already occupied, before resting her eyes on a boy with sandy-brown hair. Remus. He looked up and smiled. She returned the smile and gave him small nod in acknowledgement.

At least she had one friend in Gryffindor. That was a start.


Here is a preview of the next chapter!

"They just don't see the real you, Isabella. They can't. Not yet. But they will, just you wait."

Thanks guys for reading! I hope you like it so far. At this point Isabella is still in her first year at Hogwarts, but I plan to possibly skip a few years in the next chapter.

Please review with any feedback or suggestions!

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