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Wild Horses by Lyzz
Chapter 1 : Wild Horses
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UN- Disclaimer- Yeah, you heard right, this is an UN-Disclaimer (ok, there's obviously better words out there for this, but bear with me people, I haven't had my Riddlin today)! I'm here to say I own nothing, and I'm proud of it! Who wants to be weighted down with possessions anyways, not me that's for sure! Also, I just wanted to give props to my peeps, Rolling Stones for this song, which is of the hizzo for shizzo (my white-ass attempt at being gansta there folks, it's a freaking Kodak moment)

/__/= song lyrics

All right then folks, on with show (dang, I don't even own that line!).

Wild Horses-

/Childhood living is easy to do/

He sat by the fire, mindlessly sipping his warm wine. Iím alone, was all he thought. Alone, that seemed to be a recurring theme in his life recently. He used to sit by the fire, as a young boy, dreaming about being Head Boy, which he now was. Now, he wished he never even heard of the position.

/The things you wanted I bought them for you/

His life had changed over the years. Where there used to be a cold, cruel, heartless boy, now sat a tormented young man. He reminisced about the days when things were simple, and black was black, and white was white. The bad guys where clearly recognizable by their hatred of him. The good guys where the ones on his side. Now, he wasnít so sure.

/Graceless lady you know who I am/

In fact, he wasnít sure of much nowadays. Just two things. One, he was in love. It consumed him, tortured him, and made him miserable, so he was sure it was love. The second thing, he would never have her. He had pushed her away, and tormented her as she did to him now, and now all he wanted was to pull her close. Ironic.

/You know I can't let you slide through my hands/

He wished he had somehow known the trouble his actions would have cause back then. But, even so, he doubted it would have mattered. He had been too corrupted by his father. And even though he was aware that it was his fatherís doing, he would never blame him for it, his pride wouldnít let him. It was his own actions that had pushed her away, and now he would pay the price for them, even if it killed him.

/Wild horses couldn't drag me away/

His head jerked up as the portrait door to the common room he shared with the Head Girl swung open. The object of his affection and, strangely, torment walked in. She nodded her hello and gave him a cautious smile. She still didnít trust himÖand she probably never would.

/I watched you suffer a dull aching pain/

He didnít blame her for a second. He had changed sixth year, he supposed. His father had gone to serve the Dark Lord permanently, for he was no longer welcomed in the wizarding world. But, he knew that his father would be after him, to get him to join him, and nothing could stop his father when he came. So, he had gone to the only place he was safe. To Dumbledore. Thatís when he had begun to see the ill effects of his father upon himself.

/Now you decided to show me the same/

All of those years of torture he had dealt to her and her friends suddenly seemed awful to him. Her hateful words to him suddenly seemed to make sense. By the time sixth year started, he was a wreck; he didnít know what he could possibly do to prove to people that he had changed. So, he didnít try to, but he didnít attack them either; he was just there.

/No sweeping exits or offstage lines/

Provoking words from his opposing house meant nothing to him that year. Which meant his own house thought he had turned. He was hated by all, and he didnít care. Just as his father wasnít welcomed in the wizarding world, he wasnít wanted by his school. But, he managed to make it through the school year, to be faced with another one.

/Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind/

He had gotten his letter, handed to him by Dumbledore himself, for he now stayed at his school during the summer. It was safe there. But, he felt cooped up there, so on the first day of school, he decided to take the train to the Platform and back. He met the Head Girl there, as if for the first time; saw her in a different light. She seemed to think he would harass her, but instead was met with silence on his part.

/Wild horses couldn't drag me away/

He was jerked out of his thoughts as he heard her approaching, books in tow. She sat down on the couch beside him, spreading out her work. She glanced at him, and then frowned when she realized what he was drinking. He simply shrugged and started to take another sip; he found he couldnít. He got up and emptied it out in the bathroom. As he walked back to his perch on the couch, he was rewarded with a rare smile. He felt his heart break, as he often did nowadays.

/I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie/

He watched her work for awhile, then quickly turned away. He realized he was torturing himself unnecessarily. He knew he couldnít have her. Even if he could, what could he possibly offer her? A life in hiding. Yeah, right.

/I have my freedom but I don't have much time/

He knew it wouldnít be long till his father found him. Try and get him to join the Dark Lord. An angry expression came across him face. He would die before that would happen, he was sure of it. He noticed she was staring at him with a look of concern. He gave her a reassuring glance and settled back into looking at the fire.

/Faith has been broken, tears must be cried/

His family would be furious of course. No one who came from the Malfoy line disrupted the tradition of being as evil and powerful as they could possibly be. He found he didnít care much any more. He only cared about one thing, and he would never have it.

/Let's do some living after we die/

He heard a sigh and looked over at her. She looked tired. He shot her a look of sympathy, and then raised his eyebrows, seemingly asking if anything was wrong. She looked at him funny. She moved all of the books, papers, and quills out of her way, and moved towards him. He suddenly became aware of how close she was.

/Wild horses couldn't drag me away/

This isnít supposed to happen, he thought. They were mere inches apart. Suddenly, he didnít care. He closed the distance between them and kissed her. For once in his life, his thoughts came to a complete halt, he enjoyed the moment. His fingers got lost in her hair, and he deepened the kiss.

/Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day/

With a soft sigh, she pulled away. A gentle smile crossed her face. She pushed the white-blonde hair out of his eyes, and then gathered her things and stood up. She quietly turned around, gave him one last smile, and went to her room. He poured himself some more wine, and went back to staring at the fire, but this time, with some happiness in his eyes. Ironic.

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Wild Horses: Wild Horses


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