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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 11 : In the rain, there's magic
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Lost Memories 11
By Gryffindorgirl153

She walked over to the open window, and breathed in fresh air. The room was packed with people, and Hermione found it impossibly hard to breathe, especially with the corset that was tightly wrapped around her stomach. ‘Hermione?’ She turned and found Harry’s emerald green eyes staring straight at her. He walked towards her, and leaned against the window pane, looking up at the night sky.

‘Hey Harry,’ She replied softly.

Silence fell upon them as the continued staring outside. ‘So I’m guessing you remember your past now?’ Harry asked.

Hermione shrugged. ‘Most of it,’ She told him. ‘But not all,’

‘Afraid?’ He asked her, as he turned to face the crowd. ‘Surprised?’

‘With what?’ Hermione asked. ‘The fact that I fell in love with Draco Malfoy?’ she asked him.

‘No,’ Harry looked at her. ‘The fact that you’re falling again,’

Hermione stared at him with disbelief. ‘Excuse me?’ She asked him. ‘What are you talking about?’

Harry laughed. ‘Hermione,’ He started. ‘You’ve been my best friend ever since the first year of Hogwarts, and never in my life have I seen you look at any other guy the way you look at Malfoy,’ he told Hermione. ‘Not even Ron,’

‘I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about Harry,’ Hermione said. She suddenly wished that she was outside since she could not breathe. ‘Malfoy and I are nothing more than acquaintances,’ she told Harry. ‘He’s been my enemy since first year,’ she explained. ‘Now that I am actually sane, there is no way that I can fall for him,’

‘Hermione,’ He started. ‘You fell for him once before,’ Harry reasoned. ‘Sane or not, you still fell for him,’ he told her. ‘What makes you think you aren’t able to do it again?’ Hermione sighed and didn’t answer Harry. She continued looking outside and taking in the fresh air that was supplied for her. ‘Think about it,’ Harry said when he saw Ginny beckoning him to come over with a hard look on her face. ‘Enjoy the party,’ Harry told Hermione. ‘Ginny’s calling me,’ Hermione nodded, and she was left standing by the window staring outside.

‘Everyone has got to stop telling me about what I feel,’ Hermione whispered to herself. She turned around, and leaned against the window pane much like how Harry did, as she watched the crowd dance in the illuminating light. Hermione spotted Remus and Tonks dancing not far from where Harry and Ginny were dancing. She found Fred dancing with his wife Angelina, George dancing with his current girlfriend who’s name was Jane Kay. Ron was across the room talking to a brunette who looked like a girl she knew from her childhood days. ‘Looks like every else is having fun at this party,’ Hermione whispered to herself.

Hermione walked out of the room and came turned to the right into a corridor where chairs were available for those who wanted privacy. She sat down on the chair that was provided for her and sat back, crossing her arms across her chest. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, and then when she opened them she saw someone standing before her.

‘Having fun Granger?’ Draco asked. Hermione rolled her eyes and he let out a laugh. ‘Why are you sitting here all by yourself?’ He asked her. ‘Enjoy the party for once in your life,’

‘I’m not exactly a party girl,’ she retorted. Hermione tried to adjust the cloth which went over her stomach but the corset was too tight on her. ‘And I can’t even breathe in this thing,’

‘Why did you wear a corset then?’ Draco asked as he shoved Hermione to turn the other way so her back was to him. He knelt down on the right side of the chair and began to un-zipper her dress.

‘What are you doing?’ Hermione asked once she felt her dress loosening around her chest. ‘Malfoy!’ She turned once the zipper had gone all the way down to the lower part of her back. Draco shoved her back the way she was facing and held her head there.

‘Calm down Granger,’ He said. ‘I’m not going to undress you or anything,’ Draco said. ‘I’m just loosening up your corset,’ She stayed still as she felt him untie the knot, and she felt the laces slip from there places. ‘Why did you even wear one?’ He asked. ‘We’re in the 21st century Granger. Corsets are a thing of the past,’

‘Ginny said I had to wear one with this dress,’ Hermione said. She removed her hair from her back and placed it on the left side of her neck, exposing her back. ‘And she tied tight enough so I couldn’t breath,’ She took a sharp intake of breath when Draco accidentally pulled the laces too hard.

‘Sorry,’ He muttered then loosened them a bit. Draco could help but move a bit shaky when he was re-lacing her corset. Her entire back was exposed to him, and he would be able to see a bit more but Hermione was holding the corset close to her body. He shook his head, and rid the thoughts from his mind. He zippered up her dress once again once he was done re-lacing her corset and put her hair back where it belonged.

‘Thanks,’ Hermione said when she was finally able to breath. ‘I can breath now,’ she beamed.

Draco chuckled then sat down on the chair that was on her left side. They both sat their in silence, each one at loss of what to say to one another. ‘Why don’t you go back in there?’ Hermione asked him. ‘Seems like you were having fun,’

He smiled then shook his head. ‘I actually hate parties,’ He told her. ‘They drive me insane with all those people packed in one room, as if you’re obligated to greet and associate with every single one of them,’ Hermione’s mouth formed into an O as she nodded. ‘I only like dancing, but then I eventually get tired of it,’

More and more people were entering the Potter Manor to join the festivities that were happening in the previous room. Most looked like they were in their late twenties, some were in their mid 30’s. ‘So you’re just going to sit here all night until the party ends?’ Hermione asked.

‘I can always go back to my room to sleep,’ Draco said to her. He checked his watch and read 8:00PM. ‘Then again, it’s too early for me to go to sleep,’ Hermione looked at him with a plain expression on her face, then stood up and started walking towards the door. ‘Where are you going?’ Draco asked her.

‘Outside,’ Hermione answered, not turning around. The man who was in charge of opening and closing the door for guest opened the door wide open for her as she walked through it, and down the steps onto the ground. Draco groaned, and then rushed out to follow her when she was about 10 feet away from the manor. ‘Looks like its going to rain soon,’ she said.

‘You are extremely strange Granger,’ Draco said to her when he watched her take off her shoes as she stepped into the sand which was placed next to the pavement. ‘Normal girls would be scared to death of ruining their dress, especially with the rain coming,’

‘Well I’m not like normal girls am I,’ Hermione responded. Draco rolled his eyes, and followed her until she stopped in front of the large fountain which was kept directly in front of the manor.

‘Obviously not,’ Draco retorted.

Just Like a Rose
By: Westlife

and as I look into your eyes
I see an angel in disguise
Sent from God above
For me to love
To hold and idolize

Hermione turned to smile at Draco, then turned back and walked around the fountain, sitting on the edge which was all the way on the other side of Draco. Draco lifted his head as he felt a rain drop on his face. He looked up at the sky as it began to rain heavily. ‘Granger!’ He yelled so she would be able to hear him through the pelting drops. He walked over to the side of the fountain where she was sitting on and found her laughing at him. ‘What in Merlin’s name are you laughing at,’ he asked her.

‘You need to calm down Malfoy,’ she said to him. ‘Have some fun in your life for once,’

‘Granger it’s raining,’ He growled. ‘We need to go back inside,’

‘Afraid of rain Malfoy?’ Hermione mocked. ‘It’s just water,’ she paused as she stared into the deep depths of the fountain. She replayed the events in her mind and she remembered that she was in the same situation 4 years ago.

It was raining heavily and students, who were enjoying the sun which was once out, began running back inside the castle, afraid to get wet. Hermione was sitting by the black lake with Draco by her side. They were doing homework when it had started to rain. Draco looked to turn to Hermione and saw that she was smiling. Hermione cast a charm on their homework so it would not get wet from the rain. ‘Hermione,’ Draco said to her. She started laughing at him. ‘What in Merlin’s name are you laughing at?’ Draco growled.

‘You need to calm down Draco,’ Hermione said. ‘Have some fun in your life for once,’

‘Hermione,’ Draco said sternly. ‘It’s raining,’ he informed her as if she didn’t notice her surroundings. ‘We need to go back inside,’ He said as he started puller her to her feet.

‘Afraid of rain Draco?’ Hermione mocked once she was on her feet. ‘It’s just water,’ she began running around in the rain as Draco made a move to chase her. ‘Draco!’ She shrieked when he had hauled her over his shoulders. ‘Put me down!’ their laughter’s and screams were all that could be heard through the rain. They both felt like they were the only people on the face of the earth, and they were loving every single minute of it.

‘Granger!’ He shouted. ‘What’s wrong with you,’

‘C’mon Malfoy,’ Hermione laughed. ‘Don’t be such a kill joy,’ She took off, holding her shoes with her left hand. She heard Draco growl in annoyance. ‘Why are you so afraid of the rain?’

And as I hold your body near
Ill see this month through to a year
And then forever on
Til life is gone
Ill keep your loving near

Draco ignored her question. ‘Fine, you can’t stay there Granger,’ He shouted. ‘I’m going back inside,’ Hermione watched his retreating form then rolled her eyes. She ran towards him and unexpectedly jumped on his back, her arms snaking around his broad shoulder and neck. ‘What are you doing?’ He asked surprised as he placed his hands behind her knees to make sure they both didn’t fall to the ground.

‘Having some fun for once,’ Hermione said to him. ‘You did say I should,’ she informed him

‘Granger,’ Draco said. ‘Did you by any chance drink alcohol today?’ He asked her with a confounded look on his face. Hermione frowned then unwound her hands from his neck and pulled both her feet to the wet ground.

‘And since when did you have a stick shoved up your arse Malfoy?’ Hermione asked angrily. Draco just simply glared at her. ‘I didn’t ask you to come out and follow me here,’ Hermione said to him irritably. ‘I didn’t ask you to stay with me by that fountain, and I most definitely did not ask you to care fore me,’ Hermione felt anger rising in her body. ‘You followed me out here all on your own, you told me to go inside because of the rain all on your own. Do not act as if I asked you to come out here Malfoy,’ Hermione turned around and stormed away angrily. She did not know where she was heading and she did not care one bit.

And now Ive finally found my way
To lead me down this lonely road
All I have to do
Is follow you
To lighten off my load

She heard Draco let out a groan. ‘Where are you going now Granger?’ he shouted.

‘Away from you!’ Hermione retorted. Draco ran towards her as she began to head towards the back of the manor, where James’ birthday party was held earlier in the month. ‘What are you doing now Malfoy,’ she snarled. ‘You’ve been pestering me to go back inside since you followed me out here,’

‘Don’t be so bloody difficult Granger!’ Draco snapped. ‘You are the most infuriating, and stubborn witch I have ever met in my entire bloody life!’

‘No one was asking you to put up with me and my stubbornness,’ Hermione barked. ‘Just go back inside Malfoy!’ She spun back around, her wet hair sticking to her face and her dress was becoming heavier and heavier as it soaked up all the rain. ‘And you’re not any better than I am either,’ She said.

Draco frowned, and then took a few steps closer to her, close enough so that he was able to reach her arm and spin her around sharply to face him. ‘Don’t ever compare me to you,’ He said in a dark voice which would intimidate many people. ‘Foolish mudblood,’ Draco didn’t know why, but the feeling of fighting with her was one he was used to. He felt like fighting with Hermione was part of his everyday life.

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You open doors that close
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Just like a rose

Hermione glared at him forebodingly. She brought her free arm around, and her hand collided with Draco’s left cheek, causing his head to turn to the right, surprised by the impact of her hand. His eyes bore into her brown ones, and she glared back, not even afraid of what was once intimidating to her.

‘Don’t ever call me that again,’ Hermione said threateningly. She pulled her arm out of his grip and continued to walk where she was destined.

And when I feel like hope is gone
You give me strength to carry on
Each time I look at you
There’s something new
To keep our loving strong

Through the rain, he could see her walking slowly, the end of her dress in her left hand, and her shoes on her right. He saw her bare feet making footprints on the dirt, and he saw the right side of her dress dragging along the grass, creating a brown stain on the bottom. Draco had no idea what he was doing, or why he was doing it, but all he knew was that his legs were forcing him to run towards her.

‘What do you want now Malfoy?’ She yelled. Time abruptly stood still, and her eyes went wide as she felt his lips on hers. Hermione blinked rapidly, and then suddenly shoved him away roughly. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Hermione yelled, startled. Her right hand collided with his left cheek for the second time that night, but this time, they did not exchange threatening looks. Hermione just turned her back on him once more and was about to keep walking, when Draco grabbed her arm again yet again, spinning her around and crashing his lips down onto hers for the second time.

She felt his lips move against hers, but all she could do was stand there, wide eyed, staring at the man she once swore to hate. His arms wrapped themselves around her waist, and she knew that he was desperately wishing that she would respond.

Ever so slowly, her eyes closed, and her arms wound themselves around his neck and she began kissing him back. Hermione felt a smirk on his lips, and his arms pulled her closer to him and held her tighter than ever. Hermione felt a familiar sensation in the pit of her stomach. Much like the one she had each time she had cared for Malfoy in St. Mungos.

Their kiss deepened and the rain became heavier that it was impossible to see anything which was at lest 10 feet away from you. For the second time in Hermione’s life, she felt like they were the two last people in the world.

Draco was the first to pull away, and Hermione was free to rest on her heels once again.

I hear you whisper in my ear
All of the words I long to hear
Of how you’ll always be
Here next to me
To wipe away my tears

He leaned down, his mouth next to her left ear. ‘I’ve wanted to do that for a while now,’ He whispered hotly. Hermione smiled shyly when she felt the heat rise to her cheeks, when he tucked her head under his chin, and she rested her own on his chest. The couple stood there, drenched as the rain continued to pour over them.

In their minds, they both knew how forbidden this was, and they both knew about the consequences they will soon pay- but for now, they were the only two people in the world, and that would be a matter that would be dealt with later on when reality comes crashing back down on them.

And now I’ve finally found my way
To lead me down this lonely road
All I have to do
Is follow you
To lighten off my load

‘Will you be mine,’ he whispered softly. He spoke in a voice that Hermione heard once before, but could not quiet remember it. His whisper could barely be heard, especially through the rain but Hermione knew what he said. ‘Even if it’s just for tonight,’ He said quietly. ‘Just for tonight,’ He repeated.

Hermione did not answer, nor did she show any sign of response towards Draco, but he knew what her answer was. Draco did not need a yes or a no, nor did he need a nod of the head or a shake. Draco knew exactly what Hermione was saying just by holding her close. He knew he had felt this feeling many times before, but he had no recollection what’s so ever.

‘Dance with me?’ He asked her softly. Draco uncoiled his arms from her waist and took her small hand in his. He slowly led her back inside where the dried off and with magic, they restored their previous appearances. It was nearly 10 o’clock and the party was still very lively. Many couples were still dancing, children were running around, teen-ager socializing in small groups around the dance floor, and some eating on the tables made available.

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You opened doors I closed
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth
Just like a rose

Draco continued holding her hand as they walked back inside the large room, hand in hand and they walked through the crowd of dancers to find a perfect spot in the middle. Many people were staring at the strange match, but Hermione and Draco obviously did not care about what other people thought at the moment.

She turned to face him, and gently placed her hand on his shoulder, with her other hand still resting in his large hand. They began dancing to the slow music which was playing and followed the steps of the waltz. Draco smiled down at Hermione and she returned the gentle smile which was one she rarely saw.

Several people began talking; spreading rumors and creating gossip about the couple they saw. Harry had a smug smirk on his face, Ginny seemed to look extremely worried and Ron was red with anger. His hands were balled up into a fist by his side and he took one step forward before Harry put a hand on his shoulder warning him to stop. ‘She’s a big girl Ron,’ He said. ‘Let her be,’

Ron glared at his best friend, and then shoved his hand away as he walked out of the room in anger. ‘Harry,’ Ginny said walking closer to her husband. ‘Are we just going to let this happen?’ She asked him as she watched Draco and Hermione glide across the dance floor in pure delight.

‘What do you propose we do Ginny?’ Harry asked, his eyes never leaving Hermione and Draco. ‘Stop them from being together?’ He asked her. ‘You know better than that love,’ Harry said as he slipped an arm around his wife’s petite form, pulling her closer to him. ‘We can’t stop them from doing what they want. I learned that in 7th year,’

Ginny sighed. ‘I suppose you’re right,’ she said. ‘But what about the Death Eaters?’ She asked. ‘When Lucius Malfoy finds out that his son is with Hermione again, he’ll hunt both of them down,’

‘We’ll find a way Ginny,’ Harry said softly as he kissed the top of her red head. ‘You and I both know that we will,’

And though the seasons change
Our love remains the same
You face the thunder
When the sunshine turns to rain
Just like a rose

Draco and Hermione continued dancing, enjoying the feeling of being somewhere where they were free to be themselves, free to be with who they wanted to be, and free to be with each other. Draco was incredibly happy with the girl he was staring down at, and Hermione was beginning to understand how she fell in love with Draco Malfoy the first time, and realizing that it was happening all over again.

Hermione couldn’t quiet name it, she couldn’t explain the feelings she has for him. Draco was someone who made her feel unique, as if she wasn’t like any other girl he has met, and that she was extremely different from the rest of them. Draco made Hermione feel beautiful, strong, and courageous. He simply treated her like a rose.

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You opened doors I closed
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth
Just like a rose

‘I can’t believe I’m standing here, dancing with you right now,’ He whispered in her ear. ‘It just seems too good to be true,’ Hermione laughed. ‘I must be dreaming,’

‘How is this too good?’ Hermione asked him.

‘Only in my dreams,’ Draco replied. ‘I am with you,’

You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth

‘Hermione?’ Draco asked as the song was about to end.

‘hm?’ she asked.

‘Thank you,’ he told her.

‘For what?’ Hermione asked him.

‘For being in my life,’

Just like a rose….

‘You’re welcome Draco,’ she whispered.

He kissed her.

A/N: okay, 11th chapter is up ^_^. I’m surprised since I expected this chapter to be finished in like a month or so, just like the previous chapter :P. I somehow found time to start and finish this one, and since I liked where it was going, I was motivated to finish the story early enough to post it before this month ends :P. Unfortunately, my internet is currently not working, nor is my house phone and I cannot post this up yet >_>. I am not sure when my internet will be fixed again [what ever kind of service we use just completely sucks], but as soon as it is, this will be up ;].

Alright, so, how do you guys like the story so far? Good enough for your liking? Yes, it’s finally going somewhere since I decided to speed things up a bit :D. Well honestly, I did not think of putting the scene where they were outside in the rain until I listened to the song Just Like a Rose by Westlife the other night. I read the lyrics online and fell in love with the song. I decided that I wanted to have this song somewhere in the story, and since there’s nothing happening between Draco and Hermione yet I just decided to put this up now :].

Well, the next chapter won’t be halfway done anytime next week since I will be completely busy. Community service needs to be done since I am in need of 20 more hours, and I have not finished any of it and it is due tomorrow so I need to catch up on that. My homework is increasing everyday and I need to find time to finish that. I’ve got volleyball practice afterschool Monday Tuesday &Wednesday which last until 430 and when I get home I have to just quickly check for reviews, emails, websites etc.. and start homework. I’ve got tons of essays due next week and I’ve got to work on it >_>

Hope you guys liked this chapter. Please read and review! :D


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