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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 9 : No Way!
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Ron waved the last customer out of sight and closed the door.

“Phew that is the last of them” said Ron walking to the back of the shop where a very happy George sat counting a fair amount of galleons.

“500 galleons we took in today” announced George

“Good, maybe we can use some of it to buy me a new frame this one is getting rusty. Plus you know my hair clashes with purple” said Fred’s portrait.

George waltzed by the portrait, muttering an incantation, stopping Fred’s portrait from continuing to talk. Fred lips moved furiously before he left in a huff to the left of the frame.

“So how long you going to leave him silenced for this time?” asked Ron, from behind a huge pile of orders

“Depends on how I feel next week” said George, smiling before disappearing into the back with the huge bag of money, “I’m taking half the takings to Gringotts. I’ll be back in about a half an hour.”

“Okay” said Ron, giving his older brother the thumbs up.

Ron heard the door ding, as George left and immediately leapt over to his desk and began to rummage through the papers for a key. The key that George had locked in his top drawer. Ron knew that his pay check for this month was in there and he had to see how much he was getting because Hermione had been banging on about a stroller that has entertainment inside it.

Whilst rummaging around the floor of the desk. Ron noticed another bag of Galleons. He knew he had to get these to George or it would end up being his fault.

Ron grabbed the bag and leapt up and out the shop.

As he turned the corner, he saw something that would make him wish he had never seen.


“You know each other?” asked Aurora looking confused

“Yeah, if you had ever listened to me I work for Hermione’s husband and brother in law” said Chanelle joining her sister on the couch.

Hermione remained silent. How one of her closest friends could be related to her! It didn’t make sense they didn’t look anything alike.

“I thought it was Daphne that was staying, I had no idea you had another sister” said Hermione after a couple minutes of silence

“Well I have two sisters and four brothers” said Aurora.

“Right well” said Hermione, “Now we all understand our situation. I think I’ll be leaving now”

Hermione stood up and walked towards the door, pausing on the edge of the white rug. Which if Hermione remembered was imported from Vienna.

“I forgot Rose” she said laughing, picking up her two year old and putting her on her very large waist. “Well Aurora I’ll owl you soon. Good…”

A gush of water spilled out from between Hermione’s legs.

“Oh god” said Hermione, putting Rose on the nearest couch and then grabbing her back.

“Hermione it is ok. I delivered Fleur’s baby. I can just as easily deliver yours”

“No, no I want to go to the hospital and have it delivered. Like I did with Rose.”

“Draco delivered Rose” said Aurora smugly, “And Harry Potter’s kid”

“Yes you have said it before” said Chanelle, “Help me get Hermione onto that couch”

“No” protested Hermione, “Just Floo me to St Mungo’s please”

The whole room fell silent as the three women decided what they were going to do.

The familiar clicking of Italian heels along the marble hallway came closer.

Narcissa in all her elegance, held a rosy cheeked Scorpius in her arms, “Aurora, I’m taking Scorpius to the Ministry to see his Grandfather”

“Yes, yes whatever” said Aurora

“This is your son Aurora not a toy…what happened to my rug, why is all wet and red!” asked Narcissa, looking horrified

Aurora shot a glare at Narcissa, “Look we are kind of busy here”

“Fine, come on Scorpius darling. Ill take you away from the half blood”
A few moments later they heard a crack and knew she was gone.

“Okay, Chanelle, stay here and look after Rose, I’ll take Hermione to hospital”

“No, I don’t want Rose to be looked after by her”

“Hermione, no arguments” said Aurora, hauling her over to the fireplace, “St Mungos”

The fireplace lit up with green flames.


Ginny sat at home, patting her swollen belly. Six weeks left and she couldn’t wait.
She had been off more than she had been at Holyhead Harpies training ground. Wizard law prevented her from returning for up to seven months after she has a baby but by then she was already pregnant with Al. Now she was on her third baby and hadn’t played in a proper competition in almost three years. Also it didn’t help Harry and Ron going on about how the Harpies lost 490-30 against the Chudley Cannons.

She heard Harry come in and their boys rush to see him. She somehow manoeuvred herself up and walked into the hall to see James dangling from Harry’s neck and Albus wrapped round his leg.

“Hey” said Ginny, walking up to him and kissing him lightly on the lips.

“How was your day?” said Harry, kissing Ginny’s belly

“Not bad, Angelina popped in and told me how the Harpies were doing. God I really miss training with them”

“Well then, no more kids, these two are more than enough and my third son shall be a handful also”

“I hope it’s a girl though, I feel really outnumbered” said Ginny, looking adoringly at her sons play fighting.

“I could get Draco to find out for us” said Harry, his face lighting up

“No” said Ginny firmly, “he told us that Al was a boy and Healer Morris before that told us James was a boy. Maybe if we don’t get anyone to tell us what we are having then maybe we’ll have a girl”

“Fine” said Harry sadly, “Anyway I need to fill in these criminal reports and then we can have dinner”

A/N: Hiya avid readers. Again I apologise for nearly a month without an update but my schoolwork has been hectic but now I’m done till August so expect updates faster. This is just a short chapter really. No Weasleys are aware that another one of them is one the way. Thank you for reading this. I love all my readers lots please review x x x

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