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Harry Potter and the Price of Life by thegillitine
Chapter 2 : The Sorting...
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            Now was finally the time to aboard Platform 9 ¾ and he was nervous and excited at the same time. The owner of the Leaky Cauldron showed Harry how to use the floo network and he arrived on the platform with many green flames around him. He carried his trunk onto the train and looked for an empty compartment. He decided that he would try to learn more English, so he wanted to be alone. He was certain that he would be laughed at if people found out that he couldn’t read or write in English.


            He heard a knock on the door and he saw Hermione on the outside of the door. He got up and opened the door for her. “Thank you Harold. Everywhere else was full.”


            “It’s no problem, but my actual name is not Harold, It’s Harry; my real name is Harry Potter. I also am not from Norway; I hold dual citizenship in Great Britain and the Soviet Union.” Hermione was shocked. Her friend was the Harry Potter that she read about in one of the books she bought in the bookstore. He was with her when she bought a short story about him.


            “You’re a Soviet?” Hermione asked in a frightened tone.


            “I was born in Whales, born to English parents, and a man took me to the Soviet Union when I was one. He worked for the government, so he was able to make me a citizen of the Soviet Union.” Harry responded. “And now that you know my secrets before everybody else, could you please help me to read and write in English?” Harry asked the girl.


            Hermione was shocked. She thought, “How can he be so nice if he is one of them? I read that they were mean and evil people.” She responded to his question, “I will help you, but how do you speak English so well if you never learned it before you went to the Soviet Union?”


            “Since I learned that I was going to be going to England for schooling, my guardian taught me as much as he could before I left, but he never learned to write in English himself, so he couldn’t teach me.” Harry told Hermione. Harry went back over to his small amount of writing. He also looked at books. “I think that I will be ok if you could help me read, actually.” Hermione tried her best to help him read, but she could help very little. She knew that she could learn easily, but she did not have the power to teach. She noticed a slight improvement between how he started and how he ended.


            The door opened after the two kids were studying for a few hours. The only person he didn’t want to see came into the compartment.


Cho walked into the room and asked, “Harold, have you seen Harry Potter yet? I can’t wait to see him!” Cho was squealing with excitement and glee. After she left, Harry and Hermione just talked about different things that they liked to do and what their funniest bits of accidental magic they did.


            The train pulled to a stop and they got off with their trunks filled with school supplies. “What do you think the most fun class, Hermione?” Harry asked the girl.


            “I think that Transfiguration sounds fun. In our textbooks, it shows pins being turned into tin cans.” Hermione told Harry. “Which class do you think will be the most fun?” She asked.


            “Potions class sounds like it will be very fun.” Harry told Hermione. They walked to the boats and another boy, named Ron Weasley, sat in the boats on their way across the lake. Harry found out that Ron was Ginny’s older brother. While a nice person, he was fickle, jealous and held grudges for the most petty things. He was also greedy. Harry heard something about how he had to get second-hand robes. Ron sighed heavily after saying something along the lines of how much money Harry Potter must have had.


            “Hello, are you Ron Weasley?” Harry asked Ron.


            “Hi, yeah I am. How did you know that? Ron asked Harry.


            “While you guys were in Diagon Alley, I was talking to your sister, Ginny. She was envious of you going to Hogwarts, so I heard your name come up quite often.”


            “Are you the Harold that Ginny has been talking about? She kept going on and on about how nice Harold was. I swear she must have as big of a crush on you as she used to have on Harry Potter. I think it is pathetic. I mean, he did nothing but survive a killing curse from You-Know-Who. Any idiot could have done that." Ron told Harold.


            The group of first year students arrived inside Hogwarts after a long stroll on the lake. They were ushered inside Hogwarts. Harry changed his appearance to that of Harry Potter. He undid the charm that Professor McGonagall placed on him nearly two weeks ago. His features became pale and his scar and his eyes were back to normal.


            All the first year students were lead into the Great Hall and they were sorted. An old hat was placed upon the child’s head and after a time, the hat shouted out what house they would be in. Hermione was sorted before Harry. She was almost immediately sorted into Ravenclaw. Harry’s turn came a short time later.


            “You are a very rare type of person, indeed. You have the courage to be a Gryffindor, the brains to be a Ravenclaw, the loyalty to be a Hufflepuff, and the cunning to be a Slytherin. You have friends in two houses, so I will choose either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.” The sorting hat told Harry inside the boy’s head. The entire Great Hall was silent. The hat was still in his thought process about where to put him. The hat was saying something about being in the lines of Ravenclaw’s and Gryffindor’s. The hat was arguing both sides of an argument. The hat was sitting on Harry’s head when the hat finally declared: “I cannot sort this boy.”


            McGonagall told the hat, “You have to sort him like every other child.”


            The hat responded, “I said that I cannot sort this boy. I have been trying to think of where to put him for the past forty-five minutes.” A murmur gradually grew louder and louder throughout the entire Great Hall.


            The headmaster shouted, “SILENCE!” The entire Great Hall silenced immediately. “We seem to be having a bit of difficulty sorting some children, but sit tight while we get through this small problem. They just sent Harry to the end of the line and wait for another chance at being sorted. He stood right behind Ron Weasley who tried to butter up to Harry by saying about how many times he read stories about him. Then it was time for Ron to be sorted. The sorting hat immediately shouted out that Ron was to be a Gryffindor. The next boy to be sorted would be Harry Potter.


            Harry walked up to the stool again and sat with the old hat atop his head once again. “I don’t understand; I have never failed to sort a student before. I have sorted every single child to come to Hogwarts for over one thousand years. I have sorted them all, but now you just have me stumped while you sit there on a stump of wood that’s almost as old as I am. I ponder where you should be sorted into. You have absolutely no preference, as long as you are treated as an equal and not as the great Harry Potter.” The sorting hat took another fifteen minutes before, much to the students’ relief, “I cannot sort him.” The sorting hat declared once again.


            Albus Dumbledore reluctantly declared, “You all have waited for a very long time, so tuck in.” As the headmaster said this, food appeared all over the plates. Harry was told to sit wherever he pleased when the hat failed to sort him again. He walked over to the Ravenclaw table and sat with Hermione. He enjoyed dinner, but there were very few foods that he actually tasted before, so he only had a select few things. When the feast was over, everyone was brought to their houses. The only exception was Harry Potter. He still didn’t fit in any house. The Sorting Hat could not actually sort him. The hat told the teachers that he had distinct qualities that represent each house. He also was in the lineage of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. All the teachers had a discussion of where to put him. The only thing that Harry knew for sure is that he wasn’t going to be placed in Slytherin. The Slytherin Head of House strongly opposed having Harry in his house. Around 10 o’clock at night, they decided that Harry would be a Ravenclaw. Harry went up to the Ravenclaw common room with the answer to a riddle.


            Harry looked into the common room to find a few older students studying and one lone first year reading a book. He walked up to the girl and greeted her. “Hey Hermione, are you going to go to sleep any time soon?”


            “I just want to finish the rest of this chapter.” Hermione answered Harry. Hermione continued reading and Harry sat with Hermione while she read. She finished the chapter and then she began to walk up the stairs. Harry walked up the opposite set of stairs. He went towards the last bed in the dormitory and fell into a peaceful rest.


            The next morning, Harry woke before everybody else. He dressed in his robes and went down the stairs to read one of the books he bought. He placed a translator charm on himself and he began to read his book about dark arts and their defences. He read about some viscous curses. One curse had no defence to it; the curse was known as the killing curse. One curse was defended by your will power; this was called the imperious curse. Two curses tricked your mind into thinking that your stomach was cut out or had intense pain. The only defence was to be able to tell yourself that the pain you feel is not real. They were known as the slicing curse and the cruciatus curse, respectively.


            His friend, Hermione came down the stairs just before most of the students were going down to breakfast. They walked down to the Great Hall together. They talked about who they thought the teachers were going to be. Hermione already thought that the transfiguration teacher would be their deputy headmistress, professor McGonagall.


            The first years left for their first potions lesson. They walked into the dungeons and started to sit in the seats in the potions class. Immediately after class began, a loud banging noise occurred when the teacher came into the classroom. He introduced himself as Professor Snape. He asked Harry difficult questions about O.W.L. level potions and to the teacher’s surprise, Harry answered correctly. Harry studied theory about potions while he was in Diagon Alley. The potions lesson went well after Snape quit harassing Harry. He was the first one finished with his potion.


            Their next class was Defence Against the Dark Arts. Harry thought that the class would be fun and informative, but he was sadly mistaken when his teacher, Professor Quirrel, introduced himself and explained what the class was about. He seemed to be the complete opposite of Snape. He looked fearful of Harry. Quirrel looked as if he knew a terrible secret that Harry did not. Their Defence class was utterly useless. After Defence Against the Dark Arts, the first-year Ravenclaws had a free period. Harry left to go up to the dormitory. He made a little space his own. He hung up his flag and a poster with a slogan. He then sat down on his bed and read Dark Arts and their Defences. He sat their till they were supposed to go to lunch. Harry sat next to Hermione, who was reading a transfiguration book. She was reading about transfiguring useless things like blades of grass into useful things like parchment.


            “Hermione, are you looking forward to our first transfiguration class?” Harry asked his best friend. She was too focused on her book to notice him. She just continued to read. Harry just ate his share of food and began to try out the first thing in the book.


            After they finished classes for the day, Harry went into the library to learn more about animal transfiguration; the same kind of transfiguration that he saw his teacher do. He learned that what she did was called an animagus transformation. It is known to be extremely difficult. Harry found an instruction book about becoming an animagus. The book’s first step was to concentrate on changing things like one’s fingernail length or the length of one’s hair. He was able to start changing his hair almost immediately and changing his nail shape was not much of a challenge. He figured that he would wait for tomorrow to try anything else, as he was already late for supper.


            He ran up the stairs to the common room. He then ran up to his dormitory. He put his book away when he noticed that his decorations were missing. He quickly summoned his decorations. When they came, they were caught on fire. Harry quickly diminished the fire and repaired the poster and flag. He was grateful that he found those three charms. He then placed the objects back on the wall. He saw the Ravenclaw first year boys run up the stairs.

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