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Contrast by OvergrownEden9
Chapter 6 : The Celibacy Of James Potter
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I disclaim!!
A/n: yet another chapter. I'm so amazed at the response I got for chapter 5. WHOA. Bloody hell. Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed!! You made me smile soo much :) I'd like to apologize for Matthew's behaviour - quoting a quite a few reviews (which utterly creased me), yes Matthew is an ass atm, and yes, Matthew does need to get laid XD Love it.

This is chapter 6... to my UTTER amazement. This is going so damn quickly!! I'm chuffed I haven't had author's block yet. Rightio, I think I might do a sequel... and maybe a sequel after that. HAH. I think this story will be around... maybe 17 chapters? I'm not sure, we'll see huh...

R&R please, you'll get cookies!! :)

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“Because all we know is falling, it falls. Remember, because I know that we won't forget at all. You never, you never said. This wasn't what you wanted, was it? Was it?” ~ Paramore – All We Know.

Chapter Six

The Celibacy Of James Potter

  I was awake. I could hear the faint drone of the other girls in my dormitory. I ignored them, and made no movement; I couldn’t remember if I’d drawn my hangings on the four poster bed or not, and I didn’t want them to know I was awake. It wouldn’t matter if I did - they wouldn’t actually talk to me anyway but, all the same, I didn’t want them to know I was awake.

  My face, pressed against my pillow, was rather uncomfortable. I couldn’t be bothered to move, though. I took a deep breath, smelling the comfortable scent of my pillow. I smelt something else too – aftershave, I decided. It smelt familiar and clear; it reminded me of fresh rain. I smiled to myself sleepily, when I remembered that Sirius smelt that way.

  Suddenly, I turned over with a jolt, my vivid-blue eyes widening. I half expected to see Sirius lying next to me, grinning impishly, with his hair falling lazily into his deep grey eyes…


  It took me a moment to actually grasp the fact that Sirius wasn’t next to me. I frowned, confused about the smell. Then, the night before came flooding back to me. The stars, Sirius, Matthew, Sirius, feeling safe, Sirius… I felt a smile brush my lips as I realized I smelt like him.

  Merlin, how pathetic?

  I was about to turn over, to go back to sleep, when my bed-hangings were ripped open by a red-faced Lynne. Her beady dark eyes were narrowed into slits, glinting in the morning sunlight that was streaming out of a window next to my bed. She leant down closer to me, her extremely thin eyebrows (that were obviously drawn on by the ‘Teen Witch’ Magic Eyebrow Quill For All Occasions) rutted.

  “What were you doing last night?” She spat, raising her nose in the air momentarily. She looked down on me, giving out an “I’m so gorgeous, you should feel privileged to look at me” attitude.

  I raised my normal-looking eyebrows, stretching slightly. She gave me a haughty glare, and leant closer to me. Her heavily sprayed, brittle-looking, short blonde hair stayed in the same fixed place. My chocolate-coloured, long hair (that did actually move when I did) diverged against her hair profusely. I wondered idly if her hair would still be as stiff and in the same place if she was suspended from the ceiling by her ankles…

  “Is that clear?” She sneered. I looked at her with disinterest, snapping out of my sadistic ponderings.

  “Obviously not,” I shrugged, “I wasn’t acting listening.”

  She looked scandalized, raising a carefully manicured hand to her cheek, as if I’d slapped her.

  “Have a nice day,” I smiled waspishly sliding off my bed. I sauntered to the bathroom, waving cheerily at the motionless girl, who kind of looked shocked and maybe a bit violated. Lynne was annoying. As I locked the door, and stepped into the shower, I hoped for a nice, confrontation and slag-free, day.

  I left my dormitory very late – it was at about lunchtime. I hoped I didn’t bump into Matthew. I walked down to the Great Hall, but didn’t actually go inside. Matthew would probably be in there – and what if Sirius wasn’t at the Gryffindor table? Feeling like a coward, I trudged back up the stairs, deciding to go to the library.


  My heart was in my throat. I knew that voice anywhere. I turned around, a look of disgust on my face, “What do you want?” I glared daggers at the source of the voice - Matthew. I could feel tears prickling in my eyes, but I would not let the bastard see me cry.

  Matthew smiled sheepishly at me. He kept looking at his shoes, then back up to me. I wondered what he was thinking. Suddenly, I felt very alone without Sirius at my side.

  “I wanted to uhh…”

  “Go jam it where the sun doesn’t shine? I’m okay with that.”

  Matthew laughed slightly, and mumbled something about Sirius. This annoyed me greatly – what did Matthew know about Sirius? Sirius was none of Matthew’s business. I raised my eyebrows, before narrowing my eyes. I was probably doing a pretty good McGonagall impression, but it was the last thing on my mind. I was not laughing.

  “I’m sorry,” He smiled at me. It was as if he was doing me a favour by apologising. The git. I said nothing and did nothing. I didn’t even make a slight indication that he apologised. I locked eyes with him, my temper blazing.

  “I’m sorry,” Matthew repeated, louder this time. I turned away and started to walk down the corridor to where I was originally going. I hadn’t walked very far when I heard Matthew’s voice again, shouting this time. “I’m sorry!”

  I turned around, my hands shaking, “Save it, Zeller.” I spun away from him, and continued with my now-very-fast pace. I hadn’t even gotten to the half-way length of the corridor when I felt a hand clasp around my arm.

  “I’M SORRY!” He yelled into my face. I widened my eyes, saying nothing. He was hurting me.

  “You’re causing a scene,” I said quietly, trying to prize my arm from my grip.

  “Accept my apology!” He said loudly, bordering on desperate. I’d never seen him like this before.

  I let out a small yelp – he really wasn’t letting me go. A wave of fear washed over me – it was like that night over again. It was like it wasn’t Matthew gripping my arm.

  I was getting frantic too. He kept tightening his grip, and my shoulders shook in fear. I tried to take a step backwards, when I heard another voice.

  “Get the fuck away from her.”

  I looked over my shoulder, to see Sirius striding over with a purpose, his eyes blazing. James marched next to him, and he hastily was stuffing a piece of parchment into his pocket.

  “Oh, it’s Black and Potter! Where are your bitches?” Matthew sneered. This was so out of character for him… he was never this… cruel.

  “What are you on about, Zeller?” Sirius shot back, not a hint of playfulness in his tone, “You’re standing right there.”

  Matthew let out a laugh. It was scary, and slightly maniacal, “Came for your whore, eh, Black?” He still didn’t let me go. I could feel his hands shaking, and his nails digging into my arm.

  “Let her go, Zeller.” James said, angrily.

  “Make me,” Matthew replied. I took a deep, shaking breath.

  Sirius and James were close now. Their footsteps were louder.

  “If you want me to,” Sirius said darkly. I looked over my shoulder, seeing him rolling up his sleeves. I took a deep breath again.

  “Shut up, you wanker!” Matthew shouted. Sirius raised his eyebrows, and looked at his arms with interest.

  He replied, with a shrug, “Is my right arm really that much more developed than my left?” He crinkled his brow; shrugging again, he his arms fall back down. Sirius took a step towards Matthew, who gripped me tighter. I winced.

  “Bugger this.” I threw myself backwards, almost knocking Matthew off his feet, and I kneed him where it hurt. Hard. He let go of me, and I stepped backwards as he bent over in pain. My heart was racing – what was wrong with him!?

  “Claire, are you okay?” Sirius moved closer to me, pulling me into a hug. James approached Matthew; I could see from over Sirius’ shoulder.

  James was saying something quietly to Matthew. Matthew said something back, snidely by the look on his face. Then, there was a crack as James’ fist collided with Matthew’s nose.

  Sirius let go of me, and spun around, “Prongs, did you just hit him!?”

  James nodded, shrugging and wiping his hand on his robes. Matthew fled down the corridor, trying to stem the flow coming from his bloody nose. I watched him run, petrified. What was wrong with him!?

  “It takes 46 muscles to frown, 11 to smile and 4 to punch the sod in the face.”

  Sirius guffawed, “That’s fucking logic!” He grinned at me, “He should have been in Ravenclaw, isn’t it, Claire?”

  “Thanks, James,” I smiled at him. I chuckled quietly, rolling my eyes at Sirius, “You amuse me.”

  “I’d rather you amuse me,” Sirius winked at me, making James, who was still nursing his hand (Merlin, must have been one heck of a punch), laugh.

  “Wow, Sirius,” I said, in mock awe, “Sexual innuendos. So unlike you!”

  “In your end-o.” Sirius grinned, and started to walk towards the general direction of the Library. He motioned James to follow and he reached back, and lightly grasped my hand. Then, stopping and hesitating, he turned to look at me for a split second. Our eyes met, and he hastily looked away before moving his hand so it was gently around my wrist and pulling me along.

  As we walked, I widened my eyes. I had major butterflies, and I felt my heart sinking… because he didn’t hold my hand?

  No. No way.

  What in the name of Merlin then… No, I did not like Sirius Black. I was his friend. I liked being his friend. Relationships complicated things. I did not like Sirius Black.

  An annoying little voice at the back of my head laughed and said waspishly, ‘Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Clairy Fairy.’ Sirius was in my head too?! Oh dear Merlin’s left butt-cheek… great. Just great. I’m hearing his voice in my head. I’m now going crazy. Joy.
  He really does get everywhere, huh.

  We entered the Library, and Sirius pulled me to the table by the window. My favourite table. Around it sat a very tired looking, studying Remus and a happily-chattering Peter. A bored-looking Dorcas and, happily-chattering back to Peter, Roxy and Lily sat there too. I sat next to Roxy, Sirius sat at my right side and James sat on Lily’s lap. He grinned at her, and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She looked slightly irritated but amused all the same.

  Sirius laughed loudly, resulting in a glare from Irma Pince. He waved at her cheerily, and said, “Things are bloody different this year. If James had sat on your lap last year, Lily, you would have hexed him into oblivion.”

  Lily stuck out her tongue, her eyes smiling. Then, she seemed to remember something – a spark lit up in her eye. She shoved off James, who flicked his hair indignantly and sat on a glaring Remus’ lap instead. Lily, tossing her long auburn hair over her shoulder casually, whispered to Roxy, who grinned and whispered back.

  “Whispering is rude!” Sirius pointed at them. Lily raised her eyebrows.

  “So is pointing.”

  “Marauders point but they do not whisper!” Sirius stuck his nose in the air, then added quietly, “Not in front of you anyway. You know all our secrets.” He shot a look at James, who was trying to steal Remus’ chocolate from inside his robes.

  Claire chuckled quietly, but stopped abruptly when Lily and Roxy gave her identical grins of violating knowingness. Claire raised an eyebrow, and turned to Sirius quickly, “So, why the Marauders? And why only four of you?”

  James grinned, “Why not!?” He’d won Remus’ chocolate. Remus looked like he was going through a severe grieving process.

  “Yeah!” Sirius said heartily, leaning across the table and taking a chunk of chocolate. Remus looked violated. Sirius ate it happily, like a dog would eat a treat, “We have all the perfect qualities! Remus has the brains, James has the amazing flying abilities, I have the looks, obviously,” Sirius flicked his hair, grinning playfully, “and Peter…” Sirius stopped, thinking, “and Peter…”

  Peter let out a slightly-offended squeak, “I’m the funny one!”

  Sirius and James started to guffaw. Peter pursed his lips, his watery eyes filling up, “I am! See: Why is after dark called after dark? It should be called… after-light!” He grinned, delighted with himself, and waited for someone to laugh. Lily gave a polite smile, while everyone else at the table fell silent.

  “Peter has,” Sirius broke the silence awkwardly, “The… cheese liking… err ability…”

  Everyone nodded in agreement. Peter flushed scarlet.

  James, falling backwards off Remus’ lap after Remus shoved him, stood up and asked brightly, “Who’s at mine for half-term then?” Dorcas shrugged, Roxy, Lily, Remus and Peter nodded in agreement. Sirius gave me a questioning look. I felt like I was being read.

  “’Ree?” He asked, watching me with intelligent eyes. Lily and Roxy kept looking at the two of us and exchanging looks.

  I shrugged, “Why not?” I smiled, and looked at James – to see if he minded, seeing as it was his house. He grinned.

  “This should be great. Four girls, four guys…” He winked at Lily. Lily rolled her eyes.

  “I don’t care if you are my boyfriend. You’re having a month of living like a monk. Celibacy, James, celibacy.”

  James lip quivered, “Not even a little?”

  “Not even kissing, dear.”

  I leant closer to Sirius, “What are they on about?”

  Sirius chuckled, “She overheard James saying how hot she is. Lily doesn’t like being talked about if she’s a piece of meat. Hence the newly-celibate James Potter - for a whole month, maybe longer.”

  James was now looking suicidal. Lily looked amused, and she chewed the end of her quill thoughtfully. Remus, obviously still angry about his chocolate, glared at the table.

  “Celibate too, Remus?” Sirius smirked, still sucking on the chocolate chunk. Remus shot an angry look at him.

  “Your brain was constructed wrongly, Sirius.”

  “Says the guy who orgasms over chocolate.”

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