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The Fixers by zrose
Chapter 5 : Dramione
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They landed with a painful thud on the stone floor. Luckily, no one noticed as the three picked themselves up and looked around.

Ellen dusted off her robes, and noticed that they were blue. She turned to see that Nat’s were scarlet, and Leila’s were emerald green.

They each looked at the changed House crests and sighed. So much for getting through this together.

“It’s better this way,” replied Ellen sadly. From the looks on their faces, she could tell they didn’t believe her, but she continued anyway. “We’ll be able to cover more ground separately. All of the Houses are important, so odds are that there’s bound to be a chance that this will come in handy.”

“What about Hufflepuff?” asked Leila.

“They have a whole House, I think they can handle one or two people.” replied Nat. He moved on to the next, more important, subject. “What are we supposed to be fixing now?”

“Beats me,” replied Ellen, “Maybe we should check our watches.” Leila had almost forgotten about those for a moment. They held up their wrists and wondered what they should do next.

“Maybe we should press the white button?” she asked. It was the only one that didn’t have a specific use, and they really didn’t think anything bad could happen if they tried it out.

Instantly, the bright screen floated out of the watch and started to grow. Finally, a flash of light came and covered them inside a bubble. The screen remained at the centre, and they quickly read the Author’s description:

There’s a thin line between love and hate. “Very cliché,” remarked Ellen. Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are both ready for their Seventh Year, at least they thought they were. Now, they have to deal with the fact that their both Head Boy and Girl. “That’s kind of an awkward sentence.” said Nat. “Why?” Leila thought it sounded okay. “It sounds like each of them was both the Head Boy and Head Girl at once.” Ellen laughed, while Leila shuddered at the cross-dressing image. Now, they have to make sure that they can remain civil with each other, let alone live together, without going insane. Yet, can this year also make them insanely…in love? The three of them decided not to comment on the ending, and hoped the story was a little better.

“Well, at least we know what’s wrong, right?” said Nat.

“Yeah,” replied a not-so-enthusiatic Leila. “We need to make sure Hermione and Harry go on the Horcurx hunt, and that Draco is in hiding…or something like that.”

“How do we do that?” asked Nat. “Apparently Harry defeated Voldemort over the summer!”

“So now they have nothing to do but worry about romance.” added Ellen disgustedly.

“That’s not even possible, considering that Harry didn’t even know where most of them were…” replied a confused Leila.

“Then let’s ask him.” Nat walked away, so Ellen and Leila had to follow him into the Great Hall, where everyone was having lunch. They kept their distance from him, so that no one would get suspicious, but they tried to listen at the same time.

“Hiya Harry!” Nat walked over to the super famous Chosen One and slapped him on the back. Harry smiled at him, and offered him a seat (even though he had never seen him before in his life, he noticed the lion on his robes and knew he was trustworthy).

“So…how was you summer?” asked Nat. Harry smiled happily,

“I defeated Voldemort, so now the war’s over!”

“Thank goodness for that. Just wondering though, how’d you do it?”

Harry had decided that since they weren’t a threat anymore, that it was safe to tell people. “Voldemort hid his soul in tiny objects, so I killed him by destroying them all.”

“How?” Harry’s face fell, and sat there for a moment, dumbfounded.

“I, I don’t know…” The Author had only mentioned the Horcrux hunt in a passing sentence, so maybe the writer hadn’t bother to think out that part. If the Author didn’t know something, then the characters wouldn’t know as well.

“You should probably get your memory checked, mate. Or at least try to make sure those things actually are gone.”

He got up, and went to go tell his friends about his new discovery.

“So if an Author doesn’t think something through, then could whatever cannon says overrule it?” asked Leila.

“If that’s the case, then we better get those three out of here and into the woods.” said Ellen.

“One problem,” replied Leila. “Ron and Hermione had a falling out. It’s going to be awkward getting them back together.”

Turns out it wasn’t that hard. Even though Hermione and Draco had a few “moments,” they were still on the driving each other insane state, so that actually worked to their advantage. Leila also reminded Hermione of how superficial it was for a boy to fall madly in love with a girl just because she became beautiful over the summer, and how she would have never respected anyone for that reason before, so she really had no reason to now. This did help Hermione come to her senses, and eventually she took off the makeup, put away the tight, flashy clothes, and changed her newly blonded hair back to its original colour (but she controlled the bushiness). Leila also managed to convince Draco of Hermione’s Muggleborn status (something he had yet to see past) and how if his father ever got wind of this little crush, his father would cut him off and turn him on the Deatheaters.

She did feel guilty about crushing a budding romance, but she had to. Cannon had to be cannon, and she didn’t want to think of the consequences of what would happen if it wasn’t.

The Author had morphed Ron’s character into a stupid, insenstive oaf who only cared about eating and used the name Mione too much for his own good. The cannon character was still buried deep inside of there, somewhere, they just had to dig him back out.

Ellen hoped that she had found a way around this. She decided to talk to the cannon Ron inside the fanon one, hoping that increased contact would bring out that side of him again. She would talk to him about the Chudley Cannons, Wizard’s Chess, Hermione and really anything to get him back. She noticed that he did start telling jokes again, and that he wasn’t obsessed with eating as much. She was making progress, and eventually he sounded almost normal. She even gave him advice on girls and tips on how to talk to Hermione again without sounding like a boring prat.

Harry was worried that he couldn’t remember how he destroyed the Horcruxes, or why he never managed to visit his parents’ graves at Godric’s Hollow.

He didn’t worry much at first, but as he began to think about it more and more, the more it worried him. It only became worse when his scar began to hurt again.

Harry told Nat, who tried to remain calm. Her told Ellen and Leila to get their opinions.

“So, the overruling law worked again?” asked Leila.

“Yes, but something must have set it off. I think Voldemort wouldn’t have risen from the dead on his own.” pondered a nervous Ellen.

“Maybe we set it off by thinking about it too much.” mused Leila.

“No, you’re probably right. I’ll have to tell Harry the edited version of this. Maybe this could give them the extra push they need.” stated Nat.

The Golden Trio didn’t need much convincing though. Voldemort came back, with avengence, and attacked London. Many parents pulled their children out of school, including the Malfoys, who wanted to enrol Draco in “the Cause.”

With Nat’s help, Harry decided it was a good idea to go with Ron and Hermione to go back and retrace their steps. Nat also helped Harry psychanalyze Voldemort and think of possible places Voldemort would have had strong memories with. (Nat would give him an extra nudge occaisionally, such as a “You know, I saw a picture of Umbridge recently. Did you see that giant locket she was wearing?” or a “Have you ever been to the Ravenclaw Common Room before? There’s a lovely statue of Lady Rowena wearing a magnificent tiara, haven’t you seen one lying around the school, have you?”)

So the Golden Trio left school momentarily to sort things out. Leila made sure Hermione had taken enough supplies and provisions, and Ellen made sure that the Ministry had found Dumbledore’s will (once again, cannon overruled). They waved goodbye to the three, and set their watches to take them back home.

It was then that they saw Dean and Luna making out under the Beech tree.

“Should we fix that?” asked Nat.

Leila shook her head. “We’ll deal with it in the next chapter.”

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The Fixers: Dramione


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