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Through the eyes of Dementors by belinda1
Chapter 1 : Prolouge- Black's escape
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<<Dang it,>> he growled, <<not again.>>

This was the third time that Black had gotten away. The second time in one day. How could this be happening?! It was all Fudge's fault. If he'd just let them kiss him when they had the chance… but no…

<<It's all Dumbledore's fault.>> came from behind him.

<<Really? I was just blaming Fudge.>>

<<But Fudge listened to Dumbledore- something about another soul that almost got taken…>>

<<Hee hee… yeah, that would've been me.>> A chuckle escaped from the darkness of his cape.

Fudge walked in, glancing at the two Dementors gliding next to the window. Dumbledore followed him at a leisurely pace.

"Dumbledore, if you had just handed Black over to me at the beginning, none of this would have happened." Fudge began.

<<See, I told you it was Dumbledore's fault.>> the second Dementor gloated.

"Cornelius, really. You don't think that would have helped you any, do you?"

"Yes! Black would be finished!"

<<And we would finally be full.>>

<<But to no avail. All this work and no reward.>> Something like a sigh almost escaped the confines of his cape.

"Cornelious, you know how I felt about this at the beginning. Do you really think I would have changed my mind by now? The Dementor's kiss is only to be used in extreme cases…"

"And this is an extreme case!" Fudge screamed.

"No. We had to make sure everyone necessary was present. Lucius would have been ever so angry if he had missed it."

<<But we were hungry!>>

<<What does it matter if a few mortals were disappointed?>>


"Good thing we managed to get to the lake before the Dementors kissed both Black and Harry." Fudge continued, pretending to ignore Dumbledore’s remark.

<<Oh, so that's who that was. I thought he tasted familiar.>>

<<Is he the one they've been complaining about all year?>>

"That is the third time this year that Harry has had a near death experience because of the Dementors."

<<I guess that answers it.>>

"They were not supposed to do that. It was against all orders and protocol. Next time they will be under better control." Fudge countered.

<<It wasn't our fault, really!>>

<<If they hadn't deprived us of all those delicious children, we wouldn't have had to resort to that.>>

<<It’s their own fault.>>

<<The only tastes we got were the occasional choice morsels of that Harry kid.>>

<<He was good, though.>>

<<Yeah.>> he agreed lustfully.

"Do we know who conjured that patronus? My men have searched the woods and couldn't find anyone."

"Yes… odd, isn't it?" Dumbledore said, disconcertingly.

<<Ruined our perfect meal, too, that did.>>

<<It was so bright! I mean, I've heard of those things before, in stories older Dementors use to scare little ones, but in real life…>>

<<Just plain terrifying.>>


"We did, however, almost run into a rampant werewolf. Do you know anything about that?"

Dumbledore shook his head sadly. "Yes, we will see to that."

"I'll trust you on this one, Dumbledore. But in the future I won't be so lenient. Why, to have two escaped, dangerous, wild beasts rampaging around Hogwarts… I shudder to think of what would happen if the general public knew."

"I told you I will take care of it, and I will. There is no need to upset the parents."

"And yet…"

"That is all, Cornelius."

With that, Dumbledore headed towards the door, urging Fudge along with him. The two Dementors could just make out Fudge's protests as Dumbledore sent him away, back to the ministry.

"But Black… away… danger to all…"

Finally, all was silent again.

<<Bloody hell.>> he groaned again.

<<Back to Azkaban for us, now.>>

<<How I hate that place. Almost all the good souls are already gone.>>

<<And the ones that are there are spoiling from sitting too long.>>

Finally, Macnair walked in, ready to lead them back to their lives of supposed complacency.

<<It was good while it lasted.>>

<<Wish it could have lasted longer, though.>>

<<Me, too.>> he agreed, floating out after Macnair.

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Through the eyes of Dementors: Prolouge- Black's escape


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