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Accidentally on Purpose by 100 _percent_ witch
Chapter 2 : Of Social Faux Pas'
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Chapter Two

There are voices, urgent but yet filled with poorly concealed amusement. The ingrates. It dawns on me, however, that I fainted. Oh Lord, I fainted! I fainted because he kissed me! Humina, humina, humina. Silently, I release a bunch of swear words in my brain, feeling quite proud at the vocabulary I have picked up over the years. 

 It is at this time I make a resolve to just lay here with my eyes closed until they leave. Cowardly I know, but who said I was a Gryffindor? So I lay there on the ground, wait, how on earth did I get on the ground? Oh, right, I being the completely prude person that I am, collapsed unto the floor while I was sitting. I didn’t even know that was possible. 

 This is getting better and better by the second. I can feel my eyes twitching. Blast those eyes. I will them to stop it. Twitch. I said STOP IT! 

 “Her eyes are twitching!” Somebody points out. It’s Peter Pettigrew. I make a mental note to extract revenge upon him after this humiliation. I squeeze my eyes shut and it is at time I know that any chance of me being forgotten is gone out the window. Blast. Stupid, twitchy, bloody eye, I abhor you! 

 A finger prods my arm rather painfully. With such care and tenderness I am handled with, it fills my very heart with such love. 

 “Well, Padfoot this certainly tops all of your conquests.” I hear James say. I can presume he is the one who poked me. I make another mental note to extract revenge upon him. 

 Sirius scoffs, not amused. I take a swift peek under my eyelids and am startled to find that Sirius Black’s face is mere inches away from my own. I quickly shut my eyes. But lo and behold, he notices. Honestly, today is not my day. Forever will I be known as the Girl who Fainted when Sirius Black laid a ‘big one’ on her. Or however, the slang goes nowadays. Wow, to have fallen so far. Strangely enough, I can live with that because now, I can officially say that the most sought after boy in Hogwarts has kissed me! Well, whaddaya know? I’m officially one of those superficial, dingbats with without any brains. Strange, how a kiss can do that to you. 

 I can feel Sirius leaning in and for one horrible, terrifying second I think he is going to kiss me. AGAIN! Thankfully and disappointingly, he doesn’t. Suddenly his lips are near my ear. 

 “You’re going to have to open your eyes, you know.” He muses but all I think at this point is that he smells like cinnamon. I promptly squeeze my eyes. He sighs. I feel him moving to stand up. 

 “Mates, I think I’m going to have to take her to the front. There must be some medi witch on board.” 

 “Are you going to carry her?” A shocked voice asks, presumably from the girl called Evangeline. Hmm. She’s still here? 

 “Suppose so.” He says and suddenly I have to fight back a squeal as he suddenly grabs underneath my legs and carries me as if I am a baby. My weight doesn’t even faze him. I struggle to keep my eyes closed, ever the ‘fainting victim’.  There is a faint wolf whistle from James. Even though my eyes are firmly shut I can practically see him, standing there, giving Sirius knowing smirks and looks and being so utterly…immature. 

 Before I know it, we’re outside of the compartment and once I am sure nobody has followed us, I snap my eyes open to see his arrogant face smirking at me. 

 “Hello.” He remarks coolly, surveying me through his silvery cool gaze. 

 “I can walk.” I reply stupidly. 

 Still, his hold on me doesn’t let. 

 “No, really. This must be terribly embarrassing for you.” I say sarcasm dripping off my words like honey. “I mean, first you kiss me then now you’re carrying me as if I am a damsel in distress. It’s all very fairy tale-esque. I feel sort of like Sleeping Beauty except the part where my chivalrous prince happens to actually like me! I mean, so yes, you’ve avoided me like the plague, which I assure you I understand, but I must admit this whole carrying me down the corridor and kissing me would suggest otherwise. What would you say to that?” 

 “Excuse me?” He says, his eyes twinkling behind otherwise neutral eyes. 

 “Oh, honestly. Please let me down, Sirius Black, so that I may endure this humiliation in peace.” I try for the grand gesture, since after all I am sort of damsel in distress. Except really, I’m neither beautiful or at all graceful or charming and I’m pretty sure there is something in my teeth. And usually fairy tales are the other way around, you know sleeping beauty? She woke up after he kissed her. I fainted when he kissed me. 

 “Just don’t faint on me again.” He mutters and looks at me pointedly as if I have control over my fainting spells. 

 “What?!” I ask affronted. “If I recall you were the one who kissed me! Therefore it is entirely your fault that you’re currently stuck with me, here right now, in this moment.” 

 He releases his hold on my legs so I swing down and land on my feet. Perfect ten for landing! 

 “Yes, well I wasn’t quite expecting your reaction.” He smirks and I respond with a scowl. 

 “I bet whats their faces didn’t take too well with the whole shindig.” I smack my lips to illustrate my point. Oh God. 


 “Warn a girl, Sirius. You’re gor—decent looking and all but still it was quite…” I struggle to find the right words. 

 “Thrilling?” He admonishes. 

 “Potent.” I say, grinning. 

 He flashes me a cocky grin and I have to shake my head to clear my thoughts. This is the typical reaction of the female population of Hogwarts, awed and muddled. It was an absolute sin to look so breathtaking. He was undeniably handsome, tall and lean with a graceful confidence that exuded his very being. His hair, a source of much gossip, was said to be as soft as silk and upon looking at his ebony locks it wasn’t hard to imagine. His eyes, an unusual shade of clear gray reminded one of mercury framed with long pair of eyelashes and his jaw line was defined, as were his cheekbones, which embraced a straight perfect nose. 

 He was ever the aristocrat, distant and slightly snobby, smiling to those he liked and blatantly ignoring those he didn’t. But his playfulness and easy manner won everybody over and made up for his lack of warmth. 

 “You’re staring.” He states bluntly. 

 “Yes. And you’re attractive.” I state equally as bluntly. I would blush under normal circumstances but this time I think the whole fainting issue sort of made me realize that I already screwed myself up in his books. It couldn’t get any worse now, now could it? Better give him the full on blow of the whole situation rather than poorly disguise the fact that….that…. well, I don’t know, I fainted? 

 He looks at me dubiously, again the familiar look crossing over his face questioning my sanity. 

 “Do you fancy me or something?” He says seriously but I see the slightest of twitches in his mouth. 

 “Oh Merlin’s knickers, no!” I say. “I’m just not blind.” 

 “Oh.” And he grins. “Well, Marriot you flatter me all things considered…” 

 “F.Y.I. that shall be the last. You really don’t need to be flattered any more than you usually are. You’re sort of a pimp and for the record, the whole kissing thing, let it be gone from our memories, let it wither away in the dusty attics of our min--”

 “You really do talk too much.” He interrupts but grins and for once there isn’t a trace of fear, doubts of my sanity or anything remotely insulting in his gaze. For once it’s just his smile and a strange mysterious glint in his eyes. Whoa there. “And yes, Marriot, forget the kiss it was definitely out of line. I apologize” 

 Ah. So he knew the inner workings of the female mind. The sly little devil. He knew when to act chivalrous only after being completely well… not. 

 “You know,” he continues, “You’re not that bad. Bloody weird but not that bad.” 

 “Ah. Bloody weird. Thanks” I say brightly. “And well, sorry for ah… that one time when I called you a murderer and that one time I made the unicorns fly at you where your um… bits were harmed during the process..” 

 He grimaced, apparently remembering all to vividly the horn crashing into where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ll add a suggestive wink to you dim people out there. 

 “Well, I’m just going to go now. Be on the down low for the time being.” I say after a very painful silence. My goodbye doesn’t goad a reaction so I sneakily look behind my shoulder, pretend I’ve spotted somebody (as if I had friends) and book it. I am about halfway down the corridor to find my ‘somebody’ until I hear Sirius call my name. For a brief second I wonder if I should just continue on to find my ‘friend’, alas I now realize I really have no where to go so I might as well hear Sirius out. 

 “Yeah?” I say turning around. 

 “Where are you going?” He asks, “All the compartments are full.” 

 Well thank you, Captain Obvious!

 “Oh, no. I just spotted by friend…Benjamin..” I exclaim while pointing randomly behind me.

“Benjamin Folley?” He asks dubiously. 

Clinging to straws here people. Clinging! 

 “Yes! The very one. Been best mates since first year. Funny boy that boy is. Talks as much as I do!” And I really need to stop talking.

 “Funny,” he says frowning, “because Ben’s mute.”   

 I stare at him aghast for what seems like forever. My jaw has buried itself in the floor. Bloody murder. 

 “You know what I think Marriot?” Sirius says leaning against the wall and before I can retort some incredibly witty comment back that will save my sorry arse he speaks, “I think you’re a liar.” 

 Oh gees and I really thought I had friends too. 

 “Your deductive reasoning is impressive, a new Sherlock Holmes.” I say exasperatedly. “But I really ought to head off. This is beyond my own social expertise. Getting caught lying about having friends? Well, that’s just sad. So going off to find… well… to barge in some poor schmucks compartment because what just transpired from that stupid kiss to this moment is very… weird and incredibly awkward. So if you don’t mind…” 

 I’m already running down the corridor like an insane lunatic. From behind me I hear this uproarious laughter and it is at this moment that I fully understand the depth of my insanity. 

 “Are you sure you didn’t hit your head when you fainted?” He yells after me, still laughing. 

 I lift up the forbidden finger in his direction. 

 Not all Ravenclaws are prim and proper you know. It’s a pity I’m the only one who isn’t.


  You know what to do guys. :) Constructive would be nice, although you must be warned, I'm terribly sensitive. :]





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