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Chrysanthemum Evans by Ollie Vander
Chapter 1 : Chrysanthemum Evans
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                A/N: Here’s my next story- it’s a one shot, but a long-ish one! REVISED!!!

                       A KAZILLION thanks to my amazing Beta, Aurora Dawn.

             Disclaimer:I don’t own Petunia, but technically I own Chrysanthemum  
                            and if   they are the same person I own Petunia.

                                       Just Kidding, JK still owns it all.

             So without Further ado, I present the new and improved edition of 

                                                        Chrysanthemum Evans


The ugliest name in the world, it’s got to be


My sister got the good name.


It’s the beautiful flower, like her.


Why couldn’t I be named Lily?

Mum and dad had a stunning flower garden


“Yes, Tuney?”

“What does the expression ‘the Birds and the Bees’ mean?”

He had smiled. 

We discussed everything under the sun-the solar system, why kids were mean, flowers, and even bald spots. Dad’s enthusiasm never wavered. I told him almost everything, and he returned the favor by listening.
One Sunday afternoon still sticks in my mind perfectly.

It was the summer before my 12th birthday, Lily’s 11th. I remember it being almost unbearably hot. Lily had just gotten the fateful letter which would take her away from us, but not just for the school year. Forever.

I had become overridden with jealousy and written to the headmaster of the school. He sent me a letter which crushed my hopes and dreams, telling me I would not be able to come to his school. I didn’t care if it was a kind reply; It hurt.

On top of that, Lily started hanging around with a filthy boy, her age, who lived nearby with his mother. The only time she ever teased me was when he was around.

I confronted him one day to ask why he didn’t like me. He told me I was a stupid muggle. Lily didn’t say anything, and I ran back to father, crying. He took my hand and we walked to the garden.
I confessed everything. My jealousy, her taunting, even my writing of a letter to ask if I could go to Hogwarts too. Those were some of the things I hadn’t told him. I kept them bottled up, but Lily brought them out. He took my hand and we sat on the bench under my favorite tree.


“Daddy, you know I hate it when you call me that.”

“Sorry Petunia.”

I glanced around the garden he and mum cared for so

“Bless you!”

I shook my head and laughed. “No dad. From now on, call me Chrysanthemum.”

“Chrysanthemum, huh? Not going to settle for one syllable are we?” He looked at me over the rim of his glasses and laughed.

“D-a-d! I’m in the middle of a crisis here. Laughing at me isn’t helping!”

“Sorry ‘Chrissymum.’” He joked again. I scowled. “I can’t say Chrysanthemum every time I want you, now can I?”

He nodded in understanding. “Lily is a very special and lucky girl. I’m proud to have her. But sometimes, what we consider normal is better.”

“How so?” I sniffed.

“Well, you are my girl. You are ‘normal,’ normal-but very special too. And guess what?”

“What?” I asked, snuggling next to him.

“You get to be with me all year!”

“You’re right!” I exclaimed, shooting up from his side. “I

We made up before she left, giving each other tearful goodbyes. It had been exactly 1 week and 2 days since September 1st when I got my first letter from her, one addressed only to me.

Dear Chrissymum,

You thought I would forget, didn’t you? I didn’t. My friends are all surprised that I have a sister with such an extraordinary name. They say it’s absolutely magical. I even found some chrysanthemums in the school greenhouse. They are said to have magical properties, but we don’t get to use them first year.

My classes are going quite well. My favorite is potions. The teacher is a little odd, but he absolutely loves me. I am getting good grades all around though. My transfiguration teacher, Professor McGonagall, can turn into a cat! Isn’t that exciting?

I wish you were here, though I doubt you would approve of me being with ‘Sev’ whenever possible. He’s good at potions too. He’s in a different house though. Slytherin. I’m in Gryffindor. There’s a very cute boy name Sirius. He has a best friend named James. Sirius shows no interest in me, but James won’t leave me alone. I wish you were here to help me, you are absolutely great at boy stuff, seeing as you have fancied so many boys!

I miss you. A lot. Please write to me! You can send it with the owl.



I wrote back right away.

Dear Lily,

I’m glad you are having so much fun! That’s cool about the Chrysanthemum. Maybe you can send me one. I don’t want to sabotage mum and dad’s beautiful garden.

That’s my Lily, getting good grades. You would be proud of me too, my grades have increased. My teacher likes me too, but I doubt as much as yours likes you. That’s too bad you aren’t with the Snape boy much. He’s probably taught you a lot. Thank him for me, will you?

That’s really cool about your transfurgie- transfignuton- whatever. Your cat teacher. I guess It’s a good thing I’m not going because I’m allergic.

Send me a picture of these boys, though if you think they’re cute they are probably hideous! (I’m just kidding.)



PS: I hope this owl knows where to go. He’s odd looking.

I gave the letter to the owl and it flew off. 

The letter went, and with it, it seemed, my happiness. My grades slumped, I dropped my dance lessons. Dad decided it was time for a more serious talk. I didn’t like the sound of that. 

We talked. I promised to try harder in school and start another activity, which I did. A few weeks after that, I got another letter from Lily. It was in November, and she told me all about her classes and her grades. I strived to be like her, and it worked.

Lily came home over winter break, and again for the summer. She had spell-books and potion ingredients all over the floor of our bedroom. It became a mess and Mum came up to yell at us.

“Chrysanthemum Petunia Evans! Why is this room so messy?”

I looked around. It was all Lily’s. My things were neatly in the closet or on shelves. “It’s all Lily’s, mum.”

She scowled. “It’s your room too. You should be taking care of it. It’s not your sister’s fault she needs these…interesting school supplies.” She closed the door with a final warning, “Clean or no dessert after supper.”

I rounded on Lily who had been seated on her bed the whole time. “Help me clean up, will you?” She nodded vigorously, ashamed she had gotten me in trouble. That goody two-shoes.

Life over the summer was like it always had been, except for the messy room. I was always neat, but now I took to tidying up after everyone. At least Mum liked that.

When she went back to school, I got a few more letters. She came home for the summer, she left again. Slowly the letters came to a trickle, and then stopped completely during her 6th year. I didn’t speak to her at all that summer. I stayed inside, peering out the window as she longingly looked through the hedges for her “dear Severus.” I finally confronted her about it. I asked why he didn’t come anymore. “We had a row.” She replied hastily.

“Then why do you want to see him? He sounds like a no good little rat to me.”

“He’s my friend, you know? And he’s the only one to talk to.”

I stepped back, hurt. “Hello? I’m living in the same house?”

She blushed. “Sorry Chris. You know, I mean talking about…our stuff.”

“Well seeing as you don’t talk to me at all,” I huffed. “You must really enjoy-”

“NO TUNEY!” Lily interrupted. “It’s not like that, not like that at all.”

I only heard one word. Tuney. I stormed into the house and didn’t talk to her until September 1st. She knocked on the door to the room which was no longer hers until the summer. “I’ll miss you.”

I didn’t look up from my magazine. “I won’t.”

She blinked. Tears formed in her

I guess I should have been nicer. At the time though, I didn’t give it much thought.

I received one letter over the year. It was addressed to “Petunia.” It heartwarming, but I didn’t know it at the time. I threw it into a desk and forgot about it.
Lily never came home after school, she went right to her boyfriend James’s house. Then, a month later, she told my parents they were to be married and we were invited. “A tad early.” I remarked to my father in one of our afternoon strolls.

“Yes. But she knows how to handle herself.”

“I guess.” After a moment of silence, I spoke again. “She said that a Chrysanthemum had magical properties.”


“Did she tell you that?”

“I don’t remember.”

I looked at my father curiously, for he never gave such short and easy answers. We walked back into the house and I bade him goodnight. Maybe we were all getting older, and too fast.

I never made it to Lily’s wedding. I sent her a present and a note telling how sorry I was, and responded after with some pictures. The wedding looked extravagant. I could tell because the pictures were moving. We made an agreement to keep in touch.

Over the years, we did send letters back and forth. She didn’t come to my wedding but sent a letter. I sent her pictures. My son was born before hers. I sent her pictures because she told me we lived in a dark time and it was hard for her to get out. Soon after, she had a son. I sent a vase for a present. She never wrote back after that.

Less than a year later, I found her son on my doorstep. Only then did I remember the letter my late sister had sent me that I’d put in the desk. I ripped it open, as if it were a way to bring her back.

Dear Petunia,

Please don’t be mad at me calling you that; I think it’s much prettier-plus it has better magical properties. Can’t talk much, just wanted to tell you I have a boy friend named James. James Potter.

Bye, and hope you like the present- they are enchanted-I thought you would like that!.

LilyShe had enclosed 2 flowers. The yellow I recognized as a chrysanthemum. The other, I guessed must be the flower my parents first planted together.

I liked the petunia better too.


When my dad was sick in the hospital a few days after young Harry came to my door, I went to see him alone. “Chrissymum, dear girl. I wanted to tell you-”

“It’s Petunia, dad.” I kissed him on the cheek, and after a brief conversation left the hospital to return home.

A/N: A little different, but I had fun writing it! Tell me what you think and be HARSH. If you have any info regauarding HP facts I misinterpreted, please let me know! Thanks for reading!

Now, see the shiny review box? I know you can’t pass it up…go get it, come on, not that hard! 

By the way-the first flower is a Petunia, the second a Chrysanthemum. Just in case you were wondering!

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