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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 8 : Missing in Action
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The morning after Emma had found out that Hannah was a Deatheater, was dark. Stormy. The weather was hazy, everyone seemed to be in a foul mood. Some, more than others.

Hannah awoke with her head feeling like it had been smashed in with a hammer. She sighed, rolling over in her bed. She sat up and rubbed her deep green eyes, which had dark circles under them from lack of sleep. She slipped out of bed and walked quietly downstairs, it was empty, except for Emma and Lisa.

The two were playing cards, neither of them noticed she had walked in. Smirking, she walked up behind Emma.

“Listen,” Emma was saying, keeping her voice low, “Last night, I was in the kitchen. And Hannah came in. She looked…God awful, really tired and everything, right?” Lisa nodded. “Yep..” she said, concentrating on her hand of cards. Emma took a deep breath. “And then I noticed that--” she paused, to place down a card, thinking.

Hannah frowned. Did she ever learn? “That what?!” she asked loudly, interrupting.
Emma jumped, her cards went flying. She whirled around, face draining of color.

“Oh, Hannah!” she squeaked, “M-morning!” Hannah shot her a quick glare, plopping down on the couch. “Where is everyone?”

Lisa shrugged. “Um, Harry and Ginny were gone when Emma got up. Hermione and Ron are,” she waved her hand, unsure, “Somewhere,” she finished.

Hannah raised a brow. “Somewhere?” she questioned, confused. Lisa shrugged again. “She’s your sister, don’t you have like, twin telepathy?”

Rolling her deep green eyes, Hannah replied,” If we do, it hasn’t worked yet.”

Emma, who had seemed to have gone paralyzed squeaked out, “ They’re o-outside.” Hannah’s gaze shot to her. “Can I talk to you, Em?”

Emma fiddled with her hands. “A-actually, I was going to go back to bed,. I-I’m not feeling good,” she muttered, avoiding her gaze. Lisa frowned. “But Emma, you were saying like ten minutes ago, how you wanted to see Dumbledore.”

Hannah’s eyes narrowed. “Really?” she asked, looking at her. “How come?”
Emma shrugged. “I--I-just wanted to talk to him.” she mumbled, wanting to sink through the floor.

“Talk to him?” Lisa repeated, now looking at her skeptically. “You said you wanted to tell him about, well I don’t know what about. You suddenly, just stopped.”

Hannah’s glare worsened. “About what, Em?”

Emma, suddenly sprang to her feet. “You said you wanted to talk, right Hannah?” her voice high pitched and shaky. “C-come on then!” She grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the common room. Lisa blinked. What was that all about?

When they stepped out of the common room, Hannah grabbed a hold of Emma’s hair and forced her behind a statue. Releasing her, she pulled out her wand, glaring.

“Does anything not get through to you?!” she snapped, wondering if she was going to have to erase her memory to keep her quiet. Emma swallowed.

“I--” she stopped, not sure what to say. “I--,” she tried again, but couldn’t think of anything. “Dude, how can you be a Deatheater?” she finally finished, her voice quiet.

Hannah blinked, surprised. The question threw her off balance. She wasn’t expecting it. Sighing, she pocketed her wand. “I didn’t have a choice.” she mumbled softly. “Emma,” she paused, taking a breath. “I really was forced into this. Voldemort, he, he said he was going to kill Hermione, if I didn’t join them. I didn’t believe him at first, you know? That was he bluffing. But then I realized that he would hurt her. And I couldn’t have that.”

Emma frowned. “But, why did he want you to join them?” she asked, not quite understanding.

Hannah bit her lip, thinking. Should she tell her? I mean, she already knew she was a Deatheater, so what harm could it do? She sighed.

“Well,” she started, pulling her out from behind the statue and sitting down. “I’m,” she paused again, debating. Emma sat next to her. “You?”

Finally, she said,” I have Legitmency. Also, I‘m psychic.” she said softly, wondering if she would believe her. Emma gazed at her for a second, then busted up laughing.

“I think you’re losing it, Han.” she said, giggling. Hannah clenched her teeth, annoyed. “I am not!” she snapped. “I’m serious! I can prove it.”

Emma sighed. The poor girl really believed she had these gifts. She decided to humor her. “Alright, prove it.” Hannah blinked. “Okay,” she said slowly.

“Think of a number between 1 and 100.” Emma thought for a minute. “Okay,” she said,” I have it.” Hannah studied her, remaining quiet. “11” she stated.

Emma blinked. She was right. “Um, yeah.” she rubbed her forehead. Hannah grinned.

“But that was just a lucky guess.” Emma mumbled, still not believing it. “Try again.” Hannah rolled her green eyes. “Think of an animal.” she said, in a bored tone.

“Okay, go.”

“A tiger.” she replied instantly. Emma smacked her forehead. Again, she was right! She grumbled a yes. Hannah grinned again. “Okay,” Emma said slowly,” If you really can read minds, I’ll say a sentence in my head, and you tell me what is.” Hannah sighed, shaking her head.

Emma thought for a quick second. “I wonder if they have pancakes for breakfast.” Hannah smirked. “Pancakes?” She wrinkled her nose. “French toast! Way better.”

Emma’s mouth dropped open. “Whoa. You really can read minds!” she said, half amazed, half afraid. Hannah snorted. “Duh.” Frowning, Emma twirled a strand of blonde hair between her fingers. “If you’re psychic, then..” she paused, thinking. “Tell me who the next person will be to….run down the hall.”

Hannah sighed. She closed her eyes, concentrating. “A first year girl with long purple hair and a third year boy with big coke glasses.” she said, opening her eyes.

Emma scoffed. “Yeah right.” But a minute later, she was proved wrong as they heard shouting.

“Frank, give me back my wand!” yelled a shrill voice. Suddenly, a small boy with huge coke classes blitzed pass the statue, two wands in his hand. He was quickly followed by a girl with long grape purple hair. Hannah grinned. Emma blinked.

“Okay, you m--”

“I didn’t pay them.” Hannah said, rolling her eyes.

Emma blinked. ”..Oh.” was all she said. Sighing, Hannah got to her feet. “See? Voldemort wanted me, because of my powers.” she grumbled, sniffing. Emma slowly arose, feeling sorry for her. Then, she remembered how evil Hannah was. How she threatened her. How she physically and emotionally hurt her. She narrowed her blue eyes.

“Well stop whining and do something about it!” she snapped, surprising herself. She glared at her and stormed away, toward the Great Hall.

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were sitting comfortably together, side by side. The weather had loosened and it was slightly cold, but no longer raining. Hermione giggled, laying her head on his shoulder. Ron sighed happily. He was finally with the girl of his dreams. He was with the girl he loved. He would kill for Hermione Jane Granger.

Slowly, he reached down and plucked a rose. He carefully placed it in her hair, smiling. Hermione smiled, reaching up to gently stroke his soft cheek. “Ron, I love you.” she whispered. Ron smiled. He had never heard more beautiful words. And they came from the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid his blue eyes on. He softly kissed her head. “I love you too,” he whispered, feeling as if his world was perfect,” With all my heart.” The two stood up in unison and walked hand in hand, back to the school. Many people were staring at them, but they only saw each other.

Harry and Ginny were in the Room of Requirement yet in another argument. “ I still can’t believe you cheated on me, Harry!” Ginny spat.

Harry narrowed his eyes. “It was just a kiss! And I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Ginny shot daggers at him with her eyes. “Did it mean anything to you?!”

The raven haired boy was taken aback. Ginny had just asked him if it meant anything to him. The truth is, it had. He was in love with Hannah Ann Granger, but he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t. “No, he lied,” It didn’t.”

Ginny glared at him. “It’s going to be a long time before I trust you again Harry James Potter!” she snapped, her heart still broken.

Dragging her feet, Hannah quietly made her way to the Great Hall. Stepping inside, she noticed that Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny were sitting at the Gryffindor table. Lisa was there too, but she was a few seats down, talking to a very handsome guy. Instantly, she recognized him as Danny Frankest. Emma, was at the Hufflepuff table, giggling and talking to Austin. Sighing, she made her way over and wordlessly sat down next to Ginny. They all stared at her.

“Hello.” she grumbled. Ginny merely shook her head, inching down from her. Hannah frowned. “Don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too far?” she asked, biting into some toast.

“No,” Ginny replied in a flat tone,” I really don’t. Don’t you think you shoul--”

“Ginny!” Hermione snapped, sending her friend a warning glare. Ginny grumbled and shoved scrambled eggs into her mouth. 

Hannah sighed, blowing a strand of her dark red hair out of her eyes. “Come on, guys. Are you still mad at me?” she asked, looking at her friends. Ginny snorted.

“Gee, I wonder!” she snapped, scoffing. Hannah rolled her eyes. Well, of course Ginny would be sour with her.

“Ron?” she questioned, looking over at him. Ron said nothing, merely lowered his gaze to his plate.

She sighed. “Harry?” Harry opened his mouth to say something, but then Ginny shot him such a look that even Hannah felt uneasy, he quickly snapped his mouth shut, shaking his head.

“H-Hermione?” she asked, her voice a bit squeaky. She turned to look at her sister, wondering. Hermione sighed. She was having doubts about being a twin, but she did care her for sister.

She folded her hands in her lap and looked at her. Her chocolate brown eyes had a mixture of sorrow and suspicion in them.

“Hannah. I do forgive you, but,” she bit her lip,” I just…I don’t know if I want to--to,” she paused,” To be your sister anymore. It’s too much right now.” she finished quietly, shifting her eyes.

Suddenly, the Great Hall seemed a lot more empty than it already was. Everyone, including Hannah looked at Hermione, shocked that those words even came from her mouth.

Hannah swallowed. She felt a lump in her throat beginning to form. “O-oh.” she said, her voice high pitched. “I s-see.”

Hermione sighed. “Hannah,” she began, standing to her feet. She walked over to the other side and sat next to her, placing an arm around her shoulder. “It’s just... lot of stuff has been happening since you got here. And, I don’t know what to think of it anymore.”

Hannah sniffed. “But I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean to, you know.” Her voice cracked. “Please you guys, please forgive me.” Harry sighed, running a hand through his hair. He felt sorry for Hannah, I mean, she was almost in the same situation as him! He knew what it was like not knowing your real parents. He sighed again. She had a hard life, maybe she really didn’t mean it.

Hannah tensed, sensing Emma behind them. She turned around. “Hey Emma?” she said slowly.

Emma glared at her. Her blue eyes flashed dangerously. She looked even more upset then she did last night in the kitchen. Before Hannah could do anything, Emma reached down and with a hard tug, tore off her left sleeve completely.

“I couldn’t take it anymore!” she cried, breathing hard. Hannah’s eyes winded. Immediately, her hand flew to her arm, desperately trying to cove it up.

Everyone was looking at her. Lisa, who had moved unnoticed over to them, gasped. Here eyes were wide.

Ron, Harry and Ginny gasped.

“She-she really is a Deatheater!” Ron shouted, feeling sick. Harry’s stomach turned over. Bloody hell! He was in love with a Deatheater! He glared at her.

“I can’t believe you!” he snarled, rising to his feet. Hannah slowly clambered to her feet, backing up. Hermione was still staring at her.

“Y-you--” she stammered, feeling very faint. “I can’t believe it.” Slowly, things begin to change. The room started to spin.

“Hermione, I--” But Hermione didn’t’ hear her. She sounded very far away. Everyone looked smaller. “I have to--” she started, standing up slowly. Suddenly, her world turned back.

“Hermione!” Harry gasped, moving to catch her before she fell. Quick as a flash, Ron was next to her. “She-she’s fainted! Hermione, please wake up!” he begged.

Hannah’s eyes winded. “Hermione?” She started to reach out to touch her. Ron glared at her. “Don’t fucking touch her!” he snarled. “Get over of here, Hannah! Now!”

“But, Hermione! She-,” but Ginny cut her off. “Go!” she shouted, now pointing her wand at her.

Hannah sniffed. “Okay.” Emma, who had gone completely white the second she heard Hannah’s sleeve rip, sat slowly down on the bench. She couldn’t look at Hannah. What had she done? She felt sick. Uneasy.

Hannah glared at her. Her eyes burning into her head. Emma, suddenly looked up at her, as if by a force that was pulling her. Dark green eyes burned into soft blue ones.

“Oh Emma..” she whispered quietly, this going unnoticed by the other five who were trying to wake Hermione. Emma swallowed. Hannah glared at her. Her eyes sending a message. “Just you wait.” With one final glare, Hannah turned and bolted from the room.

Hermione Granger slowly opened her eyes. She looked around dizzily. The room was bright. Why was she laying in a bed? She groaned. What happened?

“Hermione!” Hermione jumped, suddenly hearing her name. Then, before she could blink, Ron had embraced her in a tight hug.

“I was so worried about you!” he cried. Over his shoulder, he saw Harry, Ginny and Lisa smiling. All looking relieved.

“Ron..” she started.

“I thought you had a concussion or something!” he continued, not letting go.


“You just fainted!”

“RONALD!” she shouted. “I need to breathe!”

Smiling sheepishly, he let go. “Oh, right. Sorry love.” Hermione shook her head, a small smile on her lips. “What happened?”

Everyone bit their lips. Hermione wrinkled her nose. “What is it?” Ron sighed and took a hold of her hand. “Hermione, don’t you remember?”

Hermione shook her head, confused. Harry came over and sat down in a chair next to her.
“Hermione,” he started slowly, “Hannah’s a Deatheater. Emma ripped her sleeve in the Great Hall and she had the mark. You fainted and we brought you here.”

Hermione’s eyes winded, as the memory slowly started to come back. Harry’s words sinking in. Hannah was a Deatheater. Her own sister. Her own twin. The very girl who she had shared so much with, who she learned to care a lot about in a matter of a few days. How could this have happened?

“Where is she?” she finally said, looking around. Harry said that no one knew at the same time Ginny said who cares. Hermione sighed. “I care, Ginny. She’s still my sister.”

Suddenly, she blinked. Emma wasn’t there. “Hang on, where’s Emma?”

Lisa shrugged. “She said she needed to get some air. She went for a walk outside.”

Harry nodded. “She’ll be back.”

The late evening air was brisk. The clouds were dark and the air felt wet. A storm was approaching. No one should be outside, but there two who were. One was slowly walking around the lake, the other near the Dark Forest.

Emma sighed. Why had she done that? It was completely out of rage, but she regretted it deeply. Hannah didn’t even want to be a Deatheater, and she had exposed her. Why didn’t she just leave things be? Brushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ears, she suddenly wondered how Hermione was. Turning back around, she slowly made her way back to the castle.

Squinting, she thought she saw someone walking the Dark forest. Someone was near the Dark forest. It was Hannah. She saw Hannah looked around and quickly run in. Emma sighed. She shouldn’t be going in there, Deatheater or not. She jogged forward and caught up with her, just as she was coming close to a rather large clearing. She grabbed her arm and ran in front of her. “What are you doing in here?” she asked, shivering from the sudden cold.

Hannah narrowed her eyes. “Get out of here, now.” she spat. Emma blinked. Hannah looked scared, anxious. Like she was waiting for something. But what?

“Hannah, come on.” she pulled on her arm. “We need to tell everyone why you’re a Deatheater. Maybe Dumbledore can help.” Hannah wrenched her arm from Emma’s grasp.

“It won’t matter.” she mumbled. Her voice suddenly changing. Low and hollow. Emma shivered again. Why was it so cold?

BOOM! A cracking sound as loud as thunder, suddenly rippled through the entire forest, shaking the trees. Emma screamed, jumping back.

“What in the ruddy hell was that?!” she cried, feeling her heart pound. Hannah smiled. Her gaze shifted over to the clearing. “They’re here.” she whispered, now grinning.

Emma blinked. “W-who?” Hannah turned her around and pointed to the clearing. Voldermort and his Deatheaters stood there, waiting.

Emma’s face paled. “Oh…my…God..” she whispered, quickly backing into Hannah. Hannah grinned. “Lets go say hi,” she whispered, grabbing her collar.

“No!” Emma cried, trying to get free, but Hannah was too strong. She was helplessly dragged over to the middle of the clearing. Quicker than you can bat an eye, they were surrounded.

“Hannah..” Voldemort rasped, his red eyes watching the two young girls. “Welcome.”

Emma whimpered, her breathing becoming faster. Hannah nodded. “Hello.” she replied simply.

Voldemort smiled, well what was considered a smile for him. “New friend?” he rasped, looking at Emma.

Hannah nodded. “Yes.” she whispered. “She’s been..” she paused, smirking, “Bad.” Hannah’s features were once again changing. Her red hair slowly became a dark black. Her green eyes became a dark red and her voice changed.

“She needs to be punished!” she hissed out, suddenly grabbing Emma and shoving her to the ground. Instantly, she ripped out her wand and pointed it at her. “Oh, Emma..” Her voice sounded deep. “You made a mistake!” she snarled.

Voldemort simply waited. If the girl wanted to kill her friend, why should he stop her?

Emma’s blue eyes winded in fear. “Ha-Hannah, please don’t.” she choked out, eyes filling with tears. Hannah laughed mockingly. “Please don’t.” she repeated, grinning.

Emma sniffed. She was never going to see her family or friends again! Or Austin. Loveable, caring Austin. She looked up at Hannah. She looked so different. Suddenly, Hannah blinked. Her eyes quickly flashed from dark red to her deep green. She dropped her wand. It rolled over and under some leaves. Emma quickly shoved it in her pocket.

Looking around, she saw the other Deatheaters were watching her, confused.


Hannah shook her head again. “Emma..” her voice sounded normal. “Run, get out of here!” she cried, grabbing her head. Emma blinked. What was happening?

Suddenly, Hannah fell to her knees, her entire body shaking. “Help me..” she moaned softly, her features quickly flashing back and fourth.

Her voice was suddenly dark again. “I’ll kill you!” she growled. She grabbed Emma’s neck and started to squeeze. Emma felt faint, dizzy. “Hannah, stop!” she choked, seeing stars.

Hannah’s eyes winded. She let go of Emma and backed away from her eyes, wide. “Stop it!” she cried, curling into a ball. Emma stared at her.

“Help me.” she said again, her voice weak. Her eyes were back to green, her hair was the brilliant shade of red again. She sounded so faint.

Emma gasped, looking up, she saw Voldemort point his wand at Hannah. “Don’t!” she screamed, crawling in front of her.

She saw Voldemort raise his wand, heard Hannah moaning for help, then saying how she would kill her whole family. She watched her features change from back to fourth. The last thing she heard, before she blacked out was Hannah, saying;

“Emma, tell Hermione, I’m sorry.” her voice was very weak. The world Emma knew as Hogwarts slowly faded. Soon, it was black. She heard nothing, she felt nothing.

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