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Harry Potter and the Second War by AmazingWriter
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Second War & Chapter 1
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Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter sixth year but not before several obstacles come their way. Harry takes on the Marked Man symbol but he doesn't realize just how lucky he is.. to have friends til this year.. to find someone who cares about him as much and if not more than Sirius Black himself. The New Dada, knows Harry's parents, and was good friends with him.. the problem is.. none of the seventies year books ever stated he went to Hogwarts, even though he insists he was a Gryffindor.. lots of action, and several new adventures for our famous trio..lots of clues.. action and detective work.. pay off.. when Harry discovers the Balance.. of Light and Dark.. Along with girls.. Lol.. its not gritty! Just a few.. kissig scenes.. c'mon! He's famous.. sixteen and if you ask me awful adorable..

***I will be putting up chapter one very soon.. I'm typing it out right now..****

AmazingWriter.. Gayle

Chapter One

********Hello! My name is Gayle! I love Hp! And I love.. all fan fictions! Got a good one for me to read? Let me know.. in the review box.*******

Chapter One:

The ray of sun sprayed over the large Hogwarts Grounds. A magnificent castle, was in the center. Granite of color, and the grass was green and ripe. The lake just across from the castle swished back and forth. Sometimes bubbles could be seen from the lake water, where a giant happy squid floats around, off to the side was a large hut made out of wood and stones. A bit of steam smokign out of hte top and to the left was a large Dark Forest. It was always forbidden to all students in the schooo. But even when its Forbidden some how every year young students find their way in.

The caslt was bold and outstanding. Probably the most magnficient magic school ever. Also the best Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen. Albus Dumbledore, who was even as we speak standing in front of his large glass window, that had an amazing view of the Quidditch Pitch.
There was another man in the room right now, fidgeting. Albus Dumbledore gazed his crystal blue eyes on the ground. The mere thought of leaving this place was distrurbing, and not much disturbs.. Old Albus Dumbeldore.. Professor Dumbledore watched them calmly. The lines in his face gave his age.. grand and bold. But his energy has always been that of a young man at heart. Wearing amazing emerald green robes with lines of wondrous gold through them. His long, white, prominent beard, and his hair just as long and white. His half mooned spectacles, perched on his crooked nose. he turned, around with his hands behind his back folded, and gazed over at the portly man whose face was white as a ghsot and his gray eyes mixed with guilt and scarce.
His hair was gray with a few brown streaks through it, resembled something of a skunk, and a black bowler hat perched at the top. Professor Dumbledore always thought that Bowler hat was not necessary. He was a medium built man, wearing burgundy robes and in silver stitching it said.. Minister of Magic. He was holding a briefcase tightly in his right hand, and he kept shifting from one spot to the next. Professor Dumbledore had been having a rather important discussion and he had grown quiet for a moment to collect his thoughts.
Walking over calmly to his amazing scarlet and gold pheonix who was still small and feeble, but his color wsa starting to come back nicely.

The room was amazing and grand itself.. round, and luxuriously homely, with all his silver instruments that were reparied from the damage last year.. also.. previous Headmasters and Headmistresses lining the walls, who were pretending to be asleep, in their cozy frames. But Professor Dumbledore knew better than that.

"Cornelius! I don't want you out of office! I rather think you are a good minister. No.. let me correct that.. great! There we are.. we all have our faults and mistakes and naturally the community is in mishap because of the false lies that the Ministery has fed to the Magical World. Not to mention chasing the wrong men, blaming Voldemorts events on excertions getting them no where. Also not believing one of the most amazing wizards when he seen with his own two eyes, that Lord Voldemort was indeed back, was a major mistake on your part Cornelius! I am wiling two help you, stay in office, as long as you stop lieing to the public and leave my school alone!" Professor Dumbledore had taken to fixing Fudge with a deep penetrating stare for quite some time, as he spoke in a firm.. final voice.

Cornlieus Fudge flinched at the sound of the word Voldemort, Rockign back and forth on his feet, and treading on the hem of his robes, he gripped his briefcase tightly into his hand, almost to sweaty to hold it.

"But Really Albus!" he dragged using his hand for a motion tool. "You have to admit that scar on his.."
"Cornelius!" Albus said sharply to start with almost making Fudge jump, he sure did shudder. There was something about this mans firm voice. For the fact that he didn't use it often, or for the fact, that just standing next to him, you get a sense.. of.. power..

"When are you going to listen?" he started penetrating Fudge with a piercing stare, and continuing, "That scar on Harry's forehead is a cursed scar! Unlike any other scar ever! From an Unforgiveable Curse the last one for that matter that no one else has lived through. Voldemort and Harry are linked. Harry does not wish to play any sort of HERO, the prophet has set him out to play!" Still stroking his phoenix who was cooing and giving off a soft quivering note that indeed made Fudge's hair stand up on his neck, Professor Dumbledore looked from Fawkes, to Fudge who was almost red now from the usage of Voldemort.
"Lord Voldemort will be seeking out Harry along with every supporter he has! Harry is a smart boy very smart! Harry's all ready lost his youth, lost his parents, lost a classmate in front of his very own eyes, he's had to deal with a fully grown monster... for Voldemort is NOT a wizard! He's a monster.. a lethal monster. He's had to ward off dementors, on his own. No child wants to be put through that! And you need to realize Cornelius, that Harry is the center of it all, no matter what! No matter what Voldemorts plans may be in the future.. he could be plotting to take over Bulgaria.. I don't know know.. but the very first thing.. that will appear on his To DO list.. or his Agenda Book.. is.. to KILL HARRY POTTER, in bright bold or green, mind you letters!" Professor Dumbledore turned, now, and walked across the way, passed his magnificent candy bowl took a piece of candy, walked behind his desk and took a seat in the comfortable chair and observed Fudge, who had been flinching and grimacing. One would think.. the community would vote for a man with a bit more back bone. Though Albus would never fully speak this..yet. Right now.. backbone of a minister is the last thing on his mind.. first thing is..Harry and then.. the world..

Fudge grimaced, standing on the scarlet carpet, hating that word.. that.. word! Voldemort, that Professor Dumbledore insisted on using in Cordial conversation, gave him the willies.

What do you expect ME to do? The world will NOT listen to me now!" Fudge said in an unfortunate voice, that quivered, his thin lined lips.

"They want me to resign!" Fudge said holding out a hand, and expressing the last word with much enunciation, that a child would use when they blame there friends for treading the dirt into the house and onto the spick and span white carpet.

Placing his finger tips together, and surveying Fudge, with a mere blink nothing more, face expressionless at the moment... he leaned up, started, "Take a seat Cornelius!"

Fudge sighed, and took a seat in one of the scarlet armchairs in front of Dumbledore's desk with reluctance. How could a Headmaster make HIM Minister of Magic.. sit down! Make him feel inferrior? Fudge placed his briefcase on the floor and it laid still, as Fudge held his hands, he was afraid the sweat would roll off and it would be apparent to Dumbledore that he was frightened.
(Thought it was all ready apparent!)

Professor Dumbledore was quiet for a moment, as he heard the swish of Fudge's cloak, as he sat down.
"First off.. Cornelius, you need to apologize to Harry and the community. Apology is the first step and admitting that you are wrong is another step. Trust me, I have all ready admitted to a lot of wrong, mind you it has nothign to do with this particular situation. Thats another matter..
As is you need Aurors under strict watch who enters and who leaves the Ministery of Magic. There are spies everywhere you turn! Unexpected ones..Even Hogwarts this marvelous school with have its handful of spies.. dare say. Though not pointing fingers.. or making assumptions from others never can be to cautious at a time like this. That someone somewhere, is a link. You have to open your mind and be willing to accept all the consequences that come along with the actions of power you decide to take on.'
"I will put in good words about you everywhere I go everyone I talk to I will tell them what a wonderful minister you are Fudge.. and trust me.. a lot of people will believe me. Also.. Never as long as I exist, you will never see my name on a Minister of Magic application! I have no interest in becoming Minister. My home is Hogwarts.. and Hogwarts I will stay!" leaning back down and chewing on Drooples Best Blowing Chewing gum. Very aware of the Muggle Fairy tales of gum rotting ones teeth he rather liked the taste, and flavor.

Cornelius looked at him perpetually as if Dumbledore was an entrancing item. Dumbledore just stared back, with a waitful expression for his reply.

"All right Albus!" Fudge said in a croaked voice, that lingered, during the conversation.

"But in return!" Dumbledore started looking firmly now.. not sparkly but firmly, at Fudge. "I want support! And you leave my school alone! Let me choose my Dada teacher. Take all these silly decrees off. Especially the one about laying a hand on a student. Now Cornelius.. you wouldn't go that far would you?" Professor Dumbledore asked a little cross at the mere imagination of Fudge allowing a teacher or anyone to lay a hand on a student. He gave a good word for Filch, to stop talking about it and to not even MENTION harming another student in the corridor.

Cornelius bit his tongue, "I..I barely read the decrees!" he said holding out a hand of expression. "I signed them as they came" Corneius said making Dumbledore merely, nod.. (not believing him of course.. Power is a very depressing subject, brings the worst out of some of us.) He placed his long finger tips together and surveyed Fudge over his spectacles.

"Also you can call the search for Sirius Black. Thats long over with. He was killed in the process of trying to save Harry." Said Dumbledore calmly but a slight bit of pain hit his blue eyes, as he spoke Sirius and Harry in the same sentence, and remembered the turmoil from last year that Harry had to face.

Fudge let out a quavering nose that sounded as though an Augery had flown through the window,
"What?" Fudge asked demilitarized by that piece of information.

"Didn't Mr. Shacklebolt tell you?" he asked calmly.

"Yes! did Tonks." he said quickly and stunned even more.

It was Dumbledore's turn to speak, "Exactly he was shoved, (A.N.-I think! It was kind of strange that whole thing.. it took me by surprise.) into the Death Veil by BellaTrix Lestrange." he said quietly, and calmly his hands folded against his chest now.
Cornelius looked at him perplexed. He was paralyzed with utter shock. He felt he coudln't move.. or even.. shift from his seat.

"Usually I don't say this.. but I believe we should allow Harry to do Magic." Professor Dumbledore informed.
Fudge looked at him flabbergasted, by the thought...

"Dumbledore! Thats absurd! H..h..he can't!" Fudge said in a rather high pitch voice.

"Fudge do you remember what happened last year?" Professor Dumbledore said straightening up and looking over at Fudge whose cheeks were patched with red.

Fudge opened his mouth, "B..But! I..Its illegal!" he sputtered making Professor Dumbledore give a rhy grin. Not a grin he gave to a lot of people.

He turned in his chair, facing one of the portraits of a hunched over man on a chair, snoring.. or pretending to be.

"Armando!" The Headmaster previous him, stirred, slightly. "Armando! I know your awake!" Professor Dumbledore said with a wide grin.
The Headmaster before him, opened his brown eyes, and looked over, his beard gray but no where near as long as Albus's.

"Hmmm.. Albus?" he asked trying to play off grogginess.

"If memory serves me correctly, weren't you the one who came up with the law, of underage sorcery is forbidden outside of Hogwarts?" he asked pleasantly,
Fudge stunned looking at the picture who was blinking and moving around..

"Yes! I did! Children can hurt themselves severly. Not to mention if a muggle was to see!" Said Armando standing up now, with his hands on his sides, nodding with loyalty.

"What else.. is in the law for liency?" Professor Dumbledore asked warmly.

Armando straightened, up his green robes, hit the floor, "Well in case of an emergency, its allowed.. Say if a student was being attacked by a manticore, naturally they should perform a charm to repell the nasty creature off. If not the child will be dead and no muggle is going to help it!" He said with exasperratation as if it was obvious.

Professor Dumbledore beamed warmly and turned, back, to Fudge who groaned, "Very well very well!" He said with a long groaning sigh, having to do what a HEADMASTER said.. this was absolutely ludacrus.

"The letter needs to be from you and stamped, with the Minister of Magic seal." Professor Dumbledore said with a finish..................

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