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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 18 : Final Confrontation: Part One
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Chapter 18- Final Confrontation: Part One

Twelve days after the arrival of S.P.D. found Jenny staring out into the distance as she stood on the front steps of Hogwarts. She stood in her now black and white S.P.D. uniform, morpher on her belt. June eleventh had arrived. Just after eight in the morning, the black smoke left behind by the approaching army was seen in the mountains behind Hogsmeade village, whose inhabitants were promptly evacuated into the S.P.D. base.

It was now almost noon and the vision she had seen almost three weeks prior was beginning to play out before her eyes. Hogsmeade was now nothing more than a smoldering black heap and the castle was full of activity. All those not in the D.A. or in the seventh year were evacuated out of the castle and into the S.P.D. base. Aurors and Muggle soldiers hurriedly ran back and forth getting orders from their commanding officers.

She smiled as she heard a single pair of footsteps approaching her from behind. She looked over her shoulder to see Harry walking up to stand beside her, looking exactly as he had in her vision. He did not met her eyes when he spoke, just looked out at the approaching black mass in the distance. “So, this is it.”

She heard it, the fear and nervousness in his voice that she had first heard in her vision. Every since she had heard it in her vision, she had been dreading hearing it for real. She took a deep and steady breath, trying to cleanse herself of the fear that was threatening to overwhelm her. It worked to an extent. She wasn’t shaking, but she couldn’t speak due to the lump that refused to move from her throat. “If you were still in Apple Valley, what would you be doing right now?”

“Right now, I’d be getting ready for my high school graduation,” she replied, looking directly at him though he was still looking out over the grounds. He opened his mouth to speak again, but she cut him off. “Harry, get that though out of your head. I’ve never regretted being here and I never will.”

“How did you..?” he asked, looking away from the smoke in the distance to look at her in confusion. Comprehension showed on his face after a second. “Wait, this was your vision, wasn’t it?”

A small smile formed on her face as she nodded in reply. “Minus a few changes since I already knew what you were going to say.”

A banging sound echoed over the grounds. Harry and Jenny looked out to see that the army Voldemort had gathered had reached the gate, trying to open it. Hurried footsteps were heard behind them. They turned around to see Professor Dumbledore and Commander Cruger hurrying towards them. 

They stopped before the twins, looking grim. Dumbledore pulled out his wand and held it up to his throat, quickly muttering 'Sonorus’ so that his voice would be heard throughout the castle. “Everyone to their places. The shield will be let down at exactly noon, leaving you ten minutes to get to your places.”

If the castle was busy before this statement, it quadrupled after this. The castle was filled with shouts of orders and the sound of running all around. Harry heard none of it though. He just stared down at the stone under his shoes. His blood seemed to freeze in his veins. This was it. Today, the prophecy would be fulfilled once and for all.

“Rangers,” began Cruger. Harry looked up from the ground to see that the rangers had arrived. He jumped when he felt a hand on his right arm. He looked over to see Ginny standing next to him, Ron and Hermione behind her. He glanced over to his left and saw Jenny and Draco standing together, his arm around her waist as she looked over at Cruger. He too looked towards Cruger. 

Wait? Hadn’t Professor Dumbledore been right beside him? Harry quickly glanced around. Dumbledore was nowhere in sight. With a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, Harry turned back to Cruger. “They have five giants on their side and it looks like they may be sending them in right off the bat. You are going to have to use the magazord first thing. Jenny, that means you must lead the archers.”

“What?” Jenny gasped. Sure she was good at it, but she wasn’t nearly that good. Cruger growled at her, meaning that there was not enough time to argue with him about it right now.

“You can do it Jen,” commented Bridge, smiling at her through his pale face. She glanced around at them all and noted that everyone seems a bit pale, but determined nevertheless. “You’re a natural at it.”

“Thanks Bridge,” she muttered quietly.

“All right everyone, get to your places,” Cruger announced before walking out and down the front steps to the swordsmen gathering outside. Harry looked down at Ginny, her brown eyes shining up at him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair.

Neither of them said anything, just simply holding onto each other for a few moments. Harry released her and bent down, pressing his lips lightly against hers for a brief moment before pulling back and looking over at Jenny. She was looking down the steps, eyes watching Draco as he walked to join the swordsmen on the front lawns. With a sigh she turned her head and emerald met emerald. She gave him a small smile before turning to head upstairs to the archers.

‘Good luck Harry. No matter what happens, I’ll be there when you face him.’ he heard her think through their mental link as he turned and walked down the front steps of the castle, drawing his sword as he went.

A few minutes later found Jenny on the sixth floor with the main group of archers. The archers were all spread out along the sixth and seventh floors; windows had been knocked out for those firing from inside the castle. Jenny looked out the window she was standing at. The banging at the gates was heard as clear as day. A large mass was formed just before the front steps of Hogwarts, getting prepared for the shields holding them back at the gate to be let down. Just at the edge of the forbidden forest stood the Delta Squad Magazord, towering fifty feet above Gwarp beside it.

Jenny backed away from the window, biting her lip. She reached down to where her morpher was kept and brought it up to the center of her chest. She took a deep breath and pushed the morpher straight in front of her and pushed the activation button. “S.P.D Emergency!”

When the flash of white light faded, it revealed Jenny standing in a pure white suit. While very similar to the one she wore at the green ranger, there were very obvious differences. Unlike the straight pants of the normal female S.P.D. rangers, this suit sported a short skirt edged with silver. In the place of the number on her chest, there was the Hogwarts crest traced in silver. On her belt hung the sword of Gryffindor while over her back was slung the bow of Helga Hufflepuff along with a quiver full of arrows.

The banging at the gates silenced. Ten minutes was up. Jenny looked out the nearest window. The gate was open and hundreds of Dementors were racing in. She held up her right hand, saying the spell strongly in her mind.

After a moment of silence, the gate burst open in the distance. Harry stood in the front line next to Commander Cruger. The first thing through the gates were hundreds of Dementors. Harry raised his right hand and performed the spell, no words coming out of his mouth. Out of his hand burst a bright silver stag. As it swiftly moved forwards towards the Dementors, it was joined by the Patronuses of all those fighting against Voldemort.

A small smile formed on Harry’s face when he noticed an orca Patronus move right next to his before they all met the Dementors, pushing them back to reveal that the several giants on their side, Death Eaters and Inferi had moved forward through the gates in their wake. Before the giants moved any further, Gwarp and the magazord intercepted them, pushing them towards the forest as to not trample those on the ground.

As the Death Eaters and Inferi moved passed the giants, a strange hum filled the air. Harry didn’t have to ponder long as to what it was that was humming for a few seconds later; the air was filled with arrows falling down upon the Death Eaters and Inferi, sending many to the ground lifeless. A strangled roar filled the air as the magazord killed one of the smaller giants. The giant fell to the ground, crushing many. Whose side had lost people, he did not know, as Harry stepped forward and raised his sword to meet the first Death Eater.

The two swords meet with a clang. Harry swiftly pushed them back and quickly gained the advantage. Whoever he was fighting had little knowledge of the sword. In a few swift moves, the Death Eater was disarmed of his sword and fell lifeless to the ground, Harry having stabbed them in the lower chest. Harry did not pause to wonder who it was he had just killed; instead he rushed forward to meet the next Death Eater.

Jenny groaned and sluing her arrow back over her shoulder. Now that the two forces had meet on the front lawns, it was nearly impossible to get in a good shot and have it hit its mark and not someone on their side. She turned around to the group of archers behind her. “Bows away. The risk of shooting someone on our side is too great. We’ll move down and join up with those on the front lawns.”

They all nodded in response, those from S.P.D. even saluting her, before moving down the corridor towards the staircase. She watched most of the group pass her by before joining those in the rear of the group as they quickly walked to the grand staircase. The archers reached the staircase and met up with those coming down from the seventh floor and the various towers. She stood back for a moment and let them pass, briefly catching site of Hermione in the middle of the group and nodding to her in acknowledgement. After most had passed her, she followed behind as the group made their way down the great staircase.

When she reached the landing to the third floor corridor, she found most of the archers had drawn their swords and were now fighting a small group of Death Eaters and Inferi that had managed to enter the castle. Third floor. Jenny’s eyes widened behind her helmet. They had forgotten all about the secret passage to Hogsmeade.

Pulling her the sword of Gryffindor from its sheath, she charged forward into the group. She sliced through several Inferi and had made it into the third floor corridor when she finally met a Death Eater. She knew who this short man was even though she had never met him before. She had heard all about the man that had betrayed her birth parents. Her eyes narrowed behind her visor.

“Peter Pettigrew,” she spat as the two stared at each other. Unlike most of the Death Eaters, Peter did not carry a sword. Instead, his weapon was his silver hand. He seemed just as nervous as he was every time he and Harry met face to face. “I’ve heard so much about you. None of it good.”

“J-Jenny P-Potter,” her stuttered, his beady eyes looking all around the corridor for something to distract her so he could get away.

“That’s my name, though I never knew about the Potter part for a while because of you,” she stated bitterly, her gloved hand flexing around the hilt of her sword. Before either of them could move, part of the corridor behind Peter collapsed. Jenny ducked down, dropping down to the floor to avoid flying rubble. For a few moments, the entire corridor was silent in the wake of the collapse. Then came the screams of pain of those that were injured. A single scream came close to Jenny.

She looked up. Through the dust, Jenny was able to make out a fallen from a few feet in front of her. The figure coughed. Jenny slowly stood up, looking down at the man in front of her. Peter had been knocked forward, his upper body covered in cuts. His legs were not visible underneath the large stone that had come down from the ceiling. He lifted his head up from the floor and looked up at her, pain evident on his face.

“You’re lucky to be facing me instead of Harry because I know he would not let you live,” Jenny said bitterly, crouching down in front of him to where they were almost face to face.

“Y-You’re going to let me live?” he stuttered, looking up at her in shock.

“Well, if you can call a prison cell on KO-35 living,” she replied, standing back up and dusting off her suit. “Congratulations Peter. You get to live in a prison with the most notorious criminals in the galaxy.”

If he replied, Jenny did not know. For at that moment she looked up through the clearing dust and saw what had caused the collapse. The magazord had fallen and taken part to the castle with it. It lay motionless on the ground, its head still in the third floor corridor.

She ran up to the massive head and began to look for an opening. She groaned in frustration as she remembered that the only opening she would be able to get through was on the back of the magazord. She reached up with her right hand and pushed a small button on the side of her helmet that allowed her to communicate with the other rangers.”Jack? Z? Syd? Bridge? SKY!?”

Jenny stared at the fallen magazord, waiting for some sound of like to come through the communication lines. From outside, the yells and screams of all those fighting reached her ears. She glanced down the hall towards the grand staircase. The ground was littered with the bodies of the Inferi and those killed or knocked unconscious when the magazord fell. With a single glance back at the magazord and a simple pray for those inside it, Jenny moved to make her way out of the hall.

As she passed where Peter lay, she swallowed the vile threatening to escape her at the sight of the blood pooling around his now pale and unmoving body. Well, he wouldn’t have done that well in prison with a bunch of vile and murderous aliens. She then noticed his wand still lay in his regular hand, pointed to himself. Rather than being tried and sent to prison, he had taken his own life. No, he would not have done well at all. With that last thought, Jenny turned away from his body and moved out to the grand staircase and began to make her way down to the ground floor.

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