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Sing For You by ron_hearts_hermione
Chapter 1 : Sing For You
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Look at her.

What’s she doing?

God, why is she doing this?

Bella. Oh, my poor Bella.


Harrison Guiret stared at Bellatrix Black. And, it seemed unavoidable; he also stared at her longtime boyfriend, Rodolphus. This young Hufflepuff was very interested in Bella. He a fifth year, and her a seventh. Ever since he arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he had been fascinated by her. Fascination eventually gave way to obsession. He never did anything about it. He just sat at his table, day in, and day out, watching her.

Until one day, she looked back.

He was in third year. It was lunch time, and he ran his gaze over her soaked form as he nibbled on his sandwich. She had come back from Care of Magical Creatures. He memorized her schedule, of course.

When their eyes met, he stiffened. He almost glanced away, when he saw her smirk.

She got up from the table, and, curious, Harrison followed.

He opened and closed the Great Hall doors, and immediately, he was yanked into a small, empty corridor.

He found himself pinned to the wall by a thin arm. Then he saw her face.

Breathing heavily, she questioned him. “What’s your game?”

He continued to stare at her, refusing to say a word.

She slammed against the wall with her arm, and his head cracked against the wall.

“God, Bella!” He held his hand to the back of his head, and then realized he was free.

“What… What did you just call me?” She looked put out. But, she also looked off guard. Harrison Guiret wasn’t a guy to ignore an opportunity.

He grabbed her shoulders, swung her around, and slammed her against the wall.

“I called you Bella, is there a problem?” When she seemed as though she couldn’t think of anything to say to that, he kissed her lips.

There was no taste to compare her to. He had never kissed a girl and had this sort of explosion of passion. He tried to think of something to compare her wonderful essence to, but he came up with nothing.

He decided there was no taste that was Bella. Except for this. Bella seemed to gain thought once more, and lightly pushed him away.

“Why do you stare at me?” She didn’t seem angry. She seemed curious.

“Does it scare you?” He watched her as she writhed under his stare. Bellatrix Black didn’t admit to fear.

She looked up into his face and boldly stated, “No.”

“Well then, I don’t see why you should want to know.” He knew this “mystery act” could only work for so long.

He was luring her in and Bella—ah Bella—she was eating out of the palm of his hand.

He couldn’t hold out much longer. The fact that she was practically gasping for breath excited him. He couldn’t stop himself.

He kissed her once more.


Bella seemed to stay interested for quite a long time. However, the mystery act only lasted for about a week. It was, of course, ruined when Bella inquired after the mysterious young Hufflepuff. Most of her friends would have sneered at her choice in interest, so she went to her trusted friend, Miles Stone. Miles was a fifth year, along with Bella, as he was in Slytherin. He was also the one person she could always count on. He told her his honest opinion no matter what, and as an added bonus, he knew just about everything about just about everyone.

When she asked him who the brunette was at the Hufflepuff table, explaining his surrounding neighbors as well, Miles did not respond for a moment.

Then he looked at her, and said, “What’s going on, Bella? Have a problem with poor old Harry?”

“That’s his name? Harry?” She was ravenous for information.

“Harrison. Guiret. Why? Why do you want to know?” Miles seemed wary. He probably suspected Bella was up to some trick because ‘poor old Harry’ was a younger student than her.

“Harrison. That’s a good, strong name right? A trustworthy individual, yeah?”

“Well, yeah. He’s a nice bloke, I guess. I tutored him once upon a time. Smart kid. A little withdrawn, though. Doesn’t really have any friends. I don’t think that poor boy ever had a date.” Miles seemed to find this a shame.

“Never had a date? Well, that’s hard to believe…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Miles was very bewildered now.

“He’s just… So good at acting debonair, and… You know, smooth… Good with women.” Bella was stumbling over her words. She didn’t know how to explain the way Harry had made her feel.

“Ah… Doesn’t sound like him, are you sure we’re talking about the same guy? Dark hair, sitting all by his lonesome? 11 o’clock?”

“That’s the one. He looks at me. I mean looks.”

“So does every other bloke in the damned school.” Miles snickered.

“No, I mean… He looks as if there’s something to see. Like he looks straight into my eyes, and sees… Everything. Like I can’t hide… And it’s unsettling… I don’t know what to think… And I don’t know what I’m saying. Never mind.” She snapped herself out of her fantasy. She was recalling the way she had felt his eyes on her everyday for the past three years of her life. No one had ever looked at her like that. Like she was so incredibly beautiful, that her entire person had to be savored.

“Well, sounds like he’s got you on hook, line, and sinker. You’re doomed.”


She really was doomed. Bella couldn’t seem to get enough of him. And even though she began to see the real, shy Harry, she was hopelessly enamored in spite of his non-aggressive personality. They met as much as possible, mostly at night when no one could see and judge, because they would, of course. Their favorite spot was an elm tree just a few feet away from the edge of the Forbidden forest. It was Bella’s favorite spot at least, because she could pretend fear, and Harry would put his arm around her and try to comfort her.

Of course they both knew who was more frightened. And Bella never ceased to remind him of the fact.

Throughout the rest of the school year, Bella and Harry conducted a secret relationship, making the most of their time together. There was always a tension in the air whenever something showed up to remind them that their relationship was doomed, that they could never be together in the open, but they never talked about that. They chose to stay in their utopia until the last day of school.

On that day, as Harry and Bella sat in their own compartment, they were unusually silent. They knew that the summer would be tough, as they would rarely, if ever, see each other, only corresponding through owls. They sat side by side, holding hands, as Bella leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder. Neither could come up with the words to reduce the gloom, make the atmosphere less dreary. So they sat there, on their seat, and contemplated the life ahead of them.

When they neared King’s Cross Station, Bella lifted tear-filled eyes to regard Harry’s angelic countenance. She lifted her head in order to lightly press her lips against his. They kissed not with passion, but with a slow sadness. Neither one broke away, until they felt the lurch of the train stopping. Harry took a deep breath, grabbed his trunk in one hand, and Bella’s fragile hand in the other. He tried to draw strength from her loving squeeze, but all he felt was misery.

As they made their way out of the train, their hands slowly fell away from each other. They looked out the doorway, found their parents, and regretfully made their way in opposite directions.

Bella refused to look back at the one boy she’d ever loved. She hunched her shoulders in a protective posture, and trudged towards her blank-faced parents. They would never notice the way Bella’s broken heart reflected out of her eyes. They would never know what happened to their little daughter that year at Hogwarts.


As much as Harry hated to leave Bella, he was looking forward to the summer. He had decided that he would visit her at least once a week, and he would bring a picnic basket or games for them to enjoy their summer together.

Immediately after arriving home, Harry penned a letter to Bella, explaining all the exciting plans he had for them to do that summer.

As he waited for a reply, Harry spent the week with his parents. They went to Muggle movies, and played games, and went to the park with his little brother, Stephen. Harry neglected to tell his parents about the dazzling girl that he had spent his year with, instead telling them how the other aspects of his third year at Hogwarts had gone.

After two weeks without a reply from Bella, Harry wrote another similar letter, including his worry over the fact that he had yet to receive a letter in return. After another week without a response, Harry took it upon himself to visit Bella’s house. He knew he was probably overreacting, but he wanted to know why Bella hadn’t written back to him. Hoping he hadn’t had the wrong address—as that would have made it hard to reach the correct house—he took a bus to the neighborhood Bella had told him she lived.

He had to walk a few blocks in order to arrive at the imposing mansion that was Bella’s home. He could tell just by looking at the outside that the building was a grand mansion, with light exterior colors, and black shutters on the windows. Because it was so massive and impressive, Harry smiled, for he now knew where Bella most likely got her endearing haughtiness from.

As he approached the gate, he was surprised to find it open without a fuss, and he hoped that he wasn’t going to receive some sort of jinx for not letting the family know of his presence. As he wandered around the household, he searched for Bella’s window, hoping against hope that she even had a window in her room. Just as he thought that he had circled the entire house with no sign of her, he spotted a flash of light pink in one of the windows. Looking closer at it, he realized that it was a feminine curtain blocking his window inside the room. However, he knew that only one person would ever hang a pale pink curtain in front of her window, and that was Bella.

As he approached her window, he searched the ground for stones that could be used to get her attention, but not break her window. As he neared the mansion’s wall, he found two stones that were light in weight, but could easily make an audible sound when thrown at a window. He tested his theory, throwing the first stone in an uncertain arc towards Bella’s window, only to have it land short, a few feet underneath it. He tried again, and he missed once more. As the rocks fell, he retrieved them, and tried three more times, hitting Bella’s window on the last try.

He waited a few seconds, and then prepared to throw again. Just before his arm made the swing forward, he saw Bella’s perfect face pop out of the window, looking inquiringly around, until she spotted Harry. Her confused eyes turned angry.

“Harry! What the hell are you doing here?”

He smiled up at her. “I’ve come to inquire, fair lady, about why our correspondence has ceased.” He thought she was mad at him for simple reasons, and so he attempted to charm her back into a good mood.

She didn’t look impressed. “There was never a start, you daft idiot! I didn’t send you letters for a reason.”

Harry smile dropped. “Well, did you get my letters? I sent at least three or four, and never heard from you.”

“Yes I got them, and I didn’t respond. Is that so hard to understand?”

“Well, why wouldn’t you talk to me? Have I done something to upset you?”

As he gazed into her ebony eyes, they softened. “No, you didn’t do anything, Harry. I’m sorry. It’s just, everything is so complicated right now, and I can’t see you any more.”

“If you’re going to be so unfairly abrupt, then at least come down and talk to me to explain what’s going on.”

“No! I can’t! My father will see, and he’ll be furious. I can’t, Harry. Just leave me alone.”

Suddenly, Harry had an idea. “Well, if you’re not coming down, then I guess I’ll just have to climb up these uncertain looking walls to get to you.” As he approached the wall, Bella whispered loudly.

“NO! Oh my god, Harry, let go! You’re going to kill yourself!” She let out a squeak of terror when he gained about 5 feet off the ground, then slipped.

As Harry readjusted his grip, he looked up at her. “I don’t know, Bella. This wall seems awfully slippery. I don’t think I can hold on much longer…” After Harry made that last proclamation, Bella let out a loud and frustrated sigh and disappeared.

Harry was at first confused. And then he realized that Bella was coming down. He eased himself down the short distance he had climbed up, and by the time he reached the ground and batted his pants to rid them of dirt, Bella came striding outside, a dangerous look in her eye.

To try and once again win back her sympathy, Harry picked up his picnic basket and said, “I brought food.” She rolled her eyes, and led the way towards a picturesque lake by the house.

After they settled into their picnic, Bella began to explain that her father had made a deal with Antoine Lestrange. It entailed that Bella and Antoine’s son, Rudolphus, would marry immediately after their seventh year ended. After this grim announcement, they ate mostly in silence. However towards the end of the meal, Harry had an idea.

“Why don’t we run away together?” In his innocent excitement, his face lit up, and he gazed in earnest at Bella’s face.

“Harry that could never work. My father would find us within a week. We could never run away together.” She looked at him with sad eyes.

“No! Bella, it could work! This isn’t some crazy idea that’s never worth pursuing. We could move somewhere isolated. Like Japan or maybe Australia.”

Suddenly, Bella realized how young Harry was. He always acted with a calm, mature view, but his innocence was shining through with this hare-brained idea. His youth saddened Bella, and she knew she could never limit Harry’s life by putting them both on the run for the rest of their lives. She stood up, and turned around so Harry wouldn’t see her tears.

Trying to maintain a level, calm voice, she said, “Harry, you must leave. This will never work, and we were fools to try.”

As she walked away from the one boy she’d ever love, her mind turned numb, and she could no longer hear his shouts of confusion and anguish.


Fourth year went by in a blur for Harry. He felt as if he was living without a soul. Like he had been kissed by a dementor, and he was a lifeless body, wandering around, searching for meaning. The only time he felt real pain was when he would see Bella, his Bella, walking and laughing and smiling with her fiancé, Rudolphus Lestrange.

He would never know the intense pain that Bella suffered because of her actions.


Late into Harry’s fifth year, Bella and Rudophus started giving out invitations to close friends and planning their wedding. The news spread throughout the whole school because Bella’s roommates were incurable gossips. The date of the wedding, it was said, was June 23.

A month before the dreaded date, Harry cornered Bella in the hallway. Pushing her into an empty classroom, Harry stumbled in his excitement into the classroom after her. Knowing what he wanted, Bella turned to look at him with her trained expressionless face. Her lack of reaction seemed to provoke Harry to a breaking point.

He grabbed her upper arms and glared into her beloved eyes. “Happy now? You’ve finally made me go mad! Everyone says so. Everyone knows how you abandoned ‘poor Harry’, but now no one will ever talk to me without that stupid look in their eyes. That look that tells me I’m just a damned charity case!”

Bella tried to withhold her emotions, but the look in Harry’s eyes, the horrible abandoned emptiness, caused tears to slowly run from her eyes. Thinking his iron grip on her arms was the cause of her tears, Harry loosened his grip substantially. For a long moment, the two of them just stood there, silently staring into each other’s eyes. What Harry saw in Bella’s now unguarded expression caused him to pull her against him, and kiss her fiercely. She responded with absolute enthusiasm, which inflamed Harry even more.

After a while, they broke apart, tears running down both their faces.

“Bella, Bella, my sweet love.” Harry brought Bella back against his body, holding her close.

“Harry, my f- father, h- he’s…” Bella struggled for breath as her tears took over. “My father will k- kill you!”

Slightly worried over Bella’s monologue, Harry shushed her into calmness. After they were both breathing more naturally, Bella tried again.

“Harry, I have to marry Rudolphus. My father will kill you if I don’t. I can’t let that happen, I can’t-“ Her features scrunched up in her distress.

Harry tried to calm her down once more, but Bella refused to cooperate. She began taking off his clothes, doing it so violently, that he was unable to stop her. Eventually, he gave in to the temptation, and decided that their last day together should be spent as close as possible.

Suffice it to say, they made the best of it.


As Harry watched his love grimly walk back down the aisle as Mrs. Rudolphus Lestrange, he gazed sadly at her face. And even though they were both distraught, Bella spare a small smile for her wonderful Harry, the one she’d always be faithful to; heart, body, and soul.

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