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Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool by thebakerwhowouldntcook
Chapter 3 : III.
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If I kill myself, Gen mused, I won’t have to speak to Edmund Carey ever again. It was simple logic.

The more Gen talked to him, the more annoying he became. He had taken it upon himself to retell every little detail about his relationship with Shannon and what he was doing to try and win her back. And this was on top of how god-awful his personality already seemed to be. He was vain, a bit stupid, and he got little spit bubbles that formed on the corners of his mouth when he talked too fast for too long.

“Gen, you have to get up or you’ll miss practice,” Emmeline said, shaking her head in pity.

“It’s never been this bad before, Em,” Gen moaned into her pillow; she had holed herself up for the past three days leaving only for class and dinner, but Edmund always seemed to find her.

“You promised.” Gen didn’t move.

“Get the fuck up,” Emmeline scolded and started pulling her friend out of bed by her ankles. Gen grabbed the bed posts.

“I don’t want to go, please don’t make me go,” she begged. Emmeline took an alternate route and started beating her with a pillow.

“So bloody dramatic,” she said in between hits until Gen finally arose, a permanent frown set in her face.

“I’m going,” she growled and set off for the pitch.

Edmund was ready and waiting to ambush her the second she emerged from the dormitories. “Hey Gen, let’s walk down to practice together. Anyway, I was thinking of maybe just doing something simple, like sending her roses and candy, but then I thought it might now be enough and I’m just not sure so I thought I would ask you because you’re a girl and I thought that if you told me what to do or even asked Shannon how I could make it up to her and-“

Gen had had enough, she had only lasted two floors before she snapped. “That sounds great Edmund, but you know, I have to pee,” she lied trying to smile at him and darting for the lavatory before Edmund could get another word in.

She leaned back against the door as an extra precaution to keep him from following her in. Closing her eyes, she took several deeps, supposedly calming breaths, but she was interrupted but quiet sobs coming from one of the stalls in the back.

Cautiously, she slowly made her back toward the noise. Standing outside the stall she put her ear to the door. “Um, are you alright?” They blubbered something back to her and she gently pushed open the door.

A girl, no older than a third year, was wiping away flowing tears and looking away from Gen. Gen felt awkward, but she had put herself in this situation, and it was better than listening to Edmund, so she did her best to comfort the girl.

“Hey, it’s okay,” she said in a pseudo-soothing voice, awkwardly putting an arm around the girl. “What happened?”

She sniffed. “S-S-S-Sirius B-Black, he-he doesn’t like me,” she cried. “Why doesn’t he like me?”

“That git? Who cares?” She pulled the girl onto her feet. The girl was still crying so she tried to sugarcoat it for her. “It’s probably just because he’s older and doesn’t want to be a creep. There are plenty of other, age appropriate fish in the sea, okay?” The girl was nodding as Gen led her to the sink.

“I have to go, alright, but splash some cold water on your face, it helps the redness go down,” she advised. As guilty as she felt and as much as she wanted to avoid Edmund, she couldn’t be late for practice, or god forbid, skip because it would be her head on Potter’s dinner plate that evening.

Gen was deep in thought as she arrived on the pitch in the nick of time, disappearing quickly to change. The girl had disturbed her. After all, that wasn’t the first time a girl has cried over “Sirius Black” nor was it the first time Gen had seen it firsthand. It was bloody pathetic.

So instead of pretending to smile and wink at Edmund, she spent most of the practice staring at Black. What was it about him that drove all the girls mad? Cheek bones, yes. Hair, sure. Smirk, whatever. She was pretty sure he didn’t have a great personality. Maybe that was it? Girls like assholes?

He was the number one cause of heartbreak at Hogwarts, and that wasn’t fair. Gen smiled to herself; Shannon would understand, after all she is just as upset as Edmund, they’re probably meant for each other. And that would free up her schedule considerably.

It was decided. Genevieve Leveque was going to break Sirius Black’s heart, because after all, it’s what she did best.

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