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Crossing the Line by LadySoftball
Chapter 13 : Power
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The screams that filled the empty classroom went unheard to all but the three occupants. The silencing charm placed on the door taking care of that problem. The screams lasted only a moment longer before they abruptly ended at the flick of a wand.

“Did you two really think you could get away with doing something like that to me?” The voice was frigid and it matched the cool steel reflected in the brown eyes of one Emily Potter.

She gazed down at the two Slytherin boys that had made her holiday break a living hell. Her disgust for Rabastan and Evan grew as they squirmed pathetically, groaning in pain.

“You shouldn’t try to move…it only makes the pain worse.”

Evan twitched and gasped in pain. “What…What…spell…is this?” He panted.

Emily giggled and sat on one of the desks, twirling her wand nonchalantly. “Oh, a little something I made up. You'd be surprised how hard it is to make up a spell. It took me two years to make this specific one.”

She noticed Rabastan trying to sit up and pointed her wand at him.


"Tsk tsk, don’t be stupid Rabastan. I have your wands and you’re too weak to defend yourself.” She motioned to their wands in her pocket and watched as he withered in pain, screaming and begging for her to stop.

“You can feel your bones bending and curling to their limit, your muscles twisting, your joints and tendons distorting. Such unbearable pain don’t you think? But then, what else would you expect from a diminutive form of the cruciatus curse.” She lifted the curse and watched as Rabastan curled up in a ball, breaths coming out in pants and moans.

Evan stared up at her, eyes wide on horror. “Dumbledore…illegal…Azkaban.”

Emily looked genuinely amused. “You think Dumbledore will find out? Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. Once he and the rest of the staff find out the physical and emotional turmoil that you two put me through…I’m sure they’ll see it my way. Besides, who would believe you two? As for the spell, I said it was a form of the cruciatus curse, meaning it’s different and not illegal. And I won’t be going to Azkaban for using a non-illegal spell that I had no idea of its capability when using it.” She said the last part in an innocent voice.

She hopped off the desk and walked around the two, like a predator circling its prey. “The similarities between my spell and the cruciatus curse are limited. The cruciatus curse deals with the mind. It morphs your will and thoughts into thinking that the pain you’re going through is real. Haven’t you wondered why it takes raw anger, rage, and sadism to trigger it? That curse has to be cast with emotion, while mine does not.

“My spell, on the other hand, focuses on the body. I can curse your entire anatomy to the point of breaking. You two are lucky that I am in a such a lenient mood, or I would have broken every bone in your bodies… but that wouldn’t have been very fun.” She looked down at them mockingly as they gazed up at her with fear and contempt. “Well for me anyway. Now I do hope you two have learned not to mess with me, because no matter what you do, remember this…” She got down on one knee beside Rabastan and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“I will come back and get you, torturing you to the brink of death next time and leave you to suffer. Never cross me Lestrange. If you ever try to even touch me or treat me with any less respect than I deserve…you’re going to wish you were dead.” She leered at him and stood.

“The best part about my spell is because it deals with the body instead of the mind. It can be cast on a person for a numerous number of hours and there is no chance of the victim going insane. No, disgusting insects like you don’t deserve to have the privilege of going insane and escaping my wrath.”

She placed her hands on her hips and look down at them. “You two really are pathetic. Now, have you learned your lesson?”

“Y-Yes…please…stop.” Evan croaked.

Emily smirked and dropped their wands next to the proper owners and made for the door. “Right, we will see if you’ve learned anything.”

Rabastan glared at her back and used all the strength he had left, ignoring the excruciating pain that ran through his bones and muscles as they protested his movement, and grabbed his wand, pointing it at Emily’s back. “T-Torqueo!”

The beam of purple light left his wand and headed straight for Emily.

Emily turned slowly, face blank, and let the beam hit her.

Rabastan smirked, but it faded quickly when Emily didn’t start screaming and just looked down at him with the cold and patronizing brown eyes, now filled with rage. She walked faster than Rabastan expected and she stepped on his wrist, making him scream and drop his wand.

“You…You dare to try and use my own spell against me! You fool. You idiot! You don’t even know how it works.” She smirked maliciously and reached down to pick up his wand, along with Evan’s before he could reach it, and lazily pointed her own at Rabastan.

“I guess you still have a few things to learn, don’t you think?”

He glared up at her, panting harshly. “…Bitch.”

“Bzzt! Wrong answer! Torqueo!”

Their screams continued to fill the room and would not end until Emily saw fit.


“What did you do to them?” Regulus whispered curiously in her ear, watching as Rabastan and Evan jumped and winced at every movement.

Emily contently ate her breakfast. “I merely taught them a little lesson.” She looked at him and smiled. “Once I got the truth from them of course.”

“And the truth is?” He asked hesitently.

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “That you had nothing to do with it and hadn’t left your mother’s side for most of the night. Leaving me to alone to fend for my own during the party.”

Regulus stared at her, a little skeptic. “Why does it sound like you’re accusing me?”

She blinked innocently and tilted her head to the side. “What ever do you mean darling?”


Bellatrix’s gazed switched from the twitchy Rabastan to the smug looking Emily, and leered. “I knew I was right when I said there was potential in her.”

Rodolphus followed her gaze and his eyes narrowed. “You mean she’s the one who did that to my brother?”

Bellatrix patted his hand. “It doesn’t matter Rodolphus. I would have done the same thing if anyone dared to cross me, but the consequences would have been much, much worse.”

She turned her gaze back to the oblivious Emily. “There is power in her, a true aspect needed for the Dark Lords followers.”

“Do you really think she’ll join?” Rodolphus asked. “She may be a Slytherin, but her family have all been considered a light family for generations. They may influence her to their side.”

Bellatrix rolled her eyes at him. “Hadn’t you noticed darling? Her brother stopped caring for her long ago, foolishly so, and I can assume the same from the rest of her family. She’ll join us, but…it’ll just take some…persuasion.”

“I don't see what you see in her.”

“Then you are blind. If one’s power isn’t enough, there is a want for more. I can see that want clearly in her eyes. That… burning desire for power.” Bellatrix’s gaze slid from Rodolphus and back over to the youngest Potter, who was blissfully unaware of Bellatrix’s plotting.

“Power the Dark Lord can easily give her.”

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