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Auburn Sunlight by whisper in the wind
Chapter 3 : Willows, Lakes, and Stained Glass Windows
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Scorpius dropped his bag on the floor next to the aging willow by the lake. He sunk to the ground and glared moodily out at the still water that reflected life like glass. He had received a letter from his mother that day. She wanted to keep him up to date on the divorce. Scorpius crushed the parchment into a tight ball and whipped it out into the water, breaking it’s calm surface.

His mother tried so hard to make him realize that she was the parent he wanted to live with, but it was obvious to everyone that Scorpius couldn’t stand his mother. And if he had to choose who to live with, it would be with his father or his grandparents if he was really desperate. His mother was a conniving little wretch who cared more for her designer robes than for her children.

“Scorpius?” a soft, trembling voice came from behind him.

Scorpius slowly turned around and frowned at his youngest sister. She was a first year and was spoiled rotten by every man in the family. She looked as if she was about to break down into tears.

“Noelle,” Scorpius sighed. “Come here.” Scorpius patted the earth next to him and Noelle slowly walked up and sat down next to her older brother. “Where’s Aria?”

“Study date,” Noelle sniffed. Scorpius narrowed his eyes.

“If that Hufflepuff prat is anywhere near her I’ll kill him,” Scorpius mumbled. “Now, what’s the matter Princess?”

Noelle shook her head, unable to speak. She handed a letter to Scorpius silently. He read through it and ground his teeth. His mother was tormenting the youngest one also.

“Did Aria get a letter?”

Noelle nodded, wiping her tears with her sleeve. “She didn’t even bother to read it, though. I saw her use the letter as a napkin during breakfast.”

Scorpius smirked. One of the many things he loved about Aria was that she had the Malfoy arrogance. If she didn’t want to hear something, she would make sure that she wouldn’t. She refused to let anything bring her down, plus, she was a daddy’s girl through and through. Their mother just made her life a living hell.

Just then, an owl soared over their heads and dropped a letter on Noelle’s lap. Noelle picked it up curiously, watching the bird fly on, and handed it to Scorpius. Scorpius recognized the familiar slant of the writing and tore it open. The letter was from his father.


Your mother is being difficult and causing problems. You have probably received many letters from her by now persuading you to move in with her once the divorce is final and you have come back for holidays, or in your case, come back for good. I’m sure she plans on writing more letters but I want you to keep an eye out for your sisters. I don’t want them to receive such letters, especially my sweet, sweet Noelle. You know how sensitive she gets. Aria can handle herself. I just want you to keep an eye out for her for other reasons. Such as boys and what have you.

Anyway, keep the letters out of reach from the girls and stop worrying. I can just imagine you brooding about, all moody and mysterious. Not all of the ladies like that. Some find it insufferable. So don’t worry anymore about what’s going on over here, I have it all under control. Study hard but have fun. It’s your last year. Oh yes, I almost forgot, Grandmother and Grandfather send their love. And a package should be arriving soon for both Aria and Noelle from them. Take care until next time-


Scorpius smirked at the letter and looked down at his curious little sister. Her silver blonde curls danced lightly in the wind, the sunlight making it seem translucent. Her big blue eyes looked up at him in wonder, and her rosy cheeks against her pale skin made it seem as though she had just come back from a game of quiditch. He smiled at her and she smiled warily back.

“Noelle, father says everything is great and that grandfather and grandmother are sending gifts for you,” Scorpius said with as much excitement he could muster. Noelle’s face lit up.

“Oh, really Scorpius?” she cried happily. “I’m so excited!”

Scorpius smiled when he realized how easily it was to get Noelle’s mind away from bothersome things. “Yes, Princess. Did you finish your homework?”

Noelle pouted. “I was going to…”

Scorpius shook his head but smiled lightly. He pointed a finger back toward the school. “Homework. Now.”

Noelle sighed heavily and stood up in a huff. She stomped all the way back up to the castle. Scorpius chuckled with amusement at how innocent his little Slytherin sister could be.

“What’s up with Noelle?” a sly voice asked. Scorpius looked back at his other sister who had appeared out of nowhere. “I was coming down here when I saw her stomping angrily up the stairs. Mumbling something about homework and brothers.”

Scorpius smirked at Aria. She stood against the tree and stared out at the lake. It made Scorpius uneasy watching her and seeing how quickly she was growing up. She was a sixth year now and was terrifyingly mature for her age. She had pale skin, like all of the Malfoys, and deep blue eyes. Her hair was a very dirty blonde, unlike Scorpius’ and Noelle’s silver blonde. Aria had an extremely pretty face and an amazing body, toned from years of playing chaser on the Slytherin team. Her legs were long and her curves were perfect. It would make any brother uneasy.

“Did you get the letter from mum?”

Aria nodded and moved to sit next to her brother. “I didn’t bother reading it, though.”

Scorpius laughed once. “I heard.”

Aria shrugged. “So…” she started suddenly. “You and Ginger, huh?”

Scorpius looked up at Aria in alarm. “Where’d you hear that?”

Aria smirked at her brother and rolled her eyes. “Zabini came crying into the common room the other day screaming about how you saved the half blood-blood traitor.”

Scorpius hissed.

“His words, not mine,” Aria said quickly. “But why the Gryffindor virgin? At least her cousin Lily knows how to have a little fun.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes. “Aria, sex isn’t the only past time out there.”

Aria snorted delicately. “What? Do you want me to…study or something?” she asked with disgust marring her tone.

Scorpius gave her a sharp look. “I don’t want you sleeping around Aria. You’re my sister for bloody sake! Have a little self respect, would you?”

Aria flushed and looked at her hands. Scorpius hardly ever told her off, but when he did she kept her mouth closed. She knew better than to anger him. He had their father’s temper which could prove to be deadly in certain situations.

“I mean, how the hell can I leave you here all alone next year? You constantly need supervision to keep you out of people’s fucking pants!” he shouted. “Do you want people to call you a slut or a whore like they do Lily Potter?”

Aria didn’t answer and looked away. Scorpius sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair, staring broodingly out at the black water. “Just be good, Aria. I just want you to set a good example for Noelle. I won’t be able to shield her from awful truths forever.”

Aria looked at Scorpius, her cheeks flushed and her lips set in a tight line. “I’m not a whore, Scorpius,” she whispered.

“I know,” Scorpius admitted weakly. “I know, Aria. But all those guys…”

Aria smirked. “Can you blame them?”

Scorpius cocked an eyebrow in her direction. “Watch it, sister,” he warned, laughing.

Aria smiled and stood up. She dusted the dirt off of her pants and stooped down to plant a kiss on Scorpius’s head. He smiled at her before throwing a pebble out at the lake.

Scorpius stayed outside for most of the day. It wasn’t until dinner that he went back inside. Even if he couldn’t admit it to himself, there was a reason why he was avoiding all form of life inside the school. He knew that he had frightened Rose when he tortured Storm. Rose didn’t realize the level of anger that Scorpius actually posessed. He was usually well behaved and calm, and it did take a lot to piss him off, but when he was, it was deadly. Now he just felt bad for scaring Rose. And he didn’t know how to make things go back to the way they were.

He trudged back up to the castle and headed toward the Great Hall’s doors to eat. He was meters away from them when he heard his name being called. He looked up the staircase and saw Rose quickly coming down the stairs, breathlessly calling his name.

“Scorpius! Where have you been all day?” she asked as soon as she was in front of him. “I checked the library, the Great Hall, the dungeons. You were no where to be found.”

Scorpius was confused but flattered. “Were you so desperate to see me?” he teased. Rose scowled.

“No. Well, maybe just a little,” she smiled. He grinned at her. “I missed you, I guess.”

Scorpius loved the way that her cheeks flushed when she admitted that she missed him in her soft, sweet voice. He found it irresistible. So irresistible, in fact, that he tilted her chin up and kissed her. He heard the small gasp issue from her throat and heard her sigh weakly immediately afterward. He pulled away laughing breathlessly when he realized that Rose was practically falling to the floor.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, brushing his lips across her forehead.

She nodded weakly and gave him an accusing look. “Your kisses make me weak at the knees,” she whined.

Scorpius threw his head back and laughed loudly. Rose’s heart fluttered at the sound. She scowled to herself. It wasn’t right to be this caught up in this relationship with him so early on. She was usually a very level headed girl, like her mother. But as Scorpius lightly and teasingly kissed her again, she realized that she didn’t care. She realized that she wasn’t her mother and that if she was then all of this wouldn’t be happening to her. She wouldn’t be kissing Scorpius at all. She would be studying up in her room, fussing about homework and exams.

Rose liked the idea of not being her mother.


“You know,” Scorpius said lightly as he walked, hand in hand, around the lake with Rose, “I thought you were afraid of me the other night.”

Rose looked at him curiously. “I was. A little,” she admitted. “But I thought it over. You weren’t really frightening. You were more like my night in shining armor.”

Scorpius smiled out at the very low setting sun. It was almost twilight, everything was dimming down to a purple, fiery glow. He squeezed Rose’s hand affectionately before raising it to his lips and kissing it.

They continued to walk in comfortable silence. They walked over to an old, bending willow tree and sat down. Rose cleared her throat but as she opened her mouth to speak, a sharp sound of a twig snapping echoed all around them. Rose and Scorpius startled and looked around.

“What was that?” Rose whispered, looking terrified.

Scorpius laughed shakily. “I think we’re just being paranoid. Relax Rosie, darling,” he teased. But he still looked tense, and Rose was beginning to panic. She stood up and looked around at the surrounding lake and trees. She ran her fingers through her hair and paced away from Scorpius.

“Maybe we should head back inside.”

Scorpius sighed and stood up, too. “Fine. You know what? You go on ahead, I think I’m going to stay out here for a while longer. See you at breakfast,” he said grudgingly.

Rose hesitated, looking around again. She had been feeling very paranoid lately. She was constantly looking over her shoulder no matter where she was. She wasn’t even comfortable in the library anymore. But Rose realized that she was being silly. The snapping of the twig didn’t necessarily mean it was a person’s footstep. It could have been a bird or a squirrel or-

“Rosalie Prudence Weasley!”

Rose let out a loud shriek, and Scorpius bolted upright, looking around frantically. He groaned and took a few steps away from Rose to make it seem like they were completely innocent and not up to anything remotely romantic.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Lily screamed. “Tomas and Reese! They saw you two together! They were looking out of the window! The Gryffindor Tower window! They’re not blind Rose! Now you are so dead! They are so going to tell Albus! He will be so pissed! The window, Rose, the window!” she hollered uncomprehendingly. It was obvious that Lily was just as scared for Rose’s life as Rose was.

Rose became even paler than usual and exchanged looks with Scorpius. “I am so dead,” she mouthed. “So, so dead. Beyond dead.”

“No you’re not,” Scorpius said, even though he was rather pale himself. “Who saw us again?”

Lily rounded on Scorpius with wild eyes. “Tomas and Reese! Albus’s best mates!”

Rose took a deep breath and looked up to the windows. Anyone could have seen them. “Maybe they thought we were someone else?”

Lily gave her a look. “It’s hard to mistake your red hair and his platinum blonde hair for someone else’s.”

Scorpius smirked to himself. “That’s not true, Potter. I know someone whose red hair is almost exactly the same as Rose’s. And it would be believable if people heard I was with her instead of sweet and innocent Rosie over here.”

Lily and Rose looked at him like he was crazy. “Who?” Rose asked curiously.

Scorpius chuckled. “Why, Lily of course.”


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