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Boys and Girls by ruisselle
Chapter 4 : Mad, Mad Dates
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Author’s Note: Finally a new chapter. No excuses except that I had no idea what was going to happen. So hopefully this will cover it reasonably well. My climaxes are usually pretty weak but I feel that this one it decent, so enjoy the party!
Disclaimer: The idea of Hogwarts, a few characters, and many last names belong to JK Rowling. I do not claim credit for anything but the storyline and my own, original characters.    

Ch. 4 | Mad, Mad Dates.

It was the day before the party when Leo finally secured a date.

Him and Leo crawled into the common room on Friday after dinner, looking dazed.

Colin nudged James. “Hey, what’s his problem?”

“Dunno. Hey – maybe he got an E!” James said excitedly, unwrapping a chocolate frog.

“Yeah right, I’d probably be carrying him if that happened. No, he just got asked out,” Neil said, following Leo to the fireside.

James laughed hard and long.

“Someone – haha, sorry, - someone asked YOU to the Slug Club party?” he choked out, “Who, Denise Midgen?”

Leo gave him a scathing look.

“No; as a matter of fact, it was Fiona Everard,” he said standing taller. James really did choke this time.
Neil thumped James on the back. “Yup, she just came right up and asked him if he had a date and voilà, there it was.”

Colin looked impressed. “And I thought Gabriella was the best we could get. Good luck on keeping her, Leo.”

Leo opened his mouth to protest but was cut off as, with a loud WOOMPH, the frog’s head de-lodged itself from James’ throat, skimming the top of a fourth year girls’ head across the room.

“Wow, that must’ve been thirty feet!”


Dressing up was always a unique time for Hogwarts residents. 

Girls became even more unbearable as they got even more giggly and started swapping make-up tips, and even the boys displayed their vain and slightly feminine behaviors as they got ready for the party. 

“Hey, Neil, where’s that hair stuff you nicked from your dad?” James called across the room in a desperate attempt to get his hair to lay flat as Colin attempted to pull the top off a bottle of cologne. 

An unexpected scoff caused even Quidditch-master Neil to miss his mark in surprise. 

“I’m sorry, did you have something to say?” James asked Smith airily. 

“Well, I didn’t really expect to be sharing a dorm with girls,” he sneered. 

Neil’s face darkened, clearly offended. 

“You’d better watch what you say, Smith, because I don’t like my sister to go out with arses.”

“Speaking of sisters,” Smith said nastily, “Potter, I heard that you’ve invited Carmella to the Slug Club.” His words had a slight threatening tone than made James bring up his guard. 

“Only because I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving any girl with you all night,” James shot back.

“None wouldn’t be,” Smith snarled, “Because as your little mate Lynch pointed out, I’m going with Aine, who is perfectly happy to go with me. Now, if you’d excuse me, I plan on actually being on time, so as not to keep my date waiting.”

And with that, the four boys were left staring at the door, slammed shut. 

“Well, as much as I hate to admit it, he’s got a point in the whole punctuality matter,” Leo said, pulling on his robes and heading for the same door. “And Colin, you might want to try twisting that cap.” 


The four boys and their dates met up in the corridors above the North dungeon entrance. Fiona, James noticed, looked very pretty with her dark hair in curls.

Carmella seemed to have developed a rather irritating habit of hanging off his arm as they walked down the stairs. James was astonished that she somehow managed to gaze at him and talk non-stop without missing a step. 

A boy with a girl in tow pushed between them with only a few steps left and Carmella was shoved close to the wall. She was less than pleased at James’ obvious lack of concern for her well-being.

“Didn’t you see him? He nearly killed me! He could’ve knocked me down the stairs where my head could’ve hit every single step and I could’ve ended up…”

All in all, James couldn’t wait to be free of her and excused himself immediately to go get drinks once they were inside the dungeon. Neil followed him, looking just at disgruntled as James.

“Bloody hell she wouldn’t shut up! Why on earth do blokes like those creatures? All they do is go on about, ‘Ooh, doesn’t my hair look pretty? It should because I spent two hours on it,’ ‘Oh no! A speck of lint! Here, let me get that off for you.’ I don’t want any bloody girl to touch my robes!”

“Mate, mine was whining about how she was going to die right then and there because of the concerning lack of heroism I display,” he said, glaring at Colin and Leo, who were both gazing at their dates as if transfixed.

“Whining must be a shared gene in the Smith family,” Neil commented as he downed his goblet of pumpkin juice.

The boys spent as much time as they dared getting drinks before making their way toward the table where their dates were giggling, their heads bent together. They straightened up as James and Neil approached, and Catherine Jenkins pouted a little bit.

“What took you so long?” she simpered.

“Oh, don’t mind thanking us,” Neil said sarcastically and Catherine’s pout deepened. He ignored this, dropping into a seat and stretching his arms above his head.

“So, what’re we supposed to do at these things?” he asked.

Catherine’s pout vanished. “Oh, we must dance!” she said, getting up and dragging an extremely reluctant Neil behind her onto the dance floor.

Carmella gave James an expectant look. He groaned and her hopeful look turned into a scowl.

“Fine, fine…” he said, offering a hand for her to take.

An hour later found Neil and James back at their table. Catherine and Carmella had given up on the two boys and had rapidly found new dancing partners.

James was watching Leo and Fiona with an expression that could almost be described as a glower. Leo flushed as Fiona laughed at something he said and James’ mood became even more sour as yet another pair of giggling girls came up to Neil and himself, nudging each other as they asked if the boys wanted to dance.

“No!” James found himself snarling at the girls, who were taken aback and turned hopefully to Neil, who shook his head.

“Come one, mate, let’s get out of here,” Neil muttered in James’ ear. “This thing obviously isn’t doing you any good.”


Leo was enjoying himself immensely. He still couldn’t believe his luck as he gazed at the pretty girl in front of him.

She was laughing. At something he said. Another shocker, he thought.

“I can’t believe that you and Potter are such good friends!” she said.

Oh, yeah. He had almost forgotten that it was not him that was funny, but James.

“You’re just so different. I mean, he’s the immature bloke that makes a fool of himself all of the time, and you’re such the gentleman, always being nice to everyone and getting good grades…”

Leo just shrugged.

“We’ve known each other forever. Our parents are really good friends so we’re around each other a lot. You just get used to his antics, I guess.”

“You know Harry Potter?” asked Fiona in surprise.

“Yeah. He’s really cool with us. He even taught us some magic before we got here.”

“And your grandfather wrote our Care of Magical Creatures book,” she continued.

“Well, yeah, I guess so, but I never actually knew him-”

“And then your mother is the editor of the Quibbler and runs that miscellaneous shop in Diagon Alley-”

“Yeah, but she’s actually pretty air-headed to be honest, not at all that great or anything-”

“And you must know all the elites from the Second War since your mum is friends with them. Gosh, you must have a fabulous life; that’s Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt, creatures activist Hermione Weasley and Deputy Auror Ron Weasley, not to mention our Defense Professor Weasley and our Herbology Professor Longbottom, plus-”

“But none of that matters!” Leo finally burst, “I mean, sure, they have well-known names and everything, but they’re just as normal as anyone. I mean, its not like it makes me glow or anything. And believe me, most of them would probably hex you if they heard you talking about them like that.”

Leo wasn’t quite sure why he was so angry, but he found himself turning around and stalking out of the dungeons, leaving a very shocked Fiona Everard behind him.


Colin was still staring at Gabriella, who was more than a little uncomfortable.

He didn’t seem to be aware of it, but the silence between them was rather suffocating.

“Er, it’s rather hot, don’t you think?” she asked. “I think I’ll go get a drink, do you mind?”

“Oh no,” Colin remembered to say, “In fact, I think I’ll get one with you.”

Gabriella was less than pleased but allowed herself to be separated from him when she spotted her friend nearby, dancing and laughing happily with a boy.

“I think I need to talk to you,” she muttered in the girl’s ear and flashed a smile in the boy’s direction as she dragged Charlotte to an empty table.

“I told you he would creep you out,” Charlotte sighed as Gabriella dropped her head down and knocked it against the table couple of times.

“Oh, he’s really sweet – when he’s actually talking – but it’s when he’s just staring… I mean, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t exactly mind it, but I mean, he’s a first year. Where was I when I agreed to this?” Gabriella groaned.

“Well, let me see,” Charlotte said, looking mock thoughtful, “If I remember correctly, you were still gaga about your new broom.”

Gabriella smiled dreamily at this.

“But the Silver Streak is just so… shiny,” she said.

“Oh, Gabby,” Charlotte moaned.

Gabriella laughed. Her friend was so good at cheering her up.

“Sorry, Charlie, I couldn’t resist.”

Looking slightly disgruntled, Charlotte stood up.

“Well, I’m going back to dance with Gabe. I think you should ditch the firstie.”

Gabriella groaned again, but brought herself back to reality anyway.

“Yeah, I think I’ll do something of the sort.”


You can imagine James’ surprise to see Leo slam the door of their dormitory only five minutes after them.

“What happened?” James blurted before he could stop himself.

Leo looked at him darkly and James had the grace to look slightly abashed.

“She started going star-struck on me,” he muttered as he rummaged around for his pajamas. “You know, the whole oh-my-gosh-you-must-have-such-a-fabulous-life-because-you-know-so-many-amazing-people thing.”

“Ahh,” Neil sighed in sympathy.

James looked at him like he was crazy.

“SO? That’s it? Mate, you gave up Fiona Everard just because she was impressed by your gene pool?”

Leo shifted on his feet.

"Well, it was your gene pool, too.”

James made a noise of frustration. “You know what, I give up on girls and blokes. Actually, I give up on the human species in general!”

Leo snorted. “What, are you going to live with the trolls, then?”

“Maybe,” James snapped and yanked his curtains shut.

Leo looked towards Neil.

“I take it your nights didn’t go very well, either?”

Neil shook his head, his eyes wide.

“Mate, they have major personal space issues.”


Colin crept into the silent dormitory about twenty minutes later, replaying his night.

He had finally found Gabriella again, and he felt that he had managed to contain his relief that she hadn’t deserted him very well.

“Listen, Colin,” she had said, and for a heartbreaking moment, Colin thought she was going to tell him that it had been the most horrible date she had ever experienced, “I’m really tired and I feel like I’m going to collapse from sleepiness at any moment. So I think I’m going to head on back to my common room. Is that okay?” Colin breathed a silent sigh of relief.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier? Here I’ll walk you back, just so you won’t collapse on your journey,” he said, offering her a smile.

“Oh no, really, you should stay, don’t leave because of me,” she had protested.

But he wouldn’t hear of it. He felt a certain amount of pride in his gentlemanliness.

He had walked her to the stairs that led to the entrance of the Ravenclaw common room and, right before she started ascending, had grabbed her wrist and pecked her on the cheek before he lost his nerve.

She had looked a little shocked but gave him a smile before saying goodnight.

Colin grinned to himself, pleased with his performance and fell asleep with dreams of her smile


Author's Note: One thing to notice: I made Mrs. Weasley the DADA teacher because I felt that a) everyone would be impressed with her performance at the Battle of Hogwarts and b) she would need something to do when Ginny left school and she had no more kids of her own to keep in line.


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