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Curiosity Killed The Cat... by lollipop_marauderette
Chapter 6 : I'm Back Baby!!!
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Sorry about the wait guys!!! I’m so sorry... I had such a writers block. So I made this one extra long to make up for it... Just so that you know, from now on the cursive lookin type is Harry’s thinking. Please R&R!!! :*

The days turned into weeks and soon it had been a month. Harry had made absolutely no progress. In fact, all he had done was make James hate him more, while getting closer to Lily.

The pranks only became worse. The only thing the Marauders hadn’t done was turn Harry into a girl. Yet.

He really didn’t see how he was going to make this work. No one here knew why he was here. He had made a few friends, but none were that close, the Marauders couldn’t stand him, and he had somehow managed to gain a fan club. Lovely.

Harry left the common room and started to go to the Room of Requirements. It was the only place Harry felt even a little bit a home. So far it had turned into the burrow, his flat, Ron and Hermione’s house, George’s shop, and even the room they had used for the D.A.

Harry walked lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, he was jerked back to reality as he heard loud voices and laughter coming down the hall.

Seeing who it was, Harry put his head down and tried to go unnoticed. He failed.


James shoved Harry into the wall causing Harry to drop his school bag he had taken along with him. With a flick of his wand, James ripped open the bag sending the contents flying. "Looks like your bag broke."

As James lifted his wand to do more damage, and angry voice yelled "Potter, what do you think your doing ?!"

An angry looking Lily was glaring and walking up to the group. "Did you do this to Scott." Lily’s eyes flashed. "Well?"

James stuttered. "I... uh, well."

‘Aw man, why do I always have to do the hard stuff?’ Harry waved his hand in front of Lily’s face to get her attention.

Lily looked at him confused and Harry pointed to his bag and James while shaking his head.

"Are you trying to tell me that this thing," Lily pointed at James. "Was actually helping you?"

Harry nodded. ‘Lovely, I’ll just lie for the jerk that’s supposed to be my dad!’

"Is this true?!" Lily demanded, rounding on James.

He only faltered for a minute. "Yes." With a flick of his wand, Harry’s stuff was back in his newly fixed bag. "There you go Ry - Scott." Harry picked up his bag and nodded.

"Well, alright then. I’m off to the library. Bye Scott." Lily looked suspicious, but turned around the corner and left.

The Marauders looked back at Harry in disbelief. He quickly left and when he was sure they weren’t near, Harry started to run.

Getting to the wall that would soon reveal a place he could relax, Harry started to pace in front of it thinking.
‘I need a place where no one can follow me... where I can relax and be myself... like home.’

Harry went in the door and blinked in surprise. He was in Ana’s room!!! Smiling to himself, he went in and looked at all the familiar things.

Sighing to himself, Harry thought about Ana. He had never missed his sister so much, except for that time in their 7th year... {A/N - hahaha you will not find out what it is until the sequel *rubs hands together evilly }

Laying himself on her round bed, Harry thought about her. Even when he was having a bad day, Ana always managed to cheer Harry up. Ana was always there for him. And though she had matured a lot since they graduated, ana was still mischievous and had an almost childlike since of humor and fun.

Closing his eyes, Harry thought in desperation
‘I want my sister... she can help me... I miss her so much.. I need her.’

Harry opened his eyes ready for disappointment. Of course, no Ana.

He sighed, frustrated, and sat up. That was dumb. Harry knew that Ana couldn’t come back to the past just because he wanted her to.

But then he saw a strange thing, causing Harry to rub his eyes in disbelief.

First it was only a shadow, but after a few minutes, Ana had materialized in front of him. ‘Ana?’

Ana looked around and her eyes widened when they saw the man sitting in her room.

"HARRY!" Ana screamed and tackled him into a huge hug. "I can’t believe your back! Tell me all about the 80s!"

Harry’s mouth popped open. Ana thought he had gone back to the future, when she was the one who had come back!

"How was our mom and dad? And Sirius? Remy?"

‘Ana, I’m not back!’

Ana gave him a crazy look. "Harry, if you weren’t back, I wouldn’t be able to see or talk to you." She explained slowly.

‘Ana, I. Am. Not. Back.’

"Are you a.. a.. ghost? D-did you die?" Ana actually looked scared.

‘No! No, Ana... you, you came... came back.’

"Came back?"

‘Welcome to the 80s.’

Ana thought for a minute, then slowly smiled. "How. Cool. Now I can meet the Marauders, and see what Lily’s like and see if M&M is still as strict as ever!" Harry stared at her. "What?"

‘Your hair, it isn’t pink anymore!’

"Well, yeah. I only had to keep it for a month. Thank you Captain Obvious!"

Harry smiled and hugged her. ‘This is great.’

Ana smiled back at him. "Yeah, I missed you too."

‘No its not that. Now I have a translator.’ Ana gave him a confused look. ‘My hand is getting cramped from all this writing.’

Ana rolled her eyes. "Way to ruin the moment."

‘Well, let’s go.’ 


‘We have to get you signed up as a student.’

Ana’s face brightened. "Oh yeah! Onward march!" She ran for the door.

Harry pulled her back by the arm. "What?" He pulled out the inevitability cloak. ‘We can’t blow our cover.’

Right. I knew that! I was just testing you!"

Harry rolled his eyes as Ana covered herself with the cloak. "How do I look?"

‘Can you ever be serious. Now be quiet. I will send you back if you try to scare people.’

There was a huff but Ana was otherwise silent.

Harry crept sneakily the halls, hiding whenever a person came by. Ana followed silently behind.

A while later, they came to Dumbledore’s office. ‘Crap.’"

"What?" Ana whispered as quietly as she could. But this was Ana, so...

"Who are you with Scott?" A coy voice came from behind the twins. They both turned around to see a girl with blond hair and brown eyes looking flirtatious.

Harry looked confused and shook his head. "Oh, I thought I heard someone." The girl looked at the gargoyles and Harry. "Aww, Scott you poor thing!"

She came over to Harry and clung to him. "You can’t even get into Dumbledore’s office. Your so helpless, it’s hott. You know that’s why so many girls like you. Every girl loves a listener. I mean, even Sirius Black didn’t get his own fan club until 2nd year." Harry looked uncomfortable while she pressed himself closer to him. He looked at the gargoyles.

"Oh, the password. Licorice wand." The stairway opened. "But you know," The girl started to flirt again. "Me and you should get together sometime Scott."

Harry nodded and hurried up the stairs, Ana silently behind him.

As soon as the staircase closed behind them, Ana burst out laughing. "Dude, are you for real! Somebody besides Ginny actually likes you!"

Harry glared at where he thought Ana was. ‘Yes, she does like me. And her and Ginny aren’t the only girls who’ve liked me!’

"Whatever," Ana stopped laughing, still giggling a little.

‘You know, if someone happened to walk in here and hear thin air laughing, it would blow our cover.’ 

Ana was silent. 'Thank you. Now come on.' Harry knocked on the door 

"Come in."

Harry walked into Dumbledore’s office, pausing a few seconds before shutting the door so Ana could get in.

"Ahh yes. Mr. ... Ryan. I had a feeling I might be seeing you soon."

Harry took out a piece of parchment and pencil. ‘Why sir?’

Dumbledore pressed his fingertips together. "Well, it seems that a certain someone .... came to the school and wishes to enroll, as a student." His eyes rested on the place where Ana was hidden.

Ana threw the cloak on Harry’s face and ran over to Dumbledore’s desk. "Big D! I missed you so much!" Ana engulfed him a huge bear hug.

"Well Miss Potter, may I ask why you missed me so much?"

‘Oh dear.’ Harry looked at Ana nervously.
"Well Big D. I’m an old woman now. I’m 24! So I’m not allowed to go to school anymore. Depressing thought. Not literally!’ Ana glanced at Harry. "So, ya know, I can’t see my Big D as much as I want!"

Dumbledore chuckled softly. "My dear, I hardly think you old."

"You’re such a flatterer!" Ana pretended to be embarrassed and hugged Dumbledore again/

"Now. As you know, Harry was sent back into the past. But do you know why?"

"Because Harry paid you to let him come?"

Dumbledore smiled. "Not quite. Do you know how your parents go together?" Ana shook her head ‘no’. "Well, it occurred in their final year of schooling."

Dumbledore looked at Ana expectantly. Ana sat there for a few minutes, then realized that Harry and Dumbledore were both looking at her expectantly. "So?"

"Well you and Harry are now in their 7th year."

"I’m not seein’ the connection here."

"Harry flicked her in the back of the head. ‘We have to get our parents together, Dimwit!’"

"Hey! That hurt a little. And don’t yell at me in your head!’

"If you would refrain from fighting for a few minutes please," Ana and Harry looked at him like 4 year olds getting caught sneaking cookies from the cookie jar. "Thank you. Next, as you can see, Harry is in disguise. So that means you get to be-"

"Awesome! I get to be a teen again!" Dumbledore looked at Ana and she pretended to zip her lips. "So take this necklace and remember to keep it on at all times."

"I get to be in dis- gui- uise!" Ana sang as she put on the shark tooth necklace identical to Harry’s. After a few seconds, she raised her eyebrows. "That felt weird. So, how do I look?" She struck a pose.

Harry looked at her than wrote on the piece of parchment again. He passed it to Dumbledore, who chuckled after he read it.

"What did you write?" Ana grabbed the note. She read it quickly, than huffed. "‘Could you have made her uglier?’ Thanks Harry. It’s nice to know you think so much of me. Now can I see what I look like?"

‘No you look hideous. We have to get you a new necklace.’

Ana ‘uhhed’ and got out her wand. She flicked, and a full length mirror appeared in front of her.

"Whoa. I’m 17 again." {A/N– Bit of Disney humor there.}

Ana had shrunk several inches, now at 5'5" and had the same sun gained tan as Harry. Her body was more curved, with less of an athlete look. Ana had more of an innocent teen aura.

"Is that really my face?" Ana poked her cheek.

Her usual elegant, more sharp features, were much different. Her face was rounder, going with the innocent look. Ana’s eyes were the same dark purple as Harry’s in a more rounder shape than the usual almond shape.

Her scar was hidden, too, by zig zagged bangs across her forehead. Her hair was the same dark brown as Harry’s with the occasional carmel steaks. It was straight and had shrunk from her usual waist length to halfway down her back.

"I’m short. I love it!!" Ana smiled, revealing dimples. "Hey, dimples! I always wanted those!"

Harry glared at her. ‘Great. I already had to deal with her being pretty the first time she was 17. It will be lots of fun to have to go through it again.’
Ana whirled around. "You thought I was pretty? You always called me hideous!"

‘What? I said pretty ugly!"
"Right." Ana vanished the mirror. "Anything else, boss?" She looked at Dumbledore.

"Well, we’ve changed your looks, informed you why you are here, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about your accent having to sound American-"

"Yup! My accent is as American as apple pie!"

Dumbledore smiled. "Now. Your trunk is in the girls’ dorm already. And I will just put you in Gryffindor, and your schedule will be the same as Harry’s." Ana nodded. "You also need to remember to call Harry, Scott."

"That will be mucho difficulta... I’ll have to figure out a nick name or something." Ana tapped her chin, looking thoughtful. Harry rolled his eyes and pointed at Dumbledore. "Right."

"Which brings us to our next obstacle. Your name." Ana raised her hand. "Yes, Anaxandra?"

"Can I pick my own name?"

"I don’t see why not." Dumbledore agreed as Harry shook his head ‘no’ frantically.

"Yes! Ok, let me think!" Ana thought for a minute then snapped her fingers. "I got it! Ready for it... Aurora!"


"You know, then I could combine two of my favorite people. Aurora, my favorite fairy tale princess. And then for short I could be called Rori, that character I like in Gilmore Girls!"

‘Could you please come up with a normal name?

"Fine!" Ana thought again. "How about... Chastity?"

'I said normal.’
"Kay, how ‘bout Sarafina?"

‘No!’"Karman Lareeta! Or Elizabeth Marie Lizelle Kaleel? Or-"

‘Fine, fine! Just go with Aurora or Rori..’

"Yes! I get to be Aurora and Rori!" Ana jumped up and down while clapping her hands.

‘Honestly, you couldn’t even think of a normal name.’"

"Well, now that we have decided on a name, I think I’ve told you everything. Parent, classes, your trunk... yes everything. So you should be off to bed now." Ana recovered herself with the cloak. "And remember," Dumbledore added. "Keep the necklaces on. And we’ll start having meetings soon."

Harry nodded and the invisible Ana said "Yuppy dupp."

Harry and Ana opened the door and stepped out in the staircase. Halfway down, Ana grabbed Harry’s arm. "Har - Scott?"

"What if I stick out?" Ana uncovered her head.

Harry put his hand on Ana’s shoulder. ‘You will always stick out.’
Ana smiled halfheartedly. "But what if they figure out I’m 24! Or from the future!" Ana looked slightly scared.

Harry got serious. ‘Well, I’m sure if you focus, you won’t say anything too futuristic. I mean, America already is pretty different.’ Ana nodded, looking a little better. Harry smiled. ‘Besides. You already have the maturity of a 6 year old. I don’t think anyone will figure out your 24.’
Ana laughed. "Your right." She started to cover up her head again, then froze.


"Well, its just, usually you’re the one who worries and I’m the one who doesn’t care about anything."

Harry laughed and they entered the hall. Ana smiled. "It’s good to be back." Ana took a deep breathe and yelled, "I’m back ba-bay! Hogwarts here I come! Whoo hoo!"

Harry smiled. He was to happy to have Ana back to tell her to be quiet.

‘Now that Ana’s here, everything will work out fine... I hope.’

Again please review!!! I don’t care if you hate or love it!! Just tell me in the little white box!!!!! L8ER G8ER!!

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