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Cupcakes by Professionalism
Chapter 3 : The Punishment
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-The Punishment

“And, in conclusion, I wish to ask you, Lily Evans,” said James, a smirk gracing his face, “Will you go out with me?” I smiled ruefully and shook my head. He’s always asking her that kind of stuff.
Lily raised her eyebrows.

“No, thanks, Potter you toerag.” He bowed with a flourish.

“Why, thank you, mademoiselle.” Sirius chuckled.

“James, you’ll never stop, will you?” I said, giggling.

“Dido, why in hell do you hang out with them?” asked Marpessa, a friend of Lily’s.

“They’re my friends. Why not hang out with them?” I said, shrugging.
Lily snickered.

“Just keep your robes on tightly when with them!”  Marpessa and Lily laughed. Color filled my face.

“You shits!” I screamed. They ran off before I could go and pummel them as I wished I could.

“God, they’re such wenches...” murmured Remus. My eyes were slits and my breathing was heavy.

“You think?” I asked loudly.

“Blackbird, you’re going to be okay. Just breathe.” Said James, patting my shoulder. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks.” I said scathingly yet thankfully.

“Why the fuck they’re such girly girls, I’ll never know. Padfoot, how’s the map going along?” I said, thrusting my hand into his bag, rummaging around until I pulled out a piece of parchment.

“It’s doing fine, all we have to do is mark the secret entrances and put those hiding charms on them. Fuck it. We still have a damn lot to do.” He said. Remus craned his neck to stare at the worn-out parchment.

“What’s the activation word?” I asked, poking it with my cherry and dragon heartstring wand.

“ I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Stated Sirius, tapping the map. It started to gain colour and it began to look like the architectural plan of Hogwarts.

“Where the fuck is Wormtail? this is damn huge!” I squealed. A mousy boy peeked out from behind.

“How the fuck do you do that?” asked James, his eyes wide.
Peter rolled his eyes. “Magic.” He smirked.
Sirius closed the map and shoved it back in his bag.

“What the fuuuu-“ I started before noticing Filch standing behind us.

“Good morning, Argus!” I said robotically, clapping my hands and smiling widely.
The caretaker grunted and moved on, his cat stalking right behind him.
“Whew. That was damn close.” Said James.

“I heard that!” Filch shouted.
I cringed. James shuddered.

“I swear, he’ll always freak me out.” Remus hissed.

“Yeah, and his constant bitching drives me nuts, the squib” I murmured.

“I’m feeling ill.” Said Remus, shuddering.

“Is it..?” I asked, my hand flying to his forehead.

“Yeah shit!” cried Sirius.

“What time is it?” I screamed.

“Seven thirty seven!” James shouted.

“Will Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Miss Johnson report to Professor Dumbledore’s office immediately.” Boomed McGonagall’s voice from above.

“WHAT NOW?!?!?” Screamed Sirius, his face gaining colour.
“Let’s just go, come on.” Muttered Remus, pulling all of us towards the stairs.


When we were all seated in Dumbledore’s office, he and his striking blue eyes greeted us.

“I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas?” he asked, observing us through his horn-rimmed glasses.

The boys nodded, but I shrugged and said, “I’m Jewish, but I had a good December 25th ,” He chuckled.

“Miss Johnson, you’ve always had that sense of humor, from your father, I presume? I never knew that your mother had it,” he said gently.

“Yeah, from my dad.” I said, putting emphasis on the ‘yeah’.

McGonagall harrumphed and we all looked towards her, surprised.
She looked at Dumbledore apprehensively and he cleared his throat.

“Yes, the reason why I asked for you is because I have had many girls complaining about you.” He began, setting his hands on the desk and fiddling with one of his many shining trinkets.

“Me? I’m a girl and I’ve never had a boyfriend!” I cried, shooting up from my chair.

“I was not referring to you, Miss Johnson. I was referring to Padfoot, Prongs, and Moony.” He said, smiling.

“You know our names?” Asked James, blushing.

“He knows that, and more.” Snapped Severus Snape, moving in from the shadows. “Lorraine Jennings? Mary Moore? Any familiar names there?” he asked smugly.

We all suddenly realized what the Slytherin had done.

“You son of a...” Sirius started. He lunged at Snape.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Mr. Black,” Dumbledore said. Sirius found himself unable to continue his attack on Snape. He strained to try to attack, but found it worthless. When he just wanted to step away, he was allowed to. He just stood there shooting venomous glares at him.

“It has come to my understanding that you have been , to say this in slang, dating and dumping an astronomical amount of girls in your year,” said Dumbledore seriously.

I looked at the boys in annoyance.

“They have either been so obsessed with dating you, or not being able to get over it, that they aren’t paying attention to their schoolwork.” He finished, clapping his hands together.

“...And? It’s not that bad.” Said James, looking at him in confusion.

“On the contrary, Mr. Potter, it’s extremely bad. If they do not pay attention to schoolwork because of you, their O.W.L.s will be bad because of you.” He said.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Pardon me, but why am I here? I haven’t been doing this, as I said before.” I murmured, twirling a strand of hair between my middle and forefingers.

“You are here to carry out the punishment. I hear from the boys countless times that you can bake very well. Are you willing to listen to my proposal?” he asked me.

“Yes...” I said, scratching my head in confusion.

“My proposal is that you cook seven cupcakes for the boys every week they go without dating or kissing a girl. Do you accept?” he said calmly. Suddenly the boys escaped from their trance of silence and they all exploded into protest.

“GUYS! Listen to him!” I yelled over their annoyed shouts and screams.

“I accept, If I can use the kitchens to cook.” I said proudly.

The boys murmured their approval.
“The Punishment commences on Monday.”

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