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Pirates by singerhotti24
Chapter 4 : Doomed
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, my original characters, and the names of the Islands. Sadly, I am not a genius with the name J. K. Rowling, so I must apologize. Anyway, Hope you're loving the story! Don't forget to Review!


Hermione didn’t have any time to react. For a moment, she was suspended, floating in space. Just when she started thinking that it was a nice feeling, the new world crashed down upon her in waves. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t. All she did was fall down, down, down. Any sound she made was snatched away by the wind flying by her, as she fell down….

As if someone had righted to soda bottle that she was in, the world righted itself. Hermione tried to become oriented, and shook her head twice. Her bum hurt.

Hermione shoved away her pain and looked at her surroundings. With a grin, she realized that she was on her ship. The difference from where she was to where she came had knocked her off her feet. Literally.

“It’s about time one of them got here!” a voice said, in obvious relief.

“I know! Being on this boat for a week with you has been killing me!” another voice said, in more obvious relief. Whoever these blokes are, they must have gone nuts with the heat. Hermione thought wryly.

“It’s a ship, bro. Not a boat.” the first voice said.

“For Merlin’s sake! WHO CARES?” the other replied.

“Well, actually, it is a ship, by classical definition, from the Wizards and Wabstors dictionary. It has multiple sails a crows nest and cannon chambers. All of which a boat does not have.” Hermione said, her crew appearing suddenly behind her. Hermione grinned as she watched the emotions blaze across their faces, they looked totally disoriented. Her eyes then fell on Blaise, who looked perfectly comfortable, as if the ride to the ship was a ride in tea land. Hermione’s eyes narrowed.

“Oi!” Fred and George said at the same time. “You’re HERE!”

Hermione’s face barely had time to register terror when the twins pounced her, toppling her to the planks of the deck.


“It’s about--”


“Time!” they both finished together.

George looked at the frail girl beneath them and stood up. “I could hug you to death!” he shouted jovially in her ear. She winced. “Can I give you a hand Her-, I mean, Captain Granger?”

Hermione groaned in pain as she rubbed the now forming goose-egg on her head. Her bum hurt worse. “I don’t know, can you?” she retorted weakly.

Fred shook his head. “You’ll be getting worse bruises than that this week.” he said, as Hermione got up by herself, still rubbing her head.

Susan groaned. “Oh Merlin’s left eyeball, we’re all going to die.” she said when she realized who the two red-headed blokes standing before them in their heroic poses were…

Jem looked pitiful. “We’ve got the Tomato twins.” he whined. So it sounded more like.. “We’ve got the Tomato Twiiihiihiiinnnss…”

“We’re bloooody DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!” Carson wailed dramatically, kneeling on the ground, hitting his head against the unforgiving planks. So, technically, it sounded more like… 

“We…BANG…Bloo….BANG…Dooooo…BANG…oooo….BANG…oooo….BANG…MED! "

Then silence. Of course, totally not understandable if you didn’t know where he was or what he was saying, but everyone understood, so they had no problem getting his meaning.

“Oi you,” Fred said, kneeling down to Carson’s level, “Twerp. SHUT UP!” he shouted, slightly irritated. He stood up, and leaned against the mast of the ship, tapping his foot impatiently.

Hermione sighed, drinking in her fate. We‘re all going to die. “OK, can everyone line up on starboard side?” she asked, simply.

Silvester grinned and ran to a side of the ship. Everyone looked at him and with what looked like the expression entitled:

“Ah! Well there’s someone who knows what he’s doing, lets do what he does!”

This expression was pasted onto every one of their faces, as they ran and joined him.

Hermione looked at the twins who’s heads were in their hands, a slight whimpering sound coming from beneath their fingers.

Hermione looked at them with a tired expression, but her eyes were filled with amusement. This might just could be entertaining after all. “Starboard side is that way.” she said, pointing to he opposite side of the ship.

“Do any of you know anything about a ship at all?” Hermione asked. When no one answered her question, she pointed to the part of the ship, almost impatiently. She had things to do! Her group quickly moved to the newly designated area and lined up. Everyone except for Blaise.

She narrowed her eyes. He simply smirked. She glanced over at George, her honey brown eyes dancing to his irritation. “This is going to be a very long day.”

Draco, despite the fall, wasn’t disoriented at all. He landed on his ship on both feet, like a graceful cat. Instantly, he drank in his surroundings. He looked around as his team silently landed behind him. He motioned with a finger to his lips for silence. The group dutifully did so. This is a test. Draco didn’t know how he knew, he just did.

The dark grey planks drank in the sounds of their footfalls and converted them into whispers of black darkness. The ship was created for secrecy, Draco had seen to that. The mist curled around their legs silently, grasping at their feet, trying to keep them in place.

A presence. He could feel it. Draco whirled around when he saw a curl of mist unfurl quickly. Nothing. He searched the shadows and the mist. Then he saw it in the corner of his eye, by the mast.

“Nice try, Mr. Malfoy, but you’ll have to keep looking.” said a voice that whispered at his ears.  I know that voice. He whirled around. Nothing. This is starting to creep me out. He conceded.

Draco took out his new wand. He couldn’t use it for defense against the dark arts, but he could use revealing, but before he could cast a spell, the fog suddenly vanished, to reveal Professor Snape at the helm

In a single moment, they had been transported from a world of mist and fog, to an almost jolly Caribbean area. The fact that Snape was there took the ‘jolly’ part away. Draco had to blink his eyes twice to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things. Snape? Caribbean? I must be going mad! 
The sun was just rising, but the water still shimmered with its turquoise color. Several islands surrounded them, leaving them in almost a “Bay” per se, and a place to practice, and to learn who they were going to be for the next few months.

“You need to use your resources,” Professor Snape said coldly, in his dry, monotone voice. His lips barely moved. He stepped away from the wheel and took the stairs down to the main deck, where the group was waiting. His cloak unfurled with an intimidating motion, causing it to billow around him like a shroud of darkness. How does he DO that? Draco marveled. Draco had been trying to master that one for years!
His greasy hair refused to move with the cool breeze that was wafting through the sails silently, lethally...

“If you don’t use what you have at hand, you will surely loose this game.”

He walked over to a holder, filled with pirate swords and pulled one out. “You will not always have a cutlass with you, your musket will not always be clipped,” he said with a surgical sound, “to your belt. You need to learn how to improvise,” Professor Snape paused to admire the shining, deadly weapon, that he was holding in his hands. It glinted in the sunlight. “Or else, you will die.” 

In a motion that no one had ever thought capable of the old potions professor, he hurled the sword straight at the boy before him. No one had even saw his arm move.

Draco’s grey eyes opened wide as it hurtled straight towards him. He jerked to the side and reached out to grab the handle as it flew by his face. The sword abruptly stopped in mid-air as his fingers curled to the golden twists of the handle. Only a seeker could boast of those reflexes.

Professor Snape answered the question that was lingering in most everyone’s minds on that ship. They prayed the answer would be no. Fate, however, had a different plan, and Snape’s hair was about to get a lot more greasy.

“Yes, I will be teaching you how to use a sword. And so help me, you will learn how to use it excellently.”

He grabbed another sword, and with a swish of his ’Cloak of Doom’, he lunged at Draco. 

“I cant do this, Fred!” Hermione said, as she sighed in defeat and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She flung her sword to the wood of the deck in frustration.

Fred grimaced as the sun beat down of them, the clashing of swords filling the air. A spark or two flew up from the dancing pieces of metal.

It was day 3, and bruises covered the majority of their bodies,. The eagerness to learn was droned out by the screaming of their muscles, which were drowning in lactic acid. Well, from everyone’s bodies except for Fred and George. They were dutifully teaching the team how to, not only expertly handle the sword, but how to use the information that McGonagall put in their brains when they went through the portal. 

According to the Twins, McGonagall told them to tell the team that each one of them had their purpose in this game. One was going to spontaneously love to cook, another to sing bards and sonnets, one to play the guitar, on who could fight better than the rest…ect. They were also teaching the uses of trickery and cleverness, how to weave in your sword when you weren’t expected too, dirty elementary tricks, if you will. After all, that’s what Fred and George were masters at! The kids in elementary never had a chance!

“Yes you can. It’s all been programmed in your body, Little Miss Captain-giving-me-a-hell-of-a-time,” Fred said, leaning against a railing, sweat dripping from his nose. “You just have to remind your muscles that already know how. You’re faster than this, Hermione. The rules of Hogwarts don’t apply here.”

Well that was just peachy! All Hermione knew was Hogwarts. It was her life. I wonder what words of wisdom he’s going to spout out next. Hermione thought, sarcastically.

“Just wait till the clues fall from the sky. It’s not logic, it’s a game.” he said as he held out his hand to her.

Oh, that’s even better advice. OH MERLIN! AN ACORN FELL ON MY HEAD! Hermione thought grudgingly as took his hand and pulled herself up, grasping her sword.

“Alright then. Take one million and 54!” she shouted with over-dramatic enthusiasm. The other one million and 53 times she had said it, everyone had stopped fighting and looked at her funny. Well…really no one cared anymore. 

Hermione bit her lip. I’m tired of getting defeated by this bloody sword. She thought, glaring at the golden tool in her hand, the ruby encrusted heart on the handle representing her, not the people that it would kill, and send to the back of the game. Hermione frowned again. It wasn’t really a game. Except that it totally was. All logic left her. In this game, it was all real- the reactions, the killing…It was all real here. But the fact that killed her the most was that her muscles knew all the moves, and she just couldn’t get them to cooperate!

I bet Malfoy is doing just great with his sword, a voice in her head said with contempt. Looks like if your blades meet, he’ll be cutting you up jolly little cubes, not the other way around. 

Hermione’s eyes flashed in anger at the voice in her head. I will not let that git beat me in anything. She bit on her lip harder, tasting blood. Imagine! To be beat by a ferret.

She looked up at Fred, watching as his face blanched a little at the fury in her eyes.

“Umm…Hermione…Your lip's bleeding.”

Hermione just glared at her sword and got in position. She was going to get it bloody right this time. And she wasn’t going to fail .

Swiftly, she weaved in with the sword, taking Fred by surprise. Hermione didn’t get to see the look of shock fleeting over his face as she weaved out of the drill she was learning and whirled around going into a drill she had been trying to learn 3 hours before.

George had been watching the team, taking a much needed water break, and was helping everyone learn the tricks of the trade. Everyone had seemed to have been doing great!

Everyone, except for Hermione. 

She had been struggling and struggling to get her muscles to remember. It was as if she knew it was all a game, but she couldn’t look at her cards and have a martini. The fight taking place in front of his eyes between his brother and his little brother's crush put him into shock: Enough to stop fighting with Thaddius and stare.

Soon, all the other couples had quit and we’re watching the two fight, Hermione masterfully attacking, and forcing Fred in the defensive.

Hermione vented her fury through her sword. But not to kill. That, she would never do. This ,she already decided, and promised to herself.

Blaise was shocked. He had never seen Hermione like this. Somehow, in a moment, her bookworm image was blown to bits by this canon ball of an image! His eyes wandered down her body lazily. If her hair wasn’t so bushy, then maybe,maybe she’d be decent. He critiqued mentally. She really wasn’t his type of girl. He was picky, not her color, and well, Blaise Zabini. She was a Mudblood, a know-it-all, and, well, Hermione Granger. 

The only reason he showed any interest in her, was that he wanted to tame the shrew. She was as tight as a button hole, and he wanted to loosen her up. Influence her, somewhat. She couldn’t be all good.

Hermione swept through the Starlight drill and blended into the Cross Foot drill, which, she had learned, had nothing to do with crossing her feet. She felt a pair of eyes on her body, but she pushed it away. Surely, everyone was looking right now. She sidestepped a jab from Fred and kept attacking, searching, seeking out an opening. She blended into drills she knew she hadn’t learned, free styling it, every here and there, careful not to leave an opening on her side.

Sweat was beading on his face, and he was breathing heavy. On the other hand, Hermione noticed that she, wasn’t feeling tired at all. Just exhilarated, like the feeling that Harry told her about when he went flying. A free feeling, a sense of belonging.

She relaxed and swung in playfully, laughing as he met her sword. Her frizzed curls flew free from her hair band as she whirled around and blocked two thrusts in one go.
She giggled as Fred’s face turned into one of complete horror. Did she just giggle?

Then she saw it. The opening. She thrust her sword in with a smile and whipped his sword from his hands. He tried to roll away, but she swiftly brought her sword to his chin, daring him to move…..

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