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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 17 : Help Arrives
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Chapter 17-Help Arrives 

A week after having her vision, the castle was bustling with activity. The charms and enchantments protecting the castle and its ground were being strengthened by the staff when classes were not in session. Their allies from around the world were beginning to arrive, SPD being the first to do so. 

They arrived in the early afternoon a week after Sky went back by Portkey to give the message to Commander Cruger. A young second year on the front lawns ran back into the castle and straight to Professor McGonagall when he had seen a large dog shaped figure moving towards the castle. After hearing the rumors of what it could be flying through the castle, the Rangers immediately knew what it was. 

When they reached the grounds, the traveling Space Patrol Delta Base was setting into the clearing on the outside of the Forbidden Forest where the dragons had been kept for the Triwizard tournament three years prior. Sky, Syd, Bridge and Z approached the base they called home with wide smiles. As they approached the entrance to the building, four figures emerged and began walking forward to meet them halfway. 

The tallest of the four was Commander Cruger, wearing his black and silver uniform, a sword hanging from his belt. On his right was a petit women with curly, dark brown hair with flesh colored ears peaking through and bright green eyes, the pupils that of a cat. On Cruger’s left was a young African American wearing a basic black and gray SPD uniform, his dark brown hair in dreadlocks. Next to him walked a thin blond whose hair barely reached her shoulders. The two walked hand in hand. 

“JACK!” yelled Z as she ran forward and jumped on the teen with dreadlocks with so much force they both fell to the ground laughing. Commander Cruger and the brunette next to him chuckled at the two good friends as the stood up and hugged, still laughing. 

“Good to see you, Commander,” greeted Sky. “How was the trip over here?” 

“It was entertaining, that’s for sure. He and Commander Birdy were at each other throats the entire time,” Jack replied with a laugh. His smile disappeared when a small growl was emitted from Cruger. “Sorry sir.” 

“Sir,” Jenny began, stepping forward. “May I introduce my brother, Harry Potter and our friends Hermione Granger and Ron and Ginny Weasley.” 

“Nice to finally meet you. I’m Kat Manx. The Rangers have told us all about you,” the brunette stepped forward and shook the hands of those Jenny had just introduced. 

“And this is my brother in all but blood Jack and his girlfriend Ally,” Z introduced, hugging Jack again. 

“Ah, I see we just missed introductions,” came a familiar voice from behind them. The group turned around to see Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall standing behind them. The two walked through the group of teens to stand face to face with Cruger and Kat. “Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster here. And this is Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress.” 

“The line of archers will be here,” Bridge explained to the group as they looked at a map of Hogwarts. They were all now in the brightly lit Command Center of the Space Patrol Delta base. They were all gathered around a console in the center of the computer and monitor filled room, looking at a three dimensional hologram of Hogwarts castle to plan their defensive system for the final battle. 

“What about the centaurs? Have they agreed to help?” Jenny asked, looking across the console and through the hologram to Professor Dumbledore. 

“With a bit of persuasion yes, but I have to be with them in order to give them the signal,” Dumbledore replied sadly. 

“What?” Harry exclaimed, along with several others around the console. Dumbledore would not be next to him during the final battle. He knew he would most likely be alone when it all came down to it, but to have the only person Voldemort had ever feared watching from afar with the centaurs until the right moment made the upcoming task seem daunting. 

“It is the only way to make sure they will go through with it,” Dumbledore explained. “Centaurs are very easily distracted.” 

“Albus being with the centaurs could be used to our advantage,” Kat remarked, a small smile forming on her catlike features. “Lure the enemy into a false sense of security.” 

“And that thinking is another reason you should be at Galactic Command, Miss Manx,” commented Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy from his place beside Cruger. All those around the console from SPD rolled their eyes at the large, talking bird. 

Kat frowned at him. “I turned down that position once and I’m prepared to do it many times. Like I said then, my place is here on Earth.” 

“Can we get back to planning, please?” Jenny interrupted when Birdy opened his beak to reply to Kat. She glared over the counsel at the bird as if daring him to continue with his comment. He closed his beak and nodded for the planning to continue. “Professor Dumbledore, did Voldemort ever get the giants on his side?” 

“Sadly, yes. They were swayed over by his promise of freedom,” Dumbledore replied. The doors to the Command Center slid open to reveal a sporty young blond in tan travel cloths and calculating blue eyes, in her hands she carried a small black case with a silver fastening. 

Bridge smiled and moved from his position at the console over to the blond and hugged her tightly. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in the Beta Quadrant?” 

“She was. I called her just after Sky left and she came back on the next ship,” Kat explained, moving over to where she and Bridge stood just inside the doorway. The girl handed the scientist the small black case. “Thank you, Sophie.” 

“Glad I could help, Kat,” Sophie replied as Kat walked over to where Jenny stood. Kat smiled and opened the case to reveal a pure white morpher, the Hogwarts crest engraved on its face. Jenny gasped and with a shaking hand, reached forward and gently removed it from the case.
Jenny admired it for a moment before looking back up at Kat. The scientist was smiling at her. “With a few adjustments, it should work in conjunction with the power gem. You will now be the white S.P.D Hogwarts Ranger.” 

Jenny smiled before reaching down and removing her Green Ranger morpher from her belt, sliding the white one into its place. She smiled down at the basic black morpher in her hand it before walking around the couple to Jack and held it out to him. “Welcome back, Jack.” 

Jack smiled at her and took it from her hand. On the other side of him, Bridge and Sky glanced at each other and knew what they had to do. Bridge removed his own morpher and handed it to Sky before walking over to stand directly in front of Jack and took the morpher from his hands. Jack stood there looking at Bridge for a moment in confusion before he realized what exactly they were doing. 

“Seems only fitting that we go back to the colors we were when you were on the team,” Sky stated, dropping his Red Ranger morpher into Jacks hand. ”But I do expect it back when this is all over.” 

“Don’t worry about it. After this is over, I’m going back to the shelter,” Jack replied with a laugh, smiling down at the morpher in his hand, feeling as if he had just been reunited with an old friend.

If you are confused by the switching of morphers. On the show, Jack was red, Sky blue, and Bridge green. That line-up changed at the end of the show when Jack left SPD to work with his girlfreind Ally at a shelter, giving clothing to the poor and homeless.

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