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All Was Well by JustSuperNmenuncle
Chapter 11 : “A Malfoy/Weasley Meeting…”
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Ron was pacing. In front of the fireplace, waiting for the Malfoy’s, he was pacing. The house had been in an up roar all morning - with Ron personally making sure that everything was perfect for their arrival.


"Not that I care what Ferret thinks of the place," he had snapped. "I just want to scare the... out of Scorpius!"


Hermione had never seen the place so spotless in all her life, he had even insisted in having the meeting in the formal dinning room. In Hermione's personal opinion, her husband had gone absolutely mental. He had made sure that it looked like he was richer than the Malfoy’s; he had even allowed her to put snacks on the table. Around the large table sat Harry, Ginny, Rose, Hugo, Lily, Debby, James, Al and off course Hermione.


Since the revelation of Roses secret friendship Al had been in an ill humour that put his parents on edge. Al had always been a good and an evenly tempered child. But his flaming beast, that resembled Al in all but mood, had spent most of the day either screaming at Rose or in a silence that spoke volumes about the betrayal he actually felt.


They were all sat watching the three empty seats that had been laid out for the three Malfoy’s and just behind them, Ron’s pacing was increasing speed.


As Draco stepped out of the grate his eyes locked with Ron's.






They both said it in the same icy cold manner; it wasn't an insult so much as a statement of greeting. Suddenly, Rose and Scorpius hearts dropped. As they realised that emotionally, when it came to each other - their respective fathers were children. This was only confirmed by the rest of the exchange.


"So this is all your Ministry job could afford is it Weasel" he sneared looking around. "To share this place with Scarhead!"


"Draco if you are going to be here in our summer house..." he said pointedly.  "Remember to call people by there proper names. After all, this is a family home." he finished reaching for his wand.


"Fine, Weasley" Draco said suddenly disinterested. "May I complement you on how like your esteemed father you’re looking... Can't afford a hair growth potion... I thought your wife would have been able to knock something up." Everyone could see Ron going more and more red with rage.


"Dad, please," Scorpius said warningly at his father, Draco immediately quietened down.


"Oh and what's with the cane, Draco? Trying to look like your father are we?" Ron said puffing out his chest a bit. Hermione knew that Ron was going to start really laying into Draco with unfavourable character observations. She looked towards her daughter.


Rose quickly signalled to her mother to step in.


"Good Afternoon Draco, Scorpius please come and sit. We have a lot to talk about." Hermione said pointedly looking at Rose and Scorpius.


"Yes!" Draco coldly exclaimed finding the seat opposite from where Ron had just sat.


"Have a drink Draco." Ron offered Draco, acidly. 


"No thank you." Draco was glaring daggers through his eyes but his voice was polite.


"O but I insist have some butter beer" Ron said, shoving a glass into his hand.




Hermione turned to Scorpius to ask why he was still standing when he transfigured something he had hidden in his hands into a bunch of roses for her.


"These are for you Mrs Weasley... To thank you for the hospitality you've extended to us for hosting this... err... meeting." Scorpius said politely only faltering when he glanced and saw the look or scorn of Roses face.


"Well thank you Scorpius, they're beautiful," Hermione said gratefully, smiling down encouragingly at him, though his gaze still fixed on Rose. It was when he looked back at Hermione, however, when Rose stood up and spoke.


"What happened to your eye?" She sounded almost worried. It was the blackest eye she had ever seen.


"You happened," He said attempting to smile but this faded when she gave him a look that said she was wondering why she hadn't seen it earlier. "Pom gave me a potion to cover it up but it ran out this morning." The silence in the room was deafening. Rose and Scorpius stood there gazing at each other, not sure on what to say next. Scorpius tried desperately to get something out of her but as the gaze of Ron Weasley could be felt, he daren’t move. "Look, Rose, about that night- I-"


"I don't want to hear it," Rose butted in.


"Please, I wasn't thinking- I’m sorry- can't you just give me another chance," His voice seemed to echo around the room, and the bouncing of his voice reminded Rose of her dream.


"I can't,"


"You can't just throw away are friendship like this," Scorpius yelled.


"Why not? YOU DID!" She screamed, louder than Hermione had ever heard her shout.


"I made a mistake, Min. Why can't you just see that?" Scorpius said his voice quiet and sincere.


Rose stopped dead in. Seemingly frozen in time. Then her eyes opened widely and everyone quaked in fear.


"Min? MIN!" she screamed "How dare you call me that? Oh I know why because you’re a heartless..." She shirked reaching for her wand. "Thoughtless!" she shrieked making him stand a little back. "BOY!" she shirked, raising her wand and flicking it.


"Skippy you have no idea what you've done!" she screamed staring him down flicking her wand some more. There were some crashes from up stairs and everyone looked at each other transfixed by the woman who was a living breathing hurricane of emotions.


Then hundreds of pencils whizzed down and started poking Scorpius. Draco tried to intervene but Rose but a shield up that would only let the things she called in.


"Do something, Potter!" he screamed.


"We can't..." Hermione admitted. "We taught Rose that spell ourselves, nothing can get through it."


But even as the were talking things continued to fly down and pelt Scorpius; there were teddies, necklaces, letters and all manner of trinkets.


"This is what you've reduced our friendship to!" She screamed beginning to weep.


"But I didn't mean any of it! Nothing I said, they were all lies, that's it!" Scorpius's defence was weak, even he knew it but seeing Rose behave like this seemed to trigger an unknown feeling with in him.


"Don’t you get it," Rose screamed. "It's not about what you said. I can handle that- I know you didn't mean them- I mean if you did you wouldn't have snuck around with me for seven years,"


“Then Why-”


“Because of what you did,” She yelled. “All the promises you broke. You told me we’d be friends forever; you said no one or nothing would come between us. You HELD ME in your arms, while I was crying and PROMISED me that you’d never leave and then not even a month after you do exactly that!”  Scorpius seemed speechless. His eyes were hollow and full of regret. “So take your stupid letters,” She waved her wand and let a load fall over his head. “And your locket,” She snapped the chain of her neck and handed it over to him. “And your stuffed toys and leave me alone.” She said chucking each teddy with every word she spoke. Scorpius used his arms to shield himself from the teddy bears and even caught a few in his hands.


“See she doesn’t even want to be his friend,” Draco and Ron said in unison, but hushed when Rose gave them both a Hermione-like death glare.


“I never meant to hurt you like that,”


“Well congratulation, you did! Do you know what it feels like to know something perfectly and then to discover it was all a lie? Do you even know what that feels like?” She paused. “Just tell me why and I mean the real reason, none of this hippogriff dung of our families,”


“I did it to protect our friendship, I can’t tell you why exactly because it could still wreck it, even now,” He risked a glimpse at Debby. “But you have to believe me that I thought I was saving our friendship.” 


“Yeah saving our friendship by ruining it, yes Scorpius that was a brilliant plan. Stroke of genius- I wonder why I never thought of that.” Rose shouted but then she continued in a voice barely above a whisper. “We were so happy, together- we were perfect, Skip. We had our Problems off course we did but we had fun, didn’t we?” She questioned as if she was unsure of the answer.


“Off course we did,” He tried walking closer but stopped as she backed away.


“Then why did you have to ruin it?”   


“I’m sorry-”


“You broke my heart- look at me- this is not me- this is not what I’m usually like and you made me this way. I can’t risk giving you a chance because I can’t risk going through all of this again.” 


The rest of the inhabitants of the room sat dumb folded. Not sure what to do or what Scorpius or Rose was going to do next. They sat there helplessly because not even they could do anything to stop the on going fighting.


It was then when Scorpius walked towards her so that they merely inches apart, even though Rose turned her head so that she wasn’t looking at him she could feel his light breathing tickling her neck.


“Look at me, please,” Scorpius asked but when she didn’t reply he held her head in his hands and turned her head so that grey eyes met blue ones. “Don’t you think that I was hurt too, that night, don’t you think that I was upset?”


“Boo hoo, I feel so sorry for you,” She replied bitterly, sarcasm dripping from her every word.


“I have made lots of mistakes, in my life; heck my life is one big mistake. But you’re not one of them; you’re probably the one thing I actually did get right.”


“Shame you ruined it then,” She said turning her face again to face her father, who looked frustrated that he couldn’t do anything, that he couldn’t drag Scorpius’s hands of his precious daughter.


“Don’t look at them, look at me,” He repeated. “I might be horrible to Potter and Weasley and yes I’m not perfect- my grades are good but not great- my Quidditch could be better and yes I can say horrible things when I put my mind to it. I can sound exactly like my dad sometimes and I can be smug and egotistic and a bigheaded jerk- I know all of this but I’m also your best friend and I won’t give up. We’re meant to be friends, Min, we just are, we can’t let all this be for nothing. All you have to do is give me a chance.”


“I- I can’t,” She stumbled; her words were sad and unsure. 


“Please forgive me,”


“Skip…” But she didn’t get a chance to say anything more because Scorpius let go of her and backed away slightly, ignoring the banging of his heart or the tears that were begging to come out only his eyes refused them access.


“Don’t worry, Min, I’m leaving,” He said downheartedly. He knew it was over. That he had lost. He gazed at Rose for a moment longer as if he wanted to remember permanently exactly how she looked at that moment. He grabbed some floo powder from his pocket and walked over to the fireplace he muttered ‘Malfoy Manor’ under his breath and was about to release it when…


“Wait!” Rose screamed. “Please don’t leave me, not again.”


Scorpius stepped out of the fireplace and advanced towards her again. He looked at her for a long while, as if analysing what she had said. She had been yelling a second ago and now she wanted him to stay?


“Friends,” It was a question not a statement and Scorpius held out his hand and watched as she gazed at his hand as if it would bite. And then she did something that neither he nor she expected; She flung her arms around his neck and buried her face into his left shoulder.


Scorpius seemed paralysed for a moment; his body was stiff from the shock that now ran trough him. His heart kicked him as he felt his arms close around her waste and as he held her tight it was like electricity pumping in his veins. He felt his smile broaden and then when he thought it couldn’t get any wider it did. A warm and familiar happy feeling resided with in him because he knew that he had got her back, when he was so close to loosing their friendship. After a few seconds she looked up at him, her arms still in place, he had to be about a head and a half taller than her.


“How do you do it?” She smiled up at him, one of the first real smiles of the last month.


“Do what?” Scorpius replied, his face puzzled as he forgot the rest in the room.   


“Make me forget why I was angry,” She said shortly.


“Must be my dashing good looks,” He said smugly and arrogantly.


“Must be because it’s certainly not your funny and intelligent personality,” Rose retorted, with an equally smug look on her face. Scorpius opened his mouth in false offence.


“I’m intelligent,” He exclaimed.


“You walked into a lamp post the other week,”


“Ok so I’m a little clumsy,”


“A little?” Rose questioned in mocking disbelief. 


“Yes, a little but I am funny,” He persisted.


“Yeah funny looking,” Rose laughed and so did Scorpius. How they had both missed these exchanges. It was as if they were at home, it felt so natural to them now. 


It was then when Ron apparently decided that their hugging had gone on far enough, with an intake of breath he cleared his throat in the most intimidating way. Scorpius leaped away from Rose, and she had never seen Scorpius move so fast in all his life. She started to laugh at how scared was of her father, which she was sure would never hurt even a fly.


“Don’t be scared of my dad,” She whispered to him, through her giggles.


“I’m not,” He insisted and yet he still edged away from her.


“Well you should be,” Ron said loudly, apparently hearing their conversation. Once Hermione had shot her husband the look of death they all took their seats again. Scorpius sat opposite Rose and she realised that neither of them could remove the smiles of their faces. 


As soon as everyone was seated an odd silence engulfed the room. Everyone could feel Ron and Draco’s disappointment that their children had made up. Only Albus looked as angry as he felt, unwilling to disguise this feeling at the pair who beamed. Hermione looked around the table and could only roll her eyes when no one seemed willing to make the first move. Empowered by having her daughter looking so happy she suddenly stood and everyone gazed at her.


"Well thank you all for coming" she said happily to the Malfoy’s, "I'm sure your all aware that we're here to discuss the friendship between Rose and Scorpius" She paused to allow someone to make a comment, when nothing came but another long silence, she rolled her eyes again and asked "Who would like to start? Draco, how about you?" She sat back down next to her husband. Under the table she reached for his hand and gently stroked it; trying desperately to calm him as Draco stood and cleared his throat.


"They can't be friends" Draco stated simply looking as if he could smell something gone off.


Ron then suddenly stood up and smiled.


“I agree with Draco” Ron said. “And that is the first and last time those words will ever leave my lips.”


Even though everyone found it funny; no body dared laugh. Although Harry looked highly amused by the statement and dared to look over at Hermione. Who was silently looking down and shaking her head.


"The one time you two agree and it’s on the wrong decision" Hermione muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, but no one to comment her.


"And why, may I ask, can’t we be friends” Rose said standing up looking between Draco and her father. Draco looked outraged, like he wanted to say something but Ron, because of spending over twenty years with Hermione came up with a come back instantly.


"Because he'll just end up hurting you" Ron said sitting down folding his arms like that was the end of the subject.


"NO, I WON’T" exclaimed Skip standing up making his chair fly backwards.


"No he won’t!" Rose said smiling slightly. She knew that he had finally learned his lesson about hurting.


"My son is a decent wizard" Draco spat at Ron; the reason for his son needing defence escaping him.


"Nothing like you then" Ron sneered looking at Draco with daggers. Suddenly, Ron’s face squeezed in pain as Hermione kicked him under the table. He shot her a look and Hermione shot him one back that made the grown man she married gulp like a teenager scared of the girl he fancied. But instead of starting an argument with his wife, he turned to Skip and asked.


"So what do you call that argument that just happened- she was upset about those things you said to her- is that not hurting her?" Ron smiled that this seemed to not only quiet Skip, but hush the rest of the room.


"Exactly!" he said reaching for a Christmas cookie.


“Hypocrite” Draco coughed glaring at Ron. Everyone looked at him to explain. “What about the time you went out with Lavender to hurt your precious Hermione?” Draco asked innocently. “I saw you multiple times shoving that relationship in her face to hurt her"


“That was different I was in love with her and...” Ron said shooting up gesturing. Then a terrible thought struck him like a Bludger.


"You’re not in love with her.” He stated rather than asked. “Are you?” he asked in a low conspirator tone. Everyone’s attention switched to Skip, surveying him like he was a bug in a jar. “I will not have that. It's one think to be friends but more..."


Skip started to feel hot, wanting the ground to swallow him. He looked around the table. As he did so caught something in Debby’s gaze that he didn’t like; Albus and Hugo looked like they were going to punch him. His own father looked as determined that he wasn’t going to have his son in love with a Weasley as Ron, was determined not to have his daughter loved by a Malfoy.


Then realizing that he hadn’t said anything and strutted


"No sir" he felt like he should explain more but found there was no need because Rose was already standing up for him.


"Merlin dad, don't be ridiculous- we're just friends!" she exclaimed rolling her eyes at the notion.


“I don't want to hear it from you” he said pointedly trying to remain calm. “I want to hear it from him.”


"Of course I love her," Skip said without thinking. Everyone’s eyes widened none more so than Roses. "She's by best friend- I'm not IN love with her" he emphatically stated and everyone just sighed in relief. "And just because you lot are still caught up in this blood feud, doesn't mean me and min have to be!"


"Min and I" Rose said quietly.


"What?" He asked turning his full attention to his best-friend, not willing to believe that she had chosen this moment to correct him.


"It’s Min and I. Not me and Min" she said with such a matter-of-fact tone that Skip forgot where he was: Both the situation and the fact that the audience included both his and her father.


"Minnie this is not the time!" He muttered in an undertone.


"Skip, if we're going to be allowed to be friends publicly. Then we should present an argument that our parent’s can't pick apart... not even grammatically.”


"So even when we say no to you being friends, you still will be?" Ron interrupted reminding them of the arena their argument was in.


“Is it just me? Or does this remind you of Ron and Hermione" Ginny muttered to Harry, it was meant to be in a private tone but with the tension that now encased the meeting, everyone heard it. And this time, no one was willing to let the undertone comment go unchallenged.


Everyone turned to look at the offending Potter as if she had committed an unforgivable curse.


“Oh come on!” she cried throwing her hands up looking between those who would know what she was referring to. Then she looked Ron dead in the eye. “This reminds me of, for one, the time you and Hermione were caught in the tree house together, before Harry came before 6th year.” She looked around the table. “Ron kept on arguing with mum and Hermione kept on correcting his grammar.”


“Now you mention it…” Harry started.

"You can’t compare them to me and Hermione" he shouted suddenly enraged.

"Hermione and I" Hermione muttered. Ron rolled his eyes, swearing quietly before un-naturally articulating his point with a pointed glare in Hermione’s direction.


"You can not compare Rose and Scorpius with Hermione and I because they are not in love- for the last time" he said through gritted teeth.


"I don't care about all this grammar,” Draco suddenly snarled frustratedly “You two are not being friends and that's an end to it,” he then stood and reached for his cloak “Come on Scorpius."


"Dad, I'm of age.” Skip said simply crossing his arms and looking over to Rose. He smiled at her before turning to see his father’s outraged face. “You can tell me what to do but I can choose not to listen. And right now I'm choosing not to listen. Rose wants her parents blessing but I couldn’t care less what you think.” His father looked as if he wanted to shout but Skip headed him off.


“I couldn't care less” he stated then changing his tone to a more earnest one. “Because even though you claim that the war changed you. It hasn't. You’re still the pure-blood brat that couldn't think for him self and ended up doing terrible things. This feud ends with Rose and me. We're not leaving until this is sorted out.” For a long moment that seemed to drag, a collective breath was held as the meaning of the statement sunk in. Both Ron and Draco appeared shocked and ashamed all at once. “Our families should let go of this grudge because it is all about Muggleborns and purebloods. And isn't that why you married mum after my birth mother left... Because you said all of that was in the past. We're on the same side now so this is stupid."


After he was finished, Scorpius sat and looked about the table. Everyone looked impressed by the courage of his conviction, even Ron, Al and Hugo seemed to have melted slightly towards him. It was only his father that seemed frozen standing up, still reaching for his cloak.


Then Draco seemed to unfreeze all of a sudden and reproached his son.


"You’re making a scene"


“No dad” he said lightly “You’re making a scene by refusing to see reason. So I suggest sitting down and we can continue to talk.”


Draco suddenly sat down and reached for some mulled wine that Hermione had provided them.


It was then that Skip realized how upset he was. How much this all had been festering inside of him. Burning him like an acid. He needed some air; to think. At the foot of the table there was a large French window leading to a veranda – the view was of a picture perfect Cornish sunset. The view stilled him. He stood up, grapping his glass of mulled wine.


“Excuse me. I think I need some air.” He grabbed his cloak and went outside, aware that every eye was on him. He moved to the side, where he knew the curtain hid him. He gazed out watching the families owls play a flying game. Their small light bodies set against the expanse of seemingly endless ocean spoke to him of his own smallness.


After a moment, from inside, he heard Rose stand also stating.


“Excuse me too. This is a big day for both of us. We’ve been under a lot of stress of the last few years keeping this a secret and now it’s out…” she sighed. “I’ll go and get him.”


He heard the French doors open and smelt the delicate scent of roses before she spoke.


Everyone else watched on carefully. They saw as Rose’s petit form walk over to skip as he turned spoke and then put a strong arm around her shoulder. They saw as a single tear slip down her face and Scorpius wipe it away before it could fall, she leant into him while he said something. Her laughter still travelled into the dinning area and filled the room, Rose then mutely and playfully slapped Scorpius in the arm before talking herself. 


It was clear to all in the room that they were made to be friends. There was no mistakening that they knew each other well- how to make the other, laugh or cry. Their eyes seemed to sparkle when they looked at each other and their bond was defiantly as strong as the golden trio.


No one was able to say a single word but as Rose grabbed the hand of a reluctant Scorpius and then dragged him inside, all tension returned. Everyone seemed to have calmed down a bit but it was Al who had just realised something, which he hadn’t noticed previously.


"Hang on, you called her Minnie!" He said aloud, but as though he was talking to himself.


"Yes genius, I call her Minnie... do you have a point or do you like pointing random things out?"


"So you’re Skip?" Al said, getting to his feet.


"O well spotted Potter!" Scorpius said sarcastically, his father’s persona overtaking him as it always had done when he was in the presence of Albus Potter.


“I don’t know what your game is, Malfoy, but if you ever hurt Rose again I’ll-” Al said warningly, clenching his fists into tight balls.


“I wouldn’t,”


“Yes you would,”


“You’re just bitter because you’re not Rose’s only best friend,” Scorpius analysed, much to Al’s annoyance.


“Yeah well maybe I wouldn’t be so angry if the guy she picked wasn’t a class ‘O’ prick,” Al shouted.


“Al!” Ginny Weasley said sternly.


“Well it’s true,”


“Well if you took more notice of your cousin instead of how short Anita Cole’s skirt is, you might have realised who she was hanging around with along time a go.” That touched a nerve and everyone knew it, you could see the blood rise to his cheeks and Rose guessed steam would have come out of his ears if it were possible. 


“At least I don’t have to win a bet to get a snog!” Al yelled, advancing towards Scorpius, as Scorpius flinched at his comment. “The closest thing to a proper kiss you could get is when a girl’s not breathing and you have to give her mouth to mouth.”


“Whatever- you’re angry with that because you know you should have saved her but I got there first. It kills you that Rose was in danger and you were late on the scene!” That had done it. Al’s wand whipped out. “Come on Potter; give me your best shot,”


It was then When Rose chose to split them apart.


“Stop it the both of you,” She said rushing in between the two, her arms outstretched to stop any duels. “We’re seventeen not seven! Skip put the wand down,”


“But-” He began.


“NOW,” She shouted at him, and with out a pause he placed his wand in his robes and then Al did the same. "You think defeating Voldemort and that was tough you should try keeping these two from killing each other. Or Albus from knowing who Skip was...” 


"My second priority, other than school work, since I started Hogwarts. Other than to be allowed to be Skip’s friend publically. Is to have chicken and beef jerky here get on." Debs laughed, from her seat next to Lily and James Potter. "I told you we should have gone veggie"


"I agree you should stay away from boys. But what makes you think that Rose cares to have are blessing after you've spent 6 years hiding your friendship. Until you my baby girl wasn't like that. Until you she told us everything. I don't like that you two lied to us all for so long." Ron huffed, frustrated.


"Daddy, what were we supposed to do? Those howlers you sent a few months ago- this now- all those things just reinforce the fact that it was best not to tell anyone- but we didn't enjoy it- not for a second so if you think we did it for a laugh or a thrill then you really have lost your mind. Just leave Scorpius out of this- I’m not like that because of him, I’m like it because I didn't have a choice." Rose said forcefully and it was the word ‘daddy’ at the beginning of her outburst that made it really hit home that she was still Ron baby girl.


“I’m not saying no because of the feud, Rosie, or even because he’s a Malfoy- I just don’t trust him, he’s hurt you once, what’s to say he won’t do it again?” Ron said his voice gentle and calmer than it had been all day. He was about to sit down when Scorpius cleared his throat, as though he wanted to talk to Ron.


“Mr Weasley, I’ll be happy to answer any questions that Rose may have not asked me about that night or even the last seven years- so if it will help, ask them to me now, with an audience or on our own if you’d prefer."


Ron looked as though he was thinking about something. Rose could see his brain ticking like clockwork and the glint in his eye only suggested he had a plan.


“Fine, I’ll ask you questions and then after you and Rose can- can be friends,”


“What?!” Draco said, as if Ron had grown a second head. Scorpius looked hopeful for a moment; Rose could see his eyes brightening at the chance to be Rose’s friend.


“But only if you hold this, while I’m asking you those questions.”


Ron put his hand into his pocket and pulled, what appeared to be a small glass cube.


“What is it?” Scorpius asked aloud.


“A lie detector cube- glows yellow when you’re telling the truth and red when you’re lying.”


“Ron, where did you get that?” Hermione wondered, standing up from the chair she had been sitting upon.




“You can’t just take things from work like that!” Hermione yelled at him.


“Why not Harry’s the boss and he’s not going to fire me,” Ron replied, smiling coyly.


“You never know,” Hermione interrupted, “He could,”


“Harry would you ever fire me for taking this cube?” Ron’s head tuned to look at Harry, Harry Shrugged before he shook his head. Ron’s smile grew as he saw he had defeated his wife, something that didn’t happen very often. “See,” He then looked at Rose who had begun to talk in out rage.


“Dad this is ridiculous,” Rose shouted. “He’s not going to lie- I know him!”


“Yeah well I don’t and seeing as he’s hurt you and has said unforgivable things- how can you be so sure he won’t lie again. Once a liar always a liar- and besides I want answers, I want to know everything I’ve missed out on for seven years.” He didn’t seem angry or even as though he wanted to catch Scorpius out, he sounded as though he just wanted to know about his daughters life- like questioning Scorpius Malfoy was going to make sense of things that hadn’t made sense before.


“Scorpius you don’t have to do anything,” Rose insisted bluntly, sticking her chin up into the air.


“I will,” Scorpius announced, taking a seat and dragging it so it was directly in front of Mr Weasley. He then took the cube and held it in his fist. Ron looked as though he couldn’t quite believe the Scorpius had agreed so easily but never the less, he grabbed a chair and sat opposite Scorpius so that they were only half a metre apart, sitting in full view of the entire inhabitants of the room.  


“Name?” Ron asked, as Rose rolled her eyes, sitting next to Scorpius as though she wanted to be a part of this daddy interrogation herself.


“Scorpius Draco Malfoy,” He stated and sure enough the once transparent cube, glowed a golden yellow.


“How did you two become friends?” Ron wondered, this question had been the one question going through his mind all day- if no one knew they were friends then how could they have had the chance to meet and talk long enough to become best friends in such a shot time. Scorpius didn’t answer right a way, they eyes that he felt upon him made it all the more harder to speak.


“Well, I was trying to find an empty compartment,” Scorpius began. “I didn’t want to sit with the people I knew, they were all a little prejudice to say the least and I wanted to have time on my own. It’s hard enough leaving your family, without having people twittering in your ear about Muggleborns. “He paused seeing that the glowing cube still shone out yellow light. “On the way down the corridor, I wasn’t really watching where I was going and then I felt someone bash into me and she went spiralling onto the floor. It was Rose- off course- I was going to have a go at her for not watching where she was going but I noticed she was crying. I knew who she was- dad pointed her out on the platform I apologised and helped her up she said thank you and hurried away. I didn’t see her again until she came into my compartment later on that journey; I’m guessing she thought it was empty. I asked her if she was alright we got into a row until went into fits of goggles and had a good conversation.”


“Potter then came in and dragged her off,” Scorpius said bitterly taking a second look and Albus Potter. “And I heard them talking about how I was no good and I got angry. We shared a boat and then me and Potter ended up fighting and the boat tipped and we ended up into the water- Rose went into Debby’, Anita and Hailey’s boat that’s how they made friends and then when we were getting sorted we just looked each other and we knew that we would be secret friends- we just knew.” As Scorpius finished, Ron looked thoughtful, eyeing the yellow cube carefully.


“So what about the nicknames,”


“Well Minnie because she’s short and her middle name is Minerva and I’m Skip because I wasn’t skipping for joy when we met- or at least that’s what Rose told me I reckon she wanted me to have a stupid name.”


“Not wrong there,” Rose smirked.


"So when did you meet up and stuff- you’re not in the same house, barely in the same classes- you don’t talk in public or so you say because its all secret- so how can you be such great friends if you never see each other?"


"Actually Mr Weasley we see each other all the time. We became friends on the Hogwarts express we bumped into each other, argued a little, commented that we were just like you and my dad, then Potter interrupted us. And later we fell in the lake. Not all of us need trolls to become friends Mr Weasley." Scorpius smiled at this comment and he could see Harry do the same in the corner of his eye.


"Well you've told us that but during the year you can’t see each other that much- when and where do you go not to be caught together? How often?" Ron persisted.


“The Lake sometimes the room of requirements or the astronomy tower or the kitchens but manly by the Black Lake,”


"By the lake- but everyone’s by the lake all the time- how is that secret?" Draco asked, confusion built onto his face.


“Al’s invisibility cloak was very useful,” Rose replied, looking at Al’s betrayed face.


"But when do you go- I mean you can’t go when it’s that busy can you?" Ron then looked panicked as a thought struck him. "You don’t skip classes do you?"


“What with Rose’s perfect grades don’t think so, do you?” Scorpius blurted out again the cube glowed a vibrant yellow and Ron was satisfied, sighing in relief.


“We go during the night” Rose said, before covering her hand with her mouth because she knew that this would not have a good effect on the rest of the family.


“Night time? But that’s so dangerous- that’s why your grades were slipping in second year- you were out with him! Anything could have happened to you on the grounds at night- ANYTHING!”


"It’s not like me you and harry never did it- at least they're doing it what its safe and not when there’s Voldemort around and let me remind you that we were looking for Horcruxes at their age." Hermione said, going to her daughter defence. Ron looked as though he wanted to reply with something witty. But once he had opened and closed his mouth wordlessly, several times he mumbled something that sounded like ‘fine’ and sat back down.


"That's why you’re always in detention... You've been sneaking around with her!" Draco shouted, getting to his feet. It appeared that he had been quiet until now.


“Yeah well I do tell him to use the cloak so I can get the detention instead but he always refuses,” Rose cut in rather defensively, giving Scorpius a glare that simply said that she was annoyed that he had refused the cloak so many times.


“Why the hell do you refuse?” Draco shouted at his son, totally bewildered by his sons past decisions.


“Well I don’t think I could handle it if Rose got her first detention- she’d go crazy,” Scorpius replied.


“No I would not!”


“So let me get this straight,” Draco began, acidly. “You get detentions so that she can go through school not even getting just one?" When Scorpius nodded, Draco’s face looked incredulous. His hand went straight to his forehead and he rubbed his temples "Merlin, where did I go wrong?"


"Where did you go wrong, Malfoy?” Ron said. “Well let me see, first you reproduced then you became a father..."


“You think me reproducing is bad?” Draco laughed, mockingly. “Take a good look in the mirror, Weasley; it has to be a crime as well as a sin to risk giving a child your looks,”


“Dad, please, don’t talk to Mr Weasley like that,” Scorpius tried. Draco gave him a long hard and stern look and after minutes he sat back down a beckoned for Ron to continue with his questioning.  


"Why do you always protect her like that? Detention at Hogwarts isn't a picnic..." Ron continued rather reluctantly, feeling as though he should have replied to Draco’s previous comment.


Scorpius froze not sure on the answer he should give. It was hard to give Ron a reply truthfully with out confessing the extent of his feeling towards his daughter. He looked nervously at rose who is waiting to hear what he had to say and then at Debby who looked at him sternly as though she dared him to tell them all the truth. He then looked back to Mr Weasley, taking a quick glance at the glass cube.


"Well... I'm the boy.” He said finally, deciding to bend the truth a little, appealing to Ron’s gentlemen nature. “She's my friend and I'd prefer to go through things like detention than she go through it. Surely you can understand that Mr Weasley." He was relieved to see the cube glow a shinning yellow and knew that Ron couldn’t have a come back for this reply, there was nothing he could do to twist it so that Scorpius looked bad.


“Have you ever kissed?” Ron asked hesitantly, not sure whether he wanted to know the answer at all, he could see Draco Malfoy, sit straighter at this question and he seemed to listen more intently than the other times.


“What kind off a question is that?” Rose intervened, knowing full well what the answer would be.


“A perfectly reasonable one,” Ron said, looking at Rose pointedly. “I’ll ask again, have you kissed her?”


“No,” The cube suddenly shone a blinding light of red. “Ok so maybe once,” the red brightened forcefully and Scorpius felt is heart beginning to hammer in his chest. He could see everyone’s faces turning and Ron’s and Draco’s looked disgusted and angry. “Ok loads of times on the cheek but only once on the lips- I swear,” The cube changed yellow but the unchanged face of Ron told Scorpius that this wasn’t the answer he had been looking for. “But it didn’t mean anything,” Red again, Ron was now on his feet, towering over a sitting Scorpius looking thunderous. “Well it did but not the way your thinking- it was Potter- it was all Potter’s fault,”


Ron’s gaze turned to Al, looking mildly confused.


“You see, there was that Exploding Snap tournament at Halloween- like every year and Potter made a bet with Mindy. The bet said that if Rose gets to the final and wins, Michael would have to sing and dance to ‘Hit me baby one more time’ and that if she lost, she’d have to snog the winner. And well I won against her in the final so- I- we had to you know… kiss,”


“No you didn’t,” Ron said in outrage. “You could have refused.”


“Well, everyone made us and we were friends anyway so-”


“So you snogged a Weasley in front of the whole school?” It was Draco to reply this time, he looked to be at his wits end- as if he couldn’t believe how crazy this day had turned out. How could a drink of coffee in the kitchen with his wife, turn into a fight at the Weasley’s?  


“Just using her aren’t you,” Ron said as if it were a particularly disgusting taste in his mouth.


“No, off course not,” Scorpius said forcefully. “I’ve sacrificed a lot for her,”    


"What have you sacrificed for my baby girl?"


"Well the detentions, my free time but it’s more of what I’d sacrifice for her- not what I have sacrificed."


“What do you mean, what you would sacrifice?” Ron wondered. Scorpius mentally kicked himself for digging himself into this hole.


"Well at the moment I'm on the verge of sacrificing my family for her. My family’s approval..." He tried, watching the cube glow yellow again. "Probably my inheritance but none of that matters because when I'm with her I feel I feel like myself because she doesn't have any expectations of me being a Malfoy. To her I'm just Skip and I like that feeling."


He immediately clasped his hands over his mouth at his sudden confession. His tone had scared him, it had been so strong and certain, so unlike him. He looked over at Rose whose eyes had grown wide at this sudden new piece of information, Debby, he saw, was nodding along in agreement.


"So, what do you see when you look at rose?" Ron asked, another question that had rotated around his mind all day. Again, Scorpius found this question by far the hardest to answer. If was being honest he would have said that he saw a beautiful, intelligent girl to which could be potential relationship material, but he wouldn’t say that he couldn’t even think it.

"I see my best friend.” He hesitated with words, as though he was unsure, and as the yellow light dimmed only slightly, he allowed himself to continue. “A beautiful witch with limitless potential. A girl who doubts herself even though she has most of the school wrapped around her finger- a girl who I can trust and talk to like no one else. Someone who knows me and can wind me up or calm me down. My best friend." He saw that with intense satisfaction that the light brightened and smiled at his clever response and his ability to bend the truth.


“And What makes you think that you can fit in with the family?” Ron said crudely. “Because to be a part of a Weasleys life, you agree to be apart of the whole family’s life- what makes you think you can handle that?”


“Well better than you think,” Scorpius said loudly. “I came Rose’s birthday last year. Didn’t like Marge that much, kept on saying I was a rude child with little imagination. Ok, granted, I had to drink Polyjuice potion and disguise myself as somebody else but you lot all liked me and were none the wiser- especially you Mr Weasley, I seem to recall having a nice conversation with you about the Cannons Quidditch team. That’s the closest thing to a public friendship we ever got.”


“That was you,” Hermione laughed. “The nice girl that Rose bought home for a whole weekend.” Scorpius nodded.


“That was hilarious,” Rose butted in also laughing hard like her mother. She could also see that Al was finding it trouble not to laugh at this sudden piece of knowledge about Scorpius turning into a girl, but Rose guessed he’d tease him later.


“No it was not, I had a period for two months after that incident, never again,” Rose laughed harder. “You better stop laughing, I was this close to not punching Joseph into the wall at that party.”  


"Why don't you like Joseph?" Rose said with a sudden out burst. She had stood up so abruptly and had given Scorpius such a penetrating stare that it had caught him completely off guard. She had off course asked him this question many times but he had always got out of answering. He knew that he’d have to answer this time because of Mr Weasley.


He tried to open his moth but no sound came out. The reasons for not liking Joseph was unknown even to him. Yes, he knew what he had told himself, that he was a prat but there was no real evidence to enforce that.


“Who’s Joseph,” Ron jumped in at the sound of a boy’s name.


“Just this guy in our year” Rose said dismissively, not wanting to explain her crush to her father of all people.


“A guy that you’re in love with, or so you say,” Scorpius said bitterly, venom dripping from his every word.


“You what?” Ron said angrily.


“I am not in love with him,”


“Come off it, you drawl all over him- he’s just a pretty boy with not a lot of respect or common sense.” Scorpius responded, folding his arms as his eyes narrowed in dislike.


“Joseph happens to be a very intelligent young man,”


“He’s a waste of space” 


Just then Kreacher walked in with a cloth hanging over his left arm. He had also brought a large tray of cooked food. Scorpius looked over at the clock and saw that it already 6:30pm. The dinner on the tray, he couldn’t help but notice, held enough plates for his family as well.


“Your dinner, Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, can Kreacher offer his assistance for anything else?” Kreacher asked, Scorpius thankful that this would buy him some time to answer, never so glad to see a house elf in all his life.


“No thank you Kreacher, why don’t you have the rest of the day off, we’ll still pay you,” Hermione suggested gently.


“You’re too kind Mrs Weasley but Kreacher must clean the library,” and with that he bowled and left before Hermione could protest.   


“You still haven’t answered my question,” Rose reminded.


“What Question,” Scorpius said, trying to play dumb in hope it would give him even more time to answer. Rose gave him a look that told him that he was on thin ice and after a long glare he finally spoke up again. "Rose do you really want me to answer that honestly?" The fact that he had used her proper name told her that he was being serious but nether the less she nodded awaiting the answer she had waited for, for six whole years.


"Well, he's a jerk. He wants you as a trophy because of who you’re parents are. Because everyone knows you’re the smartest and most beautiful witch in the whole school. He wants you as arm candy and I don't think his intentions are honourable. And another thing he reminds me of Professor McLaggen with his air of self-importance. You deserve better than that; someone who knows you, ok?" He said the last bit softly as if he even pitied her for liking Joseph. Ginny and Hermione exchanged wid-eyed looks because they knew this was the right answer and Debby just nodded along like she had done before. Rose looked as though she was going to protest but Albus stopped her.


“I hate to say it but I agree with Malfoy,” There was a short silence that echoed around the room before Ron’s face grew angrier still. 


"McLaggen!" Ron yelled. "You are definitely forbidden to go near him. Because if I hadn't cursed him at Slughorn’s Christmas party..." He went of into a low rant as he cursed under his breath. Scorpius smiled at the fact that Ron seemed to dislike the idea of Joseph more than Scorpius.


"I didn't know that" Harry interrupted.


"Lets try and stay on the subject," Ginny intervened, standing up also. Draco however, looked a little shell shock but chose this moment to comment on his son’s response.


"Yeah, like why my only son has described a Weasley as ‘the smartest and most beautiful witch in school’ what has your daughter done, put some kind off love potion on him?" The question was directed at Ron


“What do you mean my sister is the most beautiful witch in school? You said you didn't fancy her!” Hugo spoke for the first time that afternoon and there was a clear and obvious anger on his face. He had now become completely aware of the golden cube in his hand.


"I- I- don't f-fancy her" Scorpius stuttered, as he let go of the cube quickly hoping no one would notice. “Could we just move on with the questions now,” a little too quickly, making it clear that this was a sensitive issue for him, while grabbing the cube back into his grip.  


“Well it seems like you do from here.” Al shouted, ignoring Scorpius’s comment to continue with the questions.


"I'm a guy Potter it's pretty hard to not notice that she's a girl or that she's pretty or that she's smart..." He could feel his heart hammering inside his chest with nerves and he wondered why no one else could hear it.


"Yes" Rose said, looking confused, she seemed to be talking to herself more than anything but she had said it loud enough for everyone to hear. "But you said I was the most beautiful."


"Rose anyone with eyes can tell you’re the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts." He said before he could stop himself. Rose’s eyes grew wide and he could see Ron’s look of shock in the very corner of his eye.


"No I'm not!" Rose insisted. “I’m not the most beautiful,”


"But isn’t belle a veela?” Hugo replied, trying to catch Scorpius out. "You do fancy her."


“I don’t fancy her for the last time!” Scorpius yelled, louder than he had done the whole time he’d been there. "You know what? I’m leaving- we don’t need their blessing- we’ve been best mates for seven years with out them- we don’t need to carry on with them,”


He moved to leave but stopped when he felt a small hand enclose around his wrist. Rose stared at her father for a long time, she had become unaware that she had let go of Scorpius and he had already made his way over to his father, who was standing up, floo powder in his pocket, ready to leave. It was Rose’s voice that stopped Scorpius from moving completely.


“I really care about him, dad,” Rose said slowly, all the time her eyes not leaving her fathers. “And I care about you too. You could just tell me never to see Scorpius again and I would do as I was told, no questions asked because I love you but I don’t want to live my life with out him there.” She said, her voice quivering. “It’s black without him, he’s my best friend, we’ve been through too much to allow me to just cut him out of my life- I need your blessing.” There was another pause where the eyes of everyone in the room moved between Ron and Rose. "Daddy please," 


Rose’s ocean blue eyes fixed onto his, they were almost identical. Hermione knew how strong of bond Ron and Rose had built. Their family had always been so close but Rose and Ron and Ron and Hugo had made an even stronger private bond between themselves, one like Hermione shared with Rose also.


It seemed as though the silence had engulfed the room for ages, hours even but it was when Ron shortly gave a brief and hesitant nod that Rose’s world seemed to have stopped.


The next few moments seemed to be a complete blur. Rose found herself feeling dizzy at the happiness that bubbled up inside of her stomach and warmed her whole body- a happiness she didn’t even know existed. For a moment she couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing. She had fantasised, dreamed and wished about this moment but now it was here, it didn’t feel like the way she though it would. Her body then moved entirely of its own accord, jumping into her father’s arms around her father’s neck so that she was lifted of the ground smiling into his shoulder. She could only hear the laughter coming from Ron’s mouth, guessing that this sudden happiness had made her father happy as well.


She then let go of her dad and looked over at Scorpius. He was smiling wider than ever and his eyes twinkled in the same wonder, she guessed, as her own. It was then when she found her legs running over to where he was, she threw her arms around his waste with such a force that it sent them both spiralling onto the ground.


They hit the floor with a loud thud but this didn’t seem to have any effect on the two young teenagers. She continued to hug him maniacally, while he looked at her as if she ad gone crazy. Everyone else did the same, with the exception of Ron, whose smile faded once she had jumped, quite literally, onto Scorpius and Draco looked disgusted.


"Don't mind her she always hugs me maniacally and we always end up falling over when she gets her own way." Scorpius said, once Rose had heaved herself off of him. "Too soon for jokes, then," He added at the look on Ron’s face. Rose sniggered at this typical Scorpius comment. He never knew when to keep his mind of the jokes and when to start them. This was yet another trait that reminded Scorpius of her dad.


“Dad…?” Scorpius then turned to his father, the smile fading of his face; he had such a look on his face that said he would like a blessing as well.


“I suppose I don’t have a lot of choice if Weasel’s agreed, anyway,”


It was then when Rose did the most shocking thing she had done all day. It was then When Rose did the one thing that would cause her family to think she had well and truly lost her kind. Rose Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley, folded her arms around Draco’s stomach and laughed.


“Thanks, Mr Malfoy, I won’t let you down,” Draco tapped her on the back awkwardly, but then Rose pulled away and even though he looked positively horrified, something in his eyes softened.


“My daughter has now hugged Draco Malfoy, my only daughter Harry- what the hell is happening?” Everyone in the room with the exception of Albus, Hugo, Ron and Draco laughed at this. And for one heart stopping moment Rose felt as though they were a family- a proper one. And when the laughter stopped and the awkward silence returned, Rose found herself not caring. Because at that moment she was on cloud nine and nothing would get her down. At that moment something her and Scorpius had argued about, thought would never happen, had happened. At that moment they were public friends and she and Scorpius had made up and you couldn’t get better than that.


So as Rose thanked her lucky stars, beaming in an uncontrollable way, Scorpius felt worried. He had, off course, dreamed about this moment along with Rose but now it had come, even though he couldn’t stop his smile or the warm feeling in his stomach, something felt missing. Those questions had got to him and he found himself wanting more than public friends. He longed for more than that. So as he made eye contact with Rose across the room and saw her eyes twinkling with joy his heart sunk and as he smiled back he realised that public friends was the closest thing to ‘more’ than he was going to get… 

 A/N: We are so Sorry for all of this long wait! It's just that this was a long chapter to write and needed a lot of planning to get right! Also MeNuncle is soooooo busy with college work and JustSuper is soooo incredably busy at uni! Hopefully the next chapter will be up sooner. this story ISNT or WILL NEVER BE abandened so please dont stop reading! READ AND REVIEW!!! thanks...  ^-^ 

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