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One off's that never made it. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 7 : Bond Marriage
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Disclaimer……….. All characters are the copyright of JK Rowling.

Bond Marriage. By broomstickflyer and merlinsaprentice1

A/Note, This story has been published previously as a Harry Ginny story under the title Unknowingly Married, it has obviously been slightly rewritten in order to accommodate the better pairing. Harry and Hermione are better suited to this story…

Nineteen year old Harry Potter had stood over the defeated corpse of Voldemort. The destruction of the last horcrux by Neville, and with Harry’s sacrifice, the duel, and the power of love that flowed through Harry had surprisingly weakened the evil wizard’s power. Harry was surprised that he felt no remorse for ending the life of the evil creature that had started life as Tom Riddle.

The battle between good and evil that had raged in the great hall of Hogwarts castle ended as Voldemort died. Harry along with Ron, and Hermione had then paid a visit to the headmistress office, and they had spoken to the portrait of Dumbledore. Harry with his wand now repaired really needed some sleep before he placed the elder wand back with Dumbledore. All he had been through had totally drained him. Together the three friends made their way slowly up to Gryffindor tower.

Harry was just about to climb the stairs to his old dorm when Ginny entered the room followed by several members of the DA, who were led by Neville. They all stood transfixed watching as a golden light engulfed Harry. Hermione standing behind them was also engulfed in a ball of golden light. The light grew in its intensity until those watching had to shield their eyes. When the light dimmed, and their sight returned once more to normal, daylight filled the space where Harry had stood. Harry was gone.

Their friends were too stunned at first to notice that nineteen year old Hermione Granger had also vanished.

Harry looked around him totally confused. He was standing in what was obviously a large well looked after garden. Just a few feet from him a trembling Hermione stood looking equally confused. Seeing Harry she ran to him as he opened his arms for her and then held her protectively.

“Harry what happened, where are we?” She asked hoping he had some sort of explanation.

Harry looked around at the amazing colours that seemed to be everywhere; he looked up at the cloudless sky then looked down once again at Hermione.

“I don’t know how, but I think we might be dead,” Harry replied as he folded his arms tighter around her pulling her even closer to him.

“But I don’t remember dying,” she responded

“No, nor me, last I remember I was thinking of my bed, sleep, you, and feeling relieved it was finally all over,” Harry told her.

A sudden laugh that they both recognised came from behind them making them both turn around in shock.

“You’re not dead this time Harry, not dead at all.” Sirius Black declared, laughing more as he approached them.

“S-S-Sirius, but you’re dead, I saw you fall through…” Harry stopped talking as Sirius wrapped his arms around him in a huge bear hug still laughing at Harry’s shock.

“This! My boy is yours and Lily’s reward, it was her last wish. We did not expect you for quite some time yet though.” Sirius laughed looking at the two teenagers’ faces and waving his arm to indicate their surroundings.

“Come on, I’ll take you up to the house. No doubt James will still be in bed, he’s always liked his sleep that one.” Sirius said, as he began to walk across a huge lawn toward a small wood. Sirius informed them that Harry’s father was not an early riser; he chuckled to himself as they walked.

A short walk later and the two stunned teenagers saw a large, stone built, country house.
Two windows that were obviously the kitchen windows were wide open and an aroma of fresh baked bread was drifting over to them from the hidden interior of the kitchen.

“HEY the house, Lily, get that lazy old man of yours up out of bed. I’ve brought you some visitors.” Sirius yelled as they got close.

A second later and Harry had a shock that almost made him faint as his mother stuck her head out of the open window to see what Sirius was shouting about.

“HARRY!” Lily Potter screamed, before disappearing from the window and emerging at a run out of the doorway, heading toward them.
Lily threw her arms around Harry, while he stood there too shocked to do anything.

Hermione reached out gingerly and touched Lily on her arm. “You’re real.” she said in surprise “You really are Harry’s mum.”

“M-M-Mum?” Stuttered Harry as the shock began to wear off “Is it really you? How can this be?”

It was at that moment that James walked out of the kitchen asking who it was Lily was talking to. He stopped in midstride looking as shocked as Harry had looked just moments before.

It did not take James long to recover, and he was soon giving his son a hug, having let go of Harry, both Lily, and James, turned to Hermione, he held out his open arms to her “A hug for my son’s wife.”

Hermione’s mouth fell open. She had been in love with Harry since the first time she had seen him on the train to Hogwarts, but they had not even thought of getting together yet, in fact she had given up on him and had only that morning kissed Ron Weasley, they were not even boy/girlfriend let alone married.

Lily smiled at her “Trust a Potter to have a woman with a good head on her shoulders for his wife,” she said as she took Hermione’s hand.

James hugged her tight before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead “A very beautiful head at that.” he laughed.

“But we…” Harry began.

“I’m not even his girlfriend,” Hermione, finally managed to blurt out.

“You two were married years ago. Surely you must have felt it? You can’t be soul bonded without feeling it,” Sirius said in disbelief. “Soul bonding is recognised by the whole magical world as a legal marriage.”

Hermione was shocked when Harry admitted that he had indeed felt something strange when they first met that day, when she entered the compartment and asked about a toad named Trevor, he admitted he had loved her ever since that day, each year his love got stronger.

Feeling her face turn red she asked “Why didn’t you say something Harry? We could have been together all that time.”

“By the time I realised that it was really love I felt for you Hermione, I thought you were interested in Ron.” he replied sheepishly.

“You great prat, I fell in love with you, the real you, I’ve been in love with you forever.” Hermione, shouted at him.

Harry cringed just a little before a huge smile broke out on his face “Y- You- You still love me?” He stammered.

“Yes you silly prat, I still love you, I always will,” Hermione said giving him a gentle slap on his shoulder.

“Mum, Dad, what exactly is happening?” A still confused Harry suddenly asked as he put his arm around Hermione once again.

Hermione looked up at him with wide eyes, and a silly grin and she whispered “You’re my husband.”

James looked at Lily who then began to explain “Well, when we arrived here, I was told I had earned a last wish for giving my life to protect you. So I chose to have you visit us when you completed the prophecy, to spend some time with us so we could get to know you. Needless to say you’re here now, so my wish was granted.” Lily explained to them.

“This should give you time to get used to being married.” Sirius said chuckling.

“I can’t believe you two never got together.” he continued as both Harry and Hermione blushed.

“Well I did think about it for a short time last year, when we were looking for that evil monsters horcrux’s,” Harry answered

Hermione gave him a curious look, so Harry explained how when Ron had left them alone together in the tent, he had found it getting increasingly hard not to crawl in to bed with her and snog her senseless, then after when I saw you kiss Ron I went to Voldemort and I had to let him kill me, I was dead for a while. I spoke to Dumbledore then somehow I was alive again, and was able to come back and finish him. The last tiny piece of his soul died when he did.”

“Right, come on son you can tell us the full story of how you managed to finish off that evil piece of work Voldemort,” James said, as he placed his arm across Harry’s shoulders and led them to the house.

Holding hands for the first time since Ron returned to the tent, Harry and Hermione, followed the three adults into the kitchen of the house. Harry noticed that it still felt totally natural to hold Hermione’s hand. It was like he had done it for years.
Hermione noticed as soon as their hands touched; a tingling sensation ran through her body from her hand reaching right down to her toes.

Having heard all about her son’s last battle, and all that lead up to it, Lily offered to give Hermione a tour of the house, while the ‘boys’ as she called them, spent some time together talking. So, while Harry retold his story to his father and godfather, about the final battle, and the weeks leading up to it, Lily took Hermione on a tour of the huge house.

As they walked, Lily told Hermione that as a married couple she and Harry were now the legal owners of the original Potter Mansion. Along with the entire Potter family fortune and all that came with it.

Once away from the men Lily began to tell Hermione about the times she had been allowed to take a look at how Harry was doing. “I thought you two were a loving couple, last time I saw you, you were standing with your arms around each other looking at our graves, you looked like a married couple that day,” she was saying as she led Hermione into a large dining room. “You always seemed to be together talking, always looked so comfortable together.”

Hermione told how she had been hiding her love for Harry for the first three years she knew him. She told of the Yule ball in the fourth year and how Harry had stood open mouthed as she walked down the stairs, about her knees going weak at the look he had given her.

“That’ll be the bonding, it can do that if you don’t let it complete and physically touch each other in a romantic way. I don’t understand it all or how it works but it seems it became a bond marriage when you held each other in a tight hug as you went after the Philosophers stone, if you had continued in a romantic way you would have strengthened the bond to the point where you would feel it,” Lily explained.

Hermione thought back over the time since she had first met Harry and realised that in all that time they had shared quite a lot of hugs and hand holding, it was something just they did, she never hugged Ron, or walked around holding his hand, she began to wonder what had possessed her when she had kissed him.

“The first time Harry hugged me in his arms was when we got together to fight Quirrell in first year,” she whispered “except in my dreams.”

Lily laughed “Not such a good record for an old married couple, eh?”

Hermione chuckled, the thought that she and Harry had both loved each other and had been married for eight years with out knowing it seemed so funny but so real at the same time. She wondered how they had both missed the signs.

“It’s funny but I actually feel married,” Hermione said as Lily started up the stairs “like we have been a married couple for a long time. Yet before today it was just a dream,” she finished with a sigh.

The tour of the house was almost finished when Hermione’s face turned bright red.

“Hermione dear whatever is the matter?” Lily smiled as she saw the blush.

Hermione gulped “I was just thinking- I mean if we are married, oh this is awkward,” she stuttered.

“You don’t have to worry dear, no one gets pregnant here,” Lily told her. “If there is anything you need to know, you can always ask me.”

“How did you know what…?” Hermione trailed off blushing even more. Though Lily looked just a little older than her self she was Harry’s mum she was talking to.

“I don’t think anything else could have made you turn so red,” Lily giggled.

The house tour finished without Lily mentioning which room or rooms Hermione or Harry would be sleeping in, so as they walked toward the kitchen to join the others Hermione decided to ask about their rooms.

“Oh you have your own house just on the other side of the pool,” Lily said pointing at a small lake through the open window “all married couples get their own house.”

“You mean we’ll be living together, Harry and I?” Hermione gasped.

“Well you are husband and wife; I suppose you will want to get to know each other better, if you know what I mean?” Lily giggled, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to talk about such things with her son’s wife.

Hermione’s knees went weak as she thought of all her dreams being fulfilled, some of the thoughts made her blush again; she took a deep breath before they entered the kitchen.

“Harry sweetheart do you mind if we throw a little party tonight, a celebration?” Lily asked as they entered the kitchen.

Harry still in some shock at being with his mother and father and finding out he was married to Hermione simply nodded.

“I’ll send a message to Albus he will be so pleased to see you. Do you know he’s nearly as proud of you as we are,” James said as he left the kitchen to send the message.

“I’ll pop over and tell Cedric then I’ll nip home for lunch, so see you later Mr and Mrs Potter’s,” Sirius exclaimed as he got up to leave. “Or should that be Misters and Mrs’s Potter,” Sirius said heading for the door “Oh will you be here or at home?” he asked as he walked out of the door.

Harry looked bewildered by the question so Hermione answered for them both “I’m dying to see our house so we might be over there.”

Harry cocked an eyebrow as he mouthed ‘Our house’. Hermione chuckled at the look on his face before nodding in reply.

Hermione asked Lily excitedly if they could go to take a look at the house she was to share with her husband. Calling Harry her husband brought a bright smile to her face and Lily heard her whisper very quietly “My dreams come true at last.”

Walking and talking, getting to know each other the four Potters’ made their way toward the smaller house. As they all walked slowly around the small lake Harry asked his mother why she had hated James before their seventh year at Hogwarts, and how they had finally got together.

“I never hated James, what ever gave you that idea,” Lily gasped

“Well Snape said and I saw one of his memories and you were so angry with dad,”

“Well I probably was angry at him; James could never understand my friendship with Sev. Your dad was jealous right from day one you know. Even though I kept turning him down when he asked me for a date he was still jealous. We finally got together when Sev decided he wanted to be a Death Eater and I finally realised your dad had been right all along. Your dad and I were friends for a long time before that, except when he picked on Sev of course, then I would be mad at him for a few days,” Lily explained.

The thought that his parents had been friends and that they still looked just a year or two older than himself flittered through Harry’s now happier mind, ‘odd but they seem to be so much older’.

The walk ended at a small garden gate set in to a stone wall, the wall was awash with beautifully coloured clematis like flowers the stems of which wove their way along its entire length. The gate opened onto a small garden with a neatly trimmed lawn with glorious flower borders all around it. At the far side of the lawn stood a small cottage like house that looked as though it had just been taken from a painting or a picture postcard. It was the type of cottage that young couples dream of.

As they entered the door Harry was knocked off his feet by something that came at him at an amazing speed. Looking up from the floor Harry found himself looking into the shining eyes of his little friend Dobby.

“Oops! Sorry Harry Potter sir. Welcome to your new home,” Dobby whispered as he realised he had bowled his friend over. “And welcome to your Mrs Her-miny Potter,”

Harry climbing to his feet gave Dobby a hug asking what he was doing here.

“Dobby wanted to be with Harry Potter sir, so here I am”

Dobby then took Harry and his family on a tour of their new house, eagerly asking every few minutes if there was anything they wanted, while Harry tried several times to thank Dobby for saving his life.

Downstairs there were three not overly large rooms the first room was a living room, wooden beams ran across the ceiling, the furniture was a perfect match for the house all of it having an antique look.

The second room was a dining room with a table large enough to sit eight people comfortably. A large welsh dresser filled with willow patterned crockery covered one of the walls while on the opposite wall a small sideboard with three large draws above two doors sat gleaming in the sunlight.

The third room was the kitchen which greatly resembled the kitchen of the Burrow, the home where Ron had grown up and the place that Harry now thought of as home.

Upstairs were two nicely sized bedrooms and a fairly large bathroom. Walking into the first bedroom Hermione was amazed at how alike the house was to the one she had dreamt of living in with Harry. The decorating in the bedroom was similar to her own room back at her parents’ house. The four-poster bed looked large and comfortable. Dressers mirrors and every thing else they would need were fitted to the walls.

Hermione decided as soon as she saw it that this was their room, hers and Harry’s; this was the room where they would get to know each other, the room where her dreams would come true.

The second bedroom was slightly smaller and contained two single beds not unlike the beds found in the Hogwarts dormitories.

Arriving back in the kitchen Hermione opened the windows wide and took a deep breath, “Yes this will make a fine home for us,” she whispered as she let out her breath slowly.

James mentioned a cup of tea for their first guests in the new home so Hermione began to look around. All the cupboards were well stocked with all variety of food; the pantry was well stocked with butter beer and cold foods like cheese and butter.
She found the tea making things in a small cupboard and while she sorted them out Harry filled the kettle and placed it on the stove. As soon as the water was boiled Dobby set about making and pouring them all a large mug of tea.

Harry had Dobby join them at the table; the five of them sat talking and drinking tea in the kitchen for a while before the four Potters left Dobby in the kitchen and taking a butter beer each they moved into the living room. Once in the living room Lily apologised to Harry for the treatment he had received from her sister.

Harry told his mum it was not her place to apologise for Petunia or for her fat husband.

James burst out laughing and after struggling to contain him self he finally managed to speak “Sorry Harry son, not laughing at you. Just thinking of poor Albus, he thought he had gone to the other place for his first three days here. Your mum yelled at him so much for placing you at Privet Drive with her awful family.”

Hermione was shown a little of Harry’s past in a large mirror that was used to watch over loved ones, it also recorded a lot of what was seen. By the time Lily had finished showing Hermione what Harry had suffered Hermione was ready to go back, find and hex the Dursley’s there and then. It took Harry quite some time to calm her down, while James kept on mentioning married women and their fiery tempers.

“Harry son, it looks like you have a real protective one here in Hermione, you’re going to have to behave your self or else,” James laughed at the look he got from his son.

The party later at his parent’s house was a rather small one with Albus, Cedric, Sirius, Harry’s parents and two of Hermione’s uncles.

After the warm welcomes of the reunion everyone took a seat at the kitchen table. During a very nice meal the end of Voldemort was discussed along with several other topics.

“You can both meet your grandparents and other family members as you wish while you are here,” Albus Dumbledore informed them as they sat drinking butter beers in the comfortable kitchen.

“I suppose your father told you about the ear bashing I got when I arrived?” Dumbledore asked.

He was a little surprised when Hermione began to give him her version of an ear bashing before Harry calmed his wife down and got her to just sit quietly seething for the next half hour.

Sirius laughed aloud as he watched the young Hermione Potter, wife of his godson, as she alternately wrung her hands and pulled at a strand of hair. “I think you should make some apologies Albus before young Mrs Potter here explodes,” he laughed.

Dumbledore took the advice offered by Sirius and apologised to Harry. Finishing his apology by saying “there was a need but I should have looked for an alternative, I hope you can forgive an old man for the loss of the happiness that belongs to youth. And I apologise to you Hermione for not seeing the bond, as headmaster it was my place to keep a look out for such things”.

Hermione nodded and said “Thank you.” but Albus knew it would be a very long time before she would forgive him.

It was not long after Dumbledore apologised that there was a knock at the door, “Come in,” James called.

They were all pleased to see the visitors that entered the kitchen. Remus and Tonks entered first followed by Ron’s brother Fred, there were several tears shed as the new arrivals were enthusiastically welcomed.

Life as a married couple got off to a slightly bumpy start that night after the party. Having left Lily and James and the others, to walk the short distance to their new home Harry and Hermione walked slowly around the waters edge holding hands. They stopped half way and Harry took Hermione in his arms and placed his first tender hesitant kiss on her lips. By the time they got to their front door they were sharing long passionate kisses every few steps.

Harry opened the door and picked Hermione up, making her giggle as he carried her over the threshold. After a few more kisses Hermione suggested a drink of tea before they went to bed. Thirsty from all the kissing Harry agreed it was a good idea.

They sat and talked about the events that had unfolded that day, just enjoying being together. Every thing seemed to be fine until Harry announced he was off to bed.

“You can take the main room love, I’ll just use one of the other beds,” was all Harry had said before he found himself at the receiving end of Hermione’s temper.

“Harry Potter we-are-married, you are my husband and I am your wife. I will not start my married life sleeping in separate rooms. I would not even consider sleeping in separate beds. I want to start my married life as I mean to go on. You told me you love me, and I know you want me, I felt it when we kissed and in more than one way,” she shouted.

Harry backed away a little, mentally readying his argument when he suddenly understood what she had meant when she said ‘in more than one way’. His face turned a shade of red that his friend Ron would have been proud of.

“I thought you would want to wait love? I thought well I never, I mean, it’s never…” Harry fell silent as Hermione moved across the small gap between them and placed her arms around his neck.

“I am the same Harry, I have never either, all I’ve ever wanted since I was eleven years old is for you to love me, so don’t go. Don’t make me sleep alone after waiting for eight years.” Hermione stood on tiptoe to kiss him tenderly with all the love that she had hidden and stored up during those years.

For six months they enjoyed getting to know each other and their families and living as man and wife in the little cottage. They never had to shop or clean as every thing was always done by Dobby; magic was not used or needed. Life was idyllic but after six months they were both beginning to get restless. Hermione was homesick and wanted to go and search for her parents in Australia, but there was something else she wanted, something she had always wanted.

As the sun began to set, Harry arrived home after a day of fishing with his Dad, Sirius, and Remus. He found Hermione sitting in her usual armchair; a sad look in her eyes as she seemed to stare at a book in her hands told him she was no longer as happy as she had been.

“Something wrong love?” he asked taking her hand and kissing her palm.

“I want a baby Harry, I want your baby, I have since before we first kissed, I want it so much,” she finished as she started to cry.

“Odd you should say that love, I was thinking the same thing today. You know I have always wanted my own family, I want a family with you,” Harry told her as he wiped away her tears.

“We’ll tell every one tomorrow that we want to go back, we want to live a normal life and raise our children,” he smiled as he placed a tender kiss on her tear moist lips.

The following day was a sad and tearful one as the two young Potters said their goodbyes to every one, Lily and James led them back to the spot where Sirius had found them.

“Well son it has been an honour knowing you, you have been the greatest gift I ever had. I would like to have been there for you as you grew up, but you have grown into a fine young man and I am so very proud of you. Take good care of that beautiful wife of yours, we’ll still be here on your next visit,” James said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

He pulled Harry into a fierce hug that would give stiff competition to Molly Weasley’s hugs.

James then said his good-bye to Hermione and said “Take good care of him for us Mrs Hermione Jane Potter. You will always remember all that has happened here but you will never be able to tell anyone.”

Lily cried on Harry’s shoulder for a while before taking a deep breath “I’m proud of you my son, be happy and give me some fine strong grand children, both of you.”

“Hermione I know you have a good man here and I don’t say that because he is my baby. Live happily, enjoy each other and we will see you again someday.”
Lily gave Hermione a final hug and kissed her on the cheek “no good-byes just remember we all love you both.”

A huge flash of light erupted around them and Harry and Hermione found themselves back in the now deserted Gryffindor common room.
Placing his arm around Hermione’s waist, together they turned and walked toward boys’ dorm.

“This is going to be real strange, after living for six months as man and wife and now finding ourselves back here. We’ll have to get used to doing things again, like magic and shopping and all those other things” Hermione said as they sat on Harry’s old bed.

“Yeah not to mention they will all want to know where we have been, and we have find and to tell your mum and dad we are married, I won’t let anyone part us now Hermione, not now or ever,” Harry replied.

“We’ll have to tell them we don’t know where we were, and as for separating me from my husband, well just let them try that’s all,” Hermione giggled.

“We ought to go tell the headmistress that Mr and Mrs Harry Potter wish to see her,” Harry said with a huge grin.

Half way to the heads office they met up with Hagrid he beamed at them as he saw them hand in hand. He picked them both up in a huge hug “figured it out then hav yea,” he chuckled as he lifted both of them again into a giant sized hug.

“You knew- how long have you known?” Harry asked as soon as he got some air into his lungs.

“Oh I seen it when you firs arrived at Hogwarts,” Hagrid laughed “Giant blood see, I can see things others can’t. Any way where have you two been for the past six hours?”

“Been? Six hours? Hagrid last I remember was looking down at Voldemort and feeling thankful it was all over,” Harry replied.

“Evry bodies been goin crazy lookin fer yea, been all over the castle no body knowed wot appened,” Hagrid said still with a laugh in his voice. Saying a quick goodbye to Hagrid Harry and Hermione walked once more toward the headmistress’s office.

“We have only been missing for six hours, that’s gonna be a lot easier to explain than the six months I thought we had been gone,” Harry exclaimed as Hagrid vanished from sight.

“Time must be different there,” Hermione whispered in an awed voice.

A few minutes later Harry found himself repeating the words about being missing he had told Hagrid. Minerva McGonagall cracked a smile, the first time either Harry or Hermione had seen her do so.

“Well I will get some owls sent out right away, you are both welcome to stay here at the castle tonight, you Miss Granger can share the seventh year girls room, while You Harry can…”

Hermione gave a perfect imitation of ex professor Umbridge “Hem, hem.”

Minerva’s eyebrows shot up as she stopped talking, she was not used to being interrupted “Yes Miss Granger what is it?” she asked a little snappily

“It’s Mrs Potter, Mrs Harry Potter, professor, it has been for quite some time,” Hermione replied with a smile.

“You’re Mrs who, what, when, where, how?” the professor stammered taken aback by Hermione’s announcement.

“Well let’s just say we have been together long enough to have decided we are ready to start a family,” Harry chuckled as he watched Minerva McGonagall lose all semblance of control.

Minerva flopped down in her chair, “Do your parents know Hermione?” she asked

Unable to speak for fear of bursting into laughter Hermione shook her head.

“Oh my,” was all the professor said.

Harry and Hermione were put up in a guestroom for the night after helping Minerva to send out messages with the school owls. One was for Ron one for Neville who were staying in Hagrid’s hut for the night. One was sent to Ron’s mum and dad who had found a room in Hogsmeade. All that the message said was Harry and Hermione both back and both fine, staying at Hogwarts for the night, see you all tomorrow.

It seemed odd to be back in the world of the living after spending six long months enjoying a lazy summer life, doing little other than eating spending time with family or making love, all in a warm and exceedingly pleasant place.

“Tomorrow we should begin the preparations for our search for your parents,” Harry told Hermione as they climbed into bed. “Oh first thing in the morning we should go into Hogsmeade, we need to buy two wedding rings.”

Hermione shuffled up to him as close as she could and kissed him hard and passionately “I love you so much Mr Potter.”

“I love you Mrs Potter, more than life,” he replied.

Very early the next day found Harry banging on the door of the jewellery shop in Hogsmeade while Hermione watched laughing as an irate old man opened a window above their heads and poked his head out.

“Who the hell is knocking at seven in a morning? Go away come back at nine,” he shouted down at them.

Harry stepped back and looked up at the old man “Sorry to wake you sir but I need wedding rings for Mrs Potter and myself,” he called giving his best smile.

The old man stared at them for several seconds then blinked and rubbed his eyes “Is that you young Harry I mean Mr Potter? Didn’t recognise you with out my glasses on, hang on I’ll be down in a second,” that said he closed the window with a bang.

True to his word the old man was quickly undoing a variety of locks both Muggle and magical on his front door. Standing just inside the doorway in a very old fashioned nightshirt the old man gestured for them to enter.

“I would not consider doing this for anyone else, wedding rings you say,” the old man mumbled as he pulled out several trays from under the counter.

Both Harry and Hermione studied the rings on the counter but neither could find any rings that they liked.

“I have some more in the safe but they are extremely expensive,” the man said eyeing Harry.

“Can we see them please? Price is not a problem,” Harry said grinning at the looks he was getting from Hermione.

The old man came back in with a small tray of rings that were made of white gold and platinum. It did not take long for both Harry and Hermione to reach for the same pair of rings.

“I’ll take these, could you just charge it to my account at Gringotts?” Harry asked smiling

The man checked the price then nodding vigorously he placed a parchment on the counter for Harry to sign. Harry signed the parchment then asked the man to engrave some words around the ring ‘In this life and the next, together for ever’

Once the rings were engraved Harry picked up the smaller one and gently placed it on Hermione’s finger saying “I do” as he kissed her fingers.

Hermione copied Harry having picked up the larger ring.

Hand in hand they walked from the shop, Hermione stopped to examine her ring in the early morning light, it was made with both platinum and white gold rings. Around two rings of white gold interlaced in an intricate Celtic design two more rings wound their way around, a tiny Gryffindor lion sat proudly in the middle.

Hermione sighed “Harry you paid more for these than my dad earns in a year.”

“Well Mrs Potter you are now a member of the third richest family in the magical world,” Harry told her with a grin.

“Heck Harry, I knew you had some money, but I never even imagined” Hermione whispered in awe.

A few minutes later Hermione asked “So who are the other two, Malfoy I bet?”

Harry put on a mock thoughtful face and tried to look like he was concentrating “Now the richest is some Irish fellow, his name escapes me at the moment,”

“Well who’s second then?” Hermione asked laughing at his face pulling.

“Ah well second would be Sirius Black if he were still here, seeing as how I inherited all his fortune, and have the most beautiful woman alive as my wife I suppose that makes me the richest wizard alive,” Harry burst out laughing.

Hermione was sure Harry had plenty of money but for some reason she thought Harry was joking. Right until the day they eventually went to visit Potter mansion that is and she saw just how big it was.

By eight-o-clock Harry and Hermione were sitting having breakfast at the Gryffindor table in the battle scared great hall.

Hermione whispered that her arm was ready to drop off as yet more women came over to see her wedding ring. It seemed that every female in the school including the remaining civilians and professors wanted to coo over it.

Harry was being celebrated as a hero by everyone around them; many of them thanked him sincerely for removing the danger from theirs and their families’ lives.

Just as they finished eating, Harry heard the voice he had been silently dreading. “Harry, Hermione sweetheart you’re safe, where the heck have you been?” called Mrs Weasley as she rushed along the aisle to where they were sitting.

Harry knew all about Mrs Weasley’s temper, especially the volume her voice could reach when she yelled at someone, the thought of his nearly adopted mother shouting at him for getting married without telling her scared the pants off him.

Thinking of the best way out of the coming tirade he decided he would just as soon face Voldemort again. But as that was not possible he announced that they should take a walk outside. “Out of ear shot of the students,” he whispered conspiratorially as Molly Weasley released him from her bone crushing hug.

Harry and Hermione waved at the headmistress as Molly ushered them from the great hall and into the entrance hall where they were met by the rest of the Weasley family and their friends.

Hermione gave a quick flash of her wedding ring to Ginny as she was almost crushed by the rush of Weasley brothers who wanted to give her a squeeze.

Ginny stood with her mouth wide open, not quite believing what she had seen, leaning to one side she managed to get another look at Hermione’s left hand and there it was the most beautiful wedding ring she had ever seen.

Harry managed to steer every one out side as both he and Hermione tried to convince everyone that they had no idea that they had even been missing.

Once they had all calmed down Harry suggested a walk around the lake, as he began to get nods of agreement he walked over to Hermione and took her hand in his before setting off.

They had only gone a few dozen yards when Ron spoke “Hermione, what the hell is that on your finger?”

‘It just had to be Ron’ Harry thought.

Ginny nudged Ron in the ribs with her elbow but it was too late; Molly was staring at Hermione’s left hand.

“Hermione Granger, what is the meaning of that ring on your finger?”

‘Thanks Ron’ Harry thought.

Hermione stopped walking and turned to face Mrs Weasley, lifting her hand and looking at the ring she said “What this? Oh this is just my wedding ring; Harry’s got one just the same.”

She then turned back around and continued toward the lake dragging a startled Harry with her.

Ginny broke the shocked silence “Hermione, when? How long have you been married?”

Hermione stopped again and turned to face a stunned silence “Harry and I have been married a long time, but we only spent the last six months as man and wife.”

Hermione looked as calm as could be but Harry could feel her shaking, “You could say we have only been a married couple for six months,” he said, suddenly feeling very proud of his wife.

Harry thought his end had come when Molly launched herself toward him followed closely by six burly men.

Molly grabbed him in the most powerful hug he had ever felt, he began to panic a little when he found he could barely breathe. He was saved by the intervention of Ron’s brother Bill who tapped his mother on the shoulder and whispered “let the poor guy breathe mum”.

Molly let Harry go a little as she gave a squeal of delight “Oh Harry I’m so pleased, Ginny always said she would marry you some day, but I always saw the love you and Hermione share. I wish I had been there but I suppose with Voldemort and all that, you had to keep it secret,”

Harry saw Hermione gently nod her head telling him to agree with Mrs Weasley, “Yes well we could have a proper ceremony now that we don’t have anything to worry about, once we find Mr and Mrs Granger,” he mumbled as Molly finally pulled away from him.

Congratulations came from some of the other Weasley brothers, but not from Ron.

Ron suddenly exploded, shouting and swearing at Harry accusing him of stealing his girlfriend, he even threatened to beat the living daylights out of the raven haired hero.

Hermione turned on Ron and asked him just when he had asked her to be his girlfriend because she could not remember such an occasion, and what right had he got to assume that she would have ever left Harry to be with a thick prat like him, she then added that he should have known how she felt about Harry when she chose to stay with Harry rather than desert him as he had done.

Before Ron could respond Arthur Weasley held up his hand “Ron, you really are one thick wizard, Harry and Hermione have been married for eight years, so anything you might have actually got your brain to think is wrong, so do shut up.”

“You know, about Hermione and me?” Harry stumbled over his words.

“Oh I’ve known about that for a long time, it’s been a devils job keeping it a secret, its hard keeping things from Albus and Molly, its one of my jobs at the ministry to keep a record of bond marriages, just in case there are any legal difficulties. How long have you and Hermione known?”

“Six months sir we found out the day we, er got together,” Harry replied.

Arthur smiled at Harry “You know I already think of you as a son and daughter, as I have said before. You have had my blessing since the day I saw your entry in my log. Now son how about you and I grab a broom each from the school broom shed and take in a little fresh air, let the women quiz Hermione.”

Harry was as happy as he had ever been, though he was just a little worried because he had never seen Arthur on a broom before.
Minutes after kicking off from the ground Harry knew he had no need to worry about Arthur because he was a match for Charlie the ex Gryffindor seeker any day.

The next three months were hectic for the Potters as they tracked down Hermione’s parents, once they were found and their memories restored they quickly forgave Hermione for not consulting them before altering their memories.
Upon finding out about the bond and what it meant Mr and Mrs Granger agreed with Molly Weasleys idea of having a proper wedding ceremony, a wizard one at that. So on their return to Britain the Grangers and Potters stayed at the Weasleys while the biggest wedding ever to be held in Ottery St Catchpole was organised, Hermione was four months pregnant when they finally had the wedding.

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