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Hey Italy by Marauderette
Chapter 19 : Epilogue
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Disclaimer: None of the Harry Potter universe belongs to me.

I groaned. Today had not gone well at all.

"Tomorrow will be better," Hestia reminded me.

"Yeah, right," I replied.

Remus John Lupin, my ex-boyfriend and best friend and the man I love, got married to this young girl, Nymphadora Tonks. I just found out. I had puked. I told everyone I was sick and they bought it so it worked out. I've noticed that I puke when I am extremely upset or cannot handle something. Like deaths. I am not good at handling those.

It has been about twenty years since Hogwarts. Remus and I broke off our engagement long since then. Just to clarify everything, it was not a mutual decision.

When Sirius was sentenced to Azkaban and James and Lily were killed, he thought it'd be best if we saw less of each other. November 3rd, 1981, he moved out of my flat and stopped talking to me, Hestia, Brittany, Lauren, and Emmy.

We stopped seeing him too. After Voldemort fell, the Order stopped meeting. There were things secretly going on between members, but the meetings were done.


Alice and Frank got married. They had a baby too. Cute little thing, Neville was. But when he was just a baby, the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr. tortured Alice and Frank.

They currently reside in the Janus Thickey ward of St. Mungo's. Hestia and Brittany tried to make light of the situation and said 'I was due to go there any day now'.

I went there to visit them once day and ran into Augusta Longbottom, Frank's mother, and Neville, still cute as a button (even though buttons are not cute). Alice kept handing the nurse an Abba record to play. I concluded she really was insane then because she hated them by the end of seventh year.


A little over a year after all that of James and Lily, and Sirius, and the Order happened, Lauren's muggle boyfriend found out she was a witch. He didn't handle it well at all.

He beat her and put her into a muggle hospital. They did not know anything and she died in January. I puked then too. When we, Emmy, Hestia, Brittany, and I, were shopping for decent clothes to wear to the funeral, we ran into Remus. He heard what happened, fore it was in the Daily Prophet, and Emmy told him about the funeral service.

He showed up but stayed to the back. Emmy tried talking to him there but they had a row and he left. Apparently, Hogwarts was the only thing that kept us together. That or Lily, James, and Sirius.


Then the Order of the Phoenix started up again in 1994. I was excited to see Sirius free and innocent. I was even more excited to see Remus again. That is, until the young, clumsy Auror by the name of Tonks started flirting with him WAY too much. I was civil to her, but after every meeting I'd play darts; my dart board being a picture of her. Stupid Hufflepuff.


Remus and that girl have a child. Teddy Lupin. He was named after Ted Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks' father, who was killed.

Remus and I had a huge argument yesterday. Tonks was at St. Mungo's and Hestia was at the Burrow. He came over and tried to apologize for everything. I simply told him he can't just expect me to forgive him for all that in five minutes. Even though I secretly did.

He said that he couldn't change it now, but if he could he would. I took that as 'I love you, Madison.' Obviously it wasn't. He then proceeded to tell me that he still loved me even though he loved Tonks too. Then the loon kissed me! After, he said 'I'm sorry things didn't work out for us.'

He left and now they have their perfect little family. Everyone is so happy for them. Except me and Hestia. Brittany too. Hestia wrote her and explained everything to her. She's having a blast in France.

Remus died. He and Tonks died. The final battle is over and Hestia, Brittany, and I are standing around talking quietly in the Great Hall. Kingsley Shacklebot came over.

"Kingsley," Brittany said smiling.

"How're you guys doing?" he asked hugging her looking at me.

"Fine," she replied.

"How about you?" Hestia asked.

"I'm okay. I'm the temporary Minister of Magic," he announced.

"That's great!" Brittany squealed delightfully.

I looked around the room. Oh sugar. I'm going to be sick. "Bucket," I muttered looking else where. Hestia conjured one and handed it to me.

Kingsley looked at us oddly and I started puking. "I hate this," I said.

"I'm sorry," he said and he and Brittany went off.

"Hey, there's your boyfriend, bloke five years older than us… married to Sirius's cousin… long blond hair," Hestia laughed sadly pointing. Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa, and their son were standing around together.

I laughed remembering Emmy's comment. "I wish she was here," I muttered.

"Me too, Mad, but do you think she'd want you to be so distressed about her?" Hestia replied.

"Yes, she loved attention!" I said. She burst into tears over her late best friend. I joined her.

Later on we were sitting in silence with Brittany. Brittany was sitting dazed, playing with the wedding ring on her finger. Her and Kingsley have been married for a while. They continued dating after Hogwarts and eventually he proposed.

Hestia was sitting frowning slightly. She was deep in thought. Without Emmy she has been sadder than everyone else. But she kept up a façade that people believe. She's become a famous muckraker and journalist. She is neither married nor dating anyone because she finds boys "icky".

"Mad?" Hestia asked me, "You okay?"

"Do you think Dumbledore has a portrait here?" I asked suddenly.

"Yeah. He was a Headmaster," she said.

"D'you think I could talk to him?" I asked.

"Well portraits and paintings can talk," she said like it was obvious.

"Come with me?" I asked shyly.

"Of course," she smiled reassuringly.


"Do you seriously believe in the Deathly Hallows?!" Hestia asked as we wandered in the forbidden forest searching for the Resurrection stone.

"Yes. Harry said he saw Remus!" I said.

"But it's a rock!" she protested, "And Dumbledore said he thought it was best Harry didn't go back –"

"Harry is seventeen and doesn't need it. I'm in my thirties and I really want to talk him again. I need to talk to everyone again! Lily, James, Sirius, Lauren, Remus, and Emmy –"

"What if it's time you moved on? You can owl Michael or Adam or Darren! You should start talking to your sister again! You have nearly one hundred years to live –"

"Without my best friends –"

"What am I? A random roommate you don't like?" she cried.

"Found it!" I exclaimed gleefully. I picked up the black stone and examined it. This has to be it! "Oh don't worry, Hestia," I said, "You're one of my best friends too. It's just, I had –" I did a quick count on my fingers. "– Seven not even twenty years ago!"

So, I'm in my sitting room with Hestia. She's commenting on how a seventeen year-old boy is smarter than me. I'm playing with the stone in my hand.

Suddenly, Emmy appeared kind of fog-like. Ish. Hestia's eye bulged and she beamed. "Emmy!" she cried happily.

Emmy grinned like she was her seventeen year-old self again. "Tia! Maddie!" Emmy said.

"I am really sorry!" I said.

"What for?" she snorted.

I felt guilty. She had been coming to my flat to visit me when she was killed. "It was my fault. I'm sorry," I repeated.

"Bullocks!" Emmy said.

"I'm gonna go try to get Lauren or Lily," I said standing and exiting to my room so the two best friends could talk.

I exhaled nervously. I need to talk to Remus. If I die right afterwards, I'll be okay. I rubbed the stone and flipped it with my fingers. In the other room Hestia and Emmy were laughing just like old times.

Suddenly, a similar fog-like figure appeared before me. I closed my eyes. I can't. Go away, I wanted to shout.

"Maddie?" he asked. Oh, how I missed his voice. I nodded, keeping my eyes shut tight. "What's wrong?" he asked. I shook my head. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked. His voice was so comforting.

"You left me," I whispered.

"I'm sorry. You're too good for me," he said.

I shook my head in protest. "I love you!" I cried and went to hug him. I hugged fog. "Eww did we just do it?" I asked disgusted.

He laughed and then waggled his eyebrows. I laughed. This is one of the happiest moments in my entire life.


One hundred years later Hestia and I are still living together. We are occasionally visited by Megan, Hestia's niece, and my twins; my son, Remus James Sirius, and daughter, Emmy Alice Lauren.

I was married for about twenty years before Darren died in a freak Quidditch accident. He fell and broke his neck. Darren was the best ever, though I could never love him as much I loved Remus.


I woke up in my seventh year dormitory with Hestia sleeping on the bed across from me. I sat up confused. "Hestia?" I asked. She remained motionless.

I looked out the window. It was dark and my reflection appeared before me. I was my seventeen year old self. Confusion was etched all over my face.

"Hestia! Get up!" I ordered throwing my shoe at her. It missed and hit the wall behind her before falling onto her face.

"Jeez, your shoe reeks!" she coughed throwing it back at me. She sat up confused and groggily. I caught my shoe and sniffed it curiously. It's not too bad. "Where are we?" she asked.

"Hogwarts," I answered. She looked around and after a minute stood up. "Where are you going!?" I asked.

"The common room! It's just like in Titanic!" she cried She bolted down the stairs and I followed falling down a few stairs.

In the common room sat everyone. James and Lily curled up on a loveseat. Sirius, Brittany, and Lauren on the couch laughing and joking. Alice and Frank opposite the Potters. And Emmy and Remus stood there smiling and whispering.

"Emmy!" Hestia cried engulfing her best friend in a tight hug.

I stood sheepishly behind them while everyone's attention was drawn to us. Remus grinned at me and pulled me in for a kiss. And just like in Titanic they all started clapping and smiling with approbation at us. 

Author's Note: And this is it. This is the end. I'm not too satisfied but oh well.

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