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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 11 : Virginia
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So we are one chapter away from where the story gets going. If you would have me split up the story into a beginning, middle, and end I would say this chapter ends the beginning and the next chapter, obviously, starts the middle. The actions gonna pick up and some of you are going to hate me but please stick it out until the end cuz even if you hate me things will turn out good in the end I promise!

The room was cold and dank. Only the fire in the fireplace brought it light or warmth. In a tall backed armchair a man sat. He did nothing but stare coldly into the fire. A soft knock came upon the door. The guest was expected. In fact he was late.

“Enter Draco.” The snake-like voice would have terrified many but the boy strode in as if he owned the world. “Do you retrieve it?” Draco gave an odd little evil laugh.

“Like stealing candy from a baby,” he snorted. “She’s got it bad, my lord. We didn’t even need the potion.”

“Good, good. Did she agree to tomorrow?” Draco laughed again.

I want to see you,” he imitated Hermione’s know-it-all voice. “Of course she did. She was captured after the Shakespeare comment.” The cocky boy smiled smugly to himself.

“Don’t get to big headed Draco. We can not afford a mistake now. She offers a key to our balance. Don’t forget that. We need her on our side next.” Quicker than lightening Draco’s smile was wiped off his face.

“Our side. My lord, forgive me, but she still has misgivings about a relationship with me because a few Mudblood jokes. Think of it, I try and convince her to kill all Mudbloods…Oh I can just feel the slap.”

“Watch your tone, boy. Remember your place!” Voldemort shouted at Draco. “I do not expect it to be quick. In time she will come our way, with gentle pushes…Gentle Draco. In the mean time, do not get attached, once she has served her purpose she will only get in the way.”

“Yes my lord. Was there anything else?”

“No that is all.” Draco left a wand on the table next to Voldemort’s armchair as he left.

Hermione slammed the door behind her. The house shook and Mrs. Black was screaming. Hermione didn’t care. ‘Let the old Hag scream.’ Hermione thought angrily as she marched up to her room. Picture frames and elf heads woke up along the way. All screaming at her for waking them. She stormed up the stairs wanting to tear her hair out. She slammed her bedroom door closed and let it out. If anyone would have been there who knew Hermione, well, they wouldn’t have known her anymore. They would have been scared to even talk to her again. As it was, only one painting lay in her room and it was normally empty.

“That little sniveling git! How could have fallen for such a cheap trick? That ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, surprising even the many painting screams in sheer volume. “I hate him! I hate this arranged marriage! I hate being a pureblood! I hate this whole thing!” She aimed a hard kick at the empty picture frame. “I hate you!” she screamed at it just for something to hate. “You abandoned frame! I hate him! I HATE HIM! I HATE THIS PLACE! I HATE EVERYTHING!” Hermione collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes squeezing out a flood of tears.

She wanted to run to the burrow and tell everything to Harry. She wanted Ron to hug her and tell her everything would be alright. She felt so alone. Ron and Harry were busy. They were fighting Voldemort, something she should be doing. They’d never told her their plans but then she’d never asked. Tears covered her pillow and face; it was as if a dam had broken. Why did her heart ache the way it did? Why didn’t she want to punch Malfoy in the face?

The screaming didn’t stop, even as she lay fetal and sobbing. Mrs. Black was screaming something about unworthy spawn of an unholy father. Hermione had stopped caring. In fact, she’d fallen asleep.

“Virginia…baby?” The voice was so soft and sweet. The air smelled like roses but everything was so blurry. She couldn’t even see the person who talked to her. Where was she? Who was talking to her? “My goodness! It is you.” The voice was definitely female. She looked around trying to find the source of the voice by no one was there. However there was a mirror. It showed an older version of her. It was a little blurred, however.

“Who’s there?” She asked spinning on her heel.

“Honey…I’d never thought I’d see my baby girl again.” Hermione turned around back to the mirror. “Honey, come here, see your daughter.” The mirror version of Hermione turned away and let out a sob. “Oh it’s not fair. Oh my Virginia! Tell me! Did Draco break the Malfoy mold?”

Hermione place a hand upon the mirror, both glad and upset to find it solid. “Mother…” she couldn’t help staring at the blurred image. Could it really be? “Oh…Draco hasn’t broken that stupid mold!”

“I was afraid of that…Promise me something Hermione.” Hermione stared at what she thought was her mother. Who she hoped was her mother. “Promise me you’ll marry him. Help him break the mold, bring honor back to both your name and his. Oh please.”

“But mother…” Hermione whispered. She felt as if her time was limited, as if there was not enough time to get the information across and still ask her questions. “He’s horrible.”


“Oh my little friend.” Her mother said starring at the sword necklace around her neck. “I’ve missed you so much!” Hermione blinked and looked at the sword, the gem had turned a deep blue with that same golden eye. Blue? Purple? Did these colors mean something?

“Mother…” Hermione said looking back through the mirror. “Draco is working against me.”

“No he isn’t dear, hold a little faith.” Tears burst through Hermione’s eyes. She stared at her mother.

“But he took my wand.” The woman laughed.

“Hermione…Virginia, you are my daughter! Remember that, you do not need a wand to perform magic that matters. You look so much like me but…you have your fathers smile though…of course.” The woman smiled and placed her hand on the other side of Hermione’s. “Remember you are never alone. Understand me? I’m always with you. I love you my daughter.”

“Mother…” Hermione’s eyes poured the tears again and she tried to reach through the mirror to touch her mother. She say another clouded figure enter the frame. He had shaggy hair that covered everything. Before she could hear him speak something pulled her backward and away from them. “No! It’s not fair.”


Hermione blinked. She felt like she was coming back from dead. The screaming from the other portraits and even the screaming from Mrs. Black was drowned out by her confusion and trance-like state. She looked around trying to clear the blurry image of her mother or even guess who her father was. As she looked around something strange caught her eye. Instead of the one door, there were now two.

I'm so sorry it's so short! However I figured the nice cliff hanger would leave you all wondering. I'm realizing though that I creating a lot of loose strings so because the story has become more complicated than I first invisioned it's probably going to be twice as a long. I do hope my readers, and I love you all my wonderful readers, don't flee because of that. So far I have 5500+ reads and I am so happy. Thank you all my wonderful readers and reviewers. And one last note since I'm blabing longer than my story. I only have three more chapters writen at the moment, so I'm hoping I'll have a free weekend and get inspired to write soon but if not you may have to wait a while but things are looking up in the free time department so no worries.

Thanks for reading and please review!

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Lies Told To Me: Virginia


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