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Cinderella? by hjplover
Chapter 1 : Meeting Sirius
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A/N: Hello everyone! This is my new story called Cinderella? Since Seven is Lucky is almost done I thought I should put this other story out there. Bravest will be updated after this! I wrote sooo much this weekend, so they'll be updated quickly!! Just so you know, this chapter includes the prologue and the first chapter. Hope you enjoy this!


Why am I here? It seems as though I ask myself that quite often. But it is something that I shouldn’t ask myself, I should ask my mother. Except I already know what she’s going to say. She’ll say that I need to learn to be a muggle, and could I please leave because another student was coming in to see her.

Wonderful person my mother is, don’t ya think?

Times would have been different, if dad were still alive. They, my mum and dad, would probably have let me go to Hogwarts, and mum might even still worked at the Ministry of Magic. But dad went and keeled over and mum shunned anything to do with magic after that.

It is a sad thing when someone you love is gone. Nothing is ever the same and a strange emptiness fills within you.

Dad died the day I turned eleven. Just the day he had said I would receive my letter to Hogwarts. And he was right. But of course, I didn’t tell mum because dad had just died.

When I eventually told her about the letter, she scoffed and told me to go to bed. She absolutely refused to let me learn magic. Going against my dead father’s wishes

Life considerably changed after that. Mum snapped her wand in half and refused for me even to say the word ‘magic’ in the house. She got a job as the headmistress of a school in Bristol. Then she shipped me straight off to live at a boarding school until I was 14.

When I returned home, life was definitely different. Mum had moved out of the house that dad had built with his own bare hands. She lived in a small apartment penthouse… with her boyfriend. And not just a boyfriend, a son as well. Mr. Pompous Arse, as I like to call him, had been married previously. His wife had disappeared, leaving him with his son, Jason.

My mother expected Jason and I to hit it off right away. We were the same age, we would both be attending mum’s school for our high school years, and we were both so happy about our parents being together… NOT!

Jason seemed as though he didn’t even realise that two females lived in his house. He was entirely fascinated with video games, which I happened to find completely pointless. I mean who wouldn’t want to race fat men in beards around the forest? Note the sarcasm!

Though the apartment was a penthouse, this still meant that there were only two bedrooms. One bedroom for mum and Pompous Arse (yuck!) and one for Jason and I to share. Hello? We aren’t five anymore. Even if he were my real brother I wouldn’t share a room with him.

This meant that I had to sleep in the attic. Note: This wasn’t some nice attic that I could turn into a wonderful room, with a wonderful view of the city. This attic was the definition of an actual attic. Cram packed with stuff, bats in the rafters, and itchy insulation all over the floor.

The first week in the attic, I had rashes all over my body. Does my mum notice? Nope, she just asks me why I’m getting so much acne lately.

I attended mum’s school, she kept the secret of our powers away from Pompous and Jason, and I continued to sleep in the attic.

I guess life probably could have been worse. I cleaned out the insulation, causing the whole house to be freezing in London’s winter, and cleared out a space for a mattress. My room was really the only place that I could feel like myself. I had discovered the boxes in the room were filled with my dad’s old possessions. In it were pictures of him at Hogwarts, ridding a broomstick, standing with mum at their wedding. I missed dad and it was cool to see him when he was just a pimply teenager.

A couple of boxes had stood unopened in a corner of the room, filled with books. Usually I don’t like to read, which was why the boxes hadn’t been opened, but when you’re locked in your room because you forgot to take out the trash, you get extremely bored. Which was why I found an old journal that had belonged to dad. It was filled with the most hilarious stories, wizarding places that I had never heard of, ideas for good pranks, and funny little drawings.

My favorite part of the journal was the descriptions of a bar called The Leaky Cauldron, the entrance to Diagon Alley. Dad described such funny people that would come to it. Hags, vampires, and all sorts of strange creatures. He even mentioned that it resided in London! One day, when mum lets me leave the house, I’m going to go and find it.

Chapter One: Meeting Sirius

She’s done it again, that crazy mother of mine! And all because I said the word magic. And not even in the context that she didn’t allow! I guess I should start from the beginning.

When I first met Jason, my mum’s boyfriend’s son, I thought he was pretty cool, yet as time went on, he changed. He got irritating, mean, cocky, and just someone I hated. Eventually, it would be rare that we would even talk to each other.

So, when mum found me talking to Jason, she was suspicious because we never talked. But, in fact, I was only telling him about this awesome magic trick my friend Trish has shown me. When mum heard me utter the word magic, she flipped! I swear all of London could have heard her screaming at me. Jason crept from the room, knowing only too well how worked up mum could become.

As mum yelled, I finally realised something. I couldn’t stand this anymore; muggle high school, the boyfriend, the brother, the attic room, everything. It all suddenly became too much and I snapped. My unused magical power flooded from the broken dam inside myself. Power flew from me, shattering windows, tearing up the sofas, and blowing mum across the room.

“I’m done!” I screamed at her. “I’m done pretending to be someone I’m not! I’m done living in the freezing attic! I’ve had it!”

I ran up the stairs and stuffed clothes and the little money I possessed into a bag. Soon I was sprinting back down the stairs. Mum was just picking herself up from the shards of glass and the pieces of cloth. She glared at me with such a look of venom that the phrase if-looks-could-kill, flitted through my head.

“Get. Out. Of. My. House!” She screeched at me and then grabbed the broom and started chasing me with it.

I wonder what the neighbors would have thought when they saw a lone girl being chased from the apartments by her mother, with a broom. If the situation hadn’t been so desperate, it might have actually been funny.

Once mum saw that I was three blocks away, she turned around and left me to the chilling streets of London, England. I assumed that she would immediately go home and proceed to lock every door and window in the apartment.

Though it was late August, the weather was chilly and bone-cold. I sniffled as I tried to stay warm, curled beneath a park picnic table. I cried myself to sleep on the damp ground.

The next morning came; waking me from the cramped position I lay in. I tried to stretch my neck out, but was forced to admit that it would never straighten out properly.

What had I done? Why the bloody hell had I left?
I thought as I wandered around. London was just waking up. Children clutched their schoolbooks as they walked the few blocks to school. A woman shook out a rug before hanging it on a clothesline. For some reason, she reminded me of my own mother, which caused me to burst into tears.

It was afternoon when I finally wandered into what seemed to be a shopping area. There were groceries, clothing stores, music stores, bars, and an assortment of other places. It was then that I noticed the one store that not a single person seemed to notice. It was wedged between two popular stores, but people’s eyes passed over the store in between. My heart leaped when I saw the store name: The Leaky Cauldron, the entrance to Diagon Alley. I hurried into the bar; glancing around to see if any other people had noticed me approaching the “invisible” bar. None seemed to.

The door snapped behind me as I entered the gloomy room. It was just as it had been described in my father’s journal. Small tables and chairs were scattered randomly around the area. A rag cleaned a table without any assistance from a person. Pitchers of drinks hung in the air, until someone put a cup underneath them. Then they would pour their contents and continue floating. Strange people sat, some in the dark corners, their eyes darting around suspiciously. A man with dark eyes and a pale face drank a dark red liquid. A boy sat in the middle of a set of tables, drinking his drink while people watching.

I was fascinated by everything. My mouth hung open and I walked around, amazed at all the things around me.

“First time here, I take it?” The people-watching boy stood before me.

He was very handsome. I was suddenly self-conscious of my disheveled appearance.

The boy looked at me blankly when I did not respond. But, truth be told, I was struck dumb by how handsome the boy was. Though I already looked stupid by not responding, I shrugged my shoulders.

“The look on your face was priceless when you got here. This is the first time you’ve seen magic, huh?

The boy was obviously trying to engage me in small talk. Yet why would someone like him, be talking to someone like me? I mean, I wasn’t too bad looking, but mum also said I looked too much like dad. I had curly black hair, a determined faced, and blue eyes. At the high school, boys never talked to me, but that might have been because mum was the headmistress.

“Yeah it is my first time around magic.” I answered shyly.

“So are you a muggle?” He seemed slightly confused at my answer.

“No, but my mum no longer believes that wizards exist.”

The boy seemed fascinated by my answer. But why would he be interesting in little old me?

“Why does she no longer believe in wizards? You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” He said when he saw my face fall.

“It’s ok, I just haven’t ever talked about it with a stranger.” I trusted this boy, yet I could not understand why. It had something to do, though, with the look in his eyes, as if he, just like myself, had faced hardships in life.

“Then we won’t be strangers. I’m Sirius Black, I live with my best friend James Potter, and I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“You go to Hogwarts?!” My eyes widened in excitement.

Sirius smiled at my amazement. “Yup, I am going to be a seventh year at Hogwarts. Now you have to tell me three things about yourself.”

“Alright. My name is Anastasia Nichols." Sirius looked at me oddly, but I continued. "I used to live with my mother, but she kicked me out.” My voice broke slightly at the thought of my mum, but I continued on. “And I used to go to my mum’s school, but I really want to go to Hogwarts because I’ve never learned any magic before.”

“Why did she kick you out?” Sirius seemed extremely curious.

“I just had enough. My dad died when I was eleven, and it crushed mum. She snapped her wand, forgot magic, and sent me off to boarding school.” I surprised myself by saying it so matter-a-factly. Then I realized the weight that had lifted from my shoulders. Leaving that stupid apartment was the best thing I could have ever done.

“What happened after that?” Sirius looked so silly. He seemed like a little boy that was getting told a wonderful story of knights and pirates.

“When I got back from boarding school, mum had sold the house, and moved in with her boyfriend and his son. I attended the high school my mother was headmistress at and now I ran away, or was kicked out. She flipped out at me for saying the word magic and I had just had enough.”

“If you haven’t had anything to do with magic then why did you know about this place?”

“I used to live in the attic. My mum stored all of dad’s old stuff up there. They met at Hogwarts. He had a journal that was up there, it was full of wonderful stories of the magical world.”

“Wow, so where are you staying now?”

“Umm, I’m not really quite sure. I have a little money, but not enough for anything decent. I’ll just have to get a job where a high school dropout will be allowed.”

“Why don’t you go to Hogwarts? I’m sure Professor Dumbledore will let you in.”

“Why would he? I turned down the letter when I was eleven. I’ve missed six years of my studies. What kind of person would let me in?”

“Dumbledore would. He lets everyone get a second chance. Though some don’t deserve it?” His face darkened suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”

“There are people at the school that should not be allowed, my brother for instance.” He ground his teeth together.

“What’s wrong with your brother?” Sirius intrigued me, just as I seemed to intrigue him.

He seemed hesitant, but I waited, knowing, somehow, that he would tell me. “I come from the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. All my family are dark, pure-blood wizards. They all believe that pure-bloods should rule and that everyone else is scum. They’re in Slytherin for a reason.” Sirius’s face suddenly seemed dangerous to me. He obviously hated them. “I never believed in what they did. I was more like my cousin Andromeda. She was disowned, like me, for going against them. I was sorted into Gryffindor when I was eleven, something that had never happened before, for any Black. I ran away a year ago to live with my best friend.”

“I’m sorry?” I wasn’t really sure what to say. I mean, I thought I had it bad, but Sirius, his whole life must have been terrible.

“It’s okay, James is like a brother to me. Actually,” He looked around. “James was supposed to meet me here twenty minutes ago.”

“Oh, sorry, I guess I have to go.” Sirius looked at me confused.


“Well, your friend is coming… Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent.” I started to get up.

“Wait, where will you go?” He questioned.

“Umm, I’ll find someplace.” I answered.

“Why aren’t you going to go to Hogwarts? Dumbledore is the greatest wizard in the world, he’ll let you in.” Sirius saw the happiness and hope in my eyes. “Listen, school starts in a week. Come with me to James’s house. His parents love guests. We’ll owl Dumbledore and you can come with us to Hogwarts!”

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly impose.” I tried to keep the hope out of my voice, but it crept in anyway.

“Nonsense, come on.” Sirius grabbed me by the hand, pulling me into a back alley. “Watch.” He tapped a brick with his wand and the bricks melted away. “Welcome to Diagon Alley!”

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