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Unseen and Unexpected by petitesorciere
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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 Hermione stretched in her sleep, a smile written across her calm face. As she relaxed again, her hand fell against Draco’s, nudging him from his slumber. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he looked around his room, wondering why he felt quite so satisfied. Then, with a gentle shiver of rapturous memory, he looked at the  patch of bed beside him. Clearly, the sheets were not Hermione’s because they hadn’t turned invisible. He could see the outline of her slim body draped by the thin sheets and with a kind of tentative curiosity, he traced a finger over the curve  of her hips and into the dent of her waist.


Hermione wriggled underneath his ministrations, only half aware of what was happening. Finally opening her eyes, she smiled to see Draco’s face above hers. Reaching down, she laced her fingers through Draco’s. ‘’Morning.’’


‘’How long have you been awake?’’ Draco pulled her hand up to his mouth and kissed the soft skin.


‘’I only just woke up.’’


‘’How are you feeling? Do you regret anything?’’


Hermione raised herself onto her elbows. ‘’You sound worried.’’


Draco opened his mouth to protest but nothing came out. Hermione leaned further forward and dropped a kiss on his lips. ‘’I don’t regret anything. That was the best night of my life.’’ She silently gave  thanks for the fact that Draco couldn’t see her blushing at the fact that she had just used such a hackneyed cliché to describe something so wonderful.


‘’Good.’’ Draco had no such luxury and Hermione smiled as his cheeks tinted slightly. ‘’I don’t either. Regret it, I mean.’’


‘’I know what you mean.’’ Hermione stretched again, and then wriggled towards the edge of the bed. Draco watched wistfully as the sheets that had been framing the beautiful body fell to the bed, and then perked up as he realised Hermione would now be standing completely naked.


‘’Come here.’’


Hermione looked at the glint in his eye and had to fight her hormones. ‘’We have classes. And we’re in the Room of Requirement which means we’re going to have to find our way back to our dormitories without being seen. Which is going to be considerably more difficult for you.’’ She cast around the room for her discarded underwear, pulling it on and watching it vanish as it slid onto her skin. Turning to Draco, she smiled at the mock-forlorn look on his face. ‘’Come on, you know we don’t need any awkward questions.’’


‘’I know. Come here. I promise not to make you fall prey to my amazing seduction skills.’’


Hermione stepped into his open arms, letting him pull her onto his lap. He slid a hand around her shoulders and nuzzled her neck. ‘’So what are we going to do about this?’’ he asked, speaking into her neck.


Hermione arched her back slightly, her skin tingling as the vibrations of his voice hit her neck. ‘’I don’t know.’’


‘’Because I don’t want to just screw you. I know that. What I felt last night went beyond lust, and to just be sex buddies would be the worst thing we could do.’’


‘’Gryffindor and Slytherin isn’t exactly the best mix for a relationship.’’


‘’A secret relationship?’’


‘’It will come out in the end, and you know it will.’’ Hermione stroked the top of his head. ‘’I just feel at the moment like we’re in some little bubble. What’s happening to us is so weird, what brought us together is so weird that it’s almost like I can’t quite work out what to do. It feels wonderful but it doesn’t feel real.’’


‘’But it is real and we have to work out what to do.’’ Draco stroked her soft hair. ‘’But not now. Let’s say, that once we’ve found the solution to the potion, we have to make a decision about what we’re going to do.’’


‘’Good plan.’’ Hermione kissed his forehead and then lowered her head a little so that she could press her lips against his. Parting her lips slightly, she gently touched her tongue to his, the pair of them making a silent pact that was just as unbreakable as the vow. Draco tightened his arms about her waist, loving the feel of the soft, bare skin beneath his fingers. Then before they knew it, they were tumbling back into the  bed, fingers raking and stroking, tongues tasting and licking, bodies writhing and wriggling.


Finally, Hermione pulled herself out of bed again. ‘’You broke your promise.’’ She tapped his nose and hurriedly pulled on her robes, hoping that she still had time to rush back to her dormitory. ‘’We’ll meet tonight, in the potions room?’’


‘’I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’’ Draco smiled as a kiss was planted on his lips, and then the door was shutting and Hermione was gone.


When he got back to his dormitory, Crabbe and Goyle were looking at the  obviously unslept in bed.


‘’I’m here, you idiots.’’ Draco quickly pulled off his shirt and hurried over to the basins, splashing water around.


‘’Where have you been?’’ Zabini sauntered over to him.


‘’None of your business Blaise.’’


‘’Bed hasn’t been slept in, coming back twenty minutes before lessons start, last night’s clothes….you’ve been with a girl.’’

‘’You’re simply too brilliant for words.’’ Draco glared at him and moved back over to his bed, buttoning a clean shirt over his chest. ‘’I said it was none of your business.’’


Zabini smirked and decided to bide his time. He waited until all the Slytherins were clustered around their Charms classroom door and then cleared his throat loudly. His assembled classmates turned to him expectantly. ‘’So, Pansy. Was it you Draco was with last night?’’


Draco’s eyes narrowed dangerously. The vicious little shit. But he had no time to react because Pansy was already turning on him. ‘’You were with someone last night Draco?’’


‘’Am I dating you Pansy? No, I didn’t think so. So I fail to see how this is any of your business.’’


‘’Draco! You were with someone? Who is she?’’


‘’Does the phrase ‘none of your business’ mean nothing to anyone?’’ Draco glared at the pair of them, silently willing the teacher to beckon them into the classroom.


‘’Who is she?’’


‘’Pansy, I’m warning you…’’ But Draco’s sentence was cut off by the small figure of Professor Flitwick appearing. All he heard before he took his seat was Pansy hissing ‘’Don’t think I’m going to drop this.’’



Meanwhile, Hermione had gone back to her dormitory to find Lavender and Parvati looking at her bed in much the same way that Crabbe and Goyle had been looking at Draco’s bed.


‘’I’m here.’’ She smiled as they jumped and spun around. ‘’I went for a walk, I wasn’t tired.’’


Lavender’s ears pricked up. ‘’A walk or a romantic liaison?’’


‘’Just a walk Lavender.’’ Hermione turned and began dressing.



But the damage had already been done. Later that day, in the Transfiguration class, Pansy’s ears pricked up as she heard Lavender loudly confiding that Hermione, yes Hermione Granger, had been out of the dormitory all of last night. Who was it she was meeting?


Pansy smiled grimly to herself. Hermione might be invisible but it was blatantly clear what had happened, and Granger was not going to get away with it.



AN: Just a quick note…you have to review this chapter, because I stayed up late just to write it, and I have a 9 o’clock lecture tomorrow! So, emotional blackmail done, I really hope you enjoyed this chapter, I’ll try and get the next one up quite quickly. Just to let you know, there will probably only be two more chapters for this, because it’s just a little fluffy story, and I also have the most amazing idea that I want to get on with writing. Also, if anyone wants to check out my ‘Meet the Author’ page, I’ll love you forever because it is a lonely little page that no one posts on (to get to it, click my author name at the top of the page, you will be taken to my account page and there you can find a link to ‘meet the author’).  Anyway…lots of love. Petitesorciere

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Unseen and Unexpected: Chapter Seven


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