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Total Eclipse Of The Heart by SilverQuill
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The laughter died away as the group disappeared from my sight.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. Slowly, I lifted my hand to my head. Chewing gum in my hair, well, it could’ve been worse.

For a few seconds, I stared at my auburn-coloured locks; the pink sticky material looked slightly wet. I made a face and felt my throat constrict. My breathing turned irregular and I struggled hard not to cry.

I would have to cut it, my beautiful long red locks; I would have to cut them short.

“Mya!” I heard the voice, oh yes, I heard it. But I didn’t look up; I continued staring at the tree before me, at the carvings into the dark wood. It reminded me of myself; you could cut it, hurt the tree as many times as you wanted, it would never defend itself. The tree would never defend itself.

“Mya!!” The voice turned concerned. “Mya!!!” Now it was downright panicking. Suddenly I was pulled into a soothing embrace. “Oh Mya, what have they done to you?”

My shoulders started shaking and before I knew it, a sob escaped my lips. And another one, and another one.

My arms went to the person’s shoulders and I buried my face into its neck. The soft scent of lavender made me realise it was Hannah that was holding me. And I broke down, I broke completely down.

“Hiding in the Library again, I see.”

I jumped and dropped my book; it fell to the floor with a heavy thump. With my hand still clutched to my chest, I spun around.

“Don’t do that!” I hissed when I came face to face with a smug smirking Thomas Carlson, a fellow Hufflepuf and friend of mine.

“Do what?” he asked innocently, smirk still in place. “You know what.” I rolled my eyes, “Really Thomas, sometimes I wonder if the sorting hat didn’t mistake your house. I think you’d do well in Slytherin. I turned to retrieve the heavy leather book and stalked towards a table in a far quite corner of the library, Thomas on my heels. “Well, the Sorting hat considered Slytherin.” I stopped walking, shocked. “The sorting hat wanted to put YOU in Slytherin?” I asked incredulously.

“You really need to make up your mind, Hobbs. I thought you just said yourself that I’d do well in Slytherin.

I plopped down in a chair, my eyes never leaving his face. “Well yes, but I was JOKING.” He sat opposite me and pulled one of my books towards him.

“If you really want to know, the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin because I am a pureblood and the rest of my family was in Slytherin, too.” He explained. I made a face. I tried picturing him with Slytherin green robes and a sneer on his face, the picture just didn’t seem right to me.

“What made it change its mind?” I asked curiously, shaking my head trying to get rid of that image.

Thomas heaved his shoulders. “Don’t know, I just didn’t want to be in Slytherin, I guess.”

“But your family was in Slytherin.” I stated, opening my book and pulling a quill from my bag.

“Yes, but I met some Slytherin’s on the train and,...they didn’t seem too friendly to me, so...” he broke of.

Suddenly an image of a small brown-haired boy with dozens of freckles came to my mind.

“Oh, you were the kid that got hexed on your first day?” I asked, remembering my first year.

“Yep, that’s me.” Thomas nodded. “So, back to my original question; hiding in the library again ?”

‘Damn it’ I cursed inwardly. He noticed. “This is the only place were he won’t follow me.” I shrugged. “Some peace and quiet, you know ?” I placed my quill at the top of my parchment and started scribbling; Werewolves and how to recognise them. I paused and chewed on the quill, it was one of those sugar quills, from that joke shop in Hogsmeade. The sugary flavour made me sigh in contentment.

“You shouldn’t let him walk all over you, you know.” Thomas said quietly. “ I mean, how long has this been going on ? Three years, four ?”

“Four.” I admitted. “Since my first day on the Hogwarts express.” I fell silent as I remembered that day.




I struggled to pull the heavy trunk alongside me. The train corridor was very crowdie and I kept bumping into people.

“Watch where you’re going !” Someone shouted. I was roughly pushed aside, my shoulder bumped into a door and I yelped.

Finally, I found an empty compartment and I dragged my trunk with me, letting it drop as soon as I slid the door closed.

I squealed, jumping up and down. I still couldn’t believe it. I was going to a Magic school, a real one ! ME, Mya Hobbs, to Hogwarts ! Still smiling brightly, I pulled my wand from my jeans pocket. The brown polished wood glistered in the sunlight. I scrunched my eyes closed and tried to remember a spell. “Lamo, Limo, Lulo, Lumo ?”, I couldn’t remember the right words, but I tried anyway. Waving my wand like I had seen in the movies, I said in a grave voice: Lumo ! I watched as my wand emitted a grey puff of smoke. “Hmmmm, not the right one I think.”

After a few more tries, I gave up and went to sit on the couch. Feeling a tad disappointed, I pulled out a copy of Lizzie McGuire and started reading. I always liked Lizzie McGuire. She was clumsy and reminded me of myself. I pushed a stray lock of red hair out of my face and became absorbed in my book. So absorbed that I didn’t notice the door open and three people walk in.

“Don’t mind if we sit here ?” A deep voice asked, before I could answer, I was roughly pulled from the couch, sending me straight towards the floor were I landed with a heavy thud. His companions snickered and stepped over me. I looked up from the floor, bewildered and frightened. They were sitting on the couch now. The largest of them had black-hair and brown eyes with broad shoulders. The two others were blond and blue-eyed. All three of them wore green cloaks with silver badges pinned to their chests. They were at least three years older than me.

I started pulling myself from the floor but I was quickly pushed down again. The black-haired guy had put his foot on my back and was smirking nastily at me. Fear gripped me and waves of panic washed through my body. What did this guy want ? What had I done? “Let me go.” I squeaked in a small, weak voice.

“You’re not a pureblood, are you ?” He sneered, pushing his foot harder on my back, making it more difficult for me to breathe. His companions snickered “What’s a pureblood ?” I managed to ask, frightened beyond believe and struggling to breathe.

“Marcus, I believe it’s yet another Mudblood.” One of the blonds sneered. The other two snickered. “Those things breed like Rabbits.”

Though I didn’t knew what ‘Mudblood’ meant I knew that it wasn’t something positive. “You’ve got a lot to learn, Muddy.” The black haired one, Marcus, said. He lifted his foot and hoisted me up by my collar. “When the Purebloods enter, the Mudbloods go down.” He made a slicing gesture with his other hand and his mates snickered yet again. I started to feel dizzy from fear.

“Is that understood ?” I nodded and tried to hold back the tears. “Let me go, I swear I will leave and never disturb you again.” I begged.

“She’s a fast learner.”

“Already begging.” Marcus smiled smugly at me. “Good Mudblood, tell me, what’s your name ?”

“M..MMM .....MM M....Mya.” I stuttered. “Mya Hobbs.”

The cruel laughter started again.

“Mya.” Marcus leant in and curled a lock of red hair around his finger. His face close to mine. Then he did something that nearly made me faint. He leant in and buried his face in my hair. Terror washed over me and I stiffened. He inhaled deeply, his warm breathe on my neck made goosebumps appear all over my body, and not in a good way. I closed my eyes and took shaky breaths. ‘Please make this be over soon. Please let me go.’

“Such a shame about the blood. I can already tell you guys that this Mudblood is going to make some pureblood a fine whore someday.” The others hauled with laughter, and finally the tears fell down my cheeks. Was he going to rape me ?

“Please let me go ?” I choked out, my heartbeat thumped painfully against my chest and I started seeing black spots.

“I already know a pet name for you; Red.” Marcus continued as if he hadn’t heard me. His friends joined him in his laughter.

And then, then the door opened, revealing a very angry looking Guy. He was tall with read hair and his face was full of freckles.

“What’s going on in here?” he bellowed.

I was safe.


End Flashback.


I blinked and looked back at Thomas. Marcus had really scared me that day, and from then on, I became a victim. A victim to his cruel jokes and he never let an opportunity pass to insult me. I just ignored him, thinking he would tire of pestering me and would choose another victim. How wrong I was.

He had never laid a hand on me, except for bumping his shoulder into mine every time he passed me in the corridors. But that didn’t make his snide remarks less hurtful.

And here I am, four years later, starting my fifth year. I actually had been hoping Flint would have graduated last year so that I would finally have a peaceful year at Hogwarts. You can imagine my ‘joy’ when I found out he would have to do the year again.

“Earth to Mya Hobbs, are you still with me ?” Thomas waved a hand in front of my face and I snapped out of my daze. “Yes, I’m still with you.” I smiled at him and picked up my quill again.

“Let’s finish the assignment, shall we ?” I asked.

“Alright, Alright. Just change the topic.” Thomas gave in. “But we will talk about this, later.” He said firmly.

“Deal.” I gave in.

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