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Confessions of a Lunatic Girl by xmhiszmalfoyx
Chapter 4 : chapterFOUR
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 “Out of all the people to be stuck with in this stuffy cupboard, I get stuck with you. But why you, why? I couldn't be stuck with Parkinson instead?” he whined.

 I stood up straight. I wasn't going to take none of his insults. “Hey. It wasn't my plan to get stuck in a broom cup board with you. Actually, I wouldn't be stuck here with you if you didn't pull me inside here.”

 “Confident now eh ?” He asked me. I lifted my chin up, enough to tell him my answer was a yes.

 He started moving towards me. His hands grasped around my waist and his face slowly leaning in to mine. I could feel his thighs against mine and his breathing against my neck. It was making my stomach flutter and  I could feel the room heat up. Before reaching for my lips though, he stopped and let go of me.

 He smirked and sat on top of the dusty brown cabinet.

 “Who do you think you are ?” I said under my breath. I was looking down with my face red and my palms sweaty. I wiped them behind my skirt.

 “I believed I was named Draco Malfoy.” he said arrogantly, without manners at all.

 “Who do you think you are to go up to me and hold me like that? Why, do you go around the school grounds and do that to other girls ?”

 He smirked, once again. “Yeah, I do. Been following me now have you ?”

 “No, I haven't.” I argued. “Hermione was write. Your nothing. Your the biggest, most dirtiest scum of the earth.”

 He looked offended. But whatever he did,. He covered it well. His smirk was gone but he wasn't smiling either. He glared at me his eyes digging into mine. I looked away and focused my attention to the door knob. Well, the door that didn't have a door knob. I tried opening it, bumping my shoulder into it but I'm guessing I didn't have the strength to push it open. Draco might have but .. I'm guessing he doesn't even want to try.


 I stopped. I didn't even think he'd know my name. I thought he wouldn't be interested in having to remember a girl's name if he's not interested in them. I didn't turn around but I did however stop. That somehow told him that I was listening to what he had to say.

 “Last year, when you accidentally spilled some of those potions Snape sent you to me when I got injured during the Quidditch match .. why did you got offended when I told you ..”

 My mind was somewhere else. Thoughts. Memories. Thinking back last year .. Quidditch match .. potions .. Snape .. And then, I remembered.

!@#$%^&*()( Flash Back )
 “Lovegood!” Snape snapped. I jumped up from my seat, and hid all my notes underneath my book, just to make sure he wouldn't see them. Anyways, it's not like I'm writing notes. Which was the reason why I was with him .. detention.

 “Yes Professor?” I ask him, examining his ever so greasy hair. It looked disgusting. Slimy actually.

 “Send this to the Hospital Wing.” he commanded

 “May I ask why, Sir?”

 As I stood up to know the answer, he looked me up and down and I knew that he wasn't going to answer that. With a frown on my face, I leave the room and headed over to the Hospital Wing. Though I had not a clue on who to give it to or why the person was on the hospital wing in. When I entered the room, no one seemed to be here. No, Snape wouldn't prank me. A teacher pranking it's student? Kind of funny, but I think not.

 “Anyone here ?” I ask out loud.

 “Oi !” a voice called. I turn around. A pale blond was on one of the beds. His foot was up in the air, raised and held by those white straps that they use on the hospitals. “Those are Snape's?”

 I nodded. As I reach over and hand the things to him, I didn't realize that one of the potion's cap was uncapped. This caused the bottle to spill all over him. I didn't know what to do. We both gasped. Me in a frightened kind of way and him in a frustrated kind of way. I looked away and grabbed some rolls of paper towel over the bedside table and handed them to him, my hands shaking.

 “Why are you blushing ?” he asked me all of a sudden. I looked down at him. I didn't realize that I was. I reached my hands up and touched my cheeks. They were warm and now I really did feel like I was red.

 I opened my mouth to say something but then he opened his, and started to speak again. “Don't be embarrassed. It looks quite cute when your blushing.”

( End Of Flash Back )

 I was back again, in the little cupboard that didn't contain that much space. I looked into his eyes. His eyes sank back and looked into mine, and somehow I feel like the air is being removed into the room. Like I'm suffocating. That little space between us was somehow closed. Gaped. Draco, who was in front of me, grabbed me by the waist, tighter than how he grabbed me a few minutes ago and reached for my lips. Once they touched, I didn't have control of me no more. It was like when he touched me, I would get the shivers and the next thing you know, he was the one controlling of me.

 His lips were soft .. like velvet. I couldn't explain it. It was awkward. I didn't know how to response to him since I didn't really see that one coming. I feel his tongue touch my bottom lip. I opened my mouth slightly for him for access and once his tongue met mine, my stomach did a full 180 degrees and it was like I'm floating in a cloud on heaven. We did this for about a minute and once he let go of me, I was flustered. When I looked at him, he looked the same like he didn't even kiss anyone. I thought maybe it must be because he's always kissing girls. But who was I to ask when I was one of them? He looked at me and reached his hand up. For a moment there, I thought he was going to slap my face but no. He brought it up to my lips and caressed them. I didn't know why but he did.

 Then he spoke. That gave chills down the back of my neck down to my back. “I like you.”

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