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Unify by RAB
Chapter 3 : First Day of Classes
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Chapter 3: First Day of Classes of  Unify (The Untold Story of Isabella Lestrange)

Rabastan Lestrange

Isabella woke up the next morning to the sounds of her new roommates running around the room, getting ready for the day ahead. Rising out of bed, Isabella quickly took a shower, got dressed, and hurried down to the common room to find her brothers.

"Morning Ella," Rabastan greeted her, from his seat on the couch.

Upon hearing Isabella's name, Rodolphus looked up talking with Lucius Malfoy, gave his sister a nod, and quickly ended the conversation he was having. "Ready for breakfast Ella?" Rodolphus asked, as he stood up. Rabastan followed suit.

"Oh yes, I'm starved!" Isabella answered, and the three of them exited the common room, followed by Malfoy, Avery, Rosier, Snape, and several others.

"So how do you like Slytherin so far?" Rodolphus asked, turning towards his sister as the group exited the dungeons.

"Oh, it's quite fine, I suppose. I haven't really got the chance to talk to my dorm mates yet," she answered, giving him a smile.

"I for one cannot wait for classes," Rabastan said, sarcastically, as they entered the Great Hall. Isabella just laughed as they made their way towards the Slytherin table.

"They aren't too bad, Rabastan. Potions especially is nice; Slughorn has a lot of respect for our family," Rodolphus told him, as they took a seat at the table.

"Yes I know, but still, homework is not going to be my cup of tea." Rabastan quickly filled his plate with food.

Moments later, Slughorn came over to the table and began handing out their class lists.

"Oh, I have Double Potions first, with the Gryffindors," groaned Rabastan.

"Classes start in a little while. I better head back to the common room; I need to get my potions book!" Isabella said, as she stood up from the table. "I'll meet you in the classroom, Rabastan. Bye Rodolphus!"

"Bye Ella," her brothers answered, as she turned around and left the Great Hall.

Once in the hallway, Isabella came face to face with a group of first year, Gryffindor boys.

"Hi, Sirius, Peter, James, Remus," Isabella greeted, in an unsure voice. 'I hope they aren't too mad at me. It's not like I chose to be in Slytherin.'

Remus said a very quiet, "hey", but the other boys merely glared.

James gave her a hard glare, before walking past her and entering the Great Hall. Peter quickly followed.

"Sorry about that," said Remus. He gave her a very small smile, before running after his friends.

That left Sirius and Isabella alone. Before Isabella could say anything more, Sirius started speaking, quietly at first, but he grew stronger as he spoke.

"You're just like the rest of them aren't you? Just as bad, just as evil. You tricked us on the train into thinking you were a nice, innocent person, but you are anything but! I'm surprise you didn't call Remus a 'dirty halfblood' or me a 'blood traitor.' I'm just surprised you weren't with the rest of the Slytherins, thinking up new insults and curses to use on us." He turned and walked away, leaving her all alone as the tears began to pour out of her sparkling blue eyes.

'It's not my fault!' though Isabella. 'Stupid sorting hat. I can't believe they hate me because I'm in Slytherin. I'm the same person I was on the train and I certainly haven't lied to them!'

Isabella hurried off to the common room, before anyone could spot her. She quickly wiped away the tears, as she entered the common room. Hurrying up the steps, she grabbed her book, before making her way to the Potions classroom.

When she finally arrived, many of the students were already there. She glanced around the room. Peter and Remus sat together. Remus looked up and in his eyes Isabella could read the pity he gave her for how his friends have been acting. Peter looked up, to see what Remus was staring at. Realizing it was Isabella, he gave her a glare. Isabella quickly shifted her gaze and found James and Sirius sitting together. James looked up and gave her an angry look, but Sirius refused to even look at her. Isabella finally spotted Rabastan and went to take a seat by him. In front of them sat Avery and Rosier and behind them, sat Snape and another Slytherin Isabella did not recognize.

"What took you so long Ella?" asked Rabastan, "you left way before me and I still beat you here."

Isabella looked over towards her brother and was about to answer when the Potion's Master, Slughorn, entered the room.

"Greetings new students! Welcome to your first potions class! Today we will be learning about a very simple, but useful potion..." Slughorn's voice began to drone on and Isabella merely pretended to listen. Once again her thoughts were one the Sorting Hat and what it had said to her. 'How the hell am I suppose to unite anything?' thought Isabella, "only the Slytherins seem to like me, everyone else only glares at me because I'm a Slytherin and because of my family. I'm not like them. I'm not evil.'

As the class finished, Isabella quickly gathered up her supplies and left the room. She started to head towards her next class, Charms with Ravenclaw, but a hand grabbed her own hand, forcing her to stop and turn around.

"Ella something is wrong. Please tell me." Isabella looked up into her brother's eyes to see plenty of concern.

"Nothing is wrong Rabastan, I don't know what your talking about!" she replied quickly, hoping he would drop the subject.

"Oh don't pull that crap on me Ella! I know you better than that. You better tell me what’s wrong, or I'll go to Rodolphus," threatened Rabastan, giving Isabella a serious look to tell her he meant it. If Rodolphus found out, he would be even angrier than Rabastan at her. She definitely did not want them mad at her.

"Fine. I'll tell you," Isabella started, "but please, it's not a big deal, there's no need to tell Rodolphus, nor do you need to get so worked up over it..."

"Just tell me Ella," Rabastan said, with a little more force than he intended.

"Well, it was just these guys from Gryffindor..." Isabella started, but was quickly interrupted by her brother.

"WHAT! It was Black wasn't it! And Potter! And their little gang of friends! I saw them looking at you last night, this morning, and all during class! What did they do to you? I'll kill them! Where's Rodolphus?" Before Isabella could say anything Rabastan ran off to Rodolphus and then to find a certain group of Gryffindor boys.

"Oh god. I shouldn't have told him. I... I..I... oh God!" Isabella said to herself before running after her brother.

Moments later, Isabella came across Rabastan, Rodolphus, Avery, Rosier, Malfoy, and several other Slytherins she wasn't familiar with. Across from them stood James, Peter, Sirius, and Remus. Everyone's wands were drawn.

"What is going on here?" Isabella asked, wondering if she really could of possibly caused this big of a disturbance, as she ran up to them, and in between the two distinct groups.

"Stay out of this Isabella, we can handle this!" Rodolphus answered. Isabella was shocked he used her name and didn't call her 'Ella'.

"No! Guys please stop this! Fighting isn't going to get you anywhere!" Isabella tried.

"Of course it will. We need to teach these Gryffindors a lesson," replied Avery, as he gently shoved Isabella. Unable to hold her balance, she fell to the floor.

"What you need a girl to stand up for you guys?" asked James Potter, as he and his friends let out a laugh.

Before any of the Slytherins could reply, Slughorn came upon the group of students. "What in heaven's name is going on here?" he asked.

"Nothing!" many of the student's quickly replied.

"Well then, hurry on lads, get to your next class now." Isabella gave a sigh of relieve.

"We aren't finished with this yet," Rodolphus said giving the Gryffindors a glare, before walking over to his sister and helping her up. He and Rabastan quickly stood on either side of her and walked her to class. The other Slytherins either followed behind them or went their seperate ways to their next class. "This will be settled later," Rodolphus said with an air of authority, over his shoulder to the Gryffindor boys, before they turned the corner and left.

"Well that could have gone better," Peter said to the other boys.

"They just got lucky that's all!" Sirius said.

"Oh please! You think we could have taken on that many Slytherins! Most of them were second year and above! We would have been slaughtered," Remus replied, giving Sirius a look of shock.

"Minor details my good friend, Remus!" James Potter told him, giving a laugh, as the group headed to their next class.

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"There was a reason the sorting hat put you in Slytherin Ms. Lestrange. You have the ability to do something nobody has ever been able to do. You have the ability to unite. Unite Slytherin and Gryffindor for the first time in a very long time."

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