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A Previous Life by mrdarcy
Chapter 1 : Through The Mist
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'Mum, I can't find my new quill!'

As panic caused havoc in the Weasley household, Hermione couldn't help admiring the sight of her long-legged, beautiful, seventeen year old daughter, as she desperately rummaged the drawers of an old bureau. Rose Weasley was nothing short of gorgeous, Hermione decided, with her long, red hair enhancing the pink glow of her cheeks, the white teeth bringing out the blue-ish tint in her eyes and the tanned skin making her appear years older than she was. Though nothing like her mother, or perhaps rather because of this, Hermione had never had trouble admiring her eldest and only daughter.

'Didn't you leave it in your shopping bag, dear?' Hermione answered calmly, as she looked inside her purse, checking that she had not forgotten her keys.

'No, I looked there already, it wasn't - Hugo, you foul little Grindylow, did you take my quill?'

'What on earth would I want with your quill?'

Hugo, Hermione's only son, who resembled her much more than Rose did, had walked into the hall, already wearing his Hogwarts uniform, dragging his trunk behind him. He wrinkled his nose at his older sister as her expression grew considerably infuriated.

'Maybe it fell behind your lifetime supply of lovepotions,' he snickered.

'Shut up, you little twerp!'

'Oh, please don't start quarreling,' Hermione said loudly. Hugo and Rose reluctantly stopped bickering. 'Rose, your quill isn't that important. Hugo, don't pick a fight.'

'It is important, it is,' Rose grumbled irritably. 'It has sentimental value.'

'Because your boyfriend gave it to you,' Hugo chanted in a sing-song voice, ceasing the moment he saw the look on Hermione's face.

'Come on, we'll be late if you don't pull yourselves together,' she said with her most decisive voice, and Rose finally gave up searching for her quill and held on to her trunk. As Hermione stretched out her hand, her daughter made an impatient gesture.

'Mum, I'm of age, I think I can Apparate by myself.'

'That'll be for me to decide,' Hermione said sharply. Hugo, unnoticed by his mother, smirked at his sister. Rose was just about to kick him when Hermione turned on the spot and together, the small family of three Disapparated.


There was nothing quite like that feeling of returning to Platform 9 3/4, thought Scorpius, as he carefully hovered his trunk over dozens of heads, his eyes focused as he calmly searched the crowds. The wonder of boarding a train that was to take him to that enourmous, beautiful castle was both haunting and reassuring. He turned his head halfway around and grinned at his father, lagging behind with a distant, nostalgic look in his eyes.

'Wish you were coming with me?' he muttered.

'How well you know me, son,' Draco smiled at him. 'This does bring back memories, you know, as boring and cheesy as that might sound.'

'It's my last year, I won't blame you for sounding nostalgic, Dad,' Scorpius grinned, and his father laughed. They stopped short of the second compartment, the one right behind the driver.

Draco inhaled deeply as he looked at the best thing he had done in his life. It was not difficult to think that Scorpius Malfoy was far better looking than he had ever been at that age, with his blonde hair swept elegantly over his misty, grey eyes. He had not inherited the famous Malfoy pointed chin, but rather his mother's round face, round cheeks and round forehead, all which suited him. Henrietta had a thin build, and so did Scorpius - not exactly a scrawny look, he was too tall for that, but rather a lean one. Draco couldn't help grinning as he saw several fifth years sigh admiringly at the sight of Scorpius. He gave his seventeen-year old son a smile as he carefully straightened his tie, then wandered his fingers over to the Head Boy badge that was gleaming straight over his son's heart.

'I'm proud of you, Scorpius,' Draco finally murmured. Scorpius gave him a heartfelt smile.

'No teary goodbyes, Dad. I'll be home for Christmas.'

'With your mother.'

'You wanted shared custody.'

'I know. I don't regret it.' Draco sighed. It was not really a lie; it had brought him close to her after all. 'Goodbye, son.'

Draco reached out his hand towards the boy, but Scorpius merely gazed at him for a moment, then pulled his father into a one-armed hug, the other hand still guiding his trunk in midair. It was difficult to let go of his father, both physically and psychologically, and he put his other arm around him without thinking; seconds later, he heard an earsplitting crash, and tore himself away from Draco as someone swore loudly.

'What in Newt Scamander's name are you doing, you little -'

It felt as if his heart stopped beating under that perfectly pristine Prefect badge, as he caught sight of the redhead, her eyes glowing with rage, her cheeks red with ewexcitement. Her hot temper was alive as always, and as she settled her arrogant gaze on him, her expression turned to one of contempt.

'Not you, Scorpy.'

Furiously forcing his admiration away, enraged at this attraction, this moment of weakness, he leapt forwards and, with a flick of his wand, his trunk was hovering in midair again.

'Well, well, well, Weasley, what a perfectly bad way to start the day.'

'Think again, Malfoy,' Rose sniggered, trying her best to look down at him. She pressed a finger against her chest, and he saw a shining Head Girl badge there. 'Don't make me give you a detention.'

'Likewise,' he answered, and he pointed at his own badge. Her jaw dropped.

'Who in the blue blazes in their right mind would make you Head Boy, let alone prefect?' she yelled. 'You know, nothing shocked me more than when they put you in Gryffindor, Scorpy!'

Draco cleared his throat and stepped forwards. Much as he was amused by these small spats, Rose Weasley was beginning to resemble her mother a bit too much for Draco to like it, and to his satisfaction, she instantly stopped speaking and mounted the train. Scorpius gave him a funny look, between amusement and disgust, then followed her, his trunk doing likewise.

Guards began shutting the doors, and Draco felt a strange feeling of panic - almost as if he wanted to join his son on a trip back to his youth. But before he could, before he even knew it, the train was off, the steam was clouding everybody's vision, but he thought he managed to see a hand wave at him as the scarlet engine rounded a corner, the last time he would see it until Scorpius had children of his own...

And then something both amazing and terrible happened. He saw her.

The steam seemed to cloud his vision and ensnare his senses, for surely she had never looked this lovely? Or perhaps it was hugging her and creating that effect of timeless beauty that always prevailed. Her bushy, brown hair blew violently in the wind, as did the red skirt around her tanned legs. He watched her lower her arm slowly as she finished waving to the train which had just disappeared behind a bend, and it seemed an eternity before she turned around, searched the platform and finally met his intense stare.

He watched the smile fade, the freckles turn pale and the eyelashes grow wet for a nanosecond, before she finally took small steps towards him. He licked his dry lips and searched for his voice, but the knowledge that she was here, breathing the same air as him through those plump, pink lips, was enough for him to lose all restraint and just marvel in her beauty and presence.

'Hello,' Hermione Granger Weasley said nervously, as she finally reached him.

'Hello,' Draco answered softly.

'It's been a while,' she said, and the lips curved a little upwards, indicating that she might have smiled, had the circumstances been different.

'Five years,' Draco answered promptly and mentally scolded himself. He should have pretended that those five years were nothing; that he hadn't counted every minute, every second of them.

'Yes,' she whispered. 'Not since Scorpius' trial, I think.'

'That's right,' he answered, his voice a little stronger. 'How... How have you been keeping?'

'Fine,' she said instantly. 'Just - just fine.'

'You and Ron?'

'We're - uh - we're still together,' she said, looking a little abashed.

'Good,' he answered earnestly, trying to show her that he meant it. 'And Rose? Hugo?'

'Off to Hogwarts - Scorpius too?'


There was a thick, uncomfortable pause as sweat trickled down the back of Draco's neck and he tried not to look at those parts of her body which fascinated him most - the female curves of her hips, the roundness of her lips, that little dent where the shoulders met and created the neck. How soft her skin most likely was, how electrifying for him to touch it. And still, he did nothing. She gave him a curt smile again. The politeness of it sickened him, for he knew its purpose was to keep the distance she had installed when she had run back to Ron's arms. Now she was stretching out her hand, and what else could he do but take it, and shake it, and say that he'd see her soon, a contradiction in itself?

And then she was walking towards the barrier. There were seconds left for him to run after her, take her arm and touch those lips of hers, a way to prove that he both loved and despised her, a way to prove that he was at least there...

But she had already gone.


A/N: For those of you who have not read 'A New Life', you may be a little confused right now, so I would suggest you read it, although you are of course not obligated to do so! If not, here are the main facts:
Five years ago: Draco has got a divorce from his previous Muggle wife, Henrietta (yes, I am aware that according to Rowling, Asteria Greengrass is Scorpius' mother, but not so in this story!). He had a fling with Hermione who was his lawyer during the divorce, but she decided to return to Ron in order to raise their children.
There, those are the basic facts! Future chapters will be a little longer!
Apart from that, I hope you enjoy the story and thank you for reading so far :)

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A Previous Life: Through The Mist


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