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Ravenclaw Rivals by MugglebornWitch
Chapter 14 : A Very Weasley Christmas
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The weeks flew by and before they knew it, the students at Hogwarts were packing for Christmas.

Albus had invited Kate to stay with his family for the break, saying she and Lily would get on great, but she had turned him down.

Rose and Scorpius were sitting in their common room, loathe to finish packing. To do so would mean the holiday was really there and they wouldn’t be seeing each other for a month.

“Are you really going to Greece?” Rose asked him softly.

“Dad and Teri thought it would be a good idea. She’s pregnant, you know, so they won’t be able to have any more holidays for a great while,” Scorpius confirmed. “And they want me to go with them. They said me being at school was one of the reasons for the little bugger.”

Rose smiled and leaned into him. “I wish you weren’t going,” she whispered as she rested her head on his shoulder. “I wish you were coming to my place.”

Scorpius smiled and brought his hand up to run through her red hair. “I know, love, but it’s not for that long. It’s only a couple of weeks.”

She turned and gave him a light kiss on the lips. “I have to finish packing,” she told him as she reluctantly stood. “Meet you down here in twenty minutes so we can head for the coaches?”

He nodded and watched her as she headed back up the stairs. He was about to head to his own dormitory until the portrait opened up and Lysander Lovegood Scamander walked in. He was a Second Year and just as crazy as his mother (according to Albus Potter).

“The middle Potter wants to see you,” Lysander told him. “He said it was important.”

Scorpius sighed. He and Albus had forged a tentative friendship because of Rose. Al and Rose were as close as they could get and he was, of course, as close as he could be. For now.

“Right then,” he sighed and exited the portrait.

Al was sitting against the wall across from the portrait hole. His knees were pulled up and his arms were slung over them, eyes fixed on Scorpius. “I need your help.”

“What’ve you done this time, Potter?” the blonde asked as he took a seat beside Harry Potter’s clone.

“You’re good with girls, right?”

Scorpius mentally rolled his eyes. Great, he thought. I’m playing love doctor. “I’m good with one girl, Al, not all of them.”

“Well just let me tell you about her and you can …”

“The whole bloody school knows you fancy that Spencer girl in your house. Don’t play around. Get to the point. I’m meant to meet Rose in twenty minutes.”

“Fine. Yes, it’s Katie. But she won’t give me the time of day. She won’t come over for Christmas. I don’t get it.”

“Maybe she’s got a bloke,” Scorpius shrugged, knowing it wasn’t the truth.

“She doesn’t. I know that much. But it’s like she doesn’t want one either,” Al said with a sigh. “And I know Rosie wasn’t looking for a guy when you snagged her … so I thought you could give me your secret. One mate to the other, you know?”

“Al, there was no secret. I’d fancied her for a fair bit and then I told her. And then I kissed her. But that …” He didn’t get to finish because Al was jumping up and running down the corridor with a shouted, “Thanks, mate.”

Scorpius sighed. “Bloody idiot’s going to get himself decked,” he muttered before heading back into his own common room.

“You look huffy,” Rose said with a smile as she watched her boyfriend walk through the portrait hole.

“Malfoys don’t get huffy,” he returned haughtily with a smile before wrapping his arms around her.

“What’s up?” she asked as she snuggled into his embrace (and pointedly ignoring the chorus of awwwws that rang out).

“I think your idiot cousin is going to muck things up with that girl he fancies,” he replied with a long sigh. “And it may be a bit my fault.”

Rose sighed and took his hand. “Tell me about it when we walk down to the coaches. Go get your trunk. I’ll wait here.”

He nodded and jogged up the stairs. He stopped half way and wondered when it was, exactly, that he had started to function on autopilot when it came to things Rosie asked him to do. He shook off the thought and continued to his room.

He came back down and grabbed Rose’s hand, both walking out of the portrait hole. He would have pulled her trunk along with him if he hadn’t wanted to touch her so badly.

“So tell me what happened, Scor.”

“He asked me how I got you. He said you weren’t exactly looking for a bloke and yet, somehow, I managed to get you. So I, you know, told him I told you how I felt and then we kissed.” Scorpius sighed and looked in the opposite direction as Rose for a moment. “And I think Al thinks that’s got to be the only way to get the girl who doesn’t really want to be … you know … gotten,” he finished with a lame shrug.

Rose could help the giggle the tumbled from her lips. “Oh, Scor … but I did want to be with someone. And he happened to be the bloke who wanted to be with me too.”

“Yeah?” he asked with a smile as they stopped in front of the Great Hall.

“Yeah,” she confirmed. She was about to kiss him when she looked up and saw Lily consoling Al and, apparently, trying to heal a black eye. “What happened to you?”

“Hugo’s bloody friend happened, that’s what,” Al retorted with a scowl. “And you,” she said to Scorpius. “You said this would work!”

“I did not,” Scorpius snorted. “I told you what worked for me. I tried to stop you from running off but you were half way gone already.”

“Could have tried harder.”

“Could have realized that Spencer and Rosie are two different people! Merlin, Potter, even Rose’s brother would know better than that! She’s a Fourth Year and quite intimidated by older blokes. You don’t seem to know her at all!”

“I wanted to try to get to know her,” Al responded hotly.

“Kissing wasn’t really the way to go about that, Al,” Lily interjected softly. “She was terrified. You know your reputation.”

“I haven’t got one. James is the one with the reputation.”

“He hasn’t got a reputation,” Hugo scoffed as he entered the conversation. “You’re just hacked off because he fancied Kate too and you’re worried he’ll win.”

“Well of course I’m hacked off that my git of a brother fancies Kate! I saw her first, for Merlin’s sake. She’s mine.”

“She’s not property,” a soft voice said from behind Al. “And she can make her own decisions.”

Both Rose and Lily looked at each other and the guys, except for Al, pointedly looked at the floor. “Katie …”

“Don’t,” she whispered.

“I didn’t mean …”

“You did. And that’s why I won’t come for Christmas, Al. Both you and James have obviously lost your minds. You need to be home with your families.”

“What about you?” Rose asked. “What will you do?”

“Stay here,” the brunette said with a smile. “Professor Hagrid said I could help with some of the animals anyway. It’ll be great fun.”

“Have a good Christmas then,” Lily smiled as she tried to pull her brother away.

“Thanks,” Kate smiled. She looked over her shoulder and caught James’ eye. She offered him a slight smile before moving past the Potter/Weasley clan and heading back towards Gryffindor Tower.

“This is all your fault,” Al said as his brother approached the group.

“I haven’t spoken to her in weeks,” James said angrily. “So don’t even try to pull that shite with me. I did exactly what was expected of me. She thinks I bloody hate her. So don’t get self-righteous with me, Albus. I’ve stepped out like I should have. You can’t blame me if she doesn’t want you.”

“I can if she wants you!”

“She. Doesn’t,” James said clearly and pointedly. “I’ve made sure of that.”

“How?” Albus scoffed.

“Jimmy,” purred a blonde with legs that went on for days as she wrapped her arms around the eldest Potter. “I missed you. Come back and sit with me. Then I have to go pack for our holiday in Romania. Can’t wait to see the shopping by the dragon plantation,” she giggled. She gave him a searing kiss on the lips and then retreated to her seat.

“That’s how,” his older brother responded before heading back into the Great Hall.

“She’s a twit,” declared Lily. "Dragon plantation. Honestly."

“She’s the exact opposite of Kate,” Rose said softly as she shook her head.

“Well, that’s one way to make sure Katie doesn’t fancy him,” Hugo said with a sigh.

“No it’s not,” Scorpius said in a low voice. “It’s one way to make her feel foolish.”


All was quiet in the Weasley and Potter homes until Christmas Day. It was Ron and Hermione’s year to host (as Molly and Arthur went to Shell Cottage to spend a quiet Christmas with Bill’s family, George’s family had moved to Scotland and were spending their first Christmas at home, and Percy’s family traveling to Australia to visit Audrey’s parents), so the Potter clan headed to the youngest Weasley clan’s modest London home.

Lily and Rose immediately separated from the group.

Albus, still sulking, sat in the lounge with a frown on his face.

“Rose filled me in,” Hermione whispered to Ginny as the women went into the kitchen.

“It’s awful, Hermione,” Ginny sighed. “James took it so far as to go visit Charlie in Romania with some blonde idiot.”

“Second coming of Lavender Brown, the way Rose said it.”

“Al and James aren’t talking at all. Kate keeps sending back Al’s letters unopened. Lily refuses to talk to either of them. It’s been oddly quiet in the Potter household,” Ginny added. She brushed a bit of her red fringe from her eyes before hopping up onto an empty bit of counter. “You look like you’re expecting more than we originally thought.”

“Christmas gift for Rose. The Malfoys are flooing over for dinner. She doesn’t have any idea,” Hermione confided.

“Wish little Katie would have come as well. And that James was home.”

“James is so much like his father,” Hermione said softly. “He’s so much of Harry that it hurts me to think about what he’s doing. He’s being noble,” she added when Ginny arched a brow. “He asked me if I would be willing to talk to Kate about what I did when I was in the Control and Regulation office at the Ministry.”

“He’s a good boy. I don’t know what this is all about.”

“From what Rose told me, there’s some kind of idiotic Man Rules and one of them is that you can’t steal your brother’s girl.”

“Is that why Harry never went after you?” Ginny asked lowly.

“We’re not talking about this, Ginny. It’s water under the bridge and I’d just as soon forget about it all together. You’re with Harry; I’m with Ron. We both have wonderful families and amazing children …”

Ginny snorted, “Except my two boys aren’t even speaking.”

Hermione was about to retort when she heard a squeal and a “Scorpius!” from the other room.

“Guess the Malfoys are here,” Ron said as he wandered through the kitchen. He paused and gave Hermione a quick kiss on the lips. “Good idea inviting them.”

“Thanks,” she smiled as she left Ginny and Ron in the kitchen and went to greet her guests. “Asteria, Draco, welcome.” She paused and looked around, unable to locate her daughter. “Where did …?”

“Mistletoe in the library,” Albus muttered.

Hermione smiled and offered drinks to the Malfoys. “Please. Sit. How was your holiday?”

“It was lovely. At least I can still fit into a swim costume,” Teri laughed.

“For now,” Hermione grinned. “Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes.” She looked around once more. “Where’s Harry?”

“Outside reading an owl,” Al answered. “Probably from my git of a brother.”

“Oh, honestly, Albus. You can’t choose something like that. It happens. And when you’re meant to be with someone, nothing can stand in the way of that.”

Ginny and Ron had entered the room and Ginny looked about ready to retort when Harry walked in the door.

What shocked everyone was that James was with him.

“James!” Ginny cried before throwing herself at her eldest son. “You’ve come home for Christmas.”

“Didn’t seem right,” he shrugged. “Sent … erm … what’s-her-name back to Hogwarts.”

“Good. Then she’ll brag to Kate about what you undoubtedly did and she’ll be over you,” Albus said, a smile in his voice, as he got up and headed to the dining room. “I’ll set the table.”

“James,” Harry said with a measured voice.

“No, Dad. It’s fine. Let him do and think what he wants. He already has my word that I won’t ask her out. There’s nothing more I can give him. I won’t make up feelings for someone just to make him happy,” James said.

Rose and Scorpius walked back into the room, broad smiles crossing their faces.

“James,” smiled Rose. “You’ve come for Christmas.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Rosie.” He paused. “Better tell Al to set another place as well,” he said thoughtfully.

“Why’s that?” Ron asked.

“Because there’s another person here, obviously,” a strong voice said from the doorway.

Everyone looked up to see the prodigal brother, Charlie Weasley, standing in the doorway with a broad smile on his face.

Rose could have sworn Scorpius muttered something about it being a “Very Weasley Christmas”.

It was slightly confirmed when she saw Mr. Malfoy smirk.

She punched Scorpius in the arm just in case.


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