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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 16 : Beginning of the End
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Chapter 16- Beginning of the End

It had been two and a half weeks since Fudge and Umbridge had tried to get the Ranger’s out of Hogwarts and Percy had reconciled with his family, though Ron was still a bit sour about the whole thing. It was now a few hours after dinner and the Hogwarts 4 showchoir was finishing up a rehearsal in the Room of Requirement.

“That was great, guys!” Jenny announced as she climbed up the stairs and onto the rehearsal stage where the twenty-five members of the showchoir sat on the staging, trying to catch their breath after practicing the last number of the concert. “You guys are going to be amazing by the time the show rolls around next month.”

Jenny smiled as members of the groups let out whoops and hollers at the mention of the show. ”Okay. It’s getting late and we all have classes tomorrow, so let’s call it a night. Oh, and get here early next week. We are fitting costumes for the finale.”

Jenny sighed as she stood on the stage and watched as the members of the group left, talking happily and calling goodbyes to her and their friends as they left. Then, very slowly, the room went silent around her and her vision went black. She drew in a sharp breath, knowing exactly what was happening. Suddenly an image began to appear before her eyes, but it was not the Room of Requirement she was seeing.

She was standing on the entrance steps of Hogwarts, looking out across the grounds. In the distance, black smoke billowed into the sky. Hogsmeade village was nothing but a heap of smoldering wood left behind by the large mass of black moving ever closer to the gates of Hogwarts. Voldemort’s army was on the approach.

All around her there was constant movement. Wizards and muggles alike were running back and forth, getting ready to take their positions for the final battle. She could hear none of the shouts of the men and women running around her, or the distant jeering of the Death Eaters and their Allies. All she could hear was a single pair of footsteps coming up from behind her.

She looked over her shoulder to see Harry walking up to stand next to her, wearing his D.A. robes. Around his waist was a belt that held his sword and dagger. His face was set in grim determination.”So, this is it.”

She looked away from him and back out over the grounds and watched the approaching army in the distance. Though he was trying to hide it, there was a slight waver to his voice that indicated that he was just as nervous and frightened as she was.”If you were still in Apple Valley, what would you be doing right now?”

“Right now?” she repeated, racking her brain for what the date was and what would be happening back in the small town where she had grown up. ”Right now, I would have been getting ready for my high school graduation.”

“Do you ever wish you were still back there?” he asked quietly from his position next to her. She tore her eyes off the black mass in the distance and turned to face him, shocked that he would ask such a thing. 

She saw that he was now looking down at the ground, fiddling with the hilt of the sword on his belt. She smiled a sad smile and reached over and took his hand in hers. He looked up and emerald met emerald. “Not a chance.” 

The vision faded to black and her per-destined reply echoed in her ears for a moment before all was silent. Silence and blackness was all around her. No thoughts swirled around her head. She heard and felt nothing. It was in this silence that she remembered a part of the conversation she had had with Kyle just before he left to go back home a few days after Lenitia’s funeral.

The two friends were walking through the empty corridor towards Dumbledore’s office, both in considerably better moods then they had been two days before when they had gone to the funeral of their good friend. Jenny was asking Kyle all the special things that the Seniors were doing in the next few months.

“Grad night’s at Disneyland? Awesome!” she exclaimed as they two slowly approached the stone gargoyle that guarded the headmaster’s office. “Oh, when is graduation exactly?”

“June eleventh,” he replied, draping an arm over her shoulder and pulling her flush against his side as they walked. He looked down at her, “Why? Thinking of coming?” 

The memory faded till her mind was back in darkness once more, the only sound was the echo of the date Kyle had told her. Thoughts slowly began to swirl in her head when she made the connection between her memory and the vision of the final battle. It was with these thoughts that she began to feel and hear again.

With a sharp breath, her eyes snapped open. She could see the shapes of people kneeling around her. She blinked a few times for them to come into focus. Harry was kneeling on her right, looking over his shoulder to Ginny, who stood looking down at her behind him. On her right was Draco with Sky looking over his shoulder.

“You’re awake!” exclaimed Ginny. Harry turned away from her and looked down at his sister, relief clear on his face. “What happened?”

“Vision,” Jenny replied, slowly sitting up and looking around. They were on the stage in the Room of Requirement. Just behind Ginny stood Ron and Hermione, while Bridge, Z and Syd stood opposite them.

“Vision? Well, that explains why your face went black before you passed out,” Z stated as Harry and Draco helped Jenny stand up.

“What did you see?” Harry asked as soon as she was able to stand on her own. She took a deep breath and swallowed. “I saw the final preparations for the final battle.”

The room had gone completely silent after her reply. Harry had tensed as he started at her. ”When?”

“June eleventh,” she replied quietly. Harry bit his lip and nodded in reply. He had less than a month until the prophecy would be fulfilled. He nodded again and swallowed the lump that seemed to have suddenly appeared in his throat. “We, uh. We got to tell Dumbledore. Come on.”

With this, the nine teens silently left the room and made their way down to the second floor corridor where sat the gargoyle guarding the headmaster’s office. Harry gave the password Jenny had guessed almost three weeks before and the Gargoyle leapt aside to let the teens ran up the spiral staircase. When they reached the top, Harry knocked on the door. “Come in.”

Harry pushed the door open to see Dumbledore sitting at his desk, smiling up at them as they entered his office. “What do I owe to this surprise visit this evening?”

“I had a vision, Professor,” Jenny began. He nodded for her to continue. She paused for a moment and swallowed. “I know when the final battle will happen.”

At this statement, Dumbledore stood from his seat, all hints of a smile gone from his face as he walked over to stand before Jenny. “How long do we have till the battle?”

“We have twenty days,” she replied quietly. The entire room was silent, the knowledge of the small amount of time before the battle ringing in their ears. Dumbledore nodded in reply before moving back behind his desk to look at them. He pulled open one of the drawers of his desk and pulled out a rolled up piece of parchment. He quickly unrolled it, grabbed his quill, and added something to the letter before rolling it back up and walking over to Fawkes perch.

Fawkes stuck out his foot and took the letter into his claws. Dumbledore stroked Fawkes’ head for a moment before speaking. “You remember who to take this to?”

Fawkes gave out a small thrill that sent a feeling of warmth into all the those present in the room before disappearing from the perch in a flash of flames. Dumbledore then turned back to the nine teens in the room. “Mr. Collins, tomorrow morning come straight to this office after breakfast, along with Miss Potter. You will each take a Portkey to the States to alert our allies to be here within the next two weeks. While you two are gone, I will here contacting our allies throughout Europe and parts of Asia. While this is happening, the rest of you be on your best behavior and continue your training. Things will be getting quite hectic around here.”

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Harry Potter and the World War: Beginning of the End


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