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Whisper by daqu
Chapter 39 : Let The Rain Fall
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Andromeda couldn’t even seem to get the full word out. She tried again. “Bella, I—”

“Meda, what the hell is going on here?” Bellatrix asked. She wouldn’t even look at Ted. Her eyes were locked with Andromeda’s, burning with intensity. “I thought…”

“I know! I know what you thought! I’m sorry!” Andromeda cut Bellatrix off, suddenly speaking frantically. “I don’t know what else to say to you! I’m sorry, okay? I’m just really, really sorry.”

“Not as sorry as you should be. Did you even tell Frank?”

“Yes, I did. I—” Andromeda lost her will to speak again. She looked back at Ted. “Ted, I need to talk to my sister. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, his voice wavering a little even in that one word.

Andromeda determinedly strode across the room and grabbed Bellatrix’s arm and dragged her out of the room and down the hall a little ways. Ted left the room, too, and took off in the opposite direction. “Bella, I don’t know how I can possibly put this so that you can understand. I know how wrong this is, and I’m sorry that this isn’t turning out how you—how we—always dreamed it would. But you know what? Not everything in the world always does go as planned! Look at what happened over Easter with you and Cissa. That could not have been planned worse, but you know what? Life went on. Life will go on after this, too.”

“Meda, for the first time all year, I need to know the total and absolute truth. Be completely honest with me.” Bellatrix took a deep breath. “How serious is it between you and the Mudblood?”

“I love him, Bella. A lot. I don’t know, I just…this whole thing is so confusing.”

“Funny. It all seems crystal-clear to me,” Bellatrix practically snarled. “You’re being a complete idiot, and of all people, you had to find a Mudblood to be an idiot with!”

“His name is Ted,” Andromeda said.

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT HIS NAME IS!” Bellatrix roared. She had never been this angry before in her life.

“Bella, you are being such a bitch about this,” Andromeda said softly. “Back home you were, like, almost supportive.”

“Yeah, well, back home you made it sound like he was just some random guy crushing on you. Back home, you still…” Bellatrix’s eyes drifted down to Andromeda’s hand. The ring wasn’t there. “Oh my God. You really did tell Frank, didn’t you?”

Tears began running down Andromeda’s face rapidly, each one seeming to race the others. She nodded. “Yeah, I did,” she sniffled. “That was why he was at the train station this morning. He was being a really nice guy. He said he wanted to come see me off. And when we were there, I kissed him, and I just knew. There was no way I could go through with marrying him. I just couldn’t do it. So I told him about Ted, and I gave him the ring back. It actually worked out well, that we don’t have to see each other this way. And the stupid thing is that you and Cissa have been trying to tell me that all year, and I just never listened. I just kept convincing myself that something would happen, something would click, and I would fall in love with him. But it never happened. I never clicked.”

“No, Meda, the stupid thing is that you’re giving us your brilliant future for some random Mudblood who happened to walk down the street. When Cissa and I said that you should wait to get married until you really fell in love, this was not what we meant.”

“Well, you know what, Bella? I’m sorry that everything didn’t work according to your grand plan, okay? But you know what? Ted isn’t just some random person. He’s a really great guy. I love him a lot, and he really loves me, too.”

“Of course he does. You’re superior to him. People always look up to their superiors. That’s just how it works.”

“I can’t believe you!” Andromeda demanded. “You’re not even going to try to see my side in this, are you? You’re not even going to try to give me a chance.”

Bellatrix let out a dry, sarcastic laugh. “Did you really just say what I think you just said? Because Meda, I seem to very much recall a situation just before we left home when you fed Cissa and I that lie about a completely different version of the story, and if you recall, neither one of us did anything but support you.”

“Yeah, because you thought that I was going to be like all of you other mindless drones and just marry someone just so I can be like, ‘Oh, look at me! I married a pureblood!’ and have people fawn over me. But you know what, Bella? I’m done with that life. I can’t live that perfect life that you’ve seemed to grasp so easily. I need some room to breathe.”

“How do you even know that this is the right thing? How do you even know that next week, the two of you won’t break up and hate each other?”

“I know. You know how? Because of the crystal ball that you got me for my birthday, back in September. I looked in it, and I saw myself with Ted. And I had this look on my face, like, ‘Gee. This is the best I can do?’ And I’ve known ever since then that my life would eventually get to this point. And then a few months later, I looked at it again and it changed—I was smiling, this time. I was holding my child in my arms, and I was with Ted, and I was smiling.”

“Meda, I—” Bellatrix suddenly stopped and took multiple deep breaths, then said quietly, desperately, “Meda, I can’t lose you. You’re my favorite person in the world. Cissa is great—no, she’s amazing—but you’re Meda. You’re the only one that I can laugh with about all of those times we spent when we were younger, raiding Mother’s jewelry box. The only one that I can cry with about when we found Persephone.” Bellatrix had almost forgotten that she was still holding her cat, but elevated her a little for effect. “Don’t you remember that? When we found her, and she was so small and defenseless, and we found her and brought her home and took care of her. I can’t lose you, Meda.”

“Who says you have to?”

Bellatrix’s expression hardened. “I do. You can’t be my sister if you’re going to make choices like this.” She turned to leave, but Andromeda called her back.

“Wait! Bella!” Bellatrix wouldn’t turn around, but she stopped and Andromeda kept talking. “So you’re saying that you’re just going to forget about those seventeen years that we completely and wholly shared? You really think you can just give up on your best friend?”

Bellatrix turned her head sideways, but not enough so that she was actually looking at Andromeda. She could barely see her out of the corner of her eye. “Yeah. Goodbye, Andromeda.”

“So, what? You’re just going to suddenly start completely ignoring me? How are you going to explain that one to everybody?”

“Oh, I won’t have to. I’m leaving Hogwarts—forever.”

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