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Young Hearts by slytherensangel26
Chapter 4 : Lover's Reunion
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So, we come to the final chapter of this story. I  hope that you all enjoyed this. Though I can't really tell do to lack of reviews. (I have only gotten 3) 
Before we begin this final instalment, I will get on with the legal stuff:

I own nothing belonging to the HP universe. I am not making a single Knut from this and I have absolutely no connections with Rod Stewart.

The only thing belonging to me is this twisted plot and odd pairing.
Please R&R

Millicent Bulstrode paced impatiently back and forth in the living room. She knew that Ron and Hermione should be back anytime now with her beloved. She closed her eyes, imagining what it would feel like to have him make love to her.

(A/N Come on, what else would you think they be doing, drinking tea or something? I think not)
In thinking about it she was becoming slightly aroused. She took a deep breath steadying herself. There was no point pacing now was there? She seriously doubted that doing so would bring her love to her any sooner.

Just then she heard the door opening. Ron and Hermione walked through the door alone. For a second Millicent panicked, until Hermione stepped aside…revealing her lover standing in the door way. Hermione knew what was coming and pulled Ron out of the way as Millicent ran to Dudley who swung her around and pressed his lips onto hers.

A tear escaped Hermione’s eye. Ron noticed and pulled Hermione against him. Hermione  returned his affections by kissing soundly.

Just then Dudley and Millicent broke apart gasping for air,  They both blushed when they realized they had an audience. Millicent looked at them for a moment, beaming then pulled Dudley up to her room.

~About 30 minutes later~ 

Ginny and Harry came through the door just as the effects of the potion were wearing off, giving them a weird appearance. Harry and Ginny knew there was no need to ask were the new lovers were and instead sat down and waited for the other couples. 

They didn’t have long to wait.
Once they all were seated around the room Harry passed around glasses of fire whiskey and then they all began to fill in Hermione and Ron on the events of the evening.

“Potter, for once I pity you, you’re relatives suck.” Draco stated

“Tell me about it,” Harry retorted. “I spent 16 years at their mercy. It felt so good to get revenge on them for their cruel treatment. I mean for 15 years my bedroom was the cupboard under their stairs. And because of them I almost didn’t get my Hogwarts letter.”

“And just what did you do Harry?” asked Hermione.

“Well before I say anything Ron has to promise not to kill me.” Harry said looking squarely at his best mate.

“Why? Please tell me you didn’t have sex with my sister in their living room.” asked Ron warily

“They may as well have.” Draco stated. “They looked pretty hot there, with all that grinding and moaning.”

“Yeah Ginny, That was the best acting I have ever seen,” said Harry finally turning to his girl friend.

“Who said I was acting?” asked Ginny smirking. Ron stared open mouthed at his little sister till she burst out laughing.

“Oh Ron, I was only kidding. Please don’t have a hippogriff. “

“Technically it wasn’t Ginny I was messing with. It was Dudley and Millicent, everyone saw. Besides the look on my Aunt and Uncle’s face was priceless.”

“Tell me about it, I saw you auntie faint just before we left.” added Luna speaking for the first time. “On the whole it was a pretty successful prank. It was a rather fun adventure.”

Harry looked at each of the people sitting around him. “I cannot begin to express all my gratitude for all your help in pulling off this prank. I couldn’t have done this without you. I think if Dudley and Millicent weren’t busy shagging upstairs as I suspect they are they would be telling you the same thing.”

“Love is a beautiful thing, I think.” Luna said looking at Draco beaming. In return Draco kissed her lightly. Then he turned to the rest of them. “If you don’t mind I feel suddenly exhausted and I think I might just call it a night.”

Harry smiled at them. “You are welcome to stay the night if you wish.”
Draco and Luna respectfully declined and soon they were gone.

When they were gone Harry turned to Ron and Hermione. “I suppose that you too want to head back to the burrow?”

“Are you crazy? Mum would have my arse if she knew that I was sleeping with Hermione.” with that they raced up the stairs to their bedroom leaving Harry and Ginny alone.

“Well, I guess that I will just go to bed then too.” Harry said getting up from the couch and headed to the stairs.

“And where do you think you are going Mr. Potter… without me?” She said as he paused at the bottom of the stairs.”

“Would you leave me like this…so unsatisfied.” asked Ginny feigning disappointment.

Harry glanced at her looking confused. “What satisfaction would you have from me tonight?”

“I loved the attention you showed me tonight. I” she paused looking uncertain.

Harry smiled at her. He walked back to where she stood and began caressing her the way he had done before while at the same time kissing her in a loving manner. When they broke the kiss, Ginny’s eyes were closed in ecstasy. Harry kissed her again continuing his ministrations. He kissed her neck till she swooned in his arms. And catching her in his arms he carried her to his room.

Later that night Millicent lay on her lover. Both of their bodies glistened with the sweat of their coupling. She closed her eyes smiling. Their first time felt so…amazing. She felt so loved…and appreciated. Dudley had gone to sleep after he spilled himself into her. Soon she also fell asleep not realizing that she had forgotten the anti conception charm…

Nine months later Petunia Dursley heard a knock at the door. She quickly dried her hands on a dish towel and opened the door to find two strange people on her door step. They were both dressed in strange clothing.

The older woman spoke.

“Mrs. Dursley, I am Lady Bulstrode and this is Danielle my daughter.”

“Can I help you?”

The witch held out the parchment in her hand. Warily, Petunia took the note and read it. Her eyes widened. The note read:

To Lady Bulstrode:
Messer Dudley and Madame Millicent would like to announce the birth of their son Oengus Ayden Dursley born this day April 1st in the year 2000. He was born this morning at 7am at St. Mungo’s Maternity Ward. 

Petunia looked at them after recovering from the shock.

“Can we go see them?”

10 minutes later Petunia was led to a small room. She saw Dudley sitting in a chair beside the bed holding a tiny bundle in his arms. He looked up in surprise.

“Mum? What are you doing here?”

Petunia took one look at Dudley then she looked at Millicent who was now silently sleeping, looking exhausted.

“I am a grandmother aren’t I? Why wouldn’t I come to see my son and his family?”

Dudley smiled in relief. “What about Dad?”

Petunia sighed. “Your father doesn’t know yet. I love your father, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with everything he says. I really don’t care what he says. Not where my son and his family are involved. Now let me see my grandson.” 


Billy wrote a letter back home to Patti's parents tryin' to explain.
He said we're both real sorry that it had to turn out this way.
But there ain't no point in talking when there's nobody list'ning so we just ran away
Patti gave birth to a ten pound baby boy, yeah!

Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side.
Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side.
Young hearts be free tonight, time in on your side.

So, how did you guys like it? I just wanted to add a few notes to this

1st the baby's name is Oengus. It is pronounced Eng+Us. It is the name of the Irish God of love and youth. I felt it was rather fitting, don't you think?

In writing this i was planning on an epilogue but because only a few people left reviews, i have decided to leave this as it is now.

Also, having finished this story i will now resume my other story. "After The War"

Happy Valentines Everyone!

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