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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 9 : Things are Very Quiet
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As usual, we don’t own Harry Potter, the excellent JK Rowling does. The only thing we do own is the plot, Heinzl and his followers.


Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising

Chapter Nine

Things are Very Quiet


Things were quiet in the Wizarding world. Heinzl was nowhere to be seen. But it didn’t mean things were quiet at Hogwarts.


Two days after Gryffindor’s tale was heard, Draco Malfoy walked into the Great Hall arm-in-arm with Pansy Parkinson. As usual when he wanted to make a boast, everyone could hear him talking at the Slytherin table.


“Mother convinced the Governors that Pansy was under the Imperius curse when she attacked the Brown girl. Therefore, as the staff couldn’t prove that she wasn’t bewitched, Dumbledore had to overturn the expulsion,” Draco said. “The Governors also ruled that the word of a Muggle-born doesn’t have any value.” He had learned his lesson about using the ‘Mudblood’ word after much torture thanks to Heinzl’s curse.


“What a load of crap,” Hermione said as she ate her breakfast on the Gryffindor table.


“Are you alright, Mine?” asked Harry. “It’s not like you to use language like that.”


“I know, but it’s seeing the Slytherins get away with everything. Things have improved since Sirius became head of their house and Potions teacher, but we are still seeing them buy their way out of punishments. With the way things are run, there is basically no point in Muggle-borns being part of Wizarding society. Things need to change!”


“I take it a trip to the library after lessons is in order?” asked Harry.


“You read my mind, Hero,” Hermione replied, giving Harry a kiss.




The first lesson that day was Potions. Sirius gave the marks for the potions made during the previous lesson. Harry was relieved when he received an O for his potion – that was a tricky one to make. Hermione and Ginny also got an O each while Neville got an E. The foursome saw Draco raise his hand.


“Professor, there is a problem with my grade.” He held out a piece of parchment with the letter A on it.


“I don’t think there is a problem, Mr. Malfoy. Your potion was only just passable. I suggest that if you disagree with my marking, you can either remake the potion in your own time or you take the potion and ask Professor Dumbledore to regrade it.” He went into his office and gave Draco his potion back. “Unlike Professor Snape, I will grade stuff fairly, not because of who you are. You should be used to that by now.”


The quartet also received high marks in their other lessons. Professor McGonagall even rewarded Neville with a 30 point bonus when she revealed he got an O for his last piece of homework.




Heinzl took himself to his chamber to consider his next move. He was surprised to find out that his associate Rintain was an ancestor of the Muggle-born hater Pansy Parkinson. He theorised her family must have decided to pretend to be purebloods. He decided to go through his memories of every person he encountered since he was released to see if anyone held distant traces of his associates in their minds. When he first gathered the group, he put a charm on them which would have passed down over the generations.


He decided that his plans had to advance. He needed new followers. He needed someone to lead his cause. His first thoughts turned to the half-blood Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Hermione Granger. Is he related to my godson, Julius? He wondered. From what he could tell, the two were an item and on reading Harry’s mind, he wanted to marry the Granger girl sometime. This was good. He’d try and make sure they survived.


Heinzl also decided he had to find Ignotus Peverell’s invisibility cloak. He had heard about the Hallows during his lifetime. He knew Julius was a descendent of his so the Potter boy should know where it is. But this was not the right time for that. It was time for retaliation against both Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson.




Meanwhile, Harry was pondering about the tradition Sirius told him about during the summer. He had his mother’s engagement ring which he had collected from Gringotts, but was unsure what to say to Hermione or even when to ask her. His chain of thought was broken when Colin Creevey walked over to him.


“Sorry to disturb you, Harry,” he began, “but Professor McGonagall asked me to give you this.” He passed a roll of parchment over to Harry.


“Thank you, Colin,” he said, unrolling it. It was a list of students who had put their names forward for the Quidditch team. He smiled when he saw Hermione and Ginny’s names on it. He noticed Neville had even put his name down. He recognised many names including the Creevey brothers, Dean Thomas, some sixth year idiot called McLaggen, and to his surprise – Ron. His first thought was to tell Ron that he would not be considered for the team, but decided to be fair and give him a chance. He might be the better Keeper out of everyone else who had put his or her name down for that position, although he hoped his former friend would be useless so he could make someone else Keeper with a clear conscious. He also hoped McLaggen was just as useless; he was the sort of person who would eat Doxy eggs as a dare and stunts like that could mean missing a game and Harry would have none of it.


He knew when both Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang were holding the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tryouts. Sirius also told him when the Slytherins were hiding their tryouts so he could book the pitch when no other team would be using it.


He found Prefect duties enjoyable, especially when on night time patrol with Hermione. They would enjoy a good snog in a broom closet. The two laughed when they caught Cedric and Cho having a good snog in one. Harry told Hermione that he bet that if they hadn’t caught the Head Boy and the Prefect, they would have gone all the way. Hermione had to admit that the Marauders Map was perfect for catching rule-breakers.


He’d caught Ron out of bounds one night. For it, Ron received detention and lost ten points from Gryffindor. But aside from that incident, Ron’s behaviour had been reasonable. He had even reduced the verbal assaults on Harry, Hermione and Ginny but hadn’t gone to the step of apologizing. He just ignored them.


When Harry saw Ron’s name on the tryouts list, he went over to his former best friend.


“I suppose you are expecting me to tell you that you are not trying out for the team?” he asked. Ron nodded, “Well, I am saying nothing of the sort; although it would be justified considering the way you treated Hermione, Neville, myself, not to mention your sister during the summer.”


Ron didn’t say anything. He knew that if he said the wrong thing, Harry would either take points away or give him detention during tryouts. “I will give you your chance to try out for the team because I know how much you love the game, but don’t sulk if someone else gets the place if they are better. I want Gryffindor to win the Quidditch Cup for the next three years. One more thing – the Chaser tryouts will be first and if there is any trace of you trying to sabotage Hermione or Ginny’s tryouts, then you will not be given a chance to try – is that understood?”


“Yes, Potter,” Ron answered.


Hermione made Harry laugh when she told him that Neville picked Ginny up, put her over his shoulders and as she punched him in the back, ordering him to put her down or else, he carried her to a broom closet for a snog.




Justin Finch-Fletchley walked through the corridors with his girlfriend Hannah Abbott. They looked out of this world. The two turned a corner and saw Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson.


“Look at this – two Mudbloods! Lets have some fun, Draco,” Pansy said.


“Indeed, we can get away with anything,” said Draco.


The two Slytherins raised their wands.


“REDUCTO!” they shouted. Two beams of light fired from their wands. The two Hufflepuffs cast shield charms which blocked the two Reducto curses. Before Draco and Pansy could do anything else, Justin and Hannah aimed their wands at the two Slytherins.


“CRUCIO!” Justin and Hannah shouted. Draco and Pansy fell to the ground screaming as they were hit by the torture curse.


“REDUCTO!” a voice shouted. Justin screamed as his arm was blown off his body. Hannah turned and saw Theodore Nott behind them, pointing his wand.


“STUPEFY!” Hannah shouted. Nott fell to the ground, stunned. Malfoy and Parkinson aimed their wands at her.


“Now you will pay for this,” Draco said.


“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” a loud voice shouted. Everyone stopped. It was Professor McGonagall.


“Please Professor, Finch-Fletchley and Abbot used Unforgivables on me and Pansy, stunned Theo and Abbot here used a Reducto curse on Finch-Fletchley.” Draco pitched in quickly. McGonagall looked at the scene. Hannah was just standing there, oblivious to what was going on.


McGonagall pointed her wand towards the end of the corridor and uttered a spell. A silvery object fired from it.


“Now, we will all go to Professor Dumbledore’s office where we will settle this.” She said. Moments later, Madam Pomfrey, Professors Flitwick and Sprout along with Sirius and Remus came on to the scene.


“Poppy, you and Filius take Mr. Finch-Fletchley to the Hospital Wing,” McGonagall said. Pomfrey and Flitwick levitated Justin and left the scene. Remus picked up his wand.


Sirius bent down to Nott. “Enervate,” he said, reviving the Slytherin.




Five minutes later, everyone except Madam Pomfrey, Professor Flitwick and Justin were in Dumbledore’s office. Draco was telling his version of events. Hannah was still oblivious to the events.


“There are a few holes in your tale, Mr. Malfoy. Do you know how to give a Pensieve memory?” Dumbledore asked. Malfoy nodded. Pansy did the same. “I must remind you that it is impossible to lie with a Pensieve memory, so please do not attempt to do so. Miss Abbot, you place your wand to your head, think of the event in question and slowly extract it.”


Hannah said nothing and didn’t do anything either. The staff looked at her.


“It looks like she’s been put under the Imperius curse,” Professor Sprout said.


“It wasn’t us, Professor. She was like it when we came across her,” said Pansy.


Everyone went to Dumbledore’s Pensieve after Draco and Pansy had extracted their memories. Ten minutes later, they came out.


“Alright, this is what will happen. There will be no punishment for Mr. Finch-Fletchley and Miss. Abbot. The evidence clearly shows they were under the Imperius curse. Mr. Malfoy and Miss. Parkinson, you were clearly shown trying to provoke them and you fired a dangerous curse first. You will be suspended for two weeks. Mr. Nott, you caused serious harm to a fellow student. You are expelled.”


“You can’t do this! When my father hears about this,” Draco began.


“Your father is hardly in a position to do anything, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore said.




But Dumbledore was wrong. That same day, Lucius Malfoy was being brought before Amelia Bones. He was wearing the clothing he was wearing when he was taken to Azkaban, but now it was in rags.


“Lucius Malfoy, due to the attacks on your family by the ghost Heinzl and due to the fact you are not safe in Azkaban from this ghost due to your Muggle-born views, the Wizengamot has voted to order your temporary release from Azkaban on the strictest of probation.”


Lucius looked on. Fourteen months at the hands of the Dementors had not done him much good and he was not his usual smug self.


“As you know, the Malfoy fortune has been confiscated. It will remain so. You will live at your wife’s new home where you will be visited by an Auror every day. Anti-apparition wards will be placed on the house. Floo communications and Owl Post will be restricted to emergencies only. A tracking charm will be placed on you in order to keep track of your whereabouts.


“When the crisis is over, you will be returned to Azkaban. Because your son is in an arranged marriage, you have to remain alive until it happens, in case his betrothed’s father wishes to change the terms of the marriage. As you know, women cannot dictate terms of marriage arrangements. It is for this reason you have not been sentenced to the Dementor’s Kiss. It is hoped Heinzl does not know of your wife’s new home so you should be safe.”


“I accept these terms, Madam Bones,” Lucius Malfoy replied.




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