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When Harry opened his eyes he noticed that he was wearing a black robes and was standing in the same room he had seen his Parents and Godfather. Why was he here now, looking around he could see there was people still standing in the shadows but no family. After five minutes of waiting one of the shadowy figures came out into the light of the torches and could see that it was a lady that looked to be in her mid thirty’s, tall and slim with piercing crystal blue eyes.

“Hello Harry I am the lady of the chambers” the lady said “the chamber that we are in now you have already seen and know as the hall of power. You have already been given the power that you collected the last time you were here but you are here now to unlock the power even greater than what the Potter’s get at certain times in their lives” the lady was stopped by Harry at this point.

“So what are you saying that I already have these powers” Harry asked and the lady nodded “so why are they getting unlocked now”.

“I will come to that” the lady said “I want to give you something that has never been given before, as you know your knowledge is much greater but I want to give you the knowledge of life and death magic, you will not be able to use this magic until the right time but when that time comes you will have the knowledge to use it, but you will have choices to make” with that she raised her hands and placed them on either side of Harry’s head.

Harry could feel something being placed in his head and something he could only describe as having warm water thrown over him, he could feel goosebumps rise all over his body the power he felt in the ends of his fingertips was amazing, before he could get use to this he was brought back by the lady’s voice.

“You can feel what you have now, the powers that I just unlocked within you are your powers that were locked away when Voldemort tried to kill you when you were a baby, you also have what I gave you” she stopped to let this sink in. “are there any questions you want to ask Harry”.

Harry was standing there looking down at his hands and feeling the power at the tips of his fingers. He could not believe how he felt it was like being a hundred percent for the first time in his life, after the last time he was here he felt stronger but now it made that feeling seem like a drop in the ocean. He looked up into her crystal blue eyes with only one question “can I do this”.

“yes Harry when the time comes you will be able to complete the prophecy” the lady said “now I must go now, your parents and godfather will be coming and also Nymphadora will be arriving soon as well” the lady lent forward and whispered something in his ear and walked back into the shadows leaving Harry standing there waiting for his family and girlfriend to arrive. He didn’t wait long when three people came out of the shadows.

“Harry” his parents and godfather said hugging him.

“Now where is this young lady that has my son’s heart” Lily asked.

“She should be here any minute now” as Serius said this they were joined by Tonks who was wearing the same type of Robe as Harry looking around looking worried.

“Nym” Tonks hearing Harry call her ran to him and hugged him like her life depended on it.

“Where are we” Tonks asked.

“Nym we are in the hall of power” Harry said “now I want you to meet someone” and for the first time Tonks noticed they were not alone “Nym this is my Mum and this is my Dad”.

“Hello Mrs and Mr Potter it’s a pleasure to meet you” Tonks said.

“It’s great to finally meet you dear” Lily said giving Tonks a hug “and call us Lily and James please”.

“As long as you call me Tonks” both women smiled at each other.

“Harry I have always said it us Potters have got good taste in women” James said and getting a slap across the back of the head from Lily and started to argue with each other.

“Can you two stop fighting and let me see my cousin” Serius said.

“SERIUS” Tonks said while knocking Serius over onto the floor while hugging him.

“Hey squirt” Serius said and laughed noticing Tonks face go red from him calling her the nickname he use to call her when she was little. Tonks got off of him and walked back to stand next to Harry and James helped his old friend up.

“Harry can I just say the method you used on Snivellus was quite” James stopped to think for the right word.

“forget the method did you see what Mooney did to him it was brilliant” Serius said with a look of seriousness looked straight into Harry‘s eyes “Harry I want to thank you for ending Mooney’s suffering it means a hell of a lot to me and your father, now if you could find a nice way to end the life of little Bella to get her out the way so you can go after Voldemort and finish what he started and you can go on and live your life get married and have children”. Harry his parents and Serius started laughing, Tonks looking at all of them thinking she missed something.

“Ok what did I miss” Tonks asked.

“Nothing Tonks” Lily said “but you will find out soon” saying the last bit just above a whisper.

“Now Harry you must go back now” James said walking up to his son to give him a hug and whispered in Harry ear “do what you need to do and live, I love you son”.

“I love you to Dad” Harry let go and hugged his Mother “I love you Mum”.

“I love you to sweetheart” Lily said “take care of Tonks and yourself ok”. Harry nodded and turned around and went to stand behind Tonks who was giving Serius a hug.

“You take care of yourself and Harry ok” Serius said.

“I will” Tonks stepped back to stand next to Harry and held his hand.

“Take care both of you” James said.

“We will” both Harry and Tonks said and disappeared from the room of power leaving three worried people standing there.

“He will be ok wont he James” Lily asked her husband.

“Harry has the power now to take down Voldemort” James said “I just hope he doesn’t try anything with the knowledge he has of life and death magic that the lady of the chambers gave him”.

“Your not thinking he would try and bring us back are you” Serius said.

“it takes little power to kill someone” James said still looking at the spot his son was only a minutes before “but Harry is the only one who has the power to bring the dead back but not enough to save his own if he try’s” his wife and best friend both felt like they had just died again hearing that.

Harry opened his eyes and found himself on his bed. Looking around he could see Tonks sleeping on the floor, sitting up he looked at the clock it had just gone nine in the morning. Getting off the bed he went over to wake Tonks up “Nym its time to get up” Harry said.

Tonks eyes flew open and looked around the room “that was not a dream was it, that was real I actually met your parents and seen Serius didn’t I”.

“Yes babe” Harry said with a smile “now come on I got to get the others up I want to see what I can do” with that Harry lifted Tonks of the floor and left the room. “HEY GUYS GET UP” Harry shouted as he was making his way to the training room with Tonks following.

“What’s all the shouting about” Ron said poking his head into the corridor.

“Ron get Hermione up and get Neville and your sister as well” Harry said going into the training room.

“Tonks what’s up with him” Ron asked.

“Just get the others Ron this is going to be good” that’s all Tonks said before walking into the training room.

When everyone was in the training room five minutes later they found Harry standing in the middle of the duelling area. He was facing away from them doing nothing.

“Tonks what he doing” Ginny asked.

“I don’t know, he’s been standing there since I came in” as soon as Tonks said that Harry turned around with his eyes shut his feet shoulder width apart and his hands clenched, everyone could feel this over whelming strength of magic that was coming from Harry. Ten figures appeared behind Harry and everyone pulled their wands out realising they were deatheater’s but Harry held his hand up to stop them, still with his eyes closed he turned to face the ten deatheater’s everyone put their wands away when Tonks put hers away and nodded it was ok. Harry unclenched his hands and everyone of the deatheater’s raised their wands and pointed them at Harry but before even a curse or hex was fired Harry he was flying through the air straight to the furthest to the left with both feet connecting with the knees of the deatheater and making them bend at a unnatural angle followed by a kick to the head of the same deatheater coursing the neck to snap as the kick connected Harry had grabbed the next deatheater’s wrist pulling him in a circle coursing him to trip over the first deatheater and knocking the third and fourth on to their backs, bringing his foot down quickly onto the throat of the third one crushing the windpipe and breaking the neck, still holding the wrist of the second one who was on his knees Harry brought his knee up sharply to the back of the neck instantly breaking the neck, this continued with similar moves, kicks and punches resulting in nine deatheater’s with broken necks leaving the tenth one standing shocked and stunned. Harry stepped in front of the shocked deatheater and in a blink of an eye had both hands on either side of the deatheater’s head and with a quick twist of the head he joined the other nine lying on the floor with broken necks. Harry turned around facing his friends and that’s when they noticed that his eyes were closed. He walked towards them until he was standing right in front of them and slowly opened his eyes and looked at all his friends shocked faces.

“Wow” was all Ron and Neville could say.

“Harry are you ok” Tonks asked.

“I’m great” Harry said with a smile.

“Harry how did you do all that and how did you do all that you had your eyes closed” Hermione asked.

Harry explained about going to the hall of power and what the lady of the chambers had done to him. “Tonks do you remember when I could see Hedwig’s energy after the last time I came back from the hall of power” Tonks nodded “it wasn‘t moving but now I can see the magic flow throughout the room and in us, but when I close my eyes I can only see the magic and with the deatheater’s I could see the magic moving to their wand hands that why I had my eyes closed” Harry finished and looked at everyone.

“Harry how powerful are you” Ron said.

“Let’s go and talk about this in the living area after we have some breakfast” Harry said taking Tonks hand walking into the living area. After everyone had breakfast and was sitting down in the living area Harry answered the question Ron asked “now your all probably wanting to know the answer to the question Ron asked” everyone nodded “well after the first time I went to the hall of power I was powerful enough to kill Tom, but when my powers were unlocked the second time I was there I could feel the amount of power and with it combined with the knowledge I have now” Harry stopped at that point to think how powerful he actually was, he knew he could take on Tom and beat him but how powerful was he.

“Harry how powerful are you” Ron asked for the second time that morning.

“Ron to tell you the truth I don’t know how strong I am” Harry said “but as long as I can beat Tom I don’t care how strong I am”.

“That’s all we care about, I just wish I could help you more Harry” Neville said with everyone agreeing.

“guys you have no idea how much you have help me already” Harry said while getting off the settee “guys I’m going to go and practice these new powers in the training room, so do what ever you had planned to do today” and with that said he walked off towards the training room.

“Tonks is Harry ok” Ginny asked.

“As fare as I know he’s fine” Tonks said “but there is something that is bothering him”.

“Tonks, I’ll go and see what’s up” Neville said “come on Ron” so Ron got up and Followed Neville to the training room. When they got there they found Harry walking around the track.

“Harry” Ron said.

Harry looked up and noticed Ron and Neville “what’s wrong guys” Harry asked.

“Come and sit down over here a minute will you” Ron asked. Harry made his way over and sat on the floor with his two friends.

“What’s bothering you mate, you’ve got the girls and us two worried” Neville asked.

Harry could see that his friends were concerned “guys I’m worried with the amount of power I have. I feel like there is a reason that I have this huge amount of power, like something is coming but I know it is not for defeating Tom it’s after I deal with him”.

“Well there isn’t any other dark lord to worry about as fare as we know” Ron said.

“And there isn’t anything else we can think of so WE will worry about that when it come” Neville said.

“If it comes” Ron said “and if it does we do it together like Neville said”.

“Cheers guys” Harry said “look I’m ok now, I’m just going to train for a while give me a shout before lunch ok”.

“Ok give us a shout if you need help” Neville said. Harry nodded and watched his two friends get up and head back to the living area.

It was three hours later in the kitchen where Ron and Ginny was getting lunch ready “Ron do you want to finish laying the table while I put everything into serving plates” Ginny asked Ron.

“No problem sis” Ron Said “Tonks go and get Harry”.

“ok” Tonks said and left the living area and headed for the training area and Ron carried on laying the table until he heard a scream coming from the training room, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Neville all looked up at each other before running to the training room. When they got there Harry was lying on his back with Tonks leaning over him.

“Tonks what wrong” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know” Tonks said “I came in I called his for him and when he came over he gave me a funny look and then he screamed just before he collapsed, what’s wrong with him”.

Ron leaned down beside Harry and checked him over then gave him a shake “he just unconscious as fare as I can tell, Harry wake up mate” Harry started to come around then he opened his eyes “Harry are you ok mate”.

Harry sat up and looked around and stopped looking at two people. He was looking at Tonks and Hermione and then looked up at Neville and Ginny “Nev go stand behind Ron and Ginny go and stand behind Hermione” they did that and Harry stood up and stood in front of Tonks.

“Sweetheart are you ok” Tonks asked.

“I’m fine but I got something to tell you” everyone was listening wanting to know what was happening “do you think I will be a good father”.

“Yes Harry I think you will be an excellent Father why” Tonks said.

“Do you think you will enjoy being a Mother” Harry asked with a smile on his face.

“Harry what are you going on about” Tonks asked

“Just answer the Question babe” Harry asked.

“Yes of course I will enjoy being a mother, why are you asking these questions Harry” Tonks asked.

“Well I’m going to be a Father and you my love are going to be a Mother” Harry said and everyone gasped “your pregnant Nym” Harry said with a tear running down his cheek and the big smile on his face.

“I’m what” Tonks asked in shock.

“Your having our baby Nym, we are going to have a family” Harry said.

“I’m going to be a mum” Tonks said with a tear also running down her cheek and then threw her arms around Harry’s neck and kissed him. Cheers came from their friends followed by hugs, kisses and Handshakes.

….End of flash back.

“Harry why did you scream when Tonks went to get you” Remus asked.

“well remember me telling you that I could see that Hedwig was pregnant” Harry said and everyone nodded “I had just gained that power so it was still fresh that’s why I could see that Nym was pregnant because I had been practising in the training room just before she came in, it was a bit of a shock that’s why I screamed and fainted. When we talked about it later we realised that it was the night of the party she became pregnant just before I was taken to the hall of power”.

“Harry I think you should know that we are all very happy for you and Tonks” Dumbledore said with everyone nodding, clapping and with shouts of congratulations “so Tonks you can lift the charm now”.

Tonks lifted the charm from herself and suddenly where a flat belly was before there was now a very large belly “there is something that Harry left out and that is that we are having twins” Tonks said looking at Harry next to her and placing a hand on her belly which was joined by Harry’s while more cheers erupted in the kitchen.

“Harry why did you ask Neville and Ginny to stand by Ron and Hermione” Mr Weasley asked.

“I can answer that Dad” Ron said with a look at Hermione who nodded. “Sis can you go and get Bill and Charley” Ginny nodded and was a phoenix again and with a flash she was gone. When she came back with Bill and charley, Ron quickly explained what was going on to his two brothers who were quite shocked when they eventually calmed down he went over to the door to the basement but before he opened it he turned to everyone in the room “everyone I want you all quiet ok” everyone nodded so Ron opened the door to the basement “Dobby you can come up now” everyone in the kitchen could hear Dobby coming up the stairs and when he got to the top he had a bundle of blankets in his arms.

“Is it safe Mr Weazy” Dobby asked looking up at Ron.

“Yes it is Dobby” Ron said and Dobby handed Ron the bundle of blankets “Thank you Dobby, was everything ok”.

“Yes Mr Weazy everything be fine” Dobby said and went to stand by the counter in the kitchen not taking his eyes off the bundle of blankets.

Ron went over and stood next to Hermione who was looking into the bundle and smiled at the little hand that came out to play with her finger “ok everyone I want you to meet Jessica eve Granger soon to be Weasley, she is mine and Hermione daughter” Ron said Harry, Tonks, Ginny and Neville were smiling at there friends but the rest of the kitchen was in silence. Ron was looking at his and Hermione parents expecting at least a congratulations but nothing came until a gurgle came from the bundle of blankets “yes we know your there little one, your mummy and daddy are waiting for your grandparents to say something” Ron said looking down and answering his daughters gurgle and then looking back at his and Hermione’s parents.

“Mum, Dad, Mr and Mrs Weasley would you like to meet your Granddaughter” Hermione said taking her daughter from Ron then looking at the silent Grandparents. Both Hermione and Ron were starting to look worried and young Jessica seemed to know that her Mother and Father were worried because she started to cry. “Don’t cry little one” Hermione said soothing her Daughter.

“Pass Jess here to her Godfathers” Harry said “she misses her Godfathers isn’t that right Nev”.

“of course” Nev said “she hasn’t had her play time with us today that’s why and she‘s been looking up her Fathers nose for the last five minutes that could be another reason why she’s crying ” Ron gave Neville a thump in the arm for his little comment.

Hermione and Ron decided to have to Godfather’s and Godmother’s so they knew if anything did happen to them then they knew that their daughter would be safe. Hermione passed Jessica over to Harry, Neville stood next to him and both started pulling faces and blowing raspberry on her belly coursing Jessica to do little baby giggles.

“I don’t know how those two do it but they always stop her from crying” Ron said laughing at his two friends who were coursing his little daughter to laugh.

“Hey what can we say she loves us” Neville said laughing but stopped as soon as he heard Mr Weasley speak.

“my youngest son is a father” Mr Weasley said looking at his son and Hermione then looking over at his Granddaughter who was in Harry’s arms, He went and stood next to Harry and held his hands out “may I hold her” Harry looked over to Ron and received a nod and passed Jess over to her Grandfather who looked down into the bundle of blankets then looked at his granddaughters parents “she is beautiful congratulations you two, Molly come and have a look at her”.

Mrs Weasley got up from the table and went over to stand by her husband and looked into the bundle of blankets and saw her youngest son’s Daughter who had a pair of dark hazel eyes with light brown curly hair “Hermione dear, she has your hair she is beautiful” Mrs Weasley said looking up at Hermione and her son with a tear in her eye “I’m so happy for you” Mrs Weasley said and went over to Hermione and her son and gave them a hug.

“Thanks Mum” Ron said returning the hug.

“Thank you Mrs Weasley” Hermione said also returning the hug, then looking at her parents “Mum, Dad do you want to see your Granddaughter” She said, worried the way her parents would react.

“Mr and Mrs Granger” Ron said “she doesn’t bite I promise, she mite throw up on you a bit but she wont bite” Ron said which coursed everyone to laugh even Mr and Mrs Granger.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart all this is a bit of a shock for me and your Father but we are so happy for you both” Mrs Granger said then went over with Mr Granger and looked

at their Granddaughter. Everyone was getting their turn in holding Jessica and talking about the twins that Harry and Tonks were expecting.

“Harry can I have a word please” Dumbledore asked.

“Yes Sir” Harry said and followed Dumbledore to the lounge and both sat either side of the fire looking at one another until Dumbledore spoke.


“Harry how did Miss Granger and Miss Tonks continue with their training with them being pregnant” Dumbledore asked.

“Sir that is something that I can not tell you” Harry said. “But make no mistake that their ability’s are as great as the others and at the end of the training everyone was at the top off their ability’s so don’t worry about them Sir”.

“I will always worry about the children that have come through the doors of my school even if some more than other’s” Dumbledore said “but how are you Harry”

“I’m good Sir, like I said before when I meet Tom next this will all end” Harry said.

“That is not answering my question Harry” Dumbledore said “how are you”.

“Do you want the honest answer Sir” Harry asked and Dumbledore nodded “I’m worried that there is a chance that more people I care about will be killed before I finish this. I know people get killed in war but it doesn’t make it any easier”.

“Harry my boy” Dumbledore said “you have to do something that no one else can and something that many people don’t and you have come to terms with the fact that people will die in this war. What I’m going to tell you is something that helped me in the last war until Tom got control of me. Don’t Fight for the dead remember them, fight for the living and the future” Dumbledore left Harry to think about that for a while and let it sink in “now Harry is there anything else that you want to talk about or anything that I can do”


“All that needs to be done now is for the OWLs and NEWTs to be arranged for all of us tomorrow” Harry said “then we can enjoy the rest of the summer before we go back to Hogwarts and get everything ready before the students arrive”.

“I will go shortly and make the arrangements for the tests to be taken and inform you when I get back later the times of the tests. Is there anything else that is needed Harry” Dumbledore said knowing that there was more.

“there are two more things that need to be done” Harry said “first Nym’s got a letter informing Madam Bones that she is leaving her job, if you could help explain the reasons why she is leaving to Madam Bones it would be helpful. Second before we all go back to school we all want to be married, we will inform each other’s family’s once we get settled, and they all asked me if I could ask you if it would be possible if you could perform the ceremony’s” he finished this last bit looking at his shoes until Dumbledore placed his hand on his shoulder coursing him to look up into the smiling face of Dumbledore.

“It would be my pleasure to marry you six” Dumbledore continued smiling until he gave a small chuckle “I wonder what Molly is going to say”.

“That Sir is the million Galleon question” Harry said with a chuckle “Ron and Ginny have been worrying about the same question since they decided they wanted to marry Hermione and Neville”.

“Well there is only one way to find out and that is just telling her what they want” Dumbledore said.

“And to put a silence charm on Mrs Weasley” Harry finished coursing himself and Dumbledore to laugh.

“lets go back down to the kitchen” Dumbledore said “I always find that Talking and listening makes me hungry” Dumbledore said leaving the lounge and heading towards the kitchen with a smile on his face followed by Harry who was shaking his head at the things the Headmaster came out with some times.

I am sorry it took so long to get this chapter up been very busy. The next one wont take so long so I hope you liked this one and look forward to the next.

Please review it helps to know where to take this story next.

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