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Auburn Sunlight by whisper in the wind
Chapter 2 : The Moon's Silver Lining
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Rose sighed yet again. She was perched at the edge of her bed in her dormitory, listening to her cousin Lily go on and on about the dangers of being seen locked in a broom cupboard with a Malfoy. When Lily was done ranting, she spun around to face Rose and fell onto the bed, dreamily.

“Oh, Rose!” she cried. “Is he romantic?”

Rose bit her lip. Lily was everything like her mother. She had flaming red hair and fierce hazel eyes. She had a flirtatious smile and was known to be with a knew boy every week. She was extremely popular, as was Ginny back when she was in Hogwarts.

Lily and Rose actually looked a lot alike too even though Lily was a year younger. But they were very close cousins, and very much alike in many ways. They both had red hair, though Rose’s was a few shades darker and wavier, and they both had very fair skin, but Rose had more freckles that scattered across her nose. They were the same height, both tall and thin with a frame of around 5’ 7”. They were constantly mistaken for twins.

“He is romantic, yes,” Rose admitted slowly, unsure of Lily’s change of attitude. “But why the change of heart about a Malfoy? You were ranting on and on about how bad he is only a minute ago.”

Lily lifted her head up from the bed and rolled her eyes. “Of course I was,” she said. “I wanted you to have a taste of what it would be like if anyone else found out,” she shrugged. “Just so you’re not taken by surprise later.”

Rose rolled her eyes at Lily’s logic. “You’re ridiculous Lily.”

“Yes, I suppose,” she said airily.

“How long have you been sneaking around with him without telling me?” she asked, hurt.

“About five minutes before you found us,” Rose answered sullenly. “We haven’t been sneaking around.”

Lily looked putout. “What would Uncle Ron say?” Lily breathed suddenly. “Oh! He would blow a fuse!”

Rose glared at Lily. “You seem quite chipper about that, Lils.”

Lily shrugged innocently. “It would be a funny sight to see. He always says how big of a prat his father is. But personally, I think Mr. Malfoy is absolutely gorgeous!”

Rose giggled. “He is, isn’t he? He’s like a god!”

Lily sat up on the bed looking animated. “Who would you rather shag? Scorpius or his father?”

Rose looked horrified. “Lily!”

Lily rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything, waiting for the answer.

Rose sighed, a blush starting to form in her cheeks. “Scorpius.”

Lily squealed with delight and fell back onto the bed. “Would you if you had the chance?”

“No! I’m only 17!”

Lily gave Rose a look. “I’m only 16.”

“Well that’s you, Lily. I’m not like you.”

Lily threw her a yea, right look. “I bet he’s good in bed,” she teased. “Really good. I wouldn’t mind-”

“Don’t even think about finishing that sentence,” Rose warned, laughing.

Lily smiled sweetly and jumped off of the bed. “Okay! So Al and Hugo cannot find out!”

Rose gave her an exasperated look. Obviously they couldn’t. They would kill Rose. But before she could open her mouth to say anything, the door squeaked open and Rose’s best friend Lake walked in clutching a piece of paper and wearing a broad grin on her pretty face.

She lifted the hand with the paper triumphantly and opened her mouth. “Special delivery to Rosalie Weasley!”

Rose stood up at once and crossed the length of the room to Lake. “Who is it from?” she asked excitedly. Lily sprinted to the door and locked it before standing with Lake behind Rose to read the letter over her shoulder.

Rose unfolded the paper with shaking hands and read the note.

Hey gorgeous. I can’t keep my mind off of you and I really want to spend some time with you. Meet me down at the lake and we can watch the stars and the moon together. I’ll be waiting.
Rose spun around to face the other girls, grinning from ear to ear. "He wants to meet me tonight!"

 Lily wagged her head in confirmation. “He does! He does!”

Rose turned to Lake. “Where did you get this letter from?”

“I was on my way up to the common room and I happened to walk past him and he gave it to me. Honestly, I always thought Zabini to be a right ass.”

Rose and Lily looked at each other. “Zabini? Storm Zabini?” Lily gasped.

Lake looked confused. “Who did you think it was from?”

Rose threw herself onto her bed and buried her face in her pillow. She let out a frustrated scream. It was Zabini, not Scorpius. It was the jerk who was telling everyone something about her that wasn’t true. It wasn’t the guy that she wanted to sneak out of the common room to see. She wanted Scorpius to send her a romantic letter telling her that he wanted to lie in the grass and watch the moon with her, not Storm! But it was Storm, and not Scorpius who had thought about her that night and wanted to spend the night with her. She was crushed. She couldn’t even pretend not to be.

She pushed herself off of the bed and strode to the door, yanked it open, and marched down the stairs. It confused her how much the fact that Storm was being the romantic one at the moment unsettled her. She didn’t know why but she felt like spending the night with Storm just to see what he had to say and what he was telling everyone about her. She wanted to see what he was like and she wanted to know why he was trying so hard to get her attention. So before she could even think about it, she was walking out of the portrait hole.

“Hello there,” that musical voice she loved to hear suddenly whispered as she scrambled out of the hole.

She shrieked in surprise and spun around to find Scorpius looking at her with a worried expression. She backed into the wall behind her and slid down it, her hand on her heart.

“Must you always frighten me?” she asked, gasping for breath.

Scorpius threw her a repentant look and took a few steps toward her and crouched down to her level. He gently touched her face and tilted her chin up so that she was looking him in the eyes. He smiled and did something oddly unexpected. He kissed the tip of her nose.

“I’m so very sorry for startling you. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” he asked with every ounce of seriousness he possessed.

Rose tried to glare at him but couldn’t find it in her. She cracked a smile and giggled weakly. “Yes. You’re forgiven. But what on earth are you doing standing out here after curfew?”

“I wanted to see if Liliana killed you,” he said solemnly.

Rose giggled. “I don’t think Lily’s capable of murder.”

“That’s right. Her brother Albus is,” he said with a frown. Rose nodded in agreement. “By the way, where were you going?”

Rose blinked. She didn’t even remember why she had left her dorm. Then it came to her. “I was actually going out to see Storm.”

Scorpius was shocked but he tried not to show it. “Storm? Why in Merlin’s name would you go out to see him?”

Rose studied the ground. “I haven’t a clue.”

“At night,” he continued. “By yourself…with no one around to hear you scream…”

Rose gave him an exasperated look. “You actually think he would try to kill me?”

“Kill you?” he repeated, shocked. “No, of course not! More like try to do something to hurt you...” he shrugged.

Rose looked horrified as his words sunk in. “Oh Merlin! What was I thinking?”

Scorpius gently touched her arm. “I found out what he was saying by the way. And he probably would have stood you up tonight anyway so there would have been no harm done,” he shrugged, smirking slightly. Rose gave him a confused look. “He wouldn’t have wanted his face to scare you away," Scorpius clarified.

“What do you mean?” she laughed.

But before he could answer, voices drifted up from the stairwell. They sounded frighteningly similar to Albus and his friend’s voices. Scorpius sighed in frustration, swooped down and kissed Rose lightly on the lips, and disappeared before she could even register what happened. But she lightly brought her fingers up to her lips and touched the place where Scorpius’s lips had been moments ago. She sighed dreamily.

“Hey, Rose!” Al greeted her. Rose blinked and scowled at Albus for ruining everything. “You won’t believe what we just saw!” he laughed. His friends laughed with him.

“I really don’t care, Albus,” she said coolly.

“Yes you do!” Albus insisted. “We saw Zabini! His face was all puffy, bloody, and bruised! I think he had the crap beaten out of him!”

Rose froze. “What?” she asked. Scorpius had done that for her? And then she remembered the bruising on his knuckles as he had gently touched her face minutes before…


Rose ran after the blonde head at the other end of the corridor, pushing past people in order to keep up with it.

“Scorpius!” she called loudly, elbowing past people and muttering hasty apologies. “Scorpius! Wait!”

Scorpius stopped where he was and smirked at Rose as she came toward him. He laughed once when she had accidentally knocked a first year down with her large bag, apologizing profusely as she slowly backed away from him. She looked up at Scorpius who was a lot nearer than he had started out, smiling sheepishly.

“Do you want to explain what happened last night?” she asked breathlessly when she was a foot away from him. He looked around the crowded hallway and shot her an amused look.

“What do you mean Rosie, darling?” he teased. He had started walking again, leaving Rose no choice but to catch up to him. She half jogged to his side.

“Shut up,” she snapped. “I was referring to Storm’s face and your fist.”

Scorpius laughed without humor. “Oh, that. I’m more upset that you actually thought of meeting up with him last night.”

Rose pursed her lips but continued to walk along with him to lunch. “I…don’t know what I was thinking,” she admitted. “I was intrigued.”

Scorpius scowled at her. His countenance still handsome. “Intrigued?” he repeated, disgusted.

Rose tried not to pass off as offended, but she was. “Yes, intrigued. I wanted to find out what he was saying about me,” she half lied.

Scorpius nodded apathetically and turned into a deserted corridor. Rose skidded to a halt. Scorpius stopped and turned to look at her. He didn’t say anything, he just stood there, waiting.

Rose sniffed and unconsciously lifted her nose in the air, turning slightly away from Scorpius. “Well, if you’re going to act that way, I suppose I’ll see you later,” Rose said coolly, turning back to the bustling hallways from which they came.

Scorpius sighed in aggravation and continued walking down the darkening corridor. Rose stood staring after him, mouth slightly agape. He just left her!

“Are you alright there, sugar?” a scratchy voice asked from behind her shoulder.

Rose jumped and spun around, her grip on her wand tightening reflexively. She sighed when she came face to face with Storm. She bit her lip and narrowed her eyes at him. “Can I help you?” she asked icily.

Storm raised his eyebrows. “In so many ways, you have no idea…”

Rose took a step back into the eerie hallway. Everyone was dashing to lunch in the Great Hall and the crowds in the halls were thinning out quickly. She quickly assessed her current predicament as her eyes wandered around the bruising on Storm’s jaw and eye. He also had what could have been a deep cut that was quickly healing due to some magical assistance. She cleared her throat.

“Do you really have to be such a pig, Zabini?”

Storm raised an eyebrow. “Yes.” He was so sure of himself that Rose snorted delicately.

“You’re invading my personal space and I would greatly appreciate if you would sod off,” she said calmly.

Storm took a step closer. Rose stumbled as she backed up another step. The dimness of the hallway behind her was pressing down on her back. She wanted to cry.

It seemed that Storm was done with the small talk because he pushed Rose roughly against the wall behind her and placed both hands on either side of her head. She was trapped. His bruised face was inching toward her in what seemed to be slow, excruciating motion. Rose held her breath and shut her eyes tightly, pursing her lips together. 

She refused to let him kiss her. She wouldn't allow this vial, cruel, and disgusting excuse for a man get anywhere near her, and he was already too close for comfort. She knew she had to do something and fast. So she did.

“Scorpius!” she shouted out suddenly. “Scorpius, help me,” she cried. She didn’t even know why out of all people she wanted him to save her. He probably didn’t even care. He had walked away from her just minutes before. And Storm hadn’t even hesitated to continue trying to kiss her when she stared to scream for help.

“Nobody’s around to save you, sugar,” he rasped in her ear. His hot breath, along with his face so close to hers made her uncomfortable. If she was stronger she would have killed him herself.

“Rosalie?” a deep, musical voice whispered darkly.

Storm’s mouth was inches away from Rose's when he hesitated. Rose let out a rush of air and closed her eyes in relief.

“If you care at all for the life you have,” the voice said murderously, “you will back away from her. Now.”

Storm didn’t move. He stayed exactly where he was, holding Rose captive against the wall. But he turned his head to the side to get a better look at who was threatening him.

“Oh really,” Storm sneered. “Why don’t you make me?”

There was a snarl and a flash of red light and Storm was blasted off of Rose. She slid to the ground. There was another flash of light and Storm was screaming bloody murder. His cries echoed against the walls and through the school. Rose was too relieved to realize what was happening. She was too grateful for her rescue to notice that Scorpius Malfoy had used the Cruciatus Curse on Storm Zabini. Zabini continued to scream, and Rose continued to sit against the wall. 

Rose blinked in surprise at the exact moment that the screaming stopped. She had managed to get to her feet but stood against the wall, watching Scorpius uneasily.

“Now listen to me Zabini,” Scorpius whispered. His voice was soothing after all that had happened even if it was threatening. “I warned you last night. I told you she was mine and to stay away from her. Now you’re going to get your ass up and squirm back to the common room like nothing ever happened. And if I see you anywhere near Rose again, I will Avada your fucking ass. Now go.”

Storm stood up shakily and managed to limp away, shooting nervous glances back at them all the while. Scorpius ignored him and walked over to Rose.

“This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have left you,” he murmured, running a soothing hand through her hair. Rose shook her head weakly, eyeing Scorpius and his wand. 

“It’s not your fault,” she whispered shakily. “I just need to learn to take care of myself.”

“No you don’t. I’ll take care of you,” he vowed. “I promise.”

A/N:    hello all of my wonderful readers! how are you all? good? good. well, be a doll and review please! i would greatly appreciate anything you have to say :) and i had edited this chapter and the first one too cuz i realized that they're pretty confusing because i never had mentioned what the letters that were written actually said. so i added the letters and fixed up any other confusing parts as well. if you have any questions still just let me know in a review and i'll answer it for you :) and maybe even go back and edit the chapters again.

-janel <3

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