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Unseen and Unexpected by petitesorciere
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Hermione turned over and kicked at her bed sheets irritably. She had been trying to get to sleep for over two hours now, and she felt more wide awake than ever. And she knew perfectly well why she couldn’t sleep. Every time she closed her eyes and began to drift into that wonderful, dreamy landscape, she was reminded of the utter bliss of being kissed by Draco, of being kissed passionately, and expertly. Knowing that it was probably something that she shouldn’t be revelling in only seemed to make it more delicious – she could almost understand why people broke the rules just for the hell of it. Smiling slightly to herself, she looked up at the red canopy of her bed and shook her head. There was no point lying here all night. She should go and do something. But what?

Swinging her legs out of bed, she sat up and pulled a jumper on over her pyjamas. Where should she go? Padding down to the common room, she looked at the embers of the fire and decided that she wanted to do something far more exciting than looking at ashes for the rest of the night. Well…she glanced at her non-existent reflection in the mirror. She was invisible…why not make the most of it? Draco was so confident that they would find the remedy that she would need to make the most of this situation before she was changed back.

Pulling open the portrait door, she slid out into the corridor, and set off, not sure where she was going but not letting that stop her. Feeling the draught hit her bare legs, she hugged her arms to herself and wished she had put on a dressing gown instead of a jumper. Turning a corner, she stopped dead in her tracks. Filch was directly ahead of her, Mrs Norris sniffing around the walls of the corridor. Hermione began cringing back but remembered that she was invisible. Stepping forward cautiously, she began to creep forward, her heart racing. Mrs Norris raised her head and sniffed warily in Hermione’s direction.

Placing her feet very carefully on the stone floors, anxious not to make any noise, Hermione drew closer and closer to the caretaker and his cat. Mrs Norris stepped forward, her eyes malevolent slits. Hermione extended a hand and ran it gently along the cat’s spine. To her surprise, the cat didn’t claw her but arched her back slightly. Hermione stroked her again and slid past Filch, who didn’t seem to have noticed Mrs Norris’ behaviour.

Waiting until she was round the corner to pick up her pace again, Hermione continued, anxious to put as much distance between herself and the custodian of the halls. Drifting along the corridor, she was wondering what exactly she was going to do when she slammed into a surprisingly solid patch of air.

She squeaked and then clapped a hand over her mouth, remembering that she wasn’t meant to be there. She walked forward again, only to bump into the same thing.

‘’Hermione?’’ Harry pulled off his invisibility cloak. ‘’What are you doing here?’’

‘’Harry? How did you know it was me?’’

‘’As you so kindly mentioned to Ron and I the other day, how many invisible people do we know?’’

‘’Oh…right. What are you doing out of bed?’’ Hermione watched with mild amusement as Harry’s cheeks flushed. ‘’Were you meeting someone?’’

‘’Maybe…’’ Harry muttered defensively.

‘’That’s so romantic,’’ Hermione smiled. ‘’Who is she?’’

‘’Just a girl.’’ Harry lowered his head. ‘’Anyway, what are you doing out of bed? And breaking the rules?’’

‘’This thing has to have some perks, I thought I’d try them out.’’ Hermione shrugged. ‘’I couldn’t sleep, I just went for a wander.’’

‘’Are you bearing up ok? Is Malfoy being alright?’’

‘’He’s being great.’’ Hermione strove to keep her voice neutral. ‘’Just you know, getting on with it, trying to find the remedy.’’

‘’Well, if he does anything, Ron and I will sort him out. Not that you can’t sort him out.’’

‘’Thanks Harry.’’ Hermione reached forward and hugged him. ‘’Are you going back to the tower now?’’

‘’Yeah, you coming?’’

‘’Not just yet. I think I’ll stay out a little longer.’’ Hermione smiled, watched as Harry disappeared under his cloak and continued along the corridor. Wandering further through the castle, she found herself drifting down the main staircase and towards the dungeons. Pausing, she thought that maybe walking through the deserted dungeons late at night wouldn’t be a good idea. Turning, intending to walk back the way she had come, she stopped dead. Draco was hurrying down the stairs, his arms full of books. He must have been in the library, Hermione thought, and looked at the titles of the volumes. They were all to do with potion-making, invisibility and remedies. Hermione felt her heart melt and a mischievous smile cross her lips. Raking her fingers through her hair, she followed Draco through the maze of dungeons, placing her bare feet carefully on the cold floor. Finally, Draco arrived at a blank patch of wall, and gave the password (‘Superior’).

Hermione slid in after him, looking in distaste at the uncomfortable furniture – it just wasn’t comparable to the Gryffindor common room. Following after Draco, she walked up a flight of stairs and into his dormitory. All of the other boys were asleep, snuffling slightly. Draco dumped the books on his bedside table and immediately loosened his tie, pulling it from around his neck and dumping it on the bed. Hermione reached around him, careful not to touch him, picked up the tie and draped it back around his neck. Draco looked at it in shock and pulled it off again. Hermione smiled and watched as he looked at the tie as though daring it to move again. And then her eyes widened as Draco unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off. Resisting the urge to nibble his shoulder, Hermione stepped forward and blew gently in his ear.

Draco jerked his head in her direction and then his hand shot out and grabbed her wrist.

‘’Miss Granger.’’ His voice was husky as he whispered.

Hermione opened her mouth to answer but closed it again, a smile across her mouth. He could work it out himself. Leaning forward, she kissed the soft skin where his neck met his spine. Draco closed his eyes in silent delight and his hand closed slightly tighter about Hermione’s wrist.

‘’What are you doing here?’’

Hermione kissed his neck again, fighting back a giggle.


Draco turned around and pulled his shirt back on. Taking Hermione’s hand, he pulled her out of the dormitory and down the short flight of stairs.

‘’So, you’re following me now?’’

‘’I was out for a wander and I just happened to see you. Although, I was about to go back to my dormitory…maybe I’ll go back right now.’’

‘’Oh no you don’t!’’ Draco picked up his pace slightly, leading Hermione back through the maze of passages and up the main flight of stairs. The walk to the Room of Requirement seemed longer than it ever had. Practically running back and forth in front of the door, he knew that what he was doing was something that he wouldn’t regret – part of an urge that didn’t need to be understood or rationalised, just that needed to be given in to as quickly and as frequently as was humanely possible.

Pulling the door open, he waited until he felt Hermione pass him into the room and then walked in behind her, closing the door with a definite click. Now that they were here, he wasn’t sure what to do. He was still burning for her, but how to go about what he wanted to do…how not to seem like a boorish pig.

Fortunately, Hermione made the choice for him, closing the distance between them and kissing him, her hands lacing around his neck, stroking his back, playing with his hair. Draco smiled into her mouth, able to taste the sweetness of her toothpaste, intermingled with the scent of her shampoo. He tipped her neck back, deepening the angle of the kiss. Hermione clutched at him in ecstasy, her knees growing weak beneath her as she felt his tongue explore her mouth with gentle passion. Her leg crept around Draco’s, hooking him closer to her. His hands tangled in her long hair and as they grew more and more entangled, they collapsed onto the soft bed.

Draco felt himself grow light-headed at the lush warmth of Hermione beneath him, and fell to one side of her, stroking her cheek. ‘’What are we doing?’’

‘’I don’t know. Or, rather I do, but I don’t know why we’re doing it. We’re meant to hate each other.’’

‘’So why does this feel like something I’ve wanted to do all my life?’’ Draco played with a strand of her hair.

‘’Don’t ask me to explain something like that. I can’t even work out where this is going, so don’t ask me to work out what your feelings are.’’ Hermione turned on her side and ran a hand across Draco’s shoulders.

‘’Well…neither of us know what’s going on, but do you know what you want to do?’’

‘’Yes,’’ Hermione nodded slightly, her voice low. ‘’And I know I shouldn’t because it’s wrong on so many levels….’’

‘’But we both want to…so what could go wrong?’’

‘’So much!’’

‘’Well, maybe we’re thinking about this too much.’’

‘’You think we should just go for it?’’ Hermione looked at his beautiful face and thought an idea had never seemed more seductive. She wasn’t scared by the idea, just calm, knowing that whatever happened would be for the best. ‘’Are you sure?’’

‘’Come on Gryffindor, show me your courage!’’

‘’Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?’’ Hermione laughed and pulled herself up, looking down at Draco.

‘’But the question is Hermione, are you going to respect me in the morning?’’ Draco looked at her faux-seriously.

‘’I didn’t respect you to start with!’’ Hermione laughed and swooped down to kiss his lips more fiercely than she ever had.

Draco laughed and pushed her down, stroking soft skin and listening with relish to the gasps that he was invoking. As he wasn’t able to see anything, the sensations which his sight might usually have overridden suddenly became more important: the quivers, the arches, the curves, the textures, the noises. ‘’And what if I touch here? And here? I didn’t quite catch that Hermione, did you like that?’’

And together, they revolved in a world of single-minded lust, everything forgotten but the sensation of skin on skin, of writhing and wriggling, of gasps and pleas for more. Finally, Draco slid his hands around Hermione’s back and clasped her tightly to him, groaning slightly as he felt a release more heavenly than he could ever have dreamt. Hermione seized him, whimpering in rapture as she realised what it meant to be complete – what it meant to have the difference between men and women.

As they lay together that night, secure in their isolated cocoon, Draco buried his nose in Hermione’s hair as she pressed her back against his chest. They drifted off to sleep, not saying anything because they knew it would trivialize what they were feeling – nothing that complex could possibly be expressed through words. And as they slept, oblivious, Draco’s hand, resting on Hermione’s stomach, slowly blurred into nothing, and then blurred back. Without even knowing it, Draco had begun to give his heart to her.

AN: There my lovelies, how was that? Please do let me know, I reply to all my comments just to let you know how appreciated you are. Now, just to keep you up to date on the kookiness – you know how I said my ipod went on a romantic song last time I wrote a kiss? Well it happened again! For the duration of this chapter! How bizarre…anyway, lots of love…Petitesorciere xxx

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