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And sometimes it's a sad song by lunadragonfly
Chapter 3 : ~ The sex she slipped into my coffee
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AN:: Hey there again.
Long time no see, I know It's all my fault. I was trying to get other story chapters out first but I just cant seemed to find the time to write :(
But as this little baby here is already finished I thought I'd make a post.

Lyrics are by Maroon5

I'm Dedicating it to my good friend Jess, coz this chap makes her blush, & without her help and tandam updates I would have mostlikely waited.

So Here not I give to you

Chapter 3 ~ The sex she slipped into my coffee

The Rhythm of her conversation

A warm glow filled the small kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place as a small fire was burning away.

Remus was laughing heartily with a steaming hot cup of tea in his hand. Tonks sat opposite him a small smile on her face and a youthful twinkle in her violet eyes.

They had been in the kitchen for over 3 hours talking. Just talking, about anything and everything.

Remus had sat there amazed for a long while at just how much she knew, how much she thought about.

Her light hearted humour and jokes always seemed to bring a smile to his face. Combined with her witty comebacks and flirtatious nature, she commanded attention without realising it.

And when she’d smile at Remus, he’d feel at home. Completely comfortable.

“What, its not that funny” Tonks said, a smile still on her face.

“I don’t think I have laughed this hard since…” Remus thought as he slowed his laughing.

“Since James and Sirius were fighting over who gave Harry the best birthday present” Remus Smiled at Tonks.

“Merlins Beard, Look at the time” Tonks was looking at the small kitchen clock that hung over the oven.

“It doesn’t feel like that long” Remus said as he looked back at her.

And so they continued, though many more jokes and laughter.

The perfection of her creation

Remus sat quietly in his chair still, his now empty coffee cup resting lightly in his hand. With his eyes closed Remus let a memories of her flood his mind.

Remus had been up stairs with Sirius while he’d been feeding buckbeck, but after a long silence from his old friend he’d left. Remus had been walking down the stairs, intending on going to the kitchen when he spotted her.

She stood in the front hall of number 12, her Auror robe’s where drenched to the bone. The thin cloth clung to her small curvy frame.

Remus’ eyes moved over her frame hungrily, without him even realising it. He stood there watching her as she tried to pull at the clothes, hoping that they wouldn’t stick to her body.

However it didn’t seem to work, Her cloths seemed to meld to her like a second skin and before Remus to do anything visions of him ripping her cloths off in a frenzy flashed into his minds eye.

Tonks looked up at the stairs, her cheeks burning red as she saw Remus watching her, the hunger in his eyes still noticeable.

It was as if she could hear his thoughts as her eyes twinkled in a knowing way.

“Remus” She crocked, before smirking at him and walking down to the kitchen.

Remus chuckled at the memory he remembered next.

The door swung open silently and Remus took a small step into the not so empty bath room.

Tonks’ head shot up at the sound of a gasp coming from the once closed door. She stood stone still in the middle of the bathroom wearing only a black lace bra and blue muggel jeans.

She stared at Remus, her mouth open in shock. Remus seemed to be rutted to the spot in his own shaken state, however his eyes roamed her appearance.

Her violent pink hair was longer than usual and hung around her face framing it, as her eyes sparkled in shock and disbelief. Remus’ eyes then travailed down her uncovered shoulders and chest till he saw the black lace that hugged her body firmly.

He could feel his face became flustered as his eyes uncontrollably scanned her uncovered skin, till they reached where her jeans sat on her hips.

Remus stumbled an apology not looking her in the eyes, before exiting quickly.

He closed the door hastily and took a deep breath, placing his head lightly on the door he could hear her soft chuckle of amusement as she continued to change.

Remus opened his eyes with a smiled.

He thought of her beautiful body, and how untouchable it had been to him at one point.

“Oh my sweet Nymphadora” He whispered.

Until she had change it all.

The sex she slipped into my coffee

Remus looked around the apartment with a somewhat cheeky smile on his face, the smile almost child like in happiness.

“Remus would you like something hot” Tonks voice filled her apartment as she walked around.

Remus walked in slowly he’s cheeks flushed from the cold wind.

“Remus?” She said looking at him as he absentmindedly looked around her apartment.

“Hmmm” he said looking up at her

“Would you like something hot?” Her eyes shone in the low light of her apartment as she made her was over to the kitchen door.

“It’ll Warm you up” she said turning back to look at him a smile on her youthful face.

“Sure, Why not, a hot drink would be great” He replied, the sentence almost catching in his throat.

“Take a seat on the couch I’ll be back in a minute”

Tonks disappeared behind the kitchen door and Remus sat down on the sofa feeling slightly out of place and uncomfortable.

Looking around some more Remus realised just how very Tonks the place was. Abstract magical and muggel things lay around every where.

Moments later Tonks entered with two hot steaming cups of…


“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t even think to ask, sorry” Tonks blurted out nervously.

“It’s alright, Coffee’s good” Remus said as he took one cup out of her hands.

Tonks sat next to him on the sofa, and Remus seem to go rigid, as if her close presence un-nerved him. They sat in silence for a long while, nursing their hot cup’s of coffee.

“Remus” She whispered ever so slightly, breaking the silence.

“Hmmm” He turned to look at her.

Looking into her eyes Remus could see the want that was there, An overpowering need that seem to leak out of her eyes.

Remus knew what she was thinking, and he found himself suddenly fantasising about how her lips would feel pressed against his.

“Drink up, It’ll warm you” Her sweet voice said.

Remus was broken out of his thoughts at the sound of her voice. He smiled at her and took a sip of the coffee.

As the hot liquid hit his lips and washed down his throat, Remus felt instantly warmed. The unease that had been in his stomach dissipated and Remus’ shoulders relaxed noticeably.

Taking another sip Remus sighed and relaxed back into the couch more. Tonks was gazing into her cup with a small smile on her face, as she looked up at Remus with warm needful eyes, Remus’ heart did a double beat.

Tonks took a large sip of her coffee and place her cup on the coffee table. She smiled at Remus as he gulped down another swig.

He smiled shyly at her as she took his cup from him, placing it next to hers on the table.

Her face move dangerously close to Remus’, and both of them drew a large intake of breath.

Neither one of them had had the guts to do it before, yet something was different now. With Remus at least.

Tonks had started to slowly pull away when Remus’ face moved forward, Capturing her lips in a sweet kiss.

Tonks did not waste any time, she deepened the kiss urging him on.

Remus moved back deeper into the sofa without breaking the kiss. Becoming more needful of her he pulled her closer, Pushing his lips hard against hers.

After a while she pulled back reluctantly and rested her forehead on his.

“God I have been wanting you to do that for so long” Tonks said in a low raspy voice.

“We should stop” Remus said it before he even thought about it.

Tonks moved back without a word, feeling shameful at admitting her feelings of want for him. Remus moved forward and took his cup off the table wanting to find solace in the hot beverage.

Once he had downed a large part of the rest of the coffee he looked up at Tonks, her small frame was hunched and almost defeated. The warm feeling in his stomach grew and the smell of coffee lingered around them.

Tonks looked up at him hesitantly.

Remus didn’t seem to think much, the moment she looked up at him he brought his lips hard upon hers yet again. Tonks was a little more hesitant this time, allowing him to take the lead, which he did.

He grabbed her hips, hocked his fingers around her jeans and pulled her onto his lap so that she straddled him. All still while they kissed

Only after Tonks had found a comfortable spot on his lap, and a long hard kiss did she break away.

“Wotcher there Remus” She said seductively, in her own cheeky way.

Tonks leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips and pulled back again. Remus looked at her.

“What did you put in my coffee you little Nymph” Remus asked heartily.

Tonks chuckled and kissed him again, a desire building up inside them. It filled their bodies, a burning fire that spread like wild flowers.

“I want you so much” The words had left Remus’ mouth before he could stop himself.

“took you long enough to admit it” she whispered to him softly.

They kissed again and Remus pulled her closer wanting to be as near to her as he could get.

They spent a good hour on the couch together, no words were exchanged just soft kisses, brushed touches and heated breaths.

With there lips locked in another needful kiss the two seemed like they could stay like that forever, however Tonks finally pulled away, letting the sweet air fill her lungs as Remus let his need for her show by planting more hot kisses down her neck.

“Why are we still sitting here?” Tonks said. Remus’ lips detached from her neck at her words.

She looked at him, smiled, then got off his lap and then the couch.

She then grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. He stood taller than her, yet she didn’t seem to mind.

Tonks stood on her tip toes and placed a small kiss on his lips and began to pull him in the direction of her bed room.

Tonks slipped her hands inside Remus’ robs, up his chest and up over his shoulders, letting the garment fall to the floor. Remus pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.

Tonks pulled back for air again as Remus continued placing hot kissed on her cheek, to her ear where he nibbled playfully, causing tonks to giggle at the feeling. All the while she moved backwards towards her room, pulling Remus along with her.

As they reached her bed room door they stopped, Remus looked deep into her eyes.

“Remus” she whispered softly to him, as she slipped out of his embrace and backed into her room.

“Nymphadora” he spoke just a silently, missing her warmth and embrace he flowed her in.

Remus chuckled to himself as he remembered that blissful night.

How in a moment she had captivated his heart, taking him from one extreme to another yet making it feel natural by allowing him to be himself in her arms, and showing her true colour in such a passionate way to him.


AN:: Well there you have it, another Chapter.
What did you think??.

I wont promise to update soon, but if Jess is quick to update SOM I might just have to :p Well I do hope you enjoyed it

~ Keira-lee

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And sometimes it's a sad song: ~ The sex she slipped into my coffee


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