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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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“Did you give the muffin to him Ingrid?” Jonquil asked her friend. They were in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

“Yes, and he fell asleep so I put him in the empty class room” answered Ingrid. “Don’t worry...I’ll stay guarding the door.”

“Are you two doing something against the rules?” asked the weeping voice of Moaning Myrtle.

“It’s none of your business Myrtle! Keep your nose out of things!” retorted Jonquil. “Now give me the potion Ingrid!”

“Wait before I give it to you, you must know that you have to come back within an hour” she said very seriously. “Because he will wake up and you would change back” she continued. “And by the exactly are you going to feed him the love potion tomorrow morning without Derik watching?”

“’re going to distract him for me and take him to the great hall” Jonquil answered fervently. “And now would you give me the bloody potion!” Ingrid handed the polyjuice potion, which they had stolen from Professor Aplomb’s office, to Jonquil.

She started drinking and her body started to change. Her hair distorted to blonde and grew shorter, she became taller and muscular, and soon she was the same reflection as Scorpius Malfoy.

“Wow! You look exactly like him!”

“Perfect!” said Jonquil with Scorpius’s voice. “Now I’ll show Weasley how Jonquils will always be better than Roses.” An evil grin formed on her face.



February had already arrived and they had been getting more homework than ever. Rose spent her time in the library nearly every day. She also studied at the same time even though the exams were 3 months away.

On the other hand, many events had happened during this time, like how Rose entered the common room the previous day and saw James and Melissa snogging. Rose had asked Jasmine how this happened and Jasmine told her they just both ended up together after ditching Violet and Nick. “The usual James and Mel” Rose thought.

“Hey Rose!” said Al’s voice. Rose lifted her head up and saw Al sit across her.

“Oh...hey Al! So what brings you here?” asked Rose.

“Well...I just needed to ask you something” he answered turning red.

“What is it?”

“ you think Jasmine would except if I asked her to go with me to Hogsmeade tomorrow?” Al asked very quickly. Rose just remembered that Valentine’s Day was tomorrow.

“Ofcouse she’d accept Al!” Said rose thinking of how happy Jasmine would be.

“Really! Great! I’ll go ask her now!” said Al gladly. “See you then.”

Rose had very lucky friends, unlike her who wasn’t lucky.

“Hey Weas-I mean Rose” said a voice. Rose lifted her head up yet again and saw this time it was Scorpius. Bubbles started forming in her stomach.

“Oh...ah...hey” she said blushing.

“Weasley, I was wondering if you’d come with me to hogmeade tomorrow?” He said grinning.

“What! What did he just say! Am I hearing correctly or is it just a dream?” she thought. “What did you just say?”

“I said would you come with me to Hogsmeade tomorrow”

 “Well...I...I...I’d love to” Said Rose surprised. “So it wasn’t a dream!”

“Great! Meet me at the entrance hall tomorrow while every one’s having you know we could be-” he stopped for a few seconds then said “-alone”


“Catch yeh later then” he said winking then walked away.

She didn’t seem to care about anything anymore. She didn’t care that Scorpius seemed to act strangely. All she seemed to care about was that Scorpius Malfoy just asked her out. She couldn’t believe her eyes.



The next morning Jonquil woke up early to get ready for her next mission.

“Have you got the chocolate ready?” asked Ingrid.

“Yes” said Jonquil holding a packet of chocolate frogs that were filled with Love potion.

“Remember it will only last for an hour...because it’s not very strong.”

“Ok I got let’s go down and then you distract Derik and take him to the great hall or some where he won’t see us...ok” said Jonquil. Ingrid nodded and they headed downstairs.

“I have to do this” Jonquil thought as they were going down. She remembered a week ago she overheard Derik and Scorpius talking to each other. They hadn’t even noticed she listened to the whole thing.


“Scorpius...are you going to ask Rose to go with you in Valentine’s Day?” Derik asked.

“I don’t think I should. If James and Hugo find out who knows what they’ll do”

“So that’s what you’re worried about...James and Hugo?”

“Yes don’t know how much they hate me...I mean Al is alright but not James and Hugo”

“I know mate, but when are you gonna tell her then?” asked Derik in serious tone.

I donno...I guess I never will” Scorpius muttered.

“I about you tell her on Valentine’s Day know while we’re in Hogsmeade.”

“But her fr-“

“-her friends won’t be with her...they’ve got dates” Derik said cutting in.

“How do you know?” Scorpius asked surprised.

“It doesn’t matter how I know...”Derik muttered. “The point is, are you going to tell her or not?”

“Ok...I guess I’ll try”

Jonquil walked away very quickly before they saw her.

**End of flashback**

From the day she heard that Scorpius liked Rose, Jonquil thought that she had to do something to keep her away from him. She was disgusted by Scorpius’s taste. “I mean who would like Weasley?”

 Jonquil watched Ingrid talking to Derik. After about 5 minutes of waiting, she managed to take Derik away with her. Jonquil then looked around the common room and saw Scorpius sitting alone.

“Hey Scorpy!”

“Hey and don’t call...oh never mind” he muttered. Jonquil realised he wasn’t very happy.

“Why the sad face Scorp...” she asked. He didn’t answer her. Then she thought of trying to give him a chocolate frog since it was the best moment to. “Here have’ll cheer you up”

He looked at and then shook his head. “No thanks...”

“Believe me it will cheer you up...please take it...for me...”

He looked at the chocolate frog in her hand again. “Ok...Fine!” He snapped taking it from her hand. “Yes!” Jonquil thought wickedly. He took 2 bites and all of a sudden, he started to look pale.

 After a few minutes of staring at her, he got up. “Jonquil” he muttered. “I think I’m in love with you!”

“If you really love me would you do something for me?”

“Anything for you my love” he said starting to breathe heavily.

“I want you to come down with me to the entrance hall. And as soon as you see Rose Weasley coming...I want you to say you love me in front of her...and then kiss me”

He nodded and pulled her arm taking her downstairs. “Perfect!” thought Jonquil wickedly. “Now I’ll show you Weasley!”



“Why do you need to go so early?” asked Jasmine, who was putting some makeup on Rose.

“Well Scorpius told me to” replied Rose. Rose had come back from the library yesterday and told both Jasmine and Melissa what happened.


Rose entered the common room and saw both of them sitting in front of the fire.

“Hey guys!” said Rose going to join them.

“Hey Rose!” they said smiling.

“So did Al ask you?” Rose asked Jasmine.

“How did you know about that?” Jasmine said blushing.

“Cause I know alright. The point is did he ask you?”

“Yes! I’m so happy!” said Jasmine cheerfully.

“ are you Rose?” asked Melissa. “You seem to be happy”

“I’m great! Cause he just asked me to go with him!” Rose blurted out. She just couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“You mean Scorpius? How delightful!” Said Melissa smiling.

“I told you he likes you” muttered Jasmine.

“But he was acting a little know not the usual him” said Rose remembering his attitude.

“Bloody hell! Who cares Rose! The point is he asked you out!” Melissa snapped.

Melissa was right. Nothing mattered except the fact that he asked her out.

**End of flashback**

“Are you finished with the makeup already?” Rose muttered getting annoyed.

“Done! But just one little thing left” Jasmine took out the sleek-eazy potion and put it on Rose’s hair. After a while her hair started to smooth down and shine.

“There we go! You can look in the mirror now” said Jasmine cheerfully. Rose got up and looked in the mirror. “Wow! Is that me?” she thought. Rose was wearing a nice silky pink dress. Her hair was left out and was very smooth. And her face looked very different with all the makeup.

“You look great Rose! Great job Jas!” said Melissa giving a thumps up to Jasmine. Rose thanked Jasmine and then went downstairs. To her horror, as soon as she entered the common room, she saw Hugo. “Now how am I supposed to leave?”

“Why are you going out so early?” asked Hugo seriously.

“It’s none of your business Hugo!”

“Oh yes it is my business! Where are you going?”

“Bugger off Hugo!” snapped Rose and stormed away leaving him gaze at her heatedly.

Hey!! :D I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please please review!!! I will really appreciate it if you do!! :)

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