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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 12 : Beat Drop
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I strolled absent mindedly into the entrance hall nibbling at a chocolate sucker (do you know how suggestive that candy is? Shesh!), having ditched Harry, Ron, and Ginny at the lake, where they were determined to have a water fight with the flicker fish. The beginning results weren’t so great so I decided not to stay. I stared up at the huge house banners hanging from the rafters, letting my feet wander. I finished my candy and blasted the stick into oblivion, hey, who says I have to use good magic all the time? Plus inanimate objects are entertaining to explode. I still wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and ran smack bang into the back of someone and fell over. I guess I wasn’t doing the best job at portraying a responsible head girl. 

“Sorry, the sunlight in here is rather distracting, I didn’t mean too,” I looked up and abruptly stopped talking. I had run into Blaise. 

“Shit man, that’s something I’d never thought I’d see, Hermione Granger, kneeling and apologizing before a Slytherain.” He let out a small heh, and Draco snapped to attention behind him at the mention of my name. He turned slowly; I could see the fire in his eyes clearly. I looked at him pleadingly. Trying to get the mental message of: “DON’T YOU DARE DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW YOU BIG DUMMY!!! IF YOU DO THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN SAVE OUR ASSES!!” He met my eyes and the fires softened. 

“Well since you never thought you would you could at least ease her embarrassment and help her up jackass.” He extended his hand around Blaise to take mine and help me off the cold stone tiles. I took it, the warmth of his brief touch thrilling. I stood and found myself staring; I immediately averted my eyes to the floor. 

“Sorry,” I mumbled again. Blaise just shook his head. 

“Don’t worry about it; I understand the whole staring off into nothingness aspect of life, definitely helps. Plus I don’t mind getting plowed over by extremely hot girls.” He winked, Draco stiffened. I let out a laugh to try and lighten our situation. 

“Sorry Blaise, lines like that won’t get you anywhere,” I said, sweetly, but with a bite to my tone. Blaise swore lightly under his breath. “And I have to steal Malfoy away from you,” I said, averting my attention to said man. “Apparently they need the head boy and girl to sort out something or other upstairs, so here I am. Shall we then?” Draco relaxed visibly, I was worried about Blaise and how he was taking in these strange events. 

“Well let’s go then,” He nodded to Blaise then waited for me to fall in step with him and we set off up the main staircase. We kept walking in silence; I could feel Draco’s eyes dancing over me. I smiled softly to myself, who says that girls don’t like to be looked at? 

Suddenly, Draco glanced about, grabbed my hand and pulled me into a side passage that I had never been in before. Sunlight streamed in through a large window, dust motes dancing on the air. Draco pushed me up into the wall, in the darkness beside the window where the sunlight didn’t reach. I stared at him, startled, and then his lips were flowing over mine, relaxing me in his arms. I threw my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me; he pushed me harder up against the wall. He deepened the kiss, becoming more passionate all the time, pushing harder. He was completely supporting me against the wall, so I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands were resting just under the hem of my shirt, slowly exploring upward. Our bodies were pressed completely together, his tongue ran lightly across my lips, I opened my mouth, letting him explore, tickling his tongue with mine. He broke the kiss apart for air, I moaned softly, not wanting it to end. He rested his forehead against mine, our noses touched. The only thing I could hear was the ragged sound of our breathing, and the sound of my heart, well maybe I couldn’t hear it so much as feel it. Draco closed his eyes and sighed. 

“How are we going to do this Mione?” His eyes flicked open to meet mine. “I almost crushed Blaise for the remarks he was making, and I’m on good terms with him. Who knows what I’ll do if some idiot like Pansy says something. I don’t think I could stand it. It’s bad enough having to pretend that you mean nothing to me, and that I only put up with you because I have to share a common room with you.” I pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes, and smiled. 

“We’ll figure out something, because there is no way I could get through anything right now without you.” 

“Hear this now,” his eyes portraying nothing but seriousness, “I will never leave you. Ever.” The way he said it hit something in my heartstrings, I pulled him closer to me and rested my head on his broad shoulder. 

“You have no idea how much that means to me,” I whispered into his ear, softly biting at it after I finished speaking. He let out a soft moan, and leaned his head into my neck banging it against the wall in the process. I heard the crack against the wall.
“Draco! What did you do that for? Are you alright?” He set me on my feet, and slid down against the wall. And then the dummy started laughing. 

“You should see the look of concern on your face, for a situation like this it really doesn’t fit,” He held his hand to where he hit, “I mean I’m Draco Malfoy, and you’re staring at me with the same concern you use for Potter.” I knelt next to him, the ancient cobblestones cold on my knees. I gently took his hands in mine. 

“Oh but it’s different,” I purred at him, “Harry is no where near as sexy as you are.” His eyebrows shot up. 

“Is that a come on?” he asked eyes sparkling deviously at me. I started playing with one of the blonde bangs that hung over his eye. 

“That all depends on if you want it to be,” I smiled softly at him, and winked. 

“Alright you! That’s quite enough of that! I think I might just have to punish you for you’re behavior,” He joked. 

“Oh god!” I proclaimed in mock horror, slapping my hands to my face “I’m so scared! Whatever shall I do?” 

“You’ll do what I say,” and with that Draco stood, flung me over his shoulder army style and took off up the stairs toward our common room. 

“DRACO!” I shouted, laughing, “Put me down you big dummy!” 

“Never!” he shouted back, taking the steps three at a time, making me dizzy. “You’ve been quite the naughty girl, if I put you down who knows what you’ll end up doing!” 

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know,” I said softly to myself. We were getting lots of odd looks from people, but I didn’t care. I was having fun, and that hadn’t happened for a long time. 

And then suddenly, there we were, in front of the portrait of a mermaid. He set me down, and I had to lean against him for support. Both of us were out of breath, me from yelling at him, and him from dashing about so much. He smiled at the portrait and dashed out some long nonsensical blabber that went on, within which was a password of sorts. I have never seen Draco so fantastically happy and grinning. The portrait swung open, and Draco swooped me up in his arms and carried me inside. He plunked me down on the couch in our common room, laughing the most amazing laugh that seemed more like a roar. 

Never in my life has I heard such a beautiful sound, I had never known Draco to laugh before; it had always been a sneer and never so much as a good day. To see him in such high spirits was making me realize just how much as a person Draco meant to me. His laugh had died to a soft chuckle, and he relaxed on the corner of the couch, his legs splayed out. I moved slowly, slithering so I was between his legs, lying on his chest, with my head next to his ear. 

“I want you to take me Draco Malfoy,” his eyes flew open, startled. His mouth opened as if to ask what? I put my finger over his lips, “Don’t say or ask anything, this is what I want. You’re the only person I’ve ever wanted it from, now please.” My eyes met his, and then his arms were around my waist pulling me into him. 

“Whatever it is you want Hermione,” he whispered in my ear.

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Against all odds: Beat Drop


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