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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve: A Friend with Problems
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Chapter Twelve: A Friend with Problems

Everything was better now. Adara practically skipped back to the Ravenclaw tower after she and Sirius finished patrolling. He had stuck with her so that they could catch up; they had missed nearly a whole month!

But after they had made all the rounds (three times) they had to part. As she watched Sirius walk away she heard him muttering something like “murder, but how to do it without getting caught… next moon, maybe…” in an angry tone that she’d thought he’d forgotten about. She had smiled, because Sirius was her friend again, but felt horrible as Potter’s words flooded back to her.

But, telling herself she would worry about that once she was in bed, Adara allowed herself to be happy for a moment and was hopping with joy when she saw David asleep and snoring on the first step of the tower stairs. She wondered how many times the stairs had changed positions while he slept and had a mind to get on them, wait until they changed again, push him off at the new location, then see what time he finally returned to the common room.

Sirius has definitely rubbed off on me,
she thought, smiling, and settled for poking him until he woke up.

“David,” she said in a bored tone as she poked his forehead.

“Stop it,” he muttered.

“Okay,” Adara shrugged and headed up the stairs. She was halfway up the third flight of stairs when the guilt finally got to her. She turned around, “Accio David Russo.” She said waving her wand.

She heard a series of thumps and yelps until a very disgruntled looking David was at her feet glaring at her, “What was that for?” he asked her as she stood up.

“You fell asleep and I was going to leave you there but I felt guilty,” Adara told him, still in too good a mood to let anything bring her down. That would happen in about half an hour when she remembered what Potter told her.

“And so you dragged me up the stairs?” he asked her incredulously.

Adara shrugged, “Well I had to do something.”

David rolled his eyes and started walking up the stairs with Adara, “And I’ll bet you don’t know why I fell asleep.”

“Do too,” Adara countered, “it was because you were tired, wasn’t it!” she acted as if she had just come to a great conclusion.

“Funny, Addie,” David told her, “What has you in such a cheery mood at,” he consulted his watch, “one o’clock in the morning?”

“One in the morning!” Adara gasped.

“Yeah, which brings back to the whole ‘I was asleep thing,’” he pointed out, “what took you so long to get back from duty? I was back at eleven, which was, I remind you, the set time!”

“Oh yeah,” Adara remembered, “well, I ran into a bit of… trouble.”

Damn him for making me think of this now,
Adara thought, and I was in such a good mood.

“A bit of trouble took you two extra hours?”

“It did when it was with James Bloody Potter,” Adara said through gritted teeth.

“Oh,” David said, “he doesn’t like you much, does he? It seems like he’s always giving you death glares.”

“You could say that,” Adara whispered.

David seemed to see that Adara was getting more and more depressed because he quickly said, “But hey, you were in such a good mood!” then added quietly, “at one in the morning.”

Adara smiled, “Yeah,” she admitted, “someone cheered me up.”

David looked at her, “Oh, no,” he said.

“What?” Adara asked, her eyebrows knit in confusion from his worried expression.

“Not him again.”

“What?” Adara was really confused.

“You…” David was struggling with the words as they topped the stairs.

“Spit it out, David!”

“It’s Black again, isn’t it?”

How did he just know that? Sirius wasn’t the only one that put Adara in a good mood!

“Adara?” David pressed, knowing he was right.

“Oh, look, we’re at the door,” Adara pointed out, “question please!” she begged it.

Unfortunately the question was an easy one and too soon Adara was trying to scamper up the girl’s dorm before David could start again.

“Adara Moore, stop.”

She stopped. David was using his authoritive voice.

“Fine, it’s Sirius, okay?” Adara turned on him. Luckily they were the only ones in the common room, “What’s wrong with that? He’s just my friend.”

“Addie,” David said, “you don’t…” he paused, “you don’t live with Jay, okay?”

“I know that, David.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” said Adara’s boyfriend’s best friend.

“What do you mean, then? I’m tired.”

“I mean that when you and Sirius are “friends”” Yes, he used air quotes, “Jay is miserable. You mean everything to him, and he wants you to be happy, but when it’s Black that’s making you happy? Well, he gets a bit depressed.”

Adara stood there, stunned. What had he just said? Her mind asked. It had sounded like he was insinuating something was going on between her and Sirius. Something other than friendship.

“David, that’s ridiculous,” she started, “I’m with Jay. I chose Jay, if I liked Sirius that way then I’d be with him not my boyfriend of three years.”

David just shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose with his hand, “Whatever, Addie,” he said then looked at her, “just… don’t make it like the beginning of the year, again, okay?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, David,” Adara said, though she kind of did, “I love Jay, but this really isn’t any of your business. Especially not who my other friends are. Sirius and I are… we’re friends, okay; Jay is… is... my boyfriend.” She finished and marched up to the girls dorm with a lot on her mind.

The next morning Adara woke up with puffy eyes. She remembered having a bad dream, but can you really cry in your sleep?

“What time d’you get in last night?” Christine happily pulled the curtains on Adara’s four poster when the cheery girl heard Adara sniffle.

“Too late to be up right now,” Adara told her as put the little black mirror she’d been examining herself in front of her face again so Christine wouldn’t see her eyes.

“Nice, Miss Prefect,” Christine remarked, “can I borrow your brush, mine’s in the bathroom,” she raised her voice, “where Estelle has been for the last ten minutes!”

Adara put the mirror down and quickly turned to her dresser to grab her brush, “Here,” she threw it over her shoulder and dug her wand out of the pockets of her jeans.

“Thanks!” Adara listened as Christine pranced off. Adara picked up the mirror again and spell-charmed her eyes back to normal using an anti-puff spell that she and her mum had stumbled upon in Witch Weekly.

 Adara sighed, put the mirror and wand in her lap, and picked up the picture frame on her bedside table. She watched her mother throw her arms around eleven-year-old Adara and they both laughed and jumped up and down. She smiled faintly as her eyes traveled to the second picture. Adara had her arms linked to her mother but she was paying more attention to the person at her left side. They were all laughing, but Adara kept looking up at Jayden. She remembered that it was only about a year after they’d been dating and she remembered how much she longed to hear him laugh. She remembered secretly tape recording that laugh one summer so she could listen to it when he was gone.

But, things change, right? I mean she couldn’t always be that… she glanced over at her friend who was brushing her hair and singing to herself happily… in love.

Unfortunately, that was when a different laugh rang through Adara’s mind. A bark-like laugh.

Adara shook her friend’s laugh out of her mind and began to get ready for school. She was pulling her sweater over her head while Christine sat on her bed, waiting quite impatiently, when her friend asked, “Where’d you get this?”

Adara grabbed her brush and looked at what Christine was holding, “Oh,” she said, “I’m not sure, it was just in my bag,” she lied.

Christine turned it over and Adara snatched it from her, “Ready to go?” she asked as she shoved the mirror in the waistband of her uniform.

“I hope Cole’s downstairs!” she said, forgetting that Adara just grabbed the mirror from her. Adara let out a breath of relief. If she had seen the SB that was engraved on the back, Adara knew that Christine would have figured it out. She was in Ravenclaw for something.

Adara smiled and set her brush down on the bedside table. She grabbed her bag and she and Christine headed out the door. Adara pulled the door shut behind her and headed down the stairs when she was suddenly yanked back by her hair.

“OW!” she yelled. Adara quickly grabbed the doorknob and twisted the door open.

Maybe my hair’s getting a bit too long. She thought as she stood up and turned completely around to shut the door.

“Thanks for waiting,” Adara said to Christine, who already had Cole’s arm draped over her shoulders.

She shrugged and Adara rolled her eyes.

“Ready to go to breakfast?” Christine asked.

“Yeah,” Adara said, then stopped, “Wait, where’s Jay?” Jayden always walked her to breakfast. It felt like something was missing.

“He and David just left a few minutes ago,” Cole told her.

Adara froze and stared at Cole in shock. David wouldn’t say anything that would make Jayden mad, would he?

But after last night…

“Oh, no,” Adara breathed.

“What?” Christine asked, but Adara barely heard her as she sprinted out of the common room.

She ran down the stairs, what could he be saying to Jay?

She burst into the Great Hall and looked around. Then she saw him.

Sirius was sitting, not in his normal spot, but on the other side of the table with Remus and Emmet. As if he had felt her presence, Sirius turned around and waved at her. She waved back, then raised her eyebrow and looked at his breakfast partners. He scowled and looked down the table at Potter, who was sitting between Lily and the other one, Adara remembered that he was called Peter. She smiled.

Then remembering why she was out of breath she looked over to the Ravenclaw table. David was looking at her with a smug look, but Jayden had his back to her. She walked quickly over to the table and sat down by Jayden, “Hey,” she smiled.

“Hey,” he responded, perfectly normal.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Adara asked trying to sound off-hand.

“David said he wanted to talk to me about something,” Jayden shrugged. Still casual. He could be hiding it, pretending.

“Oh,” Adara threw a glare at David across the table, “did he?”

Jayden nodded.

“Oh, well,” Adara said when it was obvious that Jayden nor David were going to elaborate on that, “do you want to go on a walk outside after your herbology class? I can meet you out there after transfiguration.” She looked pointedly at David.

“Sounds great, Addie,” he smiled at me.

See, Adara thought as she spread marmalade on her toast, I can be friends with Sirius and still be a good girlfriend to Jayden.


“Come on, ‘Dara, it’s easy,” Sirius poked her in the forearm as Adara attempted to dye her eyebrow.

“You’re really annoying me, Mr. Black,” Adara turned to him and then stared laughing. He had raised both of his red eyebrows so that they almost disappeared into his black hair.

“No I’m not,” he smiled at her, “let me dye yours for you, hurry,” he said, then changed his voice to a ominous one, “she’s coming.”

Adara chuckled silently, “No, I want to do it myself,” she announced.

“How are you doing, Miss Moore?” McGonagall asked.

Adara turned to face her, “Er, not that –”

“Good job, Moore! Ten points to Ravenclaw!” McGonagall smiled at her and continued down the isle. Adara scowled and turned slowly to her neighbor.

“Sirius,” she said.

“Yes, love?” he asked innocently.

“You dyed my eyebrows.”

“No I didn’t,” he smiled.

“Yes you did.”

“Prove it,” he told her, knowing she couldn’t see her own eyebrows.

“That’s not fa –“ Adara started them remembered the thing that was poking at her waist. She smiled and pulled out the mirror and waved it in front of him, “I will, look at this,” she looked in the mirror in time to see her royal blue eyebrows turn back to their normal color, “Ah- ha!”


“You just changed them back.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

Sirius opened his mouth, probably to say ‘no, I didn’t’ but then shut it as she noticed what Adara was holding, “What’s that?” he asked.

Adara looked at him and blinked, “A mirror,” she said slowly, “it allows you to see yourself,” she laughed, “honestly.”

“Let me see that,” he reached out his hand to grab it from her, but he wasn’t quick enough. Adara moved it out of reach just in time and smirked at him (a habit she had, undoubtedly picked up from him in the first place). That was the second time this year she’d beat him at that game.

“Hey, that’s very rude, you know,” she said.

“And that’s my mirror!” Sirius said, “I’ve been looking for that.”

“Oh, yes,” Adara rolled her eyes, “you must have missed it. I mean how did you live without being able to look at your face at the slightest whim?”

“Ha, ha,” Sirius said quickly, “but really, I need that back.”

Adara stared at him, trying to read his face. He looked anxious. “What a second,” it clicked, “does it have anything to do with the fact that this mirror talks?” she asked.

Sirius blinked twice before he composed himself, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Adara smiled and leaned in closer to him, but pulled the mirror to the opposite side, “I think you do,” she whispered happily.

Sirius’ confident look faded, “‘Dara, this isn’t funny. I really need that back.”

Adar looked back at the mirror in her hand, “It only talked that once, though,” she said, poking it, “why was that?” she looked at Sirius.

“Give me my mirror, Adara,” he made another swipe for it.

Adara exaggerated a sigh, “Well, if you’re going to keep doing that,” she stuck the mirror back in her waistband, “I’ll have to keep it where you won’t get it.” She smirked at him. He scowled.

“That’s stealing.”

“That’s life.”

“Fine,” Sirius gave in, “but this isn’t over.”

“It never is,” Adara said turning back to her notes.

A minute passed in silence, then Sirius said, “Hey, you didn’t walk to breakfast with Booty today.”

Adara rolled her eyes to him, “Well spotted, Sirius.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“David,” Adara muttered darkly.


“David Russo.”

“I’m guessing you two aren’t getting along,” Sirius looked amused.

“Not exactly.”

“But I thought that you two were friends?”

“We are… were… are…” Adara struggled for the correct word.

“What happened?” Sirius asked, leaning his chair forward so that it was actually on all four legs.

Adara sighed. She didn’t want to get into this, “Nothing.”

Sirius looked her over. Adara was very conscious of his eyes as they traveled the length of her body. She told herself not to blush, “Right, okay.” He said finally.

“Okay, homework is a foot on why color-transforming spells can be helpful in the profession of your choice,” McGonagall dismissed the class.

“So,” Sirius slammed the book that he hadn’t even looked at shut, making Adara jump slightly, “what d’you want to do?”

Adara looked at him somewhat sadly, “I have to go meet Jayden outside. We’re going to take a walk in the snow.”

Sirius brought a hand to his heart, “How romantic!” he exclaimed dramatically.

Adara laughed and rolled her eyes again as she playfully smacked his arm, “Stop that.”

“I might have to talk to him and take notes,” he continued, “he seems like a real… what’s the word I’m looking for…” he put a finger to his chin in the image of contemplation.

“I’m not sure, but here’s two, annoying prat,” Adara said jokingly as she shoved the rest of her books into her bag.

“Ah, well,” Sirius sighed as they both stood up, “have a nice time.”

“I plan to.”

“And don’t let him get fresh,” Sirius warned.

Adara turned on him, “Sirius!”

He raised his hands in an “innocent” shrug.

“See you later,” Adara said, smiling against her will.

“Toodles,” she swore she heard Sirius say as she retreated.

Adara dashed up to her dorm to lay her bags and grabbed her cloak before she met Jay outside in the snow. She thought about leaving her mirror behind, but decided against it. Sirius could find it anywhere, but he couldn’t get if off of her. She was pretty sure that he wouldn’t try, not after what had happened last time he tried to retrieve an item that she stole.

“Hey, you,” she smiled as she walked up to Jayden.

“Hello,” he smiled back and leaned in to kiss her.

“How was herbology?” She asked as he took her hand and headed toward the big tree by the lake.

“Pretty funny, actually,” Jayden told her, “the plant we had to extract this pod thing from attacked David.”

“Karma,” Adara muttered happily.


“Oh, the snow is so pretty isn’t it?” Adara said quickly. She loved the snow. It always brought good things. In second year, they had beaten Slytherin in Quidditch during a snowstorm. In third year, it was on the first snow of the year that Jayden had asked her out. Even this time: she and Sirius had made up on the day of the first snow of the year. That was not a coincidence.

“I guess,” Jayden said, “but it’s nothing compared to other beautiful things out here.” He looked at Adara.

“Jay,” she smiled; maybe Sirius should take notes, she smirked.

“Want to sit,” he gestured towards the big tree.

“Sure,” she smiled and waved her wand. The snow around the tree disappeared in just a spot big enough for them to sit.

They sat down and Adara laid her head on his shoulder. Jayden put his arm around her.

“I wonder if the Giant Squid hates it when the pond freezes over,” Adara wondered as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t know, I mean he’s stuck under there,” Jayden answered. They pondered the query for a moment.

“Oh, the wonders of the world,” Adara sighed.

They sat in silence until a huge pile of snow suddenly landed on Adara, “What the hell?” Adara cursed sitting up.

“Where’d that come from?” Jayden asked; they looked up and saw that a few branches of the tree were now free of snow.

“I thought the Whomping Willow was the only tree that didn’t like the snow,” Adara muttered darkly as she brushed the snow out of her hair. Jayden laughed and helped her, “Ugh,” she said, “now it’s all wet.” She picked up a strand of her hair.

“Don’t worry,” Jayden smiled, “it’s kind of cute.”

Adara half smiled, “Thanks,” she leaned in and kissed him. Ever since that day in early October in the hospital wing, Adara had to try really hard not to compare Jayden and Siruis’ kissing techniques. She knew that one reason this was necessary was because of the conclusion she might, and probably would, come to. Sirius’ kiss might have been a bit… well, she just didn’t get the same feeling when she kissed Jayden. Though kissing her boyfriend was not something she didn’t like, it was as if kissing him was getting old. But they had been together for three years, right? Things like that can change.

They continued snogging until something hit Adara in the back of the head, “Ouch!” she exclaimed pulling away from Jayden and extracting her hand from his hair to rub the top of her head.

“Did I do something?” Jayden asked, worried.

“Not unless you threw this rock at me,” Adara told him picking up a medium sized rock up from the snow beside her. She looked up and saw, for a brief second, a familiar face. She scowled. Stalker, she thought angrily.

“What?” Jayden followed her gaze up, and saw nothing.

Through her anger, Adara wondered how he’d disappeared like that.

“Nothing,” Adara answered, trying to get back to her normal tone.

“OI, BOOT!” Adara and Jayden turned to see someone walking towards them.

“Donelson?” Jayden called.

“Yeah,” the fourth year answered, “Russo wants you in the hospital wing.”

“What? Why?” Adara and Jayden asked at the same time.

“I don’t know, but they found him in the loo,” the fourth year snickered.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jayden asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Ugh,” Jayden said, “Let’s go.” He turned and helped Adara up.

“No, no,” the boy said, “he said that you were the only person allowed to come.”

“What, why?” Jayden asked, “Adara’s his friend, too.”

“Merlin, if I’d known this would take so long, I wouldn’tve volunteered,” the boy threw his hands up, “He said just you.”

“Jay, it’s okay, I want to stay out here and look at the snow,” Adara said, sparing a glance up that the tree.

“Are you sure?”

Adara nodded.

“Okay,” Jayden said. He kissed her once more, and Adara, knowing that Sirius was watching, made it a good one. The fourth year groaned, and the couple broke apart smiling.

“Later,” Jayden waved and walked away with the boy.

Adara waved, then waited until she saw the doors to the Entrance Hall shut before she rounded on the tree, “What are you doing?” she hissed.

No answer.

Adara scowled, “I know you can hear me, I know you’re there.” She continued, looking at the tree.

Two Hufflepuffs walked past her, looking at her as if she was crazy. She thought she heard something like, “… and she’s a Ravenclaw?”

Adara walked closer to the tree, “Sirius Black, if you don’t get down here right now, I will start firing very painful spells at random up at the snowless branches.”

She heard a thump behind her and screamed.

“No need for such threats, love,” she heard from behind her. She spun on her heal to face him but on the snow, lost her balance and landed on the ground. Snow billowed up and formed a cloud around her. Sirius had the nerve to laugh.

“I. Hate. You.” She muttered. She was suddenly sprayed with snow as Sirius back-flopped into the snow beside her.

“Nah, you’re just mad because you have a headache,” he said as he cleared the snow between their faces so they could see each other.

“Maybe,” Adara allowed, “but that is also your fault. I didn’t know kissing your boyfriend was an offense punishable by stoning.”

“It is when you do it in front of people.”

“I didn’t invite you to watch,” Adara pointed out, “you were stalking me from the tree.”

“Now, now. That headache must be messing with your mind,” Sirius turned on his side and propped his head up on his hand. Adara followed suit.

“You’re impossible,” Adara sighed.

“Hm,” Sirius said, “I thought that this would be going another way by now. That fourth year even helped.”

Adara looked at him, confused, “What are you talking about now?”

“Oh, the prank I just executed.”

“What?” Adara asked again… then in clicked, “David!” she couldn’t help it, she smiled.

Sirius nodded.

“Wait, you didn’t do anything too, too awful did you?” she asked.

“No, we just met in the bathroom after he happened to touch the Bubbling Blister Powder that I accidentally left on the entrance doorknob. We exchanged glares then he walked into the nearest stall as I used a paper towel to wipe off the doorknob and exit,” he seemed so happy with himself.

Well, now Adara knew why David only wanted Jayden to see him. It might be a tad embarrassing if Adara had walked in.

“Sirius, that’s horrible!” she gasped.

“He’ll be okay by tomorrow,” he said, “it’ll just make riding a broom a right pain in the… well I would say arse, but I don’t think that’d be entirely accurate.”

Adara looked at him, he was smiling so wide that she couldn’t help it and smiled, too. “Okay, he deserved it.” She smiled. Only she knew how appropriate it was for Sirius to prank David, “So, did you have any help?” she asked; in the past, one of the four didn’t prank alone.

“Nope,” he surprised her, “Remus and Peter are in Divination now.” He said. And Adara remembered that usually it was Sirius and Potter. She felt bad. She looked at the ground and played with a blade of grass poking from underneath the snow.

“Sorry,” she said then looked up at him, “I didn’t mean to cause a rift between you and your best mate.”

Sirius sat straight up, “Adara Moore, I thought you were smart.” He announced as he stood up. Adara sat up and stared at him, waiting for him to continue, “but there are two major things wrong with that statement,” he grabbed Adara’s hand and pulled her up much more gently than Potter had, “First of all, you didn’t cause anything. It was all him. You have to know that, okay?”

Adara nodded. She was internally glad that he was telling her this. It made her feel better, and warm because he had her hands wrapped in his big ones.

“And secondly, he’s not my best mate,” he said earnestly, “any best mate of mine does not call my girl, what was it?” he looked at her.

“A cut-throat bitch,” Adara muttered.

“Right,” he said, his eyes distant for a minute, “there’s only one throat I’d like to cut…”

“Sirius!” Adara pulled a hand from his coven of warmness and smacked him on his muscled arm again.

“What?” he asked as he dropped her hand. It fell to her side, the cold breeze whipping at it.

“I don’t know if I like this morbid side of you,” she said and crossed her arms to try and warm her hands.

“Ah, well,” he said and threw an arm around her. They started walking towards the castle, “you’ll learn to love my flaws.”

 “I guess so,” Adara laughed and sighed as she laid her head on Sirius’ warm shoulder as they walked.


A/N: *squee* Sorry. I like this chpater because there are quit a few Sirius/Adara little hint-y things. haha. But yeah, 4,500 word chapter to make up for the previous shoter ones. And the next one is longer, too! =]
I owe you guys SO MUCH for all the reviews you have send my way. 48 on the last chapter! DANG GUYS! Thats an Along Came Sirius record, that is. YAY! *claps*
A special shoutout to my new reader zEthHPfrEaK because he has reviewed every chapter. I thank all of you who have been with me from the beginning and just joined. THANK YOU! haha. really, though reviews make me SOOO HAPPY!
reviews = happiness
happiness = writing
writing = UPDATE

really, though. i'm so grateful. =]

Finally, class was over and Sirius jumped up, his stuff had been packed for at least three minutes, “Let’s go! Charms, right?” he asked her as he waved his wand. Her bag was packed and in his hand. She smiled and took it.

“Actually, I was hoping I could walk with her to class,” Christine appeared behind Sirius.

Sirius turned around and looked at Christine ever-so-politely and said, “But Adara and I always walk to Charms together,” he pointed out. Well, not recently as they had just made up… but they had before the fight.

“Yes, but today David is in the hospital wing,” Christine pointed out. Adara had a feeling that her friend was a bit suspicious of Sirius. Well, she had a right to be.

“So she should drop all normality because your friend has blisters all over his – ”

“Adara!” Christine put in quickly, “who do you want to walk with? Me or,” she pointed at him with her thumb, “him.”

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