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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 17 : Chapter 17
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Hermione walked slowly doan the halls, no expression.

For the last month Hermione had been completly isolated. She didn't talk to anyone, she didn't do any homework, she didn't eat and she barely slept. 

Everyone around her was worried. All of the teachers, all of the Gryffindors, all of the Hufflepuffs, and all of the Ravenclaws were worried, for they all knew Hermione and knew that she used to be such an active and lovely person. Even the Slytherins were worried because she was the daughter of their past and most beloved potions master and house head. 

The ones who worried the most were Harry, Ron, Draco, Rupert, Blaise, and a newly saddened Ginny. 

All of them had tried to talk to Hermione but she ignored them all completly, even Draco. 

Luckily, James made no moves toward Hermione since after the train inccedent. the only time Hermione saw James was in class, and durring those times Hermione had drawn so far into herself that she would barel breathe or even move. 

Hermione didn't know why James hadn't attacked her yet, but Draco did. Draco had been following Hermione around for the last month, making sure nothing happened to her. 

Hermione entered the heads common room, once again not even noticing or caring about the beauty of the room. She slowly walked up the stairs, entered her room, and quietly closed her door. 

A few minutes later Draco came into the common room and went to Hermione's room. 

Like he did everyday Draco knocked on Hemrione's door. "Hermione, please, open the door. Let me talk to you." Every day Draco did this, and every day Hermione never answered. "Please Hermione, open the door," He pleaded. 

He stood there for a few more minutes and then sighed in abandon. He slowly walked away towards his room. But then he heard something.

A light click came from behind him. "Draco."

Draco quickly turned around. Hermione was slightly leaning out of her door. 

Draco stumbled toward her. "Hermione." He fell to his knees in front of her. "Hermione, please forgive me. I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you, but we were attacked and I had to leave you. I'm sorry." He cried in loud sobs and clung to her robes. "Please forgive me. I love you." 

Hermione stared down at Draco's crying form. She kneeled next to him. "Draco." He looked up at her, hope in his eyes. "You and the others left me after you promised you wouldnt. You hurt me severly." Draco looked down in guilt. "But all this time, I've felt so alone and lost. I've missed all of you so much. So, can we just skip the forgiving part? Can't we just get past that? Can't you just be holding me?" 

Draco looked Up. Hermione was crying, looking at him with hope in her eyes. Draco smiled and threw his arms around her. "I love you Hermione." He said as he kissed away her tears. "I love you to." She whispered. 

Harry, Ron and Ginny sat down at the Gryffindor table and gathered food onto their plates, but they didn't eat any of it. Ever sense Hermone became a shadow of her old self they all had lost enthusiasm in the things they did. Ron even lost his appetite. 

Ginny sighed heavily and leaned her head on her hands. A hand rested on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder to see Blaise smiling warmly at her. 

Ron looked away from the two, disgusted. Ever sense Ginny joined the group her and Blaise had gotten to know each other very well. 'Too well.' Ron thought. He didn't think any guy was good enough for his baby sister, espacially a low life Slytherin like Blaise. 

Harry on the other hand didn't care. He knew that deep down Blaise was a good man. Harry had lost interest in Ginny a year ago. 

Harry moved over so Blaise could sit next to Ginny. "How are you all?" he asked. Harry shrugged, Ron grunted, and Ginny leaned on him, making Ron huff in anger. "Hmmm, good answers."

"Well I'm fine if you want to know." All four of thwm turned at the quiet voice to find Hermione and Draco standing behind them, Draco's arm around her waist.

The four stared at them for a minute and then: "HERMIONE!!!" They launched themselves at Hermione and Draco. Their voices overlapped as they hugged Hermione and laughed.  

The entire hall was looking at the six in wonder, and became even more astonished when the new Potions master ran from the teacher's table to the six, pulled Hermione form the group, and crushed her to him. 

"Oh my dear niece, I'm so glad you're back to normal." Hermione gasped, "Rupert, Rupert. Uncle. Please. I can't breathe." 

"Oh," He said as he put her down. 

"Oh, how touching. A little reunion. I'd feel so bad about interrupting it but, who cares."

They all turned to find James smirking at them. Hermione gasped and backed up, straight into Draco's arms.He wraped his arms around her, trying to calm her shivers. She turned and buried her face in his chest. The others pulled out their wands, but kept them pointing towards the ground in order to not make a scene. 

James looked at them all. "Well it seems I'm a bit outnumbered. I'll leave you all alone." He turned and walked away laughing.

A/N Well I hope you all liked this chapter.

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Snape's lost child: Chapter 17


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