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A Not So Silent Night by ataxaphobia
Chapter 3 : Best Friends Forever
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Disclaimer: It's not mine, no matter how hard I wish. If it was, Remus would be treated much better by the wizarding community. :]


"You can't ignore me forever, Remus."

"Yes, I can."

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I can."

"No, you can't!"

"Watch me."

Tally literally growled. "You're being really immature."

"I'm still ignoring you."

Tally huffed, annoyed beyond belief. Why she ever agreed to stay with him, she would never know, but whatever the reason was, it was stupid!

Ever since their little – okay, huge – argument back at headquarters the week before, Remus had taken to just pretending she didn't exist. Sure, he was civil, but that barely counted as anything; Tally would much rather have a temperamental Remus than an indifferent one because that would mean he was acknowledging her and admitting that she was currently living in the same house as he!

Tally hit her herself in the head with one of the many throw pillows that adorned the couch, silently hoping that it would attach to her face and strangle her.

She opened her mouth to give him a rather witty retort when a silver Patronus, in the shape of a phoenix, entered the small room. It flew over to Remus, whispered something in his ear, and then disappeared in a puff of silver smoke.

"I'm needed at Headquarters. I don't know how long I'm going to be, but if it's late, don't wait up." Remus took a few steps toward the door when Tally practically threw herself at him.

"I'm going with you!" she shouted, her blonde curls going everywhere and eyes wide making her look like a madwoman. Remus just shrugged as she straightened out her faded t-shirt (Remus didn't fail to notice that it was the one he had given her for Christmas during their seventh year, but he refrained from commenting on it).

Slipping past her, he stepped out into the bright sunlight and with a faint pop! he disappeared, Tally right behind him.


"No fucking way!" Sirius yelled angrily, banging his fist on the table. He looked over at Remus to see if he was as angry about this as he was, but his friend just sat there, looking calm. "Remus, how are you not angry about this?"

The old werewolf just shrugged. "It's not Severus' fault."

Sirius growled and turned to Tally for backup instead. "What about you, love?" he asked, sitting back down. "Ready to whip Snivellus' ass?"

She shook her head. "Actually, I agree with Remus."

Sirius just threw his hands up in surrender, not understanding why his friends didn't find this to be the injustice that it was.

Dear old Severus Snape was off doing something with the Deatheaters ("The bloody traitor, I don't trust him!" Sirius had shouted as soon as the words left Albus Dumbledore's mouth) for the next few weeks, leaving him unable to brew the Wolfsbane potion that Remus had come to expect each month. Now, the poor man had to suffer the full moon in extreme pain and violence, something he hadn't had to do for quite a few years.

"They're quite right, Sirius," Dumbledore chided lightly. "I am the one that sent Severus on this task and it is my fault that I didn't prepare better. If you're going to blame anyone, blame me."

Sirius shrugged and stared moodily at the table.

"Tally," Dumbledore continued turning to look at her, "I'm going to ask you to look after Remus after his transformation. He is likely to be pretty beat up, not to mention sore, and it would do him good to have someone there. You may have to take the day off from work."

Tally nodded seriously, sending Remus short, almost scared glances every few seconds.

She hated to admit it, but she was kind of looking forward to the task of healing Remus. It would force him to talk to her, to listen to her.

She smiled softly.


"Do you want some pepper-up potion?" Tally asked a few days before the full moon. Remus was looking worse than ever, not having experienced the full moon without the Wolfsbane potion for quite some time; he was pale enough to be a ghost, making his scars stand out incredibly, and his thin hair was so limp that it looked almost dead.

"No thanks," Remus mumbled, snuggling further into the arm chair that Tally had placed directly in front of the fire earlier that day. He popped another chocolate frog into his mouth and focused on his book once more.

Sighing resignedly, Tally plopped on to the nearby couch and contented herself with simply watching him. Her hopes that he was going to start talking to her were completely gone, squashed only the second day of her care.

He may have been sick-looking, but the light of the fire made him glow handsomely…

"Do you think we'll be friends forever, Remus?" a seventeen year old Tally asked, looking up at the young man next to her.

They were sitting on the edge of the Black Lake, under their favorite Willow Tree; it was the perfect place to get away, far from the prying and judgmental eyes of the other Hogwarts students. The two had discovered it in their second year while playing the muggle game Hide and Seek.

"I know there's no such thing as a stupid question, but that comes awfully close," Remus joked, looking down at the girl that was leaning against him, a perfectly content expression on her gorgeous face. "But yes, Tally, we will always be friends. Nothing could ever tear us apart."

Tally didn't know where it came from, but the memory brought tears to her eyes. Quickly scrubbing her face with her hands to get rid of any trace of the nostalgia she was feeling, Tally stood up and made her way into the kitchen.

A cup of hot chocolate always makes things better.


A/N: Argh. I know it's short, but I really felt like that was the best place to stop. The next one will most likely be about the transformation, but I'm not completely positive.

Quick note: This story is going to be short. Probably not even ten chapters.

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