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The Ship of Dreams by ladybobcat54
Chapter 1 : Backwards
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Sixteen year old Rose Weasley sat with her cousins in the Gryffindor Common Room doing homework. Or at least she was. Her cousins seemed much more interested in talking about what they were learning about in a completely different class.

“I’m serious, I think if we got a hold of one we could do it!” Albus Potter said eagerly.

“Al, I’m not saying that we couldn’t,” James, Al’s brother, said, “I’m saying that we could never get one.”

“Yeah,” Rose’s brother Hugo chimed in, “students have tried to steal it before, and they always get caught and punished.”

“Yes, I will admit it would be difficult,” Al said, “but not impossible.”

“Yes it would be impossible!” Rose said angrily, joining the conversation at long last.

“Do you know how longs it’s been since anyone’s attempted to steal it?” Albus asked, and Rose shook her head, “It’s been many, many years. That means that the security on it is going to be a lot less then it was last time someone tried.”

“Now that I think about it,” James started, “Al, this might be possible. Do you have a plan?”

And with that Albus explained his plan. Rose sat listening not believing that it was possible to steal the most powerful known time-turner.


Rose found out very quickly that it was indeed possible, because when she got up to the common room the next night after dinner she found James, Albus, Lily, Hugo, Fred, Roxanne, and Louis waiting for her.

“Rosie, prepare to be wrong.” Al said reaching into his backpack and pulling out a small hourglass on a chain.

Rose could have screamed when she saw it. She would have if someone hadn’t covered her mouth with their hand. When she cocked her head to the side she was able to see that said person was none other then Scorpius Malfoy. When he seemed sure that Rose wouldn’t scream he let go, and Rose turned to her cousins.

“I can’t believe you actually went through with it!” Rose shouted.

“Rosie, Rosie!” James pleaded, “Bring it down, we don’t want to many people to hear.” And he grabbed her wrist and pulled her upstairs into his dormitory.

“I can’t believe you guys!” Rose yelled, “Not only did you steal it, but you didn’t even bother to let me know, and instead you let him help.”

“Well,” Fred started, “we knew you’d never go for it, and Scorpius over heard us. So it was basically either let him in on it or have the entire thing crushed.”

“You could have at least warned me!” She said irritated.

“Repeat, you wouldn’t have gone for it!” James said almost as annoyed as Rose.

After what seemed like hours of prodding and negotiating Rose was finally convinced to take part in the “Time-Travel Adventure” thing. The only problem was that there was every possibility they’d get the date wrong.

“Okay,” James said, “So it’s settled we’ll try this thing out tomorrow. I think Al, Scorpius, Fred, and I have enough of an idea on how this works to go back.”

Rose looked warily around at her other cousins. They looked a little worried too at the idea that they weren’t even sure if it would work. The thought of it going horribly wrong haunted her all night and when she went into James’ room the next morning she saw that she wasn’t the only one who’d lost sleep over the matter.

Lily and Roxanne seemed to be just as tired as Rose, and the guys weren’t much better. They looked around as James, Scorpius, and Albus called for quiet.

“Okay, now one of the things that makes this time turner so special is that instead of simply transporting the wearer, it transports all in the room.” James explained.

“It can also go farther back then any other,” Scorpius added, “it can go back to a time before any of us were even born, and when you arrive in that time you’re already dressed for it. Little weird, I know, but in a cool way.”

“It also changes your location,” Albus chipped in, “It all depends sometimes you end up in the same place just different time, and sometimes you end up in a different place and time. It all depends.”

“On what?” Rose asked loudly.

“What’s going on at the time.” Al explained.

“So, let’s not waste any time,” James said, and he pulled the hourglass out of his pocket and put the chain around his neck, “Onward, or should I say backward?”

“Just turn it,” Fred ordered.

James obeyed and after he turned it several times it began to turn many times on it’s own, and before Rose knew it they were hurtling through black nothingness. It seemed like hours passed before they saw a light. The light grew larger and larger, and before they knew it they were lying on the dock of old fashioned Southampton, England next to a huge steam ship.

“James where did you send us?” Rose asked looking at what they were wearing.

“Not where I anticipated.” He answered reaching into his pocket and pulling out a ticket.

He studied it and showed it to them. It read: White Star Line, and under this was some red text and then under that it said second class. Rose reached into the pocked of the lacey dress she was now wearing and pulled out a first class ticket. Everyone else did the same, and they all had tickets. Roxanne and Lily were going to be in first class with Rose, Albus would join his brother in second class along with Louis, and Scorpius, Fred, and Hugo were in third class.

“What’s today’s date?” James asked staring at the people boarding the ship. He turned to a man walking towards the ship and asked the same question.

“It’s April 10, my dear boy.” The man answered.

“1912?” James asked nervously, and the man nodded before noticing the tickets in their hands.

“Oh, you lot are going too? Well, come along then!” And he grabbed James and Albus’ wrists and marched them purposefully towards the ship.

The rest of them were forced to follow, but despite their protests the man wouldn’t let go of the boys arms, until they were on the ship. The nine of them ran over to the door, which was just being closed.

“Sir, we need to get off!” James shouted.

“No we can’t do that.” The man said.

“But you don’t understand…” Louis pleaded.

“No, but I think you lot forgot your things out on the street.” He said gesturing to a pile of bags.

The group walked over to them and checked the name tags. The bags did indeed belong to them. The girls in first class had many, the boys in second class had about two each, while those in third were lucky to have one.

“So, now what do we do?” Rose asked.

“I guess we find our rooms.” James said as he picked up his tattered suitcase.

“You aren’t considering staying here are you?” Lily asked in shock.

“Come on you guys, didn’t you ever wonder what it was like to be on the RMS Titanic before it hit the ice burg?” James asked.

“Not really, because every time I thought about the Titanic I thought about how it sank.” Albus said as irritable as his sister.

“Come on,” James pleaded, “Just for a few days, and we can leave before it strikes the ice berg.”

James won the argument, because allot of people were coming down the corridor. The three girls went over to the elevator and the man in it took them up to where their rooms were. When they got to the room that was marked on their tickets (they would be sharing) they entered a small sitting room. It had four doors leading to other rooms in the suite. The discovered that three of them were bedrooms and the other was a bathroom.

James, Albus, and Louis had a room together towards the middle of the ship. It was a reasonably sized room with three twin beds. There was another door leading out of the main room and into the bathroom.

Scorpius, Fred, and Hugo had a room towards the bottom of the ship. There were two metal bunk beds and a sink. That was all they had though.

A/N: I thought this might be a little rushed, but that doesn’t mean you think so. Don’ judge me by the first chapter though. Keep Reading.

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