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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 14 : Coming Home
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Author's Note:
This is the last chapter to this story. There is a sequel. It is already posted, called "The Most Powerful Magic".
This story will now be undergoing much major editing.
Thanks and sorry it took so long to repost this story. Now lets try and get it back up the the 200 faves and 200 reviews! Woohoo! THanks guys.

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The Potter's apparated in front of a large manor. The front yard had a nice, wooden swing with flowers in the garden, a white fence surrounding it. The gate to get into the garden read 'The Potter's'.

Harry stood, stunned and mouth hanging open at the sight of the house. Lily and James smiled and Lily said, "Go on, Harry. Go in."

Harry slowly opened the gate and stepped into the garden and made his way up the stone path to the front porch of the house. He reached his hand out for the door knob and swung it forward. Harry tumbled into the room, now excited that he now had such a wonderful home, without the Dursley's and with his parents.

Smiling brightly, Harry looked around the room and his smile became wider by the second. There was a wonderful sitting room at the front of the house and an enormous kitchen to the right. Then he saw the huge oak steps leading up to the next floor.

He clambered up the stairs and saw a large hallway with many doors. James and Lily followed behind him, their smiles as big as Harry's. Harry passed three doors till the came to a room that said, 'James and Lily's Room'.

"That's our room." James said, "Keep going."

Harry walked down the hallway further and the next door had a sign that read, 'Harry's Room'.

"My room??" he asked his parents.

"Yes, your room." Lily said. "Go in."

Harry reached for the door knob and walked, stunned into his new bedroom. The room was large and filled with pictures of Harry on his wall. In the center of his room was a large, canopy, red and gold bed filled with pillows. The many pictures of Harry and his friends were smiling down on him. The room had many other contents also, a desk, dresser, mirror, and much more. Harry headed towards the door inside his room and opened it. Inside was a bathroom, the walls painted a light gold.

Harry went back into his room and hugged his parents, thanking them so much.

"Harry, youíre our son you don't expect us to put you in a cupboard under the stairs like those rotten Dursley's, do you?" James said, pulling out of the hug.

"Well, then I guess I just need to get used to having a real family around." Harry said, smiling.

Lily kissed him on the top of the head, having to stand on tip toes to do so and said, "There's still more to see. Come on, letís see the backyard."

So they headed out of Harry's Gryffindor bedroom and back down the stairs and out the back door.

Harry looked around the extremely large back yard and saw a pool, a pond with lily pads and flowers. There was another wooden swing under a large oak tree.

"We were going to get a Quidditch Pitch put in, but we thought you could just use the Room of Requirement." James said.

Harry turned back to his dad and spluttered out, "Room of Requirement?"

James nodded his head and Harry went on, "We?? Have a Room of Requirement?"

"Yes." Lily said, narrowing her eye brows, "We had one when we were in Godric's Hollow, that house was even bigger than this one, but unfortunately that house was blown to smithereens by Voldemort."

The family walked back inside and began enjoying their new, extremely large, house.


Later that evening the Weasley's, Sirius, Remus and Tonks were all gathered at the Potter's for a wonderful dinner made, muggle-style, by Lily.

"Lily, this is absolutely wonderful." Mrs. Weasley exclaimed.

"Thank you, Molly." Lily replied.

"Mum, may I be excused?" Harry asked, dropping his fork.

"Sure, honey, but what are you going to go do?" Lily replied, taking a bite of steak.

"Quidditch." Harry replied.

Ron dropped his fork with clank and said, "Quidditch!?! Harry you didn't tell me you got a Quidditch Pitch!"

"Room of Requirement." Harry said.

"Mum, I'm gonna go with Harry." Ron said.

"All right." Molly said.

So Harry and Ron got up to leave but in the end, all Weasley children, excluding Percy, Charlie, and Bill, Hermione and Harry went up the stairs to the Room of Requirement for a game of Quidditch.

They all had a great time playing Quidditch. They laughed, and enjoyed the first night of the holidays.

Harry kept trying new tricks and once he came up behind Ginny on his Firebolt, jumped from his broom, and landed behind Ginny on hers. She jumped so high when he landed on the broom. Harry steered them to the ground and let Ginny yell at him, chuckling the whole time.

The only way Harry could get her to shut up was to kiss her, and kiss her long and hard. After that kiss Ginny finally seemed to forget all about jumping from brooms and scaring people out of their wits, because they left the Room of Requirement and went to Harry's room for a good snog.

Everyone was gathered in the Potter's front sitting room, talking happily to each other.

Harry looked around the room. They were all there, his family...his friends...and the one he loved, Ginny. Harry didn't know why he doubted living after the Final Battle, but here he was. With everyone that mattered to him. He looked at his parents getting cozy on the sofa across the room. His head turned to Sirius, Remus and Tonks laughing together, and to the Weasley's, Fred and George being their crazy selves, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talking happily with everyone and Ron and Hermione who were also getting cozy on the next couch.

Then he looked down at the beautiful red head, lying in his arms. He loved her so much and would do anything for her.

They were all here, everyone he ever dreamed of having. No more Dursley's. All that lied ahead now was a wonderful relationship with Ginny, Voldemort-Free, full of family and love, life.

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Making Good Use of Time Travel: Coming Home


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